[1209] This Tiny WiFi Camera Owns Kwikset SmartKey (LockTech LTKSD)

  • JordanStudio1

    What's the point of the weird key. The lock isn't any stronger for it.

  • FrenZ

    that was kwik

  • Paul Haynes
    Paul Haynes

    I've watched dozens of these and never seen him defeated - in fact most locks are opened in seconds. So, I have to ask - what is the point of locks?? I also have to ask who exactly is this channel aimed at...

    • stylesrj

      If your lock takes 5 seconds to break through and someone else's takes one second... sure sucks to be that guy with the terrible lock :D

    • Jeremey

      Locksmiths! (And those of us who have a bunch of locks around, and when the wife comes home with a new one say, “I’m going to see if I can pick this”)

  • Vernon De Winnaar
    Vernon De Winnaar

    this man needs to be stopped!"!!! hes gona destroy us all

  • Vernon De Winnaar
    Vernon De Winnaar

    ive learnt more in 20 seconds watching this vid than my whole life of locks

  • Jawn Cardeezie
    Jawn Cardeezie

    Please omg please next time you make the key lower the gain because this just killed my ears

  • PePe Moke
    PePe Moke

    Next Episode: LPL becomes Antman to pick the pins inside of the look personally.

  • Andrea Mitchell
    Andrea Mitchell

    they could greatly improve the wifi cam by adding a motor that slowly inserts the camera blank into the lock at a set interval(like have it telescopically extend out) , and then having software, an app that known the speed it is being inserted at and grabs the photos and then uses AI to to identify the cuts and then outputs a photo of the key and a printable file so you can just print it out at the actual size and use it as a template probably would not even be that difficult to design such an app or even better have it output a STL file for a 3d printer , either for printing with a regular plastic extrusion 3d printer or even better a metal SLS printer

    • Robert Reynolds
      Robert Reynolds

      How about an IR light so it would reduce light flare visibility for surreptitious entry? We went through many iterations of design and really had to compromise between not only our skillset, but also the affordability of the tool. It is certainly purpose driven for a very specific need. But a couple of your suggestions are not far off, as a simple starter applying a reticle or graduated scale on the overlay of the app is certainly a feasibility right now. But I sure like the way you think :-) If I could get somebody like Tesla to help me I'd like to make a gun that could shoot the key with a wireless receiver into the keyway and transmit the video back for analysis by your AI :-) What I really need help with is mounting this thing to a drone so I don't have to get out of my truck :-) In all seriousness great ideation and thank you for your input that's real brain power.

  • Johnny B.
    Johnny B.

    this has to be a safe lock if he had to freakin make the key


      Not really, same can be done with a blank and a hand file.

  • VoltageLP

    I'm sure Tom Cruise owns one of those


    Having LPL as a cellmate... Me: you can have my lunch bro

  • Сергей Логвиненко
    Сергей Логвиненко

    Придумали для воров.

  • Alvarez

    @1:00 same. Giggidy

  • michael lavery
    michael lavery

    That's your new cell phone and it's ancient.

  • MovingForward

    My Dad used to say "Locks are only there to honest people honest "

  • A V
    A V

    It would be hard to keep this guy locked up, in more ways then one.

  • bob often
    bob often

    Too Easy .

  • TheWalkingRed

    This guy is something else. He's like Dumbledore and other locksmiths are like Hermione's relatives

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict

    We are fucked oh no

  • Gen Ius
    Gen Ius

    I'm sure newbie robbers are watching this. Why is this even posted on youtube? You are teaching criminals.

  • Jakob Horrix
    Jakob Horrix

    Tai Lopez: down in my garage Lamborghini Lockpicking lawyer key cutting mashine

  • Mike Magneto
    Mike Magneto

    I find it a little easier to slide it in and just stop at the right location. (Every males thoughts)


    lpl :old phone more expensive then my new one

  • Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres
    Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres

    ok, this is scary.

  • M CD
    M CD

    Oh my. “I find it easier to slide it in and stop at the correct location”. So sorry, where’s my hair shirt.......

  • CIRLU_bd

    or you can just 3D print the key, as 3D printer are far more common and versatile than key-filers

  • Looking In With Victor B
    Looking In With Victor B

    Came for the microlense and learned how a locksmith can cut a key from a picture... I should make a poleroid of all my keys

  • Caleb Bohanon
    Caleb Bohanon

    Ninjas are so efficient these days. Side note you could do this out of an rv and travel across the country. Do they have like an abandoned house geocaching lockpicking community? If not, how do I start one because that'd be really fun

  • Roel0001 asia
    Roel0001 asia

    the wires are actually to power the led !! you'll need light for a picture.

  • Doxy Amu
    Doxy Amu

    Does this work for house door locks, this should be the standard procedure for getting locked out of house

    • Vladimir

      If your door lock is a kwikset smartkey lock it will work

  • Ant

    That is amazing, wow!

  • Sergio Williams
    Sergio Williams

    That is one masterpiece of machinery there. I like the simplicity of the design.


    Machine and creativity...that is great. When you have been taught skills and tools. Cool

  • Restoration work
    Restoration work

    Lol bolt cutters work quicker

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G

    So for three hundred bucks you could have a key that can access any lock? Anyone else see this being used for nefarious purposes?

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning

    Basically locks don't work; *ever* meaning ppl are still better off with a *very big dog* ;)

  • Eric Royal
    Eric Royal

    Burglary at all time high😉

  • stingr9137

    😳😳😳 umm... that means robbers could break in extremely easily

  • Luka Marinov
    Luka Marinov

    Wow cutting keys at home is legal in the US??? Here you can't even buy blanks if yoz haven't a licence.

  • Geronimo553

    $300 tool plus labor costs and time or $30 grinder or prybar with 30 seconds...

  • Dad Dun
    Dad Dun

    This is great for people who lost thier key

  • 67cutlass442

    HEX pays you interest to lock up your HEX crypto. this creates price appreciation. get yours now and make serious gains. HEX is still just one penny... wont last long

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan

    1:01 That's was she said. Lol

  • Unga Bowa
    Unga Bowa

    Is the key and led replaceable?

  • smile more
    smile more

    My father is a locksmith and recently the company he works for has purchased this exact tool and uses it to open smart locks on houses. It is a very cool device

  • GenericGriff

    This guy has literally made me want to become a locksmith lmao

  • HECKproductions

    how to open a lock with... lets see... red bull can... lego astronaut...clothes hanger...ah yes! a camera

  • Chris Bourassa
    Chris Bourassa

    When you said you were going to cut a key, I was expecting a digital machine you plugged the solution into and it auto cut. 😂😂

  • Daniel Andersson
    Daniel Andersson

    Your not fun anymore dude! You are scary! I use a hammer and nails every night now! :( ,(

  • SnowingFire

    So for 3300$ i can unlock any door without a pick just a regular key and it wouldn't matter if they changed locks even because i could just print a new key? ... well it's quieter than breaking windows :p

  • Armchair Revolutionary
    Armchair Revolutionary

    Love them all, great vids. I love the matter of fact voice.great stuff

  • TimeHunter

    I remember hearing this machine when a guy at school cut keys for lockers. If you lost it, they must only have one to copy from. We did discover they had a limited number of keys, and there was a pattern to follow that your key could open those ones too. My friend forgot his key and we were lucky enough to use the same key!

  • Gerko

    Thieves: Interesting gonna do that on my next burglary.

  • Death Van Leviathan
    Death Van Leviathan

    Vienen del futuro hee? :v jajajaja grande LPL

  • Sling Blade
    Sling Blade

    Got one of these wifi cameras that can access my wife's brain?

  • Aurorien

    here in my garage with my HPC Blitz machine

  • F L
    F L

    How does that "key cutter" works?

  • Shuk Hambalie
    Shuk Hambalie

    Where can I buy this thing😏

  • James Lively
    James Lively

    Are you just so practiced that you know the cuts just from the look?

  • Sw Me
    Sw Me

    After watching this, I am going to set up a key maker stall

  • R3 Team3
    R3 Team3

    Fudge it I guess I have to say this why r u all selling this to the public r trying to make it easier for robber

  • Jack Garand
    Jack Garand


  • RedHotFiat

    That is absolutely amazing. How come when I take my keys to Home Despot to be cut they don't work and I have to go back and have them redone? Rhetorical question, no need for an answer.

  • Asterisk

    LPL: cuts lock Subtitles : [music] [applause]

  • Elitedestroyer00

    I'd like to see you make a key only with a file and maybe some sandpaper

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • whas the deal
    whas the deal

    I've robbed Many people thanks to u

  • whas the deal
    whas the deal

    I've robbed Many people thanks to u

  • Danny Czhech Operative
    Danny Czhech Operative

    I liked using this key cutter when i worked for a commercial door company, but i would have to go out to jobs and find out what cuts to do if they ever lost a key without any nice camera equipment, so i was basically working backwards from locksmithing because I had to lock pick it, but go through 5-20 keys trying to figure out the number combination for a lock that worked with 5 seperate keys. But hey, now i know how to lockpick unreasonable deadbolts.

  • J

    i get this device isn't cheap but lowkey feels like a cheat sheet lol.

  • Splif Luv
    Splif Luv

    very happy i just stumbled upon this channel! this is hours and hours of entertainment

  • Therese Ydefjord
    Therese Ydefjord

    Soon he opens lock with ”The Force”

  • Coom Slayer
    Coom Slayer

    This man is the supervillain of locks

  • Kimmo J
    Kimmo J

    "Slide it in". Whitesnake ft. LPL

    • Kimmo J
      Kimmo J

      Greetings from where Abloys come. Gotcha.

    • Kimmo J
      Kimmo J

      I'm gonna slide it in Right to the top, Slide it in, I ain't never gonna stop. You devious bastard (in a good way). :headbang:

    • Kimmo J
      Kimmo J

      Around 1 minute mark, with really noticeable increase in voice. 😎😎😎 @lockpickinglawyer that on purpose i assume? Great video.

  • OneMadGypsy

    Oh sh#t, you even have cameras and key cutting machines. You are never invited to my house. 😂👍

  • PorkinsHoldIt

    Duuuuuuuuuuuude!!!!!!! I love you now!

  • Exploding zombie
    Exploding zombie

    This man's arsenal is getting bigger and bigger to the point where he can break into the pentagon.

  • Hmm Hmm
    Hmm Hmm


  • Reklaw

    Turn on subtitles for the key cutting lol

  • LightLock

    man thats a jump in views

  • paidapps

    So we're back to...

  • B

    If you're gonna bring a large £1,000 key cutting machine, you might as well have taken a bolt cutter/angle grinder instead 😋

  • hmmm existential Awareness
    hmmm existential Awareness

    Proposal for LPL to make a an unlockable lock

  • Dillon Perry
    Dillon Perry

    you telling me I could get this wifi key for $300, get a file and that card, set up my own online listing, and start a business opening locks?

    • OneMadGypsy

      No doubt. $1300 is practically nothing in business investment terms. You could probably make it all back in just 20 jobs.

  • Absurdistan

    It also is apparent why this is would be very appealing for any burglar. They would only need to spend a few seconds in front of your door and could come back later with a ready-made key the would fit the lock like a glove. Now maybe a lawyer would not think of this as something that's bad for business, but I for one would feel much more at ease if I knew that the manufacturer would only sell this to entities of whom they have seen proof they are above board.

  • Aarav Rahtole
    Aarav Rahtole

    Sometimes I think, he doesn't show his face, so that if people think what he's doing is wrong then his identity would be safe.


    So according to that picture chart and the 5 possible cuts on the keys, there are 7776 combinations? 6x6x6x6x6=7776.

  • bad uncle
    bad uncle

    So basically what you’re trying to say there’s no safe in the world they can keep something safe 😂

  • e10h

    where can i get the key with camera

  • Devin Walker
    Devin Walker

    Professional burglar?

  • Sling Shot
    Sling Shot

    you're just helping the thieves .

  • Hintswen

    There was a story (fiction) in an issue of 2600 awhile back about someone making a device which looked like a key. It used fibre optics and some electronics and once fully inserted into a keyway it would work out what the correct key is. It would then it then be plugged into a computer and a 3d printer would print out the appropriate key. This is like the non-fiction version of that.

  • Chamara Silva
    Chamara Silva

    admit it, this channel is a therapy channel rather than an informative channel.

  • Anime Senpai
    Anime Senpai

    I clicked on this because it's 5 mins

  • Mitch

    This is about the closest thing to a recommendation I've seen on this channel

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    now i just need 1300 dollars

  • Hagen Eber
    Hagen Eber

    I visited French a few months ago and they had key banks and cutting machines at the supermarket. So u wouldn't even need to buy those.

  • ben clifford
    ben clifford

    I want one

  • Nolan White
    Nolan White

    Pretty sure that a 3D printer could make a one time use key.

  • muy thai
    muy thai

    LPL is CIA im tellin ya