[1112] The ROOKIE Mistake In The Silverline Round Body Padlock (Model DC-CRN65)

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    I feel like we need a movie where they do a robbery find a specific lock, google it, find your page then realise the lock is easily picked by something stupid like this and all the rest of the crew are just asstonished.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Love that bypass tool. After I spend a couple hours picking an American lock with no success I just pull out the bypass tool and regain my dignity

  • TheReptain

    Where i can buy your pick tools? And bypassing tools? I wanna learn this to get my bike back lol

  • Chris P Bacon
    Chris P Bacon

    You should start a lock company

  • Der Horst
    Der Horst

    Lock designer hate you! Sure!

  • Dhnter Arrow
    Dhnter Arrow

    I have ths=is type of lock, but can do you it with paperclip? If can please make a tutorial

  • Thom van Kalkeren
    Thom van Kalkeren

    It's like they don't have any testers in the process

  • bob dash
    bob dash

    that feeling when it takes longer to get your tool out of the lock than get it open...

  • Gamer Bread Baker
    Gamer Bread Baker

    Fun Fact: My favorite part of you/your channel is that you got 1.71 million subscribers with most of your videos being somewhere under 5 minutes long.

  • TheOddDiabetic

    Hold on, are you wrong or is the packaging wrong? You said and titled it as CRN but the package says CNR

  • Just Click
    Just Click

    0:08 It's actually DC-CNR65, not DC-CRN65. Am I really the only one that listens to the model numbers? :D

  • bananna manuk
    bananna manuk

    Wow i been watching your channel for a while now but its the first time ive seen you use the bypass tool could you explain this flaw please, i was genuinely shocked how easy that opened

  • PlayBoX 1452
    PlayBoX 1452

    People: Invent locks Also people: Makes lock picks

  • J Hettema
    J Hettema

    This is for real?!?

  • James Scholes
    James Scholes

    This is what happens if you only do success testing not failure testing. 1. Lock opens with the correct key 2. Lock does not open with an incorrect key All tests passed. Ship it

  • Brandon Wagar
    Brandon Wagar

    Rookies! SMH

  • Eli Wilcox
    Eli Wilcox

    Hey lockpickinglawyer, can u do a video on a brinks lock simulator looking to this one

  • Cory Schmidt
    Cory Schmidt

    The sound of sweet sweet release, CLICK

  • Ikantspell4

    Who are you and how did you get in here? I'm the Lockpicking Lawyer and I'm the Lockpicking Lawyer

  • Frank Mcabee
    Frank Mcabee

    You said crn its supposed to be cnr

  • Steve Goodwin
    Steve Goodwin

    LPL needs to broadcast in HFR (high frame rate) so we can accurately measure the time taken to bypass locks like these. Is it even picking when it takes < 0.2 seconds?

  • Evan Pederson
    Evan Pederson

    Sometimes I see one of these videos and think "maybe with years or practice I could do that too." And then there are locks like this one.

  • TheTaco TCG
    TheTaco TCG

    Lock makers should send you the prototype and ask you what you think they should chabge

  • Steve

    It's obvious these manufactures and lock designers intentionally add flaws like that. They're expecting 90% of the people out there who buy their products "not" to know anything about lock picking but want to make it easy for locksmiths or law enforcement to gain access quickly and easily....

  • Tunuples

    Will there ever be a lock that can accidentally be unlocked

    • Dragonhealer

      Tunuples Some will unlock if dropped......

  • Play2lose

    This is........the story of a girl.

  • Wellerson Amarante
    Wellerson Amarante

    Just a little correction. You misspelled the model @ 0:10 and the title has a typo too (CNR/CRN). In any case that's all I have for you today 😉🤘🏻. Your channel is awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Qbe Root
    Qbe Root

    According to the packaging, it’s DC-CNR65, not DC-CRN65

  • Sean B
    Sean B

    DC-CNR65... you said DC-CRN65

  • Dan S
    Dan S

    You say it's a "CRN" but the package seems to say "CNR". Not that I care though :)

  • YesOrDie

    Lockpicking level 100

  • Bert Smith
    Bert Smith

    Question for everyone..... is LPL the best lock picker in the world??😲

    • Dragonhealer

      Bert LPL says no..... But once on his level, I doubt it matters 😁

  • Yurriaan Van Duyn
    Yurriaan Van Duyn

    I bet good money on it that the "flaw" is merely a "feature" one of the cartels put on the list to the manufacturer. ;)

  • Rynne

    Hey that's a decent core! Too bad it doesn't matter.

  • As trollphysics
    As trollphysics

    Theres always nothing on 2

  • Joaquín González Cervantes
    Joaquín González Cervantes


  • Golden Syrup
    Golden Syrup

    I can only imagine a horror scenario where the antagonist is running and manages to lock themselves in a room only for them to hear a faint "click out of one"

  • Barking Spider
    Barking Spider

    Can you please make a video on a lock you can’t pick. Please!

  • Stefan

    OUCH ! The bypass tool... BTW I think you mean DC-CNR65 which it says on the package ;-)

  • Wade S
    Wade S

    Master would see this as cutting edge and innovative

  • Erik Hedlund
    Erik Hedlund

    Is it possible that the design actually had shielding for bypass, but the manufacturer simped on it for cost saving reasons or just plain "forgot" to include it? If it was produced in China that might very well be the case (depending on how the design looks like to begin with). This may have been a faulty batch?

  • R Я
    R Я

    broke the title and at 0:09 he said "CRN" instead of "CNR" as well. unfortunate.

  • Bruce Dodd
    Bruce Dodd

    My father was a Locksmith , I chose NOT to be Like him He could Pick every lock known

  • Anti-theist


  • George S
    George S

    LPL's "Folks..." takes me right back to school...

  • Halfpipesaur

    LPL: "The designers of that lock made a rookie mistake" Me: "They failed to shield the back of the keyway?" LPL: "They failed to shield the back of the keyway"

  • The Phillips
    The Phillips

    this channel is great for legitimate padlock reccomendations. I'm absolutely influenced by what to avoid and what to buy from this channel and bosnianbill, these 2 guys have covered almost every lock you'll ever encounter

  • Sam Iam
    Sam Iam

    Mehr chinesische kommunistische Scheiße.

  • Darrell G
    Darrell G

    What LPL said: The locking mechanism can be bypassed with a low skill attack. What LPL means: A toddler with a piece of bent wire can open this lock.

  • Steve Ktori
    Steve Ktori

    I can't be the only one to notice he got the model name wrong.

  • Leroy

    This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and what I have for you today is a 2:22 video of another subpar lock be nice if more lock Mfgs would watch and attempt to do a little better.

  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    why is this a common mistake? seems like a simple metal plate at the back of the keyway would cost them about five cents at the volume these locks are produced.

  • Trent Thiessens
    Trent Thiessens

    When are we going to see a lock that LPL actually has trouble with?

  • Jean-Louis Bourgeois
    Jean-Louis Bourgeois

    Thanks to you I don't have OCD about locking doors anymore as I know it's mostly a waste of my time.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown

    Is there any lock you can’t pick??

  • Game Of PJ
    Game Of PJ

    LPL: ...and then I'm goint to show you how to open it with a low skill attack in a second or so... Me: Let me guess, a non shielded mechanism you can access through the core?

  • lamagra22

    Packaging says "CNR" but both you and the video title said "CRN".

  • Paul Rayl
    Paul Rayl

    Honestly, that back shield plate is the first thing I check for when picking a lock. It has saved me a lot of hassle several times. I'm still terrible at single pin picking

  • NIKOvbn

    "... it never ceases to amaze me..." - same...

  • Zurkster

    As my Russian mate once said... That's Kashitski 🤣🔓

  • Valentine


  • Antonio Nunez
    Antonio Nunez

    What's the name of that bypass tool?

  • CatONfire

    Why don't they just hire you?!

  • MegasXaos

    To answer your question: think about it: Chinese lock for the Mexican market with a glaring security flaw... one that Chinese agents working in Mexico might easily exploit.

  • Don't Shoot
    Don't Shoot

    Your title and commentary identify this lock as the CRN65, but the packaging clearly states this lock is the CNR65.

  • Tyiriel

    It's almost humiliating even to the viewer when you see "ROOKIE" title in caps

  • Event Horizon
    Event Horizon

    This particular lock as others offered a weakness that can be exploited from any angle, design flaws represent quick work

  • Andy Owens
    Andy Owens

    That kind of bypass has saved my a$$ on more than one occasion. Desk locks, when colleagues have left their keys at home (got a lift in with someone, or took their car to the garage) are the most common. Documents can be released in no time at all, and it seems most of the desks in places I’ve worked are deterrent rather than security.

  • Max Myzer
    Max Myzer

    Just a reminder it is not A lock designer failing, it is more likely an entire TEAM edit: companies might do anything to save a few cents lol

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    So many awful locks...

  • Joe Lonsdale
    Joe Lonsdale

    Doh (again).

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Dion B
    Dion B

    sweet jesus

  • MaxSantos

    Oh come on people. Its feature! How else would they be able to market this for big companies if it did not had "Master Key capabilities"

  • Eldildon

    I'm curious on how he finds a way to pick a lock, does LPL do every lockpicking technique on one lock or he do just know what to do in a certain lock?

  • Deep Kumar
    Deep Kumar

    Just when i thought that it was a Good Lock, He made it look like a toy Lock 😅



  • Shin

    Made in china. Ok folks.

  • Anna Vannieuwenhuyse
    Anna Vannieuwenhuyse

    Packaging says dc-cnr65, title says dc-crn65. Whicj is right?

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan Carlson

    Putting an armored door on the front, and a screen door on the back.

  • Timok Khan
    Timok Khan

    I would like to see one you can’t pick one day!

  • The PDX Skeptic - Changing Minds
    The PDX Skeptic - Changing Minds

    Sh!t gets real when he pulls out the Z-Bar!

  • William Winder
    William Winder

    2:05 I think your on to something. I don't think a lock designer was involved at all.

  • Michael Michael
    Michael Michael

    If it can be bypassed or raked it shouldn't be maked.

  • PrinceAlberts

    If there’s one thing that 1,112 LPL videos as taught me it’s that locks only exist to keep the honest people honest and the incompetent crooks out.

  • Orzorn

    Alta seguridad, yeah right

  • L.P. Clifton
    L.P. Clifton

    I don’t think I’m alone when i say, DESTROY IT! You know, for reasons. We need to see that core. 😁

  • Renan

    Can you use an ASMR microphone so we can hear the clicks?

  • Is Ard
    Is Ard

    'nivel de seguridad 10' *laughs in jajaja*

  • Matthew Sheppard
    Matthew Sheppard

    Did anyone else realize he said “Dc-CRN65” when the packaging says “DC-CNR65”

    • sharpfang

      How'd he mispell the C in lowercase?

  • a name
    a name

    All I've learned is that most locks are like the TSA, security theatre.

  • davek12

    Esto es El Abogado de Cerradura, y hoy yo tengo....

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    I love how he just absolutely destroys the lock designers when he feels like it

  • Bunna Tang
    Bunna Tang

    one lock from xiaomi uzload.info/fun/dn17f3zPpoiMqJM/video

  • Dany F
    Dany F

    If this company has this lock labeled as level ten, what the hell do they have for level one? Zip ties?


      It's a note which says "pls no steal"

  • M Clason
    M Clason

    Seems like it should be mandatory for anyone designing a lock to watch LPL or at least a highlights reel with the common issues. Don't suppose there is one already?

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans

    I would imagine this is one of the _worst_ vulnerabilities a padlock can have - it means that bypassing the lock looks, from any reasonable distance, exactly like using a key

  • AceChampElite

    he didnt put the "ok" in "ok folks" today >:(

  • Andy B
    Andy B

    Can't believe people have to comment about the serial number mixup, like who tf cares!? He makes a mistake in vid 1112, wow, unforgivable! He might as well delete his channel innit. smh

    • Dragonhealer

      I just figured this batch of packaging was misprinted.....

  • Pulse Fel
    Pulse Fel

    theres going to be a lock so powerful it takes him a few minutes to get through....but the bypass will still be there

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