[1082] Inexcusable: The Pro-Gard Police Car Shotgun Lock

  • The_Mad_Hatter9997

    I literally have a handcuff key on my key ring

  • Mark Arrington
    Mark Arrington

    This is utter ignorance by the popo.

  • Ahman Millener
    Ahman Millener

    So a guy breaks into LPL's house and instead of using a key he hear: Clock on One, False set on 2! And has a gun pointed at the thief's head!

  • Brian wild
    Brian wild

    What happens if you apply 12 v to the wires

  • XDGamerKid

    thanks, the massacre was really fun!

  • Anchus

    You know shit is gonna be lit when LPL says "inexcusable"

  • John Hester
    John Hester

    The physical pen testers also proved most of the older crown Victoria police cruisers were almost always keyed the same and they are completely bump-key compatible. Shotty engineering and poor attention to detail imo

  • Rob Figaro
    Rob Figaro


  • Trevor Young
    Trevor Young

    Ladies and gentleman, your tax paying dollars hard at work

  • Star Crasher
    Star Crasher

    I just want to point out that the vast majority of cop cars have identical keys, which are easy to purchase online. Someone could easily just walk into a parking lot at Dunkin Donuts, open a cruiser, stick a magnet to the gun lock, and walk away with a firearm. You could steal an entire arsenal with a simple key and magnet. It would really suck to be a cop that day.

  • Tekks Toybox
    Tekks Toybox

    so with these tips and a ford fleet key you can get on ebay for 10$, you can have a decent shotgun in just 3 easy steps lol

  • dedge511

    Comments and then I can get it to the point I'm trying not to make you happy with it 🤣😂😂😂🙂🤣

  • Justin W
    Justin W

    If the police can’t get to their guns quickly how else will they be able to murder black and indigenous people?

  • Sean Gannon
    Sean Gannon

    This thing’s so cheap they didn’t even pay for spell-check.

  • Tristan Keech
    Tristan Keech

    my mum had laundry supplys better locked up than this GUN

  • Nokachi

    Trigger locks are mainly a deterrent. If they werr hard to access it would make the gun less effective cause the draw would be slow

  • Rhys McCleary
    Rhys McCleary

    Geez, American policing has a lot of work to do.

    • Nokachi

      Yep, starting with getting better guns, locks, and armor

  • Sonoflyn

    who carries around a powerful magnet though? Someone who wants to get into locks like that maybe? But they will probably get into other locks too

  • Dog Bro
    Dog Bro

    It’s almost like the police WANT you to steal their guns.

    • Nokachi

      Maybe Doesn't matter if they do or don't

  • OfficialDungeons

    Yes thank you lpp for your contributions to the acab movement :) love you

  • Steven Bass
    Steven Bass

    The first thing to remember, the sole purpose of the lock is to prevent someone from just reaching in and grabbing it.

  • Philip Roszak
    Philip Roszak

    If I've learned anything from LPL its carry a powerful magnet.

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope

    So let me get this straight, a person, with specific knowledge about the failure of this lock, also knows which individual cop cars have it, goes and buys a RE magnet and a cuff key on Amazon, waits for his prime day delivery, when it gets there he waits for the car to be on patrol and then breaks into the cop car then gets into the front seat, gets the shotgun out and runs away un apposed ... I'm just not seeing it.

  • TheMostFrench

    So I assume, despite the name, that this isn't something that actual police would use and it's just a marketing thing? I'm not from America.

  • Joking Jesster
    Joking Jesster

    Make the locks Invisible and highly customizable in how you can potentially hide the lock and the shotgun itself

  • Mike Traversy
    Mike Traversy

    This iiiiiis the LockPickingLawyer, who cried a river and drowned the whole woooorld.

  • FlabberGhast1000

    tf2 shotgun

  • Christopher H
    Christopher H

    Dear "LockPickingLawyer" I am a Electronics Engineer there is one other potential way to get in this shotgun lock & that is to apply +12Vdc & -DC from a handheld battery such as a Yuasa NP7-12 +Batt to Red Wire & -Batt to Blue wire as it looks to be nothing more than an internal electro magnet. I am very impressed with your videos as it highlights just how vulnerable some locks are to low cost lock pick sets from Ebay & Amazon to someone with a natural gift such as you.

  • RubySapior

    California gun laws in a nutshell

  • Patrick L
    Patrick L

    Why do gun locks always seem the easiest to pick?

  • Dinner-fork tongue
    Dinner-fork tongue

    This fragile-ass lock feels like the kind of small obstacle you overcome in preparation for a heist in GTA V.

  • Not Canadian
    Not Canadian

    part of the ship, part of the crew

  • War and peace
    War and peace

    I got a 17 min AD phone therapy before the video 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Berith Akuma
    Berith Akuma

    Remember when the latest smart gun with an electronic safety was released and someone found that a medium-strength magnet released the lock?

  • Marius Schmitt
    Marius Schmitt

    I thought: maybe you can access the wires and connect them to a battery. LPL introduced the magnet - DOH - eeasy as that????

  • Mrdean89

    Well for 99 percent of the population I'm not breaking into a cop car

  • tay hix
    tay hix

    In GTA when you get in a cop car you get a free shotgun. I always thought that was unrealistic, but I guess not!

  • ? the Platypus
    ? the Platypus

    “Can be picked with a bent bobby pin” so Fallout is accurate.

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi

    Chinese brand often has poor designs, the government are suckers to buy these.

  • Ronald Chow
    Ronald Chow

    That magnet must be faster than the key or the hidden swtich...

  • Silas Aquino
    Silas Aquino

    The magnetic lock compatible with most keys

  • Hayden Brookfield
    Hayden Brookfield

    If only humanity could unlock the secrets of the universe. LPL: "click out of one" me: "wait what"

  • Teh Only Noobs
    Teh Only Noobs

    nah its not inexcusable it just that lpl u wanted show up your range of weapon right ?

  • Expired Gatorade
    Expired Gatorade

    i'm going to guess that there are some happy little acab bois watching this

  • Gary Hart
    Gary Hart

    Wow !!! That was Shocking !

  • Giga Puddi
    Giga Puddi

    Is it just me or does LPL have a much more notable accent in this video?

  • Claire

    After watching so many of these, it's making me wonder if the only reliable firearm safes are those you're dropping $3k on that weight 1,000lbs.

  • John Macmillan
    John Macmillan

    Free gun.

  • Stefan Gladović
    Stefan Gladović

    2020 Riots Pro Tip

  • Your Minecraft Dog
    Your Minecraft Dog

    If you even manage, to break into his house, hes gonna shoot you.

  • Nikolai508

    The police have investigated internally and found that there is no evidence there is anything wrong with the lock.

  • Brady Slimepoop
    Brady Slimepoop

    i'd make some kind of joke, but i don't know lpl's opinion on cops

  • Luxray Lloyd
    Luxray Lloyd

    I love it when LPL gets mad... and by that, I mean slightly irritated

  • Its Monke
    Its Monke

    Lpl should make locks

  • Enkufka

    More and more I'm really appreciating that LPL doesn't have ads on his channel

  • M W
    M W

    "consequences could be quite high" - video upload date checks out

  • Samuel Corbin
    Samuel Corbin

    Are there gun locks that are unpickable?

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez

    The use of the word "Gard" absolutely enrages me.

  • Ordoz

    Teaching future Antifa one video at a time

  • d a t g i o
    d a t g i o

    another reason to defund the police


      Defund them so that they'd have to downgrade their gun locks even more? Great idea! You should become a politician.

  • TopGhillie

    Remind me to carry a magnet in the zombie apocalypse

  • Ljonka

    Dosent the police have people who test there shit before they order it for the whole department?

  • CommanderThunder

    Shotgun lock beated by a magnet

  • The Visitor
    The Visitor

    LockPickingLawyer's plan C.

  • Gamer Crew
    Gamer Crew

    why does he have all these guns (ar-15, shotgun, and a pistol?)

    • Gamer Crew
      Gamer Crew

      CENTUZEZAIM true


      Cause guns are neat.

  • Drew Mortenson
    Drew Mortenson

    imagine if criminals realized for some of the locks all they had to do was carry a strong magnet and suddenly every cop car became an opportunity for free high quality weapons

  • jcolterh

    I worked at a carwash when I was 17. We washed police cars all the time. I couldn't believe they would let a 17 year old drive their police cars WITH their shotguns inside.

  • Drayden Gee
    Drayden Gee

    This guy is litteraly the ReviewBruh of locks lmao

  • Tremoral

    I’m starting to think there aren’t any good locks

  • Elias Panayi
    Elias Panayi

    Picks lock using bobby pin like a fallout character

  • Hybrid Spektar
    Hybrid Spektar

    I think LPL gives people a little too much credit. Very few people are this smart. 98% is too stupid to figure shit out like this.

  • Remonjiru.

    *The man has a full set of weapons and the ability to open any lock, making him the best aggressive - stealth character in a game ever.*

  • Cyberius Rex
    Cyberius Rex

    About what you would expect from people who don't even know how to spell "guard".

  • Martwo

    LPL can unlock his gun storage faster by lockpicking it than by using the key.

  • staaldak

    So do you cut the blue or the red wire, and where is the timer counting down?

  • Z Shieh
    Z Shieh

    can I have the remington?

  • HeartLess Alice
    HeartLess Alice

    love how the smaller cross section make it easier to operate with the boby pin than the key ^^

  • Ghosty Ghosthost
    Ghosty Ghosthost

    Question: What does he have more off, guns or locks?

  • eren oz
    eren oz

    if this video gets out people will be arrested for conceal carrying magnets


      ATF breaks down mans door for carrying a fridge magnet

  • Fsilone

    You gotta love stuff made by the lowest bidder.

  • Perry Love
    Perry Love

    The simple solution to the magnet issue, is to have the magnet retract the plunger toward the mounting surface instead of toward the exposed side of the body. For a device designed for securing a firearm unattended behind glass windows in an often unlocked and unattended vehicle - they sure did fail badly!

  • Alexander Mcpherson
    Alexander Mcpherson

    There's a crossover we need. Lock Picking Lawyer... and Kyle "I'm Not A Villain" Hill.

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye

    You pic locks and own some nice firearms I like this channel

  • David stowe
    David stowe

    Great job and good luck, stay safe When it was made in the 1970s probably 80s where earth magnets were highly available so I understand it why it was made that way today it’s useless

    • sparkplug1018

      The locking mechanism doesn't look all that different from what they have for sale now.

  • scottcol23

    I work in law enforcement and it is very very common to have the rifle rack accessible by a cuff key. This is so it can be accessed by any officer easily. Yes the remote trigger is supposed to be used but it needs to be able to be accessed even if the electrical system is compromised. I guess someone could go to the local gun store and get a key for $6 but then you need to find a unlocked patrol car with a Shotgun in it. And I would not want to be the guy caught trying to get the Shotgun out only to find out its loaded with bean bags.

    • sparkplug1018

      While I understand the utility of it, also why police cars all use the same car keys, its still a bad idea to use a cuff key. Surely a department that has the funds to install these can spring the extra few bucks for the better locks and issue a key to every officer. Id also be willing to bet that while I'm sure department procedure states the car is supposed to be locked while the officer isn't in it, that more then enough are left unlocked. Law enforcement wants us to properly secure our weapons, and rightfully so, not to much to expect LEO's to do the same with theirs. Especially considering they're the ones doing the dirty work and interacting with less then savory people.

  • Lol

    Now all I need is a parked police car, and I can go shopping

  • Stickman Gaming
    Stickman Gaming

    this is disgusting, expensive but utterly useless.

  • Caleb Suderman
    Caleb Suderman

    I’m just wating for the video that starts and goes like: “I’m the lock picking lawyer, aaaand we’re in. Such incompetence from a lock company should not be tolerated. Anyways, that’s all I have for you today....” 😂

  • Mahmoud Abd Elsalam
    Mahmoud Abd Elsalam

    Me: *creates a lock* Person: yeah cool, but does it pass the test? Me: wich test The lockpickinglawyer enters in

  • Barbeqdbrwniez

    With the volatile political climate in America right now it's pretty handy to know that a strong magnet smaller than a DND mini can open seemingly every police lock...

  • Jamie Mccallum
    Jamie Mccallum

    Fake The lock was a paid actor.

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee

    Well since I don’t have my Bobby pins I’ll just go out and buy a high powered magnet

  • Ned Curfman
    Ned Curfman

    I KNEW Fallout was teaching me something

  • v2snyder

    Throw away your guns

    • sparkplug1018

      And why should he do that?

  • Marshall Drake
    Marshall Drake

    Good thing police in Canada don’t use shotguns

  • Paul Beck
    Paul Beck

    A key that opens many locks is valuable. A lock that many keys can open is worthless.

  • XaXa

    Then just make it illegal to unlock it boom problem solved

  • llVIU

    maybe they intentionally did it like this. Why does it cost hundreds of dollars of... TAX PAYER MONEY? Money laundering. Why is the lock so easy to break? I mean it's suspiciously easy. Simple... it encourages people to try and steal it, and the shotgun most likely has no ammo. But if you see a civilian with a gun, what do you do? Kill the civilian. Medal for the cop for ''risking his life'', he gets a promotion, the police department gets more funding to combat ''armed and dangerous civilians'', more anti-gun laws for civilians, etc etc. All I see here are cops having all advantages, no disatvantage. You also said it's in plain view. Almost as if cops want you to see it.

    • llVIU

      @sparkplug1018 I wouldn't know anything about that, maybe he keeps the shotgun shells inside his pocket, or in his car, somewhere else, who knows

    • sparkplug1018

      Theres just one flaw in that, you don't carry a unloaded weapon. When have you ever seen a cop with an unloaded weapon?

  • Bodo Bing
    Bodo Bing

    Doesn't even look that sturdy when it's "locked", could probably slice through it with an unregistered butterknife

  • Gee Campos
    Gee Campos

    The point is kinda missing here. "A gun that should be protected of public, that is in plain sight..." well, I wonder how many people have bobby pins with a tip readily molded like the one shown or a magnet on their pockets. This safe also has to be somewhat easy to be unlock with their handcuffs keys in case there is a need. Could there be better methods to achieve this? I guess so. But keep in mind that there are many things to consider, cost, practicability...

    • sparkplug1018

      Simple solution is to just install a better lock and solenoid. Cops carry different keys for things already, so having say a tubular one on the key ring isn't a huge deal. Especially because it would be easily identified by feel in a tense situation. Yes its important they all be keyed the same so any officer can grab it, police cars are already keyed the same for exactly that reason. But this is just piss weak and when theres better options available its inexcusable.