[1094] Wine Bottle Lock Opened With Red Bull Can

  • arthurneddysmith

    Bugger! I only have a no-name brand aluminium can.

  • Bradey Alberni
    Bradey Alberni

    You could also use some WD-40, that’ll get anything unstuck.

  • RumbleFish

    Drinks the good stuff. Knew I liked this guy

  • Edward Medina
    Edward Medina

    My first question is - Why? Why do you even want or need a Wine Bottle lock?

  • Mike Stone
    Mike Stone

    Bet Red Bull sales are going through the roof.

  • Samuel Chee
    Samuel Chee

    5656 what are the odds???🤔

  • Kappy

    10 years later : I opened the white house locks with my hand!

  • Oof!

    I always knew this day would come

  • Firetruck679

    If someone wanted to drink the wine that badly they could just break the neck of the bottle right?

  • Music Addict
    Music Addict

    The lock took longer to unscrew then it did to decode! 😂

  • ERROR 404
    ERROR 404

    Why do you need a wine bottle lock if you could just break the wine bottle.

  • Damariobros

    Next video: Red Bull Can Lock Opened with Wine Bottle!

  • transfactory

    lpl: "i used the drink to unlock the drink

  • Mike Hayes
    Mike Hayes

    Pretty sure a diamond tipped drillbit would do the same thing 🤣

  • The Ivan
    The Ivan

    Slav: who locked my vodka pulls it out if it dont work tip smashed

  • Spoco

    You got two products there that I like and an activity that I would love to try. I feel like buying a bottle of Lagavulin, a can of Red Bull and that lock, then finishing the bottle and the can and try doing this would be a very fun night. Could even make it into a drinking game with some buddies; pick the lock to get a pour and then re-lock and pass onto the next with increasing difficulty every round as the bottle gets emptied.

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    Red Bull gives you wine

  • Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming
    Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming

    Well if somebody breaks into a wine bottle they are fucking desperate 😂🤣


    Why does this lock even exist like surely you’d have to buy like 20 of them to even make it useful cus nobody only has 1 bottle and why would u even need to lock wine.

  • P S
    P S

    Bottoms up!

  • ahegao waifu
    ahegao waifu

    every hentai mc be like: 1:29

  • McCaroni Sup
    McCaroni Sup

    Next time on LockPickingLawyer..... Locking a pick with a pick lock

  • Derpsterio29

    Redbull gives you wings

  • Herald

    But can you unlock something using the thing it's locking?

  • Da Epic
    Da Epic

    LPL opened a drink WITH a drink

  • earl

    Why did he forward the combination two? I don’t really understand his explanation.

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    300 kids just drank their dad's single malt scotch.

  • Peter Marsella
    Peter Marsella

    "hey, I'm so glad we're doing this bank heist, but who's gonna unlock the safe?" "Don't worry, I know a guy"

  • Aidan R
    Aidan R

    Or you know, you could just smash the bottle...

  • Robert Preble
    Robert Preble

    5656 such random

  • A.Ffirmative

    Next video: Unlocking the supercomputer in area 51 with coconut juice

  • Frosty

    The LockPickingLawyer could make a billion dollar lock company lmao

  • Kris Tucker
    Kris Tucker

    I would like to see you unlock a redbull can with a padlock :)

  • D G
    D G

    apparently red bull gives you delirium tremens

  • Fibreglassfaith

    This video brought to you by red bull pristique. A 12 year aged blend of scotch and red bull.

  • j.a.cole

    Do remember the purpose of this lock though, it most likely to stop your flat mate or a child being able to get access to drink your booze. not like it needs to be an abloy... just imagining an abloy wine bottle lock no...

  • rrobertt13

    Next : how to pick a lock with a wet noodle.

  • AJ Hunter
    AJ Hunter

    The most useful Red Bull can in history.

  • T Confused
    T Confused

    If you really trynna steal it can’t you just break the top of the glass bottle then place it in another container

  • Tijmen

    But i guess its alcoholic safe

  • JohnnyUnfiltered

    So that's how he keeps his hands so steady

  • Louis G
    Louis G

    Red bull should sponsor

  • Collin Davey
    Collin Davey

    That’s not a wine bottle...but it does demonstrate great taste.

  • Andy Howard
    Andy Howard

    Watch as I wreck this man's career

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen

    Lock picking AND Scotch? The empty Lagavulin bottle is a shame I was forced to endure just yesterday. Fortunately, I still have about 3/4 of a bottle of the Nick Offerman edition Lagavulin 11. Not quite as good as the 16, though...

  • asd asd
    asd asd

    this was easy to open because you used wine bottle lock on a whiskey bottle

  • R B
    R B

    I want to be his cell mate.

  • Okamii

    If it doesnt open just use a saber and pop the top off clean

  • i am a person
    i am a person

    What are the odds of him getting 5656?

  • Teddy Tapiador
    Teddy Tapiador

    This guy is JerryRigEverything except He open Locks

  • Tranquilized Horsefly
    Tranquilized Horsefly

    Red Bull It gives you shims

  • Sgt Sarge
    Sgt Sarge

    Do you have a recommended lock for my wine bottle then?

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson

    So what is "Red Bull", anyway? Is it liquefied Russian bovines, or what?

  • Airmanon

    Never heard of a wine bottle lock before

  • Braxton Brock
    Braxton Brock

    This won't stop an alcoholic

  • TacoPerSec

    bruh just twist all the way

  • Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue

    Wow, Red Bull gives you wings AND gets you drunk!

  • pontus elfving
    pontus elfving

    why do u need a lock to a wine bottle u can just break it ez

  • My Fortress Construction
    My Fortress Construction

    5656. Random. Right... 😏

  • Graham Waldo
    Graham Waldo

    Excellent choice of scotch!

  • Just a Question
    Just a Question

    Hahahahah when you're dating a wineo and the bottle keeps disappearing

  • Jimmy Cran
    Jimmy Cran

    Lagavulin, great choice!

  • Jay Rogers
    Jay Rogers

    Never seen a more pointless video.

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart

    Now I can get into my best friend`s wine, excellent!

  • Erob

    Isn't Ironic

  • Andrew Gradman
    Andrew Gradman

    I think the fact that LPL did a video on a wine bottle lock, did not have a SINGLE wine bottle available, but DID have an EMPTY bottle of Scotch available, tells us a little something about him but I don't know what

  • Nathaniel Wagner
    Nathaniel Wagner

    LPL = Lagavulin Picking Lawyer

  • Theo Tz
    Theo Tz

    What does this lock even do? You can just break the bottle tube...

  • MichaelDaUnicorn

    8 Me: Oh nice 9 Me: Okay 8: Me: No way 9 Me: Nope nope nope

  • J T
    J T

    Good taste in Scotch!

  • kylitosan

    The video every 15 year old is looking for.

  • pmm4177

    An empty scotch whiskey... Good man!!

  • Davidsmith smith
    Davidsmith smith

    boy that was some smart baiting title

  • david rodriguez
    david rodriguez

    This looks like a product made by alcoholics for alcoholics

  • Benny Jiang
    Benny Jiang

    or just do it mike boyd style and saber the bottle 🙃

  • artiom pro
    artiom pro

    What's the tool at 1:36 called?

  • ToastyArmor

    Do bars use this after closing?

  • Ayden Stanley
    Ayden Stanley

    Red Bull gives you Wines

  • Chiron

    Its a bottle lock what did you expect 😂

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • Nick Kauten
    Nick Kauten

    You had me at Lagavulin 😍

  • Bob Wareham
    Bob Wareham

    Just don't drink the poison Redbull!!!

  • The Voice Of Reason
    The Voice Of Reason

    Wine has locks? Man AA has some weird ways to not drink...

  • Bob Jazzman
    Bob Jazzman

    This just made all the teenagers dreams come true.

  • Gloglas´s Studio
    Gloglas´s Studio

    Imagine doing this drunk.

  • ender forces
    ender forces

    a good idea for training to pick could be bring some cans and cutters and go on a bridge where lovers put locks, feels bad but it may be nice

  • zog zog
    zog zog

    And he sounded sober having just finished his Lagavulin.

  • Dave E
    Dave E

    Red Bull gives you WIIINE!! Or in this case, SCOOOTCH!!

  • Jiaji Tang
    Jiaji Tang

    But the concept of air sealing the wine bottle is fantastic.

  • Miko_Archer

    A can open buttle with my sabre

  • Justin Livingston
    Justin Livingston

    Okay, but, how was the wine?

  • FoofPoof

    Just break the wine bottle.

  • John James
    John James

    More improvised tools please.

  • j Walster
    j Walster

    wail til the guys in R&D hear about lockable cabinets

  • Asian Thomas
    Asian Thomas

    LPL takes more time scrambling codes than picking them.

  • Mathew Winney
    Mathew Winney

    He's really pissing off his wife! (Remember; "the B&G ice cream carton lock, L.P.L. tried out on her ice cream"? Well, "she" put a wine bottle lock on her wine to keep him out.... You see where this is going.....

  • Shift Lizard
    Shift Lizard

    She can't just cut the bottom off like she did the ice cream.

  • Ryoka242

    Quick question... Who doesnt finish a bottle of liquor in one sitting?

  • Jef Rigsby
    Jef Rigsby

    It took him longer to scramble the numbers than it did to pick it!!!

  • LogunTheBot

    Redbull gives you wiiiings.