[1097] Comically Easy To Pick: ULÄC “Kaiser” Bike Lock

  • Jet Streamer
    Jet Streamer


  • Diego Pablo Rodrigues
    Diego Pablo Rodrigues

    If you leave your bike unlocked it may still be there when you return. But if you leave it with such a lock, someone will steal it just because it's so easy to open.

  • S G
    S G

    Read the rating chart like one for songs. #1 is the best. #7, well the list doesn't go any lower so they're admiting that this lock is junk. Either that or 7 is simply the number of pins in the lock.

  • Roland B
    Roland B

    Ülac, it’s all in the name.

  • Fqthom G
    Fqthom G

    I just picture a Ulac executive's face watching this.

  • TW Johnson
    TW Johnson

    *The Adventures of Cpt Dimple Ep 9* Sgt Dimple: "Captain, I hear that voice again...I think we're gonna be raked." Cpt: "Oh yeah, well this lock has a high security rating. He won't even get a rake near--" (SCRAPE SCRAPE SCRAPE)

  • Mac Mamaril
    Mac Mamaril

    how about in the kryptonite u lock with cable lock?

  • executive

    what is the best bike lock that is under a hundred bucks right now?

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    How misleading that rating is.. the numbers mean barely anything to begin with, but when they even lie about those, its pretty bad. It could have actually been up to 7 originally, but when they discovered they made an awful product, they suddenly said "oh its actually up to 10..." then later they'll say "actually its been up to 15 this whole time"

  • Geo Greyback
    Geo Greyback

    Hwhyegece de

  • Dexter Shelley
    Dexter Shelley

    How do know by looking at a lock with no key which method to use to pick it

  • Mac Harper
    Mac Harper

    "Comically" is charitable. Its ever funnier than that.

  • Dagda

    Pretty sure you could just shove in a thin piece of metal with some small cuts into it for the same effect.

  • souleatingpanda

    well just my luck. the day has come for the Lawyer to test out the lock i've used for some years now :(

  • Jairad Emmery
    Jairad Emmery


  • Patst1005

    I just came from the ULÄC with Sec Rating of 5 ... Dumb Question .. the Security Rating seems to only be about the Alloy used in the U ... the Lock itself is the same ... xD

  • Guillebazuka

    "10/10, just The perfect lock " This review was made by "The Thieves Times"

  • Horse Badorties
    Horse Badorties

    5/7 at best

  • Pete G
    Pete G

    How about Kryptonite locks?

  • vondahe

    Correction: It's 7 out of 100.

  • Manou Jansen
    Manou Jansen

    Thiefs would steal the lock instead of the bike lol

  • sepruecom

    well, uläc as a brand name already sounds like coughing up your breakfast. So not much surprise there...

  • Dave Van West
    Dave Van West

    He left the packaging in tack so that he can return the lock.

  • Andrius Pavliukas
    Andrius Pavliukas

    Uläc basic security to be a good läc

  • Andrius Pavliukas
    Andrius Pavliukas

    What uläc in safety, you compensate in shine

  • Andrius Pavliukas
    Andrius Pavliukas

    You know the lock is wack, when LPL video is 1:41 long

  • Der Horst
    Der Horst

    10 seconds pick duration include explanation in this time. WTF?

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom

    i wanna know what "neo stainless" is lmao......hahaha unobtainium......

  • Neil Heuer
    Neil Heuer


  • /Bowen Whiteman
    /Bowen Whiteman

    That was SAD wow, he opened it in like 2 seconds. Y’all’s bikes getting stolen

  • The Idiot Driver Project
    The Idiot Driver Project

    *See's videos is 1:41 and thinks "Oh this must be a poor lock". Actual time to pick lock (while describing what is being done) 10 seconds or so. "Well. Sh*t!"

  • Donald Klopper
    Donald Klopper

    You lack security. Nice.

  • Ttavoc

    I think its faster to pick the lock than open it with a key :D

  • RhinoBarbarian

    *LPL:* Sorry, ULAC. But, *you lack* security.

  • DAGATHire

    It would have been slower to "Use the Force"

  • EpicBubble

    How i pick it is by throwing in the trash because i got my bike stolen

  • Joshua Manasye
    Joshua Manasye

    you need to worry more about your bike getting stolen than scratched with this lock

  • Lord Maxtery
    Lord Maxtery

    i'm the 1000th comment lmao

  • Mike Luikang
    Mike Luikang

    Why are you teaching people to steal our bikes or pick locks. 🤣🤣

  • Dyski

    This guy frustrates me. I have a bike and I want to buy a lock for it. It seems nothing is secure

  • underweightHater

    so, its completely spoon-proof?

  • Noble

    -gentle breeze blows twig towards the lock- The lock: -fucking explodes-

  • Depleted

    The product has a wrapper stapled to it. let that sink in for a moment. paper wrapper, stapled, to a lock. This screams "Made in china"

  • TheMattynaught01

    Oh, that made me laugh! Thank you indeed.

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    Should have brought out the hairpins!

  • Some Guy Online
    Some Guy Online

    Wish it was that easy hack all of our personal problems. =)

  • James Contos
    James Contos

    Now the question is, how does it hold up against a 50 caliber sniper rifle? Looks like someone is gonna need to hang out with Bosnian Bill again soon!

  • KingDJ

    Boom, destroyed.

  • Liquidated

    I am disturbed by this LÄC of opening trash three times just to cause the jaded of us to roll our eyes. Wait, what?

  • LARPer8or

    What, no strip of Red Bull can?

  • NCR Ranger
    NCR Ranger

    Don’t need to watch it just look at length of video

  • Nick Meade
    Nick Meade

    "Comically easy to open with a low skill raking attack". No... don't hold back, say what you really mean! :D

  • SpaceRobOT2000

    i didnt even realize he started picking the lock i tought it just came off accidently haha

  • shakester2010


  • nermalsturf

    Wow. Soon as he raked it the 2nd time, all that came to mind was... DAMN!!!

  • Roman

    That 1-7 on the packaging is so misleading. I'd like to say it's false advertising but really, after watching the ease with which it was picked, that all goes out the window. Maybe they should just rename it their #1 lock. Because on a difficulty to compromise scale of 1-10, it's a 1.

  • S T
    S T

    I have a question. Been thinking of trying lock picking but my right hand is a tad numb due neuropathy. Since feeling is important during the pick how would my hand issue affect picking?. Since I am home allot lock picking would be a fun hobby to learn.

  • Onyxia

    Somehow, at the beginning of April, your videos began coming across my UZload "Recommended" area, and I've become so enamored with your videos, that I've actually gotten myself a lockpicking kit and have started practicing with it. I just wanna say thanks, for helping give me another hobby.

  • Justin Myles
    Justin Myles

    No wonder UAC gets invaded by demons so easily, can't even make a Bike Lock properly.

  • Patrick Allen
    Patrick Allen

    First time I've seen a dimple core attacked with a wave rake, so sad.

  • nobody important
    nobody important


  • Andrés Miraballes
    Andrés Miraballes

    Locks companies must tremble every time they see their product in one of this videos

  • SelfBlumpkin

    I don't know why but i lost my shit when the lock popped open. I thought he was just showing us the direction he was going to have to attack the lock but nope. How the hell are these companies in business

  • thomas barlow
    thomas barlow

    Wise man once said a lock only keeps an honest man honest

  • Martyn Watson
    Martyn Watson

    Should have been called khazi, coz that's where it belongs. It's shit.

  • Final Sentinel
    Final Sentinel

    And another one done, and another one down, Another one bites the dust

  • Gecko&KingGaming

    RIP Red Bull

  • mYthOs

    a 7 out of 100?

  • D0T_the_B0T

    i really feel like there is no lock in the world that can keep my bike safe

  • Ian M
    Ian M


  • Sam Vernon
    Sam Vernon

    Ok i get it now. I found one of ULAC's youtube videos ( uzload.info/fun/oYNrgmS6o4mnl2g/video) I understand why they give their lock a 7. They think a thief is going to try and cut through their lock using a pair of scissors that my 6 year old would have used at school. The scariest part of this video was when he started running with the scissors.

  • chaos

    I’d think you were just making it up or faking it except I know you’re not.

  • Juusto3_3

    That is ridiculous. That is a LOCK! It's supposed to keep people from stealing things but you can just shove a stick in it and it opens!

  • John Morris
    John Morris

    So I got to ask. Have you ever done a video review on lock picking sets for beginners that want to get into this fun looking craft or do you recommend a set?

  • Jordan West
    Jordan West

    Where do you get all your lock picking tools

  • pruthviraj bhople
    pruthviraj bhople

    Waiting for Godrej dual access lock from video 419, that one sounds really challenging

  • Tiashe Varuhaito
    Tiashe Varuhaito

    that design is waste of resource and energy

  • John Berg
    John Berg

    The security levels explained: 7 = easy to pick 6 = no lock at all 1-5 = different ways of actively getting rid of your bike.

  • WeeWeeJumbo

    ...which are the good locks? Are there any good locks anywhere in the world?

  • Ehab Se
    Ehab Se

    A sign saying "don't stel pliz" is probably safer than this lock

  • Dan G
    Dan G

    Why do you post these videos? I don't understand your mindset. Are you trying to prove you are a great thief. Also you are helping thiefs in their goal of stealing! There is no glory in that. What is the point. You are just reducing peoples security. I believe that soon you will be banned from UZload

  • T.Kai

    Always be concerned if he gets out the *wave rake* 😂

  • Forsaken Blood
    Forsaken Blood

    So Im Gonna Start Lockpicking Soon Any Tips? Any Suggestions On Brand Of Picks?

  • Nicholas Julich
    Nicholas Julich

    He should try cutting a wave rake out of the Red Bull can and try that

  • Ezra Cold
    Ezra Cold

    This reminds me of that saying, "locks are only made to keep honest people out."

  • Fabien Herry
    Fabien Herry

    like a quick brush of teeth. XD should be rated 7/7 you can pick it.

  • Isaac Liu ._.
    Isaac Liu ._.

    LPL: that was just .1% of my power

  • madmex1000

    What is the best bike lock?

  • Bakemono . 5 years ago
    Bakemono . 5 years ago

    More like 7 out of 100

  • Coloring With D
    Coloring With D

    Will there ever be a video longer than 5 minutes? No wait, never mind. They don't make good locks.

  • tonyholt90

    That's unbelievable!

  • Nick Dance
    Nick Dance

    Dude, what lock isn't easily picked?

  • TheManWithAPlan

    The end of the red bull saga 😭

  • hutchy097

    Can you try to pick a lock with a screwdriver and a bobby pin like in fallout 4

  • Erik Bakstad
    Erik Bakstad

    Hahaha.... But thank you for the short video. It kinda was long enough 🤭😁

  • NotAsian

    He makes this look so easy I almost want to try

  • MD C
    MD C

    Yea 7 out of 10... criminals suggest this lock.

  • --

    Comically . . ...that was disgusting; how could a company make such a durable lock, then put such a cheap core/pins in the cylinder . . ..SMFH 🤔??

  • Aldila Novrizal
    Aldila Novrizal

    From 1097 videos he made, are there any locks that made him struggle to open it?????

  • ACoustaDC

    Well, maybe you could use it on your big wheel, that you're gonna leave in the front lawn anyway.