[1118] Vintage Reese Bicycle Locks Picked

  • why even
    why even

    The biggest threat to these locks is kitchen scissors

  • Jonathan Campbell
    Jonathan Campbell

    Lpl: i just think theyre neat

  • NiChole Gallo
    NiChole Gallo

    I live very close to Lancaster PA ! very historic place.

  • DAGATHire

    Masterlock consider this video a successful R&D exercise

  • MrFluffyy

    Is this channel just bullys other lock componies

  • ejonesss

    probably picking and shimming was very advanced picking methods or bikes was not as valuable back then like they are today once adjusted for inflation

  • Michael and Brytany Jordan
    Michael and Brytany Jordan

    6 days ago?!?! I just got the notification 25 seconds ago.

  • John Lobert
    John Lobert

    Nice, but I have a question. Why do you start so many of your sentences with the word "now"?

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    "These show that there's been some progress"...seems exactly like a 2020 model master lock to me...

  • Graham Rushin
    Graham Rushin

    Bet the new master lock will look just like these

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson

    maybe some on stole his mothers bicycle,that was his motivation

  • iamdmc

    I gotta call my grandpa and tell him not to buy one of these in 1958

  • m8055

    They look really cute.

  • Secret !
    Secret !

    2 min video, thank goodness. Videos were getting a bit long 😁

  • Sammy--1996

    You should try one of these: www.urbanalps.com/en/?v=928568b84963

  • qlum

    With a cable like this, it would be rather pointless to put some actual picking protection on the lock itself. Sure shimming may be something worth stopping but when you can easily cut the cable anything more than that would be a waste.

  • Shadi Gif
    Shadi Gif

    LockPicking Scumbag

  • kardrasa

    Ever kiss a girl for free?

  • Cyan

    You can't make a good lock without LPL. You must let *him* make the lock.

  • S H N
    S H N

    wtf he just lockpicked a lock in 2 seconds

  • izzy

    I think that he keeps as much of his identity a secret in order to prevent lock manufacturers from retaliating

  • dodo killeurs
    dodo killeurs

    Vintage is Vintage :D and Vintage problem

  • Paladin Danse
    Paladin Danse

    At this point LPL can lockpick water and turn into Moses

  • rednaxela soicalap
    rednaxela soicalap

    @LockPickingLawyer I'm going to start lock picking which lock do you recommend I start with

  • Ace of Diamonds
    Ace of Diamonds

    Well now I know what I haven't seen these in the modern day

  • ちょこfruit


  • Nick S
    Nick S

    Thanks to you I am getting into lock picking ordered a training set :)

  • Rvedoss 0.76
    Rvedoss 0.76

    this is such a bad lock

  • Heisenbergdl

    Should have called it the, “oops, it was locked?”

  • Pillowey

    its like his voice is switching between 8 different pitches

  • Pp PostUp
    Pp PostUp

    You know the lock is shitty if the video is over halfway and LPL has not touched the lock once

  • Chriseurosong

    He didn’t do it twice. It must have been a fluke!

  • andreas

    Mike Boyd mentioned you in his most recent video and he picked a lock with paperclips! You should try it too

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire

    They may be useless as locks but that art-deco design is gorgeous.

  • Gary Cunningham
    Gary Cunningham

    Progress except for Masterlock that is!

  • don't bink
    don't bink

    These are perfect for Hipsters needing to lock up their fixie

  • Magic Heiner
    Magic Heiner

    Who’s here from Mike?

  • Vonn Kester Baldago
    Vonn Kester Baldago

    Got here from reddit

  • Harrison Treiman
    Harrison Treiman

    Who’s here from reddit?

    • Mile _
      Mile _


  • Albo alt
    Albo alt

    Hey, you said "Lancaster" like a native!

  • E T O S P A M
    E T O S P A M

    Who from Reddit?

    • Mile _
      Mile _

      Me from Reddit

    • Ehud Davidovich
      Ehud Davidovich

      Me from Reddit

  • Mikey T
    Mikey T

    Next video: This is the Lock Picking Lawyer, and today I'm reviewing the Pentagon. ..... As you can see I struggled with this review for a solid 15 minutes.

  • B Wilhelm
    B Wilhelm

    Awesome! They are so neat! I had never considered that they made bike locks back then. When you stop and think about it... Duh! Of course they did. But you take things for granted when you're not paying attention and assume they're a more recent invention. They're beautiful too. Quite pleasant to look at. Thanks! Great video!

  • Michael Mell
    Michael Mell

    Im sad This channel would always be in my recommend Now i have to search it to watch :ccc Im a saad boi

  • Amanda Carrillo
    Amanda Carrillo

    LPL, Thank you for yet another history lesson and informative video. I would like to applaud you as a teacher of the craft. I've been watching your channel for about 1 year and viewed about 100 videos. I recently purchased my first set of lock picks along with a practice lock. I read the instructions and learned nothing more than what you had already taught me. Armed with my new set of tools I began my first attempt. Remembering all you had taught me; tensioning, clicks,shear line, etc I opened the lock in approx: 20-25 seconds. After realizing I had been bashful with my tension bar, my second attempt took me about 12 seconds. By my 5-6th attempt I was opening the lock with my eyes closed in about 4-5 seconds. Are the practice locks easier to pick than a real one? I do hope so. Thank you again for all I have learned. As I venture out today I will surely try to keep my pickers in my pocket! Try to at least. Sincerely, Amanda.

  • Freak

    I've been trying to decode a bike lock (the lock has actually been cut, it's just for the fun of decoding it), but I face an issue. First, the friend that gave it to me told me he kind of forgot the combination, but he tested the one he thought were right, and the lock doesn't open. He also tested hundreds of combination in brute force and nothing. The lock stayed out for the whole winter. He put some WD40 in there to smooth things. About decoding it, in all decoding methods I've seen, it says when you pull the shackle, it will bind of the wheel. However, for me it's not the case, I can't feel any binding. The shackle moves, and has lot of plays, but as strong as I can pull on it, I don't feel any wheel binding. One thing I notice though, is that if I pull on the shackle, the first wheel does not click as hard when I turn it in one direction (but it clicks in the other). I initially though that it was a security features, when you pull the shackle, it kind of 'disconnect' from the first wheel, but I don't think it's the case. As there is a bit of play between the wheels, I was able to look a bit at them. What I discovered is that on each wheel, there are 2 'holes', at the opposite numbers (7 and 2 for the 3rd and 4th wheel, 4 and 9 for the 1st and 2nd wheel). I initially thought that was the gates, and tried all possible combinations with these numbers, but still no luck. One thing I noticed though is that when I turn a wheel, I can see a slight movement on the shackle (turning a little bit on the right, and when clicking, falling back to it's original position), so it seems the wheel are actually connected to the shackle. It's a pretty cheap bike lock, so I don't think their are crazy security measures. Is it possible that although the shackle and the wheels are turning, something else is blocking, and the lock won't be able to open, even with the right combination ?

  • Sheridan Siely
    Sheridan Siely

    I was surprised to see a 2 min time stamp but then I saw the 2 locks..... opened them both twice

  • strictly sativa
    strictly sativa

    Bro just violated these locks in under 2min

  • cr01

    I think that's the fastest I've ever seen LPL pick a lock. Approximately one second (if you don't count the time for him to pick the lock up), and also approx 1 second to shim it.

  • Cookie? Think.
    Cookie? Think.

    I decoded a combination lock-box for the first time. I learned how from your videos!

  • sweer potato
    sweer potato

    hey LPL & others im just starting lock picking and i want to learn what locks do you say are good beginer locks

  • chainshaw

    Thank you for pronouncing Lancaster correctly.

  • Long Peter
    Long Peter

    LPL’s two favourite necklaces.

  • ssuo ben
    ssuo ben

    I think LPL just wanted to flex that he owns those Locks ;D

  • Ron

    How about a video on a master 643D. I don't see this common lock in your listing

  • D283JDSK

    LPL:"at least some progress" Masterlock:"we don't do that here"

  • dispeakble

    this is the lock picking historian and what I have for you from the 50's...

  • Keith Rozeski
    Keith Rozeski

    Great video. The only thing a lock is good for is to keep an honest person out....

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus


  • Cody McMillen
    Cody McMillen

    People must have been real honest and morally right back then...because these locks aren't shit. I should report you to the police frankly, because this was assault

  • Glenn Cerny
    Glenn Cerny

    Bicycle locks like that were pretty good deterrents back in the 50's when people had more respect for other peoples property and the most expensive bicycle in the rack was a Schwinn.

  • Alien P
    Alien P

    1958: The locking system was honor based. The lock was just a reminder: "Thou shall not steal"

  • Kar

    How to lock pick a fridge that can be locked

  • tyadams

    I read "vintage pick locked"

  • Alexander T. Bratrich
    Alexander T. Bratrich

    I always wondered, is there are ranked list somewhere of all the locks LPL has tried out?

  • RobAlpacaflip

    Did I just witness a double homocide?

  • TotallyNotKrime

    n-no officer.. im not trying to rob this bike.. i jus-just like the way it l-looks

  • theoriginalshew

    I'm surprised LPL pronounced Lancaster right. We pronounce it differently than literally everywhere else who pronounce it Lan-Caster

  • John Hemsley
    John Hemsley

    Thumbs up for the correct pronunciation of Lancaster.

  • Damien Morales
    Damien Morales

    I live in Lancaster County Pennsylvania!! This is awesome!!

  • Robert Borjesson
    Robert Borjesson

    History lesson + 4 picking methods = 2 minutes

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Woo! Old locks!

  • evilborg

    Remember these locks are VINTAGE not MODERN so I would expect this from a 40's 50's lock.

  • Pinguino Ramirez
    Pinguino Ramirez


  • Pavan Kulkarni
    Pavan Kulkarni

    LPL picks locks faster than opening the lock with the original key.

  • tbates1987

    Im from Lancaster and I never heard of them :) .. I guess you learn something new every day

  • dourealycare

    What do you do for a living and how do you know all of this

  • Hermes

    I blinked and missed it

  • pedzsan

    LPL seems to be a glass half full type. “Well... at least there has been SOME progress” 🤣

  • Jesse Herman
    Jesse Herman

    If these two locks have an encounter with the Ram Set .......would we have Reese’s pieces ?

  • tsrif tsal
    tsrif tsal

    ROCKET LOCK!!!!! Great video!

  • Griff Kotlinski
    Griff Kotlinski

    Have you ever had a tool break while picking a lock?

  • TaiyakiFerret

    I'd like to see LockPickingLawyer pick a puzzle box

  • capeman10

    Damn bro you shit on locks through the ages.

  • Ben Gardiner
    Ben Gardiner

    Yep... Any lock only keeps honest people honest. What you are doing is educational for us on how our lock would be or could be defeated. I had to enter a living quarters while I was deployed to inventory the contents of the recently deceased by using a tactical knife; manipulating the striker open and pressure to keep the striker from returning while I repositioned the knife. 30 seconds or less. I later had to justify my knowledge on how to do this. :-/

  • Braeden

    Does this run in your family?

  • Sebastiaan De Wit
    Sebastiaan De Wit

    They're beautifull though.

  • Da Hai Zhu
    Da Hai Zhu

    Plus they are Pretty! Nice design and visual presentation on the locks. Sure, Forum should always follow function, especially in Locks, but it sure would be nice to see modern locks be a little more interesting to the eye

  • Jojo Gentry
    Jojo Gentry

    The ad before this video was longer than it took for him to open these

  • kmaglion

    You pronounced Lancaster correctly! Thank you!

  • Tony Zhou
    Tony Zhou

    Unus Annus recently made a video of them trying to lockpick, send them a lock to challenge them XD Link to video: uzload.info/fun/f4qnlmnOqaGKsJc/video

  • Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong

    Design your own lock it would probably be the best

  • Beneten

    I’m from southeastern PA and I cannot believe that he said “Lancaster” correctly 😂

  • Fleeks Fleeksfleeks
    Fleeks Fleeksfleeks

    i just think they look really pretty

  • Wayne Hall
    Wayne Hall

    Reeses Pieces

  • A Huma
    A Huma

    Whoa, i literally missed when he picked the first one, i look away for TWO seconds and LPL has already (theoretically) stolen a bike, awesome

  • T B
    T B

    Companies be like: *3 way patented opening mechanism*

  • Razil 1
    Razil 1

    Another good video!!

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    Yeah but they look good!!!

  • Greg

    you gonna open a lock picking museum? I'll be there for the grand opening