[1216] Grafco Narcotics Safe: Security Compliance ≠ Security

  • Mark Darden
    Mark Darden

    Now I can get my oxy quick

  • Jack

    I’ve been a locksmith for a long time.. I’m still amazed to this day as to what people think security is.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M

    Maybe change the locks and its a great cabinet

  • Vegonomia - nos protegendo do capitalismo.
    Vegonomia - nos protegendo do capitalismo.

    As a pharmacist who will get royally in a jam if narcotics disapear you probably saved my life by alerting me of how easy it is to open those. Never going to trust them.

  • first last
    first last

    Is it possible to just pull out the hinge wire on both doors? I understand it's faster doing it your way but I don't know anything about picking locks. I'm more of a brut force kinda guy.

  • Melonlord

    Couldn't help but notice the instructions for lock replacement inside the safe.

  • 白菜

    Because Taiwan is a part of China

  • Gnade eXiSt
    Gnade eXiSt

    I was up all night watching these videos and woke up and right back at it


    I counted 16 seconds to open

  • Laurence Butcher
    Laurence Butcher

    WOW, that was hilariously quick!

  • Gabriele Magnabosco
    Gabriele Magnabosco

    Yeah, but what about narcotics? Are narcotics able to pick the lock from the inside? Checkmate, LPL.

  • The Matrix Weave
    The Matrix Weave

    retails over 200$ , i guess thats the biggest problem these days cheapness and high profit margins = getting massively ripped off!

  • Patrick

    That was about 7 seconds for both doors

  • Rhema Jumbo-Nze
    Rhema Jumbo-Nze

    _takes notes violently_

  • bogdansss

    The only disappointment in this video was the lack of a big ziplock bag full of flour inside the safe :)

  • Patrick King
    Patrick King

    This man is on every governments watch list

  • Positive Vibes
    Positive Vibes

    if your lock doesn't have an LPL stamp of approval on it, then it should not be on the shelves.

  • Ian Sullivan
    Ian Sullivan

    I turned my head to sip some coffee and missed the entire attack. Have you thought of contacting insurance underwriters about the products their customers use?

  • Peter Kelley
    Peter Kelley

    I must have missed this one. Thanks for this discussion. Hoping that GrafCo gets wind of this.

  • Connor McConnell
    Connor McConnell

    It took you 6 seconds to open that

  • Brandon Dorris
    Brandon Dorris

    I think the greatest lesson to learn from LPL’s channel is that commercial entities are focused on commerce. The goal of this company was never to create a secure box. It was to be legally compliant and to sell the product at the greatest profit possible.

  • megaman455

    Security compliance is like military grade. Military grade is literally "meets the minimum requirements of functionality, at the lowest price point possible."

  • Epsilon Karamazov
    Epsilon Karamazov

    Having worked in a pharmacy, I know the narcotics safe isn't meant to actually keep anybody out if they want in. It's security theater meant to appease bureaucratic regulators.

  • Janne Metsometsa
    Janne Metsometsa

    It will take double time to open cigarette box for me.

  • 麻王AlanStryman

    I'm from Taiwan, all I got from this was "Oh shit now I get to see my grandparents secret."

  • Jarps Art
    Jarps Art

    These vidéos are antidepressants...

  • IceMetalPunk

    And here I thought Lucifer just used his angelic strength to steal narcotics from the police station evidence locker. Now I know he was just raking it all along 😂

  • umeng2002

    Damn, nothing good in the narcotics safe...

  • Nic DeGrave
    Nic DeGrave

    I took a screenshot of this video before I watched it because it's gonna be my new graphic to explain how seriously we *really* take the opioid crisis or the war on drugs. "Narcotics safe...1:30"

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy

    Someone's gotta teach me to pick locks like that 😂

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar

    I would like the video more if you had REAL drugs inside of it maybe a KILO of cocaine inside of it LoL 🤷😏

  • Deryk Allan
    Deryk Allan

    I have a pack of bacon in my fridge that'll take longer to open.

  • Brian McCoy
    Brian McCoy

    This dude is an epic locksmith..love the videos

  • LastManAlive1969

    Where's the drugs?

  • Mitchell Lee
    Mitchell Lee

    It's not just the criminal in me that attracts me to your channel, but also the knowledge I gain on what products NOT to use!

  • alissa holt
    alissa holt

    you probably have a lot of locks. could you send me one?

  • David Kearns
    David Kearns

    the sad thing is it would not be hard for regulations to use the UL attack code as its basis for security. I forget the actual name for it but I know its some letters and a number where the number is the amount of time that safe is supposed to be able to withstand a tool based attack on its structure and locking. edit: But I suspect these things are more about employee control than actual theft prevention, Keeping any one employee with a single key from accessing the good stuff. Rather than preventing a third party from getting access to the drugs as most employees probably wont be there raking the lock on camera during store hours.

  • Bad Muthafuka
    Bad Muthafuka

    You know what? I have been watching you for some time now, and I just had the thought of you owning a lock company designing your own locks then sell the design to lock companies or manufacture them yourself.

  • Ethan Grazier
    Ethan Grazier

    did u ever unlcok the ozlockcon lock?

  • Alex Mednick
    Alex Mednick

    this felt like half the video tbh. do we not have an example of something secure but not compliant?

  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan Thompson

    Short. Sweet.

  • Jungle is Massive
    Jungle is Massive

    LOL 🤣

  • Stuart Nolan
    Stuart Nolan

    Browsing the channel manually. I found this video was never shown to me by the overlord algorithm. I suspect the “N” word has been deemed unsuitable.

  • LostSquad

    You know the product is bad when the video is only less than 2 minutes

  • Tyler Tenkku
    Tyler Tenkku

    Great work LPL! It would've been hilarious if you had a bag of flour, oregano, or course salt (meth) inside.

  • e10h

    lockpick% speedrun

  • Indy Custom Made
    Indy Custom Made

    I think he opened this faster with a pick than with the keys themselves.

  • Chris Beard
    Chris Beard

    "They chose to do the minimum, and it shows" You turn phrases as well as you do cores.

  • jpg901c

    Just here for the 2,000th comment. The real crime is the $200 price tag. Incredible.

  • Samuel Karlsson
    Samuel Karlsson

    No matter how secue or security-compliant any safe or lock is, LockPicking Lawyer will ALWAYS defeat the security provided by safes and locks.

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson

    Ouch! Free narcotics anyone? 😂🤣

  • ZorValachan: Less Than Guru
    ZorValachan: Less Than Guru

    So many types of safes have this type of texture. It doesn't help after you've been robbed. The texture makes it extremely difficult to develop and identify fingerprints. People don't like smooth metal safes because they easily show fingerprints (much like a smooth steel refrigerator), but when the safe is easy to open and hinders any criminal investigation as a bonus, it double fails. Choose actual usefulness over looks when it comes to storing your valuables.

  • painedumonde

    The ease of obtaining your controlled substances when required should be forefront in design. OTOH, the ease of pilfering those substances should be stymied by the regulations of the security of those substances. C'est-à-dire, to profit in this world just because you can, is one way this world becomes less desirable.

  • Doc

    You know it's bad when you can open it faster with a rake than the key it came with.

  • Anthony Andreola
    Anthony Andreola

    We used something that looked just like this at my job once and you could open it with a paperclip when the nurse with the narcotics key was busy. Super lame. Only works as far as you trust the people you work with.

  • jeffhreid

    Wow! That is a shockingly crap product. Thanks LPL for the video

  • meka erwin
    meka erwin

    Grafco could issue a retrofit. "Increase security 200% by covering the locks with duct tape."

  • Alex Kozykowski
    Alex Kozykowski

    Would it be possible to knock out the hinge pin?

  • bigblocklawyer

    As a lawyer who has restored classic cars for decades, dealing with government mandated safety regulations on cars and in the chemicals and equipment we use, it doesn't matter if something achieves its intended purpose, only if it meets government regulations.

  • Slade Alan 41
    Slade Alan 41

    I wonder where he buys his lock picking equipment

  • Juan Villanueva
    Juan Villanueva

    Good lord, this was savage lol. And not through any doing of LPL, just him exposing the flaw... but ouch!

  • Warlight

    i guess they haven't done the "very determined drug addict with a tool" test when making that safe

  • cancel this
    cancel this

    Thank you LpL oxy 80s here I come

  • John Pesich
    John Pesich

    Sadly minimum standards are required for compliance and I'm sure they expect the person breaking in to it to be in withdrawal and not be able to think clearly enough for even this task.

  • financial


  • Syntax Daemon
    Syntax Daemon

    Oh come on. If someone wants to get off on a handful of narcotics do you really think they'd even consider picking the lock? I like your videos a lot but if that's the only flaw here, I really don't think it's a big deal.

  • Ludrin Deviant
    Ludrin Deviant

    Dang, he barely put the rake in the lock and it opened.

  • 01001101 01010111
    01001101 01010111

    Fisher Price makes kids toys that are more secure.

  • ruediix

    This is dangerous. That can be opened so fast that even public placement is not an effective deterrent for tampering, especially considering that it's used to store narcotics.

  • tdot


  • TheNasaDude

    They see me rakin' They're hatin'

  • Zach

    Where was the "Let's do it again to show that it wasn't a fluk"

  • lukafireman

    Are there any locks you would recommend that are hard to pick/annoying to pick?

  • xclimatexcoldxx

    I think it's $200 because of the same reason as the texas calculator. it's only a joke that companies have to deal with, and not normal people. We all know texas calculators probably only cost $3 to make, and sells for over $100. That's because it's what college classes requires, where you have some kind of insurance thing to pay for it. This cabinet toy looks like I can break it by punching it, probably cost no more than $8 to make. Sells for $200 because it's required for businesses like apartment complexes or some company to use to keep them legally safe from bs. I'd say my guesses are fairly accurate.

  • D⃝ R⃝ I⃝ P⃝ P⃝
    D⃝ R⃝ I⃝ P⃝ P⃝

    Shady nurses with opiate addict husbands payi g attention like

  • Stanislav Katkov
    Stanislav Katkov

    regulations = government = shit. the usual cycle.

  • chris nordeje
    chris nordeje

    Less than 5 seconds....

  • william Delbourgo
    william Delbourgo

    I was playing gta v and tboigt about him saying hello this is the lock picking lawyer. Today we will be breaking into a safe

  • Tesla Travels
    Tesla Travels

    I blinked right when he raked the first one - had to go back to see what happened!

  • Dr. Love
    Dr. Love


  • Max Verschuren
    Max Verschuren

    This shouldn't even been sold.. it's a scam.

  • rjk ‪
    rjk ‪

    I like how the very first thing you see when you open this box is INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO REPLACE THE LOCKS!!

  • BOMBON187

    Sad that no narcotics were found inside :(

  • Kago Bonestalker
    Kago Bonestalker

    "The safe contains lockpicking equipment sir!" "Of course. They said they wanted an irony safe."

  • Zsolt Miski
    Zsolt Miski

    First thing you see when you open it "LOCK REPLACEMENT INSTRUCTIONS" They know.

  • totalolage _
    totalolage _

    Laws and regulations are for the most part just an exercise in running afoul of goodheart's law.

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz

    This costs $200. It's garbage. That's all I have for you today. 😂

  • Peter Kurten
    Peter Kurten

    That company needs to change it's name. Grafco is too close to GRAFTCO.

  • silvercrystalct

    The point isn’t for the safe to be hard to get into, it’s the steps involved. first you have to get into the secure warehouse. Second you have to get into the secure lockup area. Third you pick the lock... Forth you realize your on camera 360’ Fifth the security is waiting at the only door of the completely enclosed area where the narcotics cabinet is located. Sixth go to jail, go directly to jail... or maybe the hospital first for the ass kicking and tasing you had just received. Seventh go to court and get the slapped with the entire book. Eighth kiss any chance at a decent job good bye, because that’s one hell of a black mark.

  • Lucas Benn
    Lucas Benn

    I looked away for 4 seconds and he had both locks open

  • Core 1783
    Core 1783

    That is just plain disgusting.

  • Bastion Wolf
    Bastion Wolf

    Well defenitely not ever buying that 😂

  • Kale Mercer
    Kale Mercer

    $200, FUCK!!!! probably only cost 20 to make!

  • raynebc

    It took longer to say the name of the lock company than to rake it open...

  • Odd Holstensson
    Odd Holstensson

    Does it comply with the complience or does the manufaturer only state that it is complying?

  • SovietandScotsman

    Security compliant as long as there aren't high winds, rain showers in the area, or a tree falls down within 2000 miles.

  • NTN Labs
    NTN Labs

    "lets give it a try": I felt LPL smiled :-D

  • ve2mrx

    For unusual reasons, the shortest the video is the better it is! Only LPL goes by this metric on YT🤣

  • grifferduster Mc
    grifferduster Mc

    “They chose to do the minimum and it shows” This is my new favourite Way to describe my coworkers

  • Edgar Gomez
    Edgar Gomez

    Omg. I didn’t even finish reading a comment you opened that mug lol