[1172] Vintage Real Estate Security: Supra “Title” Lockbox
The referenced video: [728] Supra Max Auto Key Safe (“Title” Core) Picked uzload.info/fun/gaZ9m5nJuYCYtHE/video

  • Clint Tapper
    Clint Tapper

    Companies should put that in a modern padlock. It's certainly harder to pick than most.

  • I dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs
    I dare you to pronounce Hsudjeijebeirnnehhehshs

    Dude is that a supra

  • Nick Beach
    Nick Beach


  • W.S

    **sigh** is that a supra?!?!

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    I'm not sure it really matters. A brass box with a thin shackle isn't often going to have pick attacks anyway. A hammer and walk away with the box at night, then the thieves can enter at any time later looking like the owner.

  • Roshan Tirisura Jagaduri
    Roshan Tirisura Jagaduri


  • Scotty Wingnut
    Scotty Wingnut

    we still use Supras where I live

  • CrazyPlayer51251

    Is that a supra?

  • TreeLamb

    Not sure if anyone asked it yet, which locks does LPL have at his home? I'd like to use the same locks he would use

  • アレ草ンダ

    And now It's free real estate

  • Chased_Away

    I was searching up the car but was not disappointed

  • jabojr

    My friend's father designed and sold the patent over 50 years ago, the money his father made was incredible.

  • Jrmjuve10

    When he said this was a lock from 50 years ago why did I think it was from the 1950's?

  • Jermaine Stadler
    Jermaine Stadler

    is that a supra?!

  • Darren Ramen
    Darren Ramen

    This lock goes sssssssSSSSSSSSTTUUTUTUutuututuu

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    ...then they moved on to make button code keyboxes that were much easier to decode without any tools. Oh dear.

  • utopia todderson
    utopia todderson

    Harder to pick than the door is definitely good enough.

  • Stan Tuggs
    Stan Tuggs

    Supra has an e-key now. Your phone sends a signal and it opens. I don't think it would be pick able.

  • Jaap Aap
    Jaap Aap

    What's up with all that plastic on the inside of the door?

  • Zeke770

    Thief tries picking lock. Proceeds to break multiple picks. Watches video. Realizes his poor picking techniques resulted in the exact tools to pick the lock.

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Looks like you could have used a couple paperclips to pick that lock if you were so inclined.

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati


  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    so this was what, a 20 master lock pick? That is 20 master locks could be picked in the time it takes to get this open.

  • Yensen Connor
    Yensen Connor

    Skill depicted.

  • Estuardo Juarez
    Estuardo Juarez

    You should do a review of a laptop lock

  • Robert Tucker
    Robert Tucker


  • makrim_829

    Not bad for a old lock

  • Bot Cheez
    Bot Cheez

    Is that a supra???

  • cll1out

    A local used car dealership chain in my hometown used to have modern versions of these that clipped to the driver roll up window. That is until some cars started disappearing. But the thieves weren’t breaking into the boxes, it was internal theft going on. It had a very similar key style to that.

  • JoeOtaku

    Realtors use keyless boxes now... probably don't want to share how to hack them.

  • ???

    “This is the LPL and what I have for you today is my cute neighbor’s chastity belt”

  • Jake Canniffe
    Jake Canniffe

    ''is that a supra!" 👀

  • Mathew Hone
    Mathew Hone

    what have we learned old products are not bad and new ones are not pick proof .....

  • Arch Everything
    Arch Everything

    This literally looks like the door control apparatuses in Star Wars. I feel like R2-D2 is gonna plug into it and open up a bunker on Endor.

  • Andie D
    Andie D

    Sorry if someone's already answered, but what's the loop of metal on the top for? I thought it was a padlock at first, but was kinda confused when I never saw that top bit come into play...

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt

    Where's the video where he picks a car door lock. Not shimming it. Picking it.

  • John Długosz
    John Długosz

    Yea, most people would just pick (or jiggle) the very common builder-grade lock on the door instead. So, unlike the modern cheaply made combination locks, it was really fit for its purpose.

  • renegade2k

    Nearly 3 mins. This is one of the most secure things i was so far on this channel

  • chaostactics

    And the context of it being locked to a freaking door...

  • ConManliness

    Why don't the wafers/pins you push down just pop back up as soon as you stop putting pressure on them?

  • Ivan Shapovalov
    Ivan Shapovalov

    @LockPickingLawyer: Why do you sometimes use the term "tension tool" and other times you say "turning tool"?

  • T. Rose
    T. Rose

    If someone could create a lock that LPL could not pick in his lifetime, would he show us what he looks like?

  • Taylor Brown
    Taylor Brown

    Everything with the supra name is just bad ass

  • XBloodyFurballX

    That supra looks nothing like the one Paul Walker drove.

  • jasexavier

    That looks like the same lock mechanism as the Supra boxes I see in use today.

  • stephen farbrother
    stephen farbrother

    Who needs to count sheep to sleep... I could listen to his counting all day 😅

  • Average Alien
    Average Alien

    Is that a supraaa?

  • 5G Tower 1000%
    5G Tower 1000%

    when he said "50 years ago" and then "in the seventies", I felt that

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5163

  • gsneff

    We still use Supra brand locks in real estate. They are electronic now though

  • JoshJLMG Productions
    JoshJLMG Productions

    Is that a Supra?

  • sout estark
    sout estark

    nadie: como ser un ladron

  • CrazyJayBe

    The only thing LPL needs to apologize for is never gracing our vision with his beauty



  • Kinny

    Is that a supra????

  • Edward ¡999
    Edward ¡999

    "Harder to open than the door" wow lock company stickholders are flattered, no lock got that much compliment for a while

  • Antti

    Bro is that a Supra?

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson

    Cool lock and lock name

  • Colman Baldwinson
    Colman Baldwinson

    Is...is that...IS THAT A SUPRA?

  • skorpiius

    Just keep one of these by your door full time luring a thief to burn up time trying to get the key out of a "crappy lockbox" rather than pick your door.

  • Aaron Horn
    Aaron Horn

    Thats got to be the longest Pick I have seen to date on this channel! =]

  • Mostly Magical
    Mostly Magical

    Is that a supra?

  • DoctorX17

    What's the plastic on the door? To hold the key?

  • Dustin Hamilton
    Dustin Hamilton

    The voice I hear going to sleep at night is "Gotta click out of one, nice false set on two, three is binding, seems like we have a spool"...............

  • Vampyratus

    "All I need are two broken picks" So, what you're saying is that every time my picks broke on Skyrim, they weren't actually unusable trash that needed instantly discarding?...

  • Patrick T
    Patrick T

    I think we had a newer combo version of that. Turn combo. I think with letters. It's been a while 80s or 90s

  • Laird Cummings
    Laird Cummings

    Demonstrating that many locks are *regressing.*

  • Charles Ferguson
    Charles Ferguson

    Dumb question, why do to you go back and pick the pins that have already set, it seems like you could save time and skip them and just recheck the pins that haven’t set yet.

  • Isdapooo Op
    Isdapooo Op

    I like to think of the channle as a crimanles guid to robbing a house

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore

    I would like to point out that some of the channels under the channels tab of LPLs channel include people like Matt Best, Donut Operator, Gordon Ramsay, and Mr Beast. LPL is a true youtube connoisseur.

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    I feel like the best you can do after a certain point when designing a lock, is to make picking as awkward as possible.

  • Z-Flame Official
    Z-Flame Official

    uzload.info/fun/bH2mmZyto66cu2g/video you won’t be able to pick this lock

  • fialee8 CA
    fialee8 CA

    LOL... this may take some time picking, meaning, 2mins or 120 seconds later.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Locks are one thing that standardization has hurt. It’s resulted in many locks using the same styles and tools are not hard to come by. It really wouldn’t hurt for some change to shake things up again for just at least throwing people off.

  • bnm_ mercenary
    bnm_ mercenary

    Is it just me or does this guy give you dentist vibes, "click out of 1, nothing on 2" sounds like when they look and pick at your teeth for check ups

  • Raptopanthera

    When LPL dies, I can imagine St. Peter saying. "We'll just let you in, the locks wouldn't keep you out anyway."

    • ShadowDragon8685

      I think it'd be more like St. Peter: "I'm sorry, LPL, but Heaven has a hard and fast policy that none of its servants shall unlock the gates for a lawyer." LPL: "Exact words?" St. Peter: "Exact words." LPL: "... Nice click out of one... Nothing on two... Three is binding... Nice click out of three."

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor

    Lol, I wasn't convinced until he said "this box would have been harder to pick . . Than the door" then i was sold ahahah

  • H Mager
    H Mager

    I rarely comment on YT, but think it might be necessary in this case. These locks were not used to prevent burglary of homes, they were used as a way to gain access to the property for sale by agents. Instead of having to literally cut many keys to the property and have agents run back and forth to pick them up from the listing office, the local board of realtors sold these boxes to RE companies. Agents were then sold all the same keys so they could get into the for sale property without having to contact listing agent for the keys.

  • Jonathan Palmer
    Jonathan Palmer

    I wonder how hard this would be on a door.

  • Karigori


  • Wasted

    is that a supra

  • Jacob Webster
    Jacob Webster

    Is that a supra?

  • Dario Leo
    Dario Leo

    Boomers parents feels safe

  • Skopperkopp

    *cleans glasses* "IS THAT A SUPRA?!"

  • Samuel McNeill
    Samuel McNeill

    BRO IS THAT A SUPRA!!!?!!?!

  • Touch The
    Touch The

    So I guess if you can pick this lock you don't need the key inside.

  • ITGuru42

    Looks like John "Ku Klux" Cornyn is running q-anon ads in front of your channel.

  • Dr Joey
    Dr Joey

    This seems like the most pick--resistant lock I've ever seen LPL demo.

  • zeus lim
    zeus lim

    Is that a Supra?


    _"Dude,_ *IS THAT A SUPRA?!"*

  • Twiggyay

    "yo is that a Supra??"

  • B Wilhelm
    B Wilhelm

    I'm a former real estate agent and we used Supras all the time. The newest ones are amazing. Setting this old one was really cool though, as I didn't know they're been around that long.

  • BestMovie Productions
    BestMovie Productions


  • Hilarius Ubaldias Arinarindra
    Hilarius Ubaldias Arinarindra

    Start 1:05 End 2:52 Almost 2 minute, so much better than any other lock out there. And it's made about 50 years ago. Is human brain evolves backward at making lock? They keep making worse and worse product

  • DW7887

    Harder to open than the door... or any of the walls of your paper boxes you call houses over there on your side of the ocean ;-)

  • RHaines76

    When LPL takes more than 20 seconds to pick a lock you know it's good.

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter

    Thanks LPL

  • James Axelrad
    James Axelrad

    i have to say, it looks like that lock is better at its job than the modern examples.

  • Kevin

    Hang that off a door or water/gas pipe and I bet the picking difficulty increases just due to positioning.