[1199] Thank You From CovertInstruments.com
Check back soon at covertinstruments.com... more of everything is on the way!

  • Tommy Bonezoni
    Tommy Bonezoni

    Immensely happy for you and your partner! You deserve every bit of success heading your way. Hard work pays off!

  • Bamnt

    He is kinda training a massive number of lockpickers isnt he

  • RAWBeats

    80% of those are active thieves stealing cars NO DOUBT IN MY MIND.

  • Richard B
    Richard B

    This one UZloadr is killing the lock picking industry. /s

  • colemaneuclid

    With customer support voice like that, I'd wait weeks and not even be mad lol

  • Darc Devel
    Darc Devel

    Oh god what have you done. Nothing will be secure ever again. You have demonstrated just how terrifyingly bad modern locks are so thoroughly, every criminal in the country is probably lined up to buy your products... Do you know how many master locks there are in the world? Almost all of them. Between the rake and the comb, a lot of these you can just stick inside a lock and turn.

  • Florijn Terstal
    Florijn Terstal

    When will you sell SPARROWS Disc Pick ? ?

  • HU1212ICAN3

    Dude these comments are literally the best on the internet. 😂😂😂 Everyone here wins the interwebs.

  • Isaac Banta
    Isaac Banta

    Uh, oh. Video's shorter than a minute. You know the stuff he's showing off here has to be trash, then

  • Jake Stidham
    Jake Stidham

    Was not aware of this and have been watching your videos for some time ! Cant wait to buy some swaggggg

  • Kevin Navitas
    Kevin Navitas

    Literally everything is sold out with the exception of the gift cards. Congratulations. I was actually looking for the pic that you and Bosnian bill designed. Is that going to be a feature?

  • Niko Zerlik
    Niko Zerlik

    Is there Abloy PL362 security padlock in there somewhere ? Datasheet tells it takes 30 minutes to pick.. I bet you can do it in less than 5, or can you?

  • Lean 2200
    Lean 2200

    Im guessing 80% of those lock picking orders are from good law abiding citizens.

  • Danny Brown
    Danny Brown

    Just checked out the website. Looks good, and you must be doing awesome. Everything was sold out, for now.

  • Jake Clauson
    Jake Clauson

    When will the sparrows disk pick be back in stock? It says November but it's almost December and still no stock. Maybe you can get them in stock for covert instruments?

  • Justin McCarty
    Justin McCarty

    Yay, one of those was mine -- probably.

  • Yair Weinberg
    Yair Weinberg

    I can't find anything but gift cards...

  • To Mo
    To Mo

    Just Visited the site, everything is sold out, except for gift cards! Well, there’s always Christmas.


    Wish one of those packages in the intro was mine because now EVERYTHING is sold out :(

  • Cave Johnson
    Cave Johnson

    me likey

  • TheXev

    If you get a large amount to ship like that again, contact the post office and see if they can give you a post office bin to put them in for delivery. That should help you and the delivery people (if someone is picking it up directly).

  • Nate's Random Videos
    Nate's Random Videos

    Simple message: Congrats!

  • Cat Video
    Cat Video

    Potential career in Pandemic crisis

  • Niall Regan
    Niall Regan

    My set of lock combs came today and I love the quality. already tested them on a handful of locks and was more than shocked at how many opened. Quality is really good too and they come in a convenient case. Thank you lpl

  • Mircose

    first you teach all the criminals to open locks.. then you sell them the tools to do it.. what next? are you going to send them a diploma?

  • Chad Y
    Chad Y

    Does the set come with tension tools? Or can they be added to the order?

  • MrMisterMan

    You really put an ad on a 59 second video?

  • Gerald mcneal
    Gerald mcneal

    disc detainer pick will you be selling or making they. It seems sparrow don't care

  • Chrisofd3ath __
    Chrisofd3ath __

    I want that Covert Companion™ASAP take my money

  • rkalle66

    It would be nice idea to add the bowl to collect and line up pins and springs to you training gear including tweezers. Till then anyone may simply fold a paper zig-zag to keep the stuff in order.

  • TheRealBlurpsmo ඞ
    TheRealBlurpsmo ඞ

    When I worked at a hotel perverts buy a peep hole and hold it against peepholes to look inside rooms.

  • Ethan Gomes
    Ethan Gomes

    Where can I buy the pic you and bosnian bill made...

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    The Burglars watching this account 👀

  • M F
    M F

    literally took the tool to work today for show and tell at tech meeting; its awesomeness, thank you very much!

  • Patrick Kimbrough
    Patrick Kimbrough

    Thank you for your videos. Waiting on you to get inventory again, but in the mean time I just started picking locks as a fidget activity while watching TV, because of your videos.

  • Ankit Kumar Sahu
    Ankit Kumar Sahu

    Bro tell me According to you which lock is the best Which you also cannot unlock

  • wyatt norman
    wyatt norman

    You should sell pinning trays and the tools to deconstruct a lock cylinders in a little kit

  • jem8000

    what do you think the hardest lock to pick is? and how long does it take you to pick it on average?

  • BotDamian

    Is there anything you can't open?

  • GothAlice

    One thing I wish I could find back: a stamped sheet steel set of picking/raking tools with foldable tension bar in the form factor of a business card; literally, Kevin Mitnick's business card. I *really* wish I could find a manufacturer of these back.

  • Kayne Santor
    Kayne Santor

    Congratulations man. I'm stoked for you.

  • Oh No Crow
    Oh No Crow

    Would we be able to sign up for a mailing list of some sort to be notified when things get back in stock?

  • MrGunz2000

    Just want to say thank you, the other day the key snapped in my lock for the door to my house, after watching a few of your videos and seeing how the internals of a lock works I figured i would give it a try, what’s the worst that could happen, I do nothing and buy a new lock or I mess up the lock and buy a new lock.. so I disassembled it, carefully removed the tumblers and was Abel to slide a wire from the back of the assembly to push out the broken piece, re assembly the lock and it worked. Once again thank you for your inspiration to try this task

  • Vineyard Saker
    Vineyard Saker

    Have you ever considered certifying a lock (obviously, one that is pick-proof)? Surely there might be a company out there willing to pay top dollar for such a certification. And we, consumers, would like that too (who want to pay for a bad lock? )

  • nickademuss42

    all sold out, everything.....

  • R Lyall
    R Lyall

    What lock would you recommend for locking up an atv. While parked in my garage I general chain it to a metal support beam. Than when travelling and parking over night on the trailer I chain it to the trailer.


    I picked my wallet open and just unlocked my Covert Instruments package today :)

  • Manifestum Destitutione
    Manifestum Destitutione

    Anyone notified that he never ever like or reply comment from ordinary/infamous youtuber?

  • Dean Hankio
    Dean Hankio

    The Letter Opener Lawyer

  • SciGuy

    Should include more bypass products like the Under/Over Door Tools

  • inkby Niccò
    inkby Niccò

    Pick a auto door lock with a tennis ball...

  • Nerketur Kamachi
    Nerketur Kamachi

    I got my covert companion today and I have to say I'm very happy with the quality of the tools included. Thank you for an amazing buy, I can't want to be able to purchase the training set when it gets back in stock. :)

  • Naes Nagero
    Naes Nagero

    I wonder how heart melting it feels for you to know that a good number of these orders are people who will be getting into the hobby for the first time after watching your videos

  • Daniel Deras
    Daniel Deras

    My mans can pick any lock lmao

  • Jennifer Hart
    Jennifer Hart

    Haven't released video since this plug for that site, is that how it's going to be?

  • Zenacee Kobayashi
    Zenacee Kobayashi

    Congrats! love seeing you grow since the beginning my man love you content.

  • rawr!! 🚀
    rawr!! 🚀

    This isn't like Trump's binders where they are just empty are they?

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt

    try one of these new europrofile 3D locks also known as dom diamond cdn-dom-p.azureedge.net/de/de/-/media/DOM/PimDam/jpg/dom/d/diamant120europeanprofiledoublecylinder/domdiamant120europeanprofiledoublecylinder-main.jpg?modified=20191002082051

  • John Pesich
    John Pesich

    Can you please restock?

  • BlitzGamer3850

    Can you do the Fridge Locker I wanna ~steal~ get my snacks back

  • M C
    M C

    I hope you'll take time away from rolling in money to still bung an occasional lockpicking video our way.

  • Marcus He-Him
    Marcus He-Him

    Super happy for you. Thanks for bringing lock sport to the masses

  • King Mob
    King Mob

    Damn... I was wondering why you were out of stock on almost everything.

  • Rich3rd

    The only thing not sold out is the gift card and keychain multi tool

  • Stinton Smythe
    Stinton Smythe

    All ready for burglars to have a field-day in January, to help themselves to all your lovely presents and whatever else they can take which ain't tied down. Sadly with the education process of showing the entire world into which are decent locks and which ain't, and showing how easy it is to pick many of the poorer locks out there. Sadly that information in the wrong-hands, will ultimately lead to many-a-person or persons being robbed. Those locking-picking instruments giving them a lovely opening door. Also, as so many now are wearing face-masks due to the Coronavirus, and (of course) gloves, as the weather is going to get a lot colder, then that together with a hat, and the nice assortment of lock-picking tools, and the amount of education put out for burglars to 'pick-up-on' (pardon the pun) will cause quite a few to lose their valuables with greater ease, and also not get caught. CCTV ain't much good when most wear face-masks, and they would hardly look out-of-place anyway, as they'd fit in with the rest of society who now mostly wear them. Food for thought eh. Education and Tools is certainly a double-edged sword. Not to mention desperation and poverty and recession and unemployment, which this virus crisis has increased. That just adds fuel to the fire

  • Slayer Bloons
    Slayer Bloons

    Wait are you selling locks now?

  • Mikhail Sporyshev
    Mikhail Sporyshev

    People after watching this: Ok there is not a single good lock. We should probably use a dozen of them at once so that we can come back before it's too late.

  • Randumb Productions
    Randumb Productions

    When you spend $100 on a pick set after watching a ton of his videos and 3 days later he makes his own lineup

  • tydfil

    congrats, just went to look at prices and yep everything is gone.

  • Ton

    Oh man.... Don't store anything in your locker at school kids.

  • onelifeonevision

    Do a video of a Bowley lock vs ramset gun lol

  • Snuggletummy

    I can see the laundry basket supporting the middle of the pile. Fake CGI.

  • Chris Mcloving
    Chris Mcloving

    You should try picking the windscreen barnacle that looks like a challenge for you !!!

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox

    LPL: "I have Merch!" Subscribers: "MERRRRCH!!!!!!"" LPL: "I am sold out" Subs: "Where'd the merch go?" LPL: "more will be coming, much more than before" Subs: "YAY!"


    Hello ! I am from Russia, nobody opens locks with master keys! We break them, bite them, saw them off. We need more tests, locks and chains that cannot be broken by brute force! Thanks!

  • The King
    The King

    hey. hey.

  • Live. Vibe. Lasers.
    Live. Vibe. Lasers.

    wow. audio quality on this is..excellent.

  • topher

    I work for the post office and just seeing that pile makes me sick.

  • Vishal Bhalla
    Vishal Bhalla

    You should partner up with a lock company and make a hard to pick lock certified by the lpl

  • Praveen b
    Praveen b

    This channel should have been called "The Lock Whisperer".

  • Christian Woodhouse
    Christian Woodhouse

    Does anyone know if they will ship to Canada

  • amadexi

    Will you unlock the white house with LegalEagle? uzload.info/fun/l6GeeZC32WmY2Zs/video

  • Game_freak7754

    Any announcement on when you will have a restock I’m trying to get a few things.

  • Martijn Holland
    Martijn Holland

    I bet you don't sell the tools to open this one uzload.info/fun/iK2YnqnQ1W6Lq5s/video&ab_channel=LockPickingLawyer

  • Synx

    YOu know how your super good at picking locks, you should make your own lock that is really hard to pick

  • mbncd

    I'm really glad that you're working on making more so soon. Hopefully you have a team helping you package the orders though; especially next time when you'll be selling more!

  • Roni Kalo
    Roni Kalo

    "Since Friday morning, we've received thousands of orders from thiefs and shoplifters 😂."

    • Duck

      Go away

  • Barsabias Dannelle Abajar
    Barsabias Dannelle Abajar

    Hey try open the strongest padlock plsss

  • LouisCypherVI

    uzload.info/fun/rYWfkoWyyI5omac/video Lovk picking lawyer

  • _YnnatheguardianChannel_


  • Mr. W
    Mr. W

    Sold out, huh? Ya know y’all some shady mothafuckas, right? Wait a minute, I think this was the LPL’s ultimate plan. Creating future clients. He can spring you out a cell without a pick. Maybe Covert Instruments should sell a pick and retainer package!

  • Warren Steel
    Warren Steel

    My packages!

  • Bopples

    How much for the lock picking lawyer? I hear that's the only tool you'll need.

  • Michael G
    Michael G

    One of those is mine.

  • Alexander Constroffer
    Alexander Constroffer

    Have you picked the EVVA 3KSplus yet? I did see other locks from the company on your channel but not this one.

  • Foxy Fitzie
    Foxy Fitzie

    Why T F so many people wanna break into stuff all of a sudden?

  • Devon James
    Devon James

    Basically, nowhere is safe anymore.

  • Delin 20
    Delin 20

    Why can't I see the website? And why does it say permanently closed on the Facebook site? Lock pick company lobbying?

  • Assault Corgi
    Assault Corgi

    I cant wait to buy some tools

  • Veezo TV
    Veezo TV