[1165] Kryptonite “Key Chain” Bike Lock Picked
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[698] Kryptonite TKO Bicycle Chain Lock Picked uzload.info/fun/f6OKo17dvKCO25M/video

  • Mack Gmoney
    Mack Gmoney

    Older vid...but can you do a breakdown of what you did at the end with disc 1?

  • CheckinVidsOnline

    This might be simple for you, but unless you’re a locksmith, or an extremely dedicated criminal; I highly doubt the average person is walking around with these lock picking tools 😂

  • Ernie Myers
    Ernie Myers

    What is that tool you use to rotate all of the discs clockwise?

  • Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    Is there a good teqnique to tensioning this lock. With this pick. The tensioning area almost seems too short or something.

  • Lion Ritchie
    Lion Ritchie

    Sparrows has stock again on these. Get 'em while they're hot.

  • malboro!

    Where can i buy that tool?

  • Graymann

    Where can I buy that tool? Thanks

  • Stefan Söder
    Stefan Söder

    Is there ANY product like this that is any good?

  • Trolley Problem
    Trolley Problem

    Easy to do with specialized tool. Try with toothpick or paperclip.

  • Kim Gaetjens
    Kim Gaetjens

    The statistic geek in me is really hoping LPL has a mean spreadsheet going on theses videos.

  • SegaDisneyUniverse

    I had that lock before, bought it from my local Walmart for $16 a few years ago. Kinda sad that I don't see these sold there anymore as it was a lot better than the majority of locks they sold there for it's price.

  • Itai Zrihan
    Itai Zrihan

    i wish i could see the mechanism

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    PSA: Sparrows has the disc detainer pick back in stock!

    • MrDLRu

      @HairyBottom What Master Lock did they do this to?..Seems like disk detainer locks would be the least of their problems. That they never fix.

    • HairyBottom

      Don’t bother buying one. Some lock companies have already made it useless. Master Lock being one of them. Master Lock made the key hole jagged so you can’t even get the tool into the key hole. On top of that, the disc now have half moon shaped cut outs on each side of the disc, so even if you filed down the first disc to insert the tool the tool would just spin inside the lock.

    • Chris G
      Chris G

      And sold out again. Next release supposedly in November.

  • Gavin May
    Gavin May

    Just scored the special tool from Sparrow, well done and thanks LL! ❤️

    • HairyBottom

      It’s a waste of money. Master Lock has already defeated this tool making it useless. Most lock companies will do the same.

  • J

    Does kryptonite sell just the cores? I'd like to try DD locks but I would not like to try paying $130 for a bike lock I won't use

  • Rob

    Any thoughts on the Sigtuna 16mm U bike lock? The cable that comes with it is a joke, but I'd love to see you try brute force on the lock itself.

  • Craig Stephen
    Craig Stephen

    Instead of buying van expensive lock at walmart buy a cheap bike that no one would want to steal.

  • Shrimpy Ape
    Shrimpy Ape

    This man buys a lock and forgets that it’s supposed to have a key

  • YoYoITzJo

    This just shows people how to rob your stuff I hate this guy

  • Sorcey

    What is that tool?

  • Aaronisradder

    Is that tool available to people looking to get into lock picking? I've seen you use it a few times

    • HairyBottom

      aaron isradder Sparrows sell them, but they go really fast. www.sparrowslockpicks.com/product_p/disc.htm What Master Lock did was put in a jagged keyway disc so you can’t even insert the tool. Even if you filed it down, each side of every disc has a half moon shape cutout, so the tool would just spin and do nothing.

    • Aaronisradder

      Awesome! Thanks. For researching the tool and master locks counter to it, do you happen to know the name?

    • HairyBottom

      If you live in a state where it’s legal to possess one, but I wouldn’t bother buying one because Master Lock has already made this tool useless. I’m sure other companies are going to do the same.

  • Roberto Arend
    Roberto Arend

    Security rating be difficulty rating

  • Xwtek

    Oh no, Kryptonite starts to follow Masterlock's approach.

    • HairyBottom

      Master Lock has a disc detainer lock that this tool won’t work on. Basically Master Lock made this tool useless.

  • MrHypnotube

    Where do I find a list of the LPL's favored locks?

  • Stay Br00t4l602
    Stay Br00t4l602

    I’m just here for the “the pick BosnianBill and I made” comments

  • Spider Fighting
    Spider Fighting

    What is the exact name of the tool's are u using?

  • ksj wuz
    ksj wuz

    Where can i buy that special tool?. For resaerch purposes.

    • HairyBottom

      Don’t bother. Master Lock has already defeated this tool. It’s only a matter of time before other companies do the same.

  • Austin Rogers
    Austin Rogers

    Everybody gangsta until the pick that bosnian bill and I made comes out

  • C.R.G 7
    C.R.G 7

    Hey my friend I was wondering what pick set from sparrows should I buy I'm a beginner but I want a set that is very versatile also do you know when they will have the disk pick back in stock I know you helped designed it and I would love to have one with the set of picks I ended up getting thank you for your time and all the kick ass videos you post keep them coming please and thank you again.

    • C.R.G 7
      C.R.G 7

      I'm good hear thanks

    • HairyBottom

      You might want to check your local and state laws for possessing lock picks. If you live in a state or local municipality that bans the possession of lock picks, you could be looking at a hefty fine and possibly jail time.

  • Chrysalis

    I want your lockpicking tool and to learn how to use it

  • FriendlyContent4Uman

    People who watch these are future robbers.

  • Samuuu

    well a especial too,to open lo0ock good to me lol


    I love this guys videos...they bring out all these pick proof locks and he just crush’s them all...But when the lock is in your hand it’s a lot easier to pick it...try locking it to something and doing it...What about the disc brake lock for motorcycles, lock it up outside in a row of bikes and pick the lock, where there is less room and things in your way....

    • HairyBottom

      There is one that at the moment that is pick proof. Master Lock has a disc detainer lock that makes this tool useless.

  • Falcon Powerful
    Falcon Powerful

    What is the name of this tool, and where can they be obtained?

    • Falcon Powerful
      Falcon Powerful

      @HairyBottom thanks mate, that's a good point, I've checked before I bought my first picks and I am safe :-) .

    • HairyBottom

      Make sure you live in a state or local municipality where it’s legal to possess lock picking tools.

  • ehmm m
    ehmm m

    What is the name of the tool? I am asking for a friend

  • elorz007

    Do you think LPL closes his eyes while picking?

  • Roark Irving
    Roark Irving

    Is there _any_ lock you recommend for a bike?

  • Aaron

    if only winblows was as reliable as a lock, and didn't just forget to turn on a screensaver or something for instance

  • Doug

    Say the line, LPL! "... the pick that BosnianBill and I made" "Yaaaaaaaaaay!"

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop

    Not terribly difficult to pick, lol.

  • Tool Teardown
    Tool Teardown

    I have this lock myself....not sure why I own it....I don't own anything valuable worth protecting.....well, except the lock itself.

  • LaDonna Young
    LaDonna Young

    Can we buy your lock pick tools?

  • misterG2006

    You should design and build your own locks.... Lots of people would buy them.

  • misterG2006

    Just realised what that tool reminds of me..... tyre tread depth guage :)

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    I wonder do you throw away your car key once you bought a car?

  • Matt Shokouhi
    Matt Shokouhi

    How many people own the pick that bosnial bill and you made?

  • du315h0k

    I recently bought this because it was the only bike lock in the whole walmart and my old master u-lock stopped working.

  • garremannen

    Everyone here is so picky

  • Kyle Taylor
    Kyle Taylor

    I really want the special tool Sparrows needs to hurry and produce more lol

    • Kyle Taylor
      Kyle Taylor

      @HairyBottom cool but bold of you to assume im going be picking master shits...

    • HairyBottom

      Don’t waste your money. If you’re thinking that your going to go out and buy a cheap disc detainer lock like one from Master Lock, you’re not. Master Lock has already made this tool useless. You’re going to have to buy expensive locks to practice on.

  • 0Turbox

    Ouch, own it. Seems to easy to pick for it's 3 Kg of weight.

  • Chris

    Anyone know where I can get a bunch of used cheap/free padlocks? Looking to practice lock picking, and the one I picked up at walmart got picked (in my first try ever picking a lock) in 2 seconds. I just want a bunch I can practice with

  • David Hadley
    David Hadley

    Must make a trick lock for magic Chris(YT) to pick?

  • Master Cevin
    Master Cevin

    What? Why did I get the Notification to this video rn and not at the upload???

  • daywalker -m
    daywalker -m

    Где такую отмычку купить? Полгода назад велик на улице пристегнул на Криптонит и ключ потерял последний .

  • grant short
    grant short

    When ever you pick these disc type of locks you always refer to the pick you and Bosnian Bill designed and sold by Sparrow's. When will Sparrow's start actually selling this pick?

    • HairyBottom

      Make sure you live in a state or local municipality where it’s legal to possess lock picking tools. And don’t bother buying this lock picking tool. Master Lock has already defeated this lock and I’m sure other companies are going to do the same.

  • TheLadThatKnowsStuff

    I got the notification 8 min ago

  • Tamim Yaqubi
    Tamim Yaqubi

    "This is- and that's all I have for you today"

  • brix

    Its so satisfying when he picks bike locks

  • Thomas Körner
    Thomas Körner

    It took the LPL more than a Minute and his special Tool to open the lock! Maybe the chain sucks but the lock is good enough for me!

  • Ademrax

    What kind of super surgery tool is that o.o

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    I bet his wife is proper hot. A lawyer who can pick locks seems like the type of guy with some younger model type wife. Maybe a Russian.

  • Mathew Backlund
    Mathew Backlund

    So seriously what's the best way to lock a bike

  • Simon_ _
    Simon_ _

    I was wondering what do you think about Hiplock products? How would you rate them?

  • Petar Petrovic
    Petar Petrovic

    Try to unlock ZEDER from Serbia!!!

  • Laurent Fargues
    Laurent Fargues

    Imagine you are at a trial, the lawyer of the opposing party shows up with a briefcase. As he proceeds to open his briefcase you hear "nice click on 1, 2 is bidding..."..... I would freak out completely.

  • Twigster1

    What thickness of chain are not succeptible to bolt croppers please? I've had my bikes stolen and need as much info as possible please, thanks in advance

  • Vivian Brégier
    Vivian Brégier

    More than 1 min 20 secs to pick by LPL ? That’s a damn good lock !

  • SnowyLabrador

    +16 age restriction lock?

  • LaAttiDah

    have you picked a kryptonite u-bolt 4 wheel combo-lock? I was looking ,but, could not find the video #

  • alex

    I removed one of these which the key snapped in the barrel . Pointy nose pliers and pulled barrel out .

  • GethOverlord

    Is their anything that is 'particularly hard' to pick for LPL that isn't a challenge lock?!?

  • stephen cheramie
    stephen cheramie

    Would it be possible to have pins and disks in a single core? Do you have a video of a disk detainer core disassembly?

  • Warren’s Corner
    Warren’s Corner

    Same as the last video and the one before that and the one before that and....

  • HyuugaNejii316

    What's the name of the tool you used to pick that lock?

  • Lowell Forbes
    Lowell Forbes

    I really wish the we could get ahold of this pick. I mean the stainless steel one.

  • ItsVishyBreh

    This guy: 2 seems loose, so does 3, 4, 5 is binding....4 is loose 3 is binding aaaaand I’ve took your woman Me: understandable, have a nice day

  • GrandpaToothless

    I would be so angry wandering with such heavy lock around and having my bike stolen at the end anyway :D

  • Samuel Schofield
    Samuel Schofield

    This channel makes me worry about my bike

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson

    I'm new-ish to the channel , you ever design a lock?

  • Lewis Hatchery
    Lewis Hatchery

    Hes voice really soothing 😂

  • Doyley 1998
    Doyley 1998

    Day 7 of trying to get LPL to pick a disklok

  • Who is Haro
    Who is Haro

    This guys prob not a lawyer. He prob put that in his name to protect himself so people think he is. Smart. Love his vids. Straight to the point. Clear descript. No b.s.

  • Luca2007

    Which bicycle lock would you recommend? Thanks

  • BList

    It's a specialized tool. Only an idiot that doesn't know how to use Google thinks it's a special tool

  • BList

    I hate hearing people say disc detainer picks aren't common You can literally find them on wish.com for $8 do a Google search they're pretty common

  • Dark


  • Gurv Bajaj
    Gurv Bajaj

    Imagine you're trying to spice thing up in bed by using handcuffs and you start hearing the words "Click at 2, 5 is binding...."

  • Robert Paulson
    Robert Paulson

    Ive repossessed a ton of bikes in my day and I tell you what...the most important security feature is how cut resistant is a lock

  • Marc Pabel
    Marc Pabel

    Where do I get thoos tool?

  • An Intellectual
    An Intellectual

    I want to see LPL lockpick the vault door from harry potter: philosophers stone

  • Vince Phoenix
    Vince Phoenix

    When you are saying it's in a gate, you mean you are feeling that it's in a "bad/false" state, made to prevent picking, and that you are able to pass it without complex-looking manipulations ..?

  • Vince Phoenix
    Vince Phoenix

    "The pick that Bosnian Bill and I made", I never have enough of this sentence !!

  • FanofDocumentaries

    I'm going to lock my things up with a big chain tied in a knot.

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    Your voice is so calming i sleep to your playlist.

  • Chris Moreton
    Chris Moreton

    could you try a car door next?

  • awesomesamus2314

    1:43 he did it, he said the funny word

  • TurnUpKing 410
    TurnUpKing 410

    Wow is there a lock this dude cant pick


    Hi LPL, I love your content and have been subscribed to you for some time now, I have a small request for a video; can you do some lock decoding videos? I don't think you have done any on combination locks such as AIWA digital 35's or 40's etc (there are many similar models) and would be great as they can be given a second life once they are decoded.

  • animeraven

    You should do videos on the best locks to buy for houses and any other types.

  • Phoebe Landis
    Phoebe Landis

    LPL: this is Me: THE STORY OF A GIRL WHO CRIED A RIVER AND DROWNED THE WHOLE WORLD LPL: the lockpicking lawyer and this is Me: oh right. Okay.