[1160] “The Ultimate Portable Safe” Opened With Red Bull Can (SafeGo)

  • Kodojow 22
    Kodojow 22


  • scott martin
    scott martin

    What is the process that allows you to know about backing the numbers off by 3, and using the shim to find the flat spot? Do you research the lock first?

  • Ryan O'Meara
    Ryan O'Meara

    How did you know to turn the wheel 3 clicks? And how did you know which way to turn the wheel?

  • Zero Code0000
    Zero Code0000

    Ok ok what

  • Samantha Laurier
    Samantha Laurier

    ABS? So... if you really didn't care about the case, just acetone the hell out of it and it's gone.

  • awfulpwn

    Cool concept though. Another company should make one of these that’s actually difficult to break into

  • Papa Bear
    Papa Bear

    At the end, how did you know you had to turn the thumb-wheels 3 digits to line them up with the mechanism?

  • Mouiz Eddine Kisma
    Mouiz Eddine Kisma

    This guy is like the Italian job

  • Jules Winnfield II
    Jules Winnfield II

    Mute + 2x speed fixes this vid

  • Tim Seidel
    Tim Seidel

    Me: oh this sounds like a cool job also me: sees it's a 3 Minute Video, ah shit here we go again xD

  • John Honker
    John Honker

    It seems like maybe it is only an anti pickpocket kind of thing?

  • KyostickOG


  • Listen to MORE MUSIC
    Listen to MORE MUSIC

    Innovative for consumers / companies “flaw”” Harder systems or lock make a said criminal work lot more smarter than usual . Hence a destructive bypass or damaging picks in first place

  • Luke Bryant
    Luke Bryant

    I cant figure out weather the safe is oddly small or his hands are fucking huge lol

  • stabilisedchaos

    In any case(but not this one) that's all I have for you today.

  • Alex

    My walmart cooler is safer

  • Ninja Badger
    Ninja Badger

    I love searching for the product on Amazon and answering people's questions with Search "youtube" for "safego 1160" as an example. I have found it so satisfying, I believe I am doing a service to the community by sharing the gospel of the lock picking lawyer Hallelujah


    Hide food in it and let your dog open it

  • mahesto

    the "safe" looks nice tho

  • Yora

    This is not a safe. This is a tampering evidence seal. And not even a good one.

  • WhoCouldItBeNow?

    Redbull gives you perksss~

  • Floyd Looney
    Floyd Looney

    Keep your sandwich safe

  • Sch1n89

    Or a Hammer.

  • Ahmet Emin Senyurt
    Ahmet Emin Senyurt

    This guy... is so good... that he can open any lock... WITH LITERALLY ANYTHING METAL

  • Tim Sianides
    Tim Sianides

    i would appreciate if you would not use 'Red Bull Can' but rather just a random blank aluminium can. just to not make advertisement for a fascist company imo... Good work tho i love your videos !

  • Ydarf

    This is why I dislike the use of the word ultimate to describe anything. Regardless of whatever the actual definition of ultimate may be, and I am too lazy to look, it implies that there can simply be nothing better as there is no room for improvement. Proclaiming anything to be the ultimate is just foolish arrogance.

  • Ydarf

    This is why I dislike the use of the word ultimate to describe anything. Regardless of whatever the actual definition of ultimate may be, and I am too lazy to look, it implies that there can simply be nothing better as there is no room for improvement. Proclaiming anything to be the ultimate is just foolish arrogance.

  • Mustafa Cetindag
    Mustafa Cetindag

    Might as well store your valuables ina bread box, atleast it's not dragging as much attention as this thing

  • GSZero

    Maybe they should sell a steal cabled belt to go along with it. That way you can secure it to yourself. Then basically the security is: This device forces the criminal to decide if the items inside are worth killing or kidnapping you over because otherwise he's going to have a touch time picking it while you're flopping around and screaming.

    • Christopher Savignon
      Christopher Savignon

      The crux of the plan is that it's resting on the assumption that a thief will value your life higher than you do, and does not assume you're too smart to risk a gory death for something that's not worth it.

  • hunter john
    hunter john

    Today with the right tools ie: the bottom of my boot and the road outside we will be unlocking this safe

  • Metalcell

    Dang! My sandwich is not safe in this safe.

  • RadicalErin

    I presume the "keep it on you" thing is more .... "nobody will be able to break in without you realizing way before they finish"

  • lopaka76

    When a company sees their product on this channel: "Oh....well, shit"

  • IPJ Bradley
    IPJ Bradley

    I wouldn't keep my lunch in it.!

  • Adrian de Bernardo
    Adrian de Bernardo

    Like the samsonite luggage

  • StrangerOf The206
    StrangerOf The206

    From the makers of Cards Against Humanity... lol that box in the beginning looks just like the card game box.

  • nut of wisdom
    nut of wisdom

    The titles of those videos get me everytime

  • Wundawuzi

    Regarding the quote at 0:24, I think you might have misunderstood that. For me this means that you shouldnt put stuff into it that doesnt belong to you, like your friends phone at a party or your neighbours house key when they give it to you to watch for the cat while they are on holiday. So basically they say "This thing keeps stuff locked away. If you put something in it that doesnt belong to you, or that you sooner or later want to give back/away, better not put it in here, because if you lose acces to the box you might have troubles." Maybe there was a lawsuit about this and now they have to put that text there? Like the Camper company that has to put "please dont leave the driver seat while driving" in each of their manuals?

  • Ethan Pike
    Ethan Pike

    Red Bull gives you Things

  • poisoncurls

    i am amazed at the honesty they used on the tag. pretty much told you its bullshit haha

  • Silver

    next video is like : bank vault opened with oxygen

  • Dave Its1ne
    Dave Its1ne

    I think the wording meant, if you have it whatever contents are in it are legally yours, so if you have it on your person and it has drugs or what not in it it’s yours if the police search it

  • Chris

    Stupid product

  • Taliesin Dickson
    Taliesin Dickson

    474 - Security not found

  • James Clifton
    James Clifton

    Red bull gives you lock picks

  • Damian9303

    Well it can be done with any can (not just energy but also seltzer water, tea, lemonade, soda, alcohol, etc.), I’m smelling a sponsorship

  • John Bishop
    John Bishop

    give yourself about 10 minutes and you can cycle through all the possible combinations on a 3 digit combo

  • Gentleman Warfighter
    Gentleman Warfighter

    You’d be better off with a hidden pouch on a string if we’re talking portable security.

  • n Baxter
    n Baxter

    Is it like that for every lock

  • Nedia

    "Red Bull gives you wingssssssss"

  • Scuffed Kidd
    Scuffed Kidd

    i mean its not wrong, it is a portable safe lol

  • Coverage Awareness Studio
    Coverage Awareness Studio

    this device is guilty!

  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas

    At this point of time he is just showing off.

  • Emperor Palpameme
    Emperor Palpameme

    A can can open this safe. How safe is a safe if you can can it?

  • whales are fish
    whales are fish

    but they didn't lie

  • D M
    D M

    So, it is as useful as a canvas bag

  • FleaNotes

    they called it "safe"

  • Matt Chew
    Matt Chew

    Lifepod. . . . The gun box. . . . .

  • Jake Santiago
    Jake Santiago

    i see a lock on this channel... just another one on the list to not buy

  • Gläser

    Safe go just tells you not to use their products to steal.... what a Great company xD

  • Evans

    Given the right tools LPL: haha redbull can goes brrrr!

  • Tram Tran
    Tram Tran


  • Liam Malone
    Liam Malone

    Lock Violated!!

  • lovelygamer

    and now to rob a bank safe

  • Meme Breather
    Meme Breather

    man i always struggled when i stole items and stuff or bikes cuz of the bike locks but since i found ur channel all thesed problems faded away just like that very good tutorials man thank you

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    Red Bull gives you lock picks

  • ayla Edwards
    ayla Edwards

    insain,would this work for those old chain bike locks with the spinning number combos cause i lost the piece of paperwith the combernation n me n my son have been trying to get it unlocked so can use it

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    you could probably just punch thro that plastic cover.

  • Ferenc Lippai
    Ferenc Lippai

    i really need to learn picking locks... so cool

  • john buttler
    john buttler

    Real life sly-cooper

  • Zane Lloyd
    Zane Lloyd

    Let the criminals invent stuff from now on. Everyone else have failed

  • A F
    A F

    i have something in my possession at all times but this particular item is never safe from a beating. or choking.

  • The Ultimate
    The Ultimate

    Have you ever found a lock you can't pick? (Besides the fake lock/sticker)

  • YungPillWrld

    Security companies shit themselves when they hear about this channel

  • anony 02130
    anony 02130

    Will a Miller High Life for the low life can work?

  • 1k subs Before December?
    1k subs Before December?

    Safe Company: No one can get into this LockPickingLawyer: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • I am Metal man
    I am Metal man

    This guy is the John Wick of lockpicking

  • Decaying Grandeur
    Decaying Grandeur

    There's a safe in Kentucky that I need you to open for me......

  • liquidbraino

    This would be great for making somebody THINK you have something important inside but then actually use it as a portable toilet.

  • Too Sense Wirth
    Too Sense Wirth

    Hey- I was holding this while sleeping when someone who'd just drank a red bull picked it and stole my alarm clock! I overslept and was late for work, and my boss didn't believe my story!

  • Jose C
    Jose C


  • Vlad

    so basically you need level 2 thieving. got it.

  • SKA

    Where are you finding this shity products. on kickstarter?

  • Can this internet trolll get 25k subs?
    Can this internet trolll get 25k subs?

    Fake, WHY IS EVERYTHING FAKE. Global warming is fake, vaccines are fake. Masks dont work, everything is fake, fake news TRUMP 2020

  • Grant King
    Grant King


  • Nate Harrington
    Nate Harrington

    How do you know this stuff? Did you spend a long time before the video taking it apart?

  • rimmer 55
    rimmer 55

    Oh, so this what they meant by: "Red bull gives you wings".

  • Pikkson

    What process do you use to find weaknesses? do you use trial and error with what you know? or do you look at how the lock is built? Any way I can leagually get into lockpicking? I find it really interesting.

  • Barry Scott
    Barry Scott

    This dude could break into your house with a leaves

  • Legendary Hamster
    Legendary Hamster

    So not only can you steal it and take the contents but then you also have a nice SafeGo to sell (to your next victim?)...

  • LePotatoPotato

    So, essentially, since they say it only works well when the person’s holding it, they just want you to do the protecting for it. *i n t e l l e c t*

  • TrueVerdicts

    "sponsored by red bull"

  • Andrew Potapenkoff
    Andrew Potapenkoff

    Why bother? I can break it with my bare hands. Just smash it against some corner.

  • Ian Campbell-Harris
    Ian Campbell-Harris

    I imagine that same technique would work on a 4 'pin' / tumbler lock? If so I've got a keysafe I need to try that on !

  • wes olsen
    wes olsen

    thanks!! i just robbed my brothers pokemon cards!!

  • Aidan Sherk
    Aidan Sherk

    I think all you really need is a hammer.

  • pousXB

    The Lock Violator

  • bit&

    bet you could manipulate the mode switch through the seam too

  • Matthew Keen
    Matthew Keen


  • MCDodge34

    Currently looking at a safebox that I could lock to my beach chair, I think I'll still use my old trick that deters most people, take a baby diaper, take some water and add yellow colourant to it, put that water in the baby diaper, that would look like a wet baby diaper, put your phone in a ziploc bag, put that ziploc bag into the baby diaper, roll the baby diaper like you just changed the baby, store near your stuff. No one would ever want to touch that, you can store your wallet, room card in there too, perfect to have stuff safe on a all inclusive resort.