[1185] Marketing LIES About This FoboZone Chain Lock (Picked FAST)


    That lock looks like a crappy old kryptonite chain lock

  • f3nixfire

    They should have called it the bozo zone chainlock.

  • Lancer525

    Phony-zone lock... BWAHahahahahahahahahaha...

  • Master Lawyer
    Master Lawyer

    I wonder how many bikes this guy has .

  • fenrar36

    Amazon is as bad a Wish. Buy your stuff from a local hardware store from someone that knows what they're talking about (NOT Homedepot or Lowe's!)

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow

    "and it did in fact disappoint" lol

  • bloodred255

    are you sure they sent you the right product? seems like you got the wrong thing.

  • Gage Fredrickson
    Gage Fredrickson

    bozo zone

  • Josh Ven
    Josh Ven

    Whats the best bicycle lock you could recommend?

  • proxyego

    what bike locks do you recommend?

  • pete T.
    pete T.


  • Jason Walker
    Jason Walker

    I was going link the video in the product's Amazon review, but I got this, "Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews."

  • DrJonez


  • Diusheev Temirlan
    Diusheev Temirlan

    Lawyer unlocks un 3 seconds every locker. All locker companies: 🗿

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    Even has "bozo" in the name

  • CountCain

    I am also very disappointed. The lock didn‘t sing Dragostea Din Tei when being opened...

  • Pete Mulhearn
    Pete Mulhearn

    I saw a few videos on UZload years ago where these type of locks were picked with a Bic pen tube. Is that possible with this lock? I managed to use the technique to open my bike lock and my safe, neither of which I still own!

  • ChokedByHalo1

    Isnt lying in the product description illegal in USA? For example that 9mm chain which actually is 7mm.

  • Victor Toulouse
    Victor Toulouse

    A bit off-topic, but since you've covered a bunch of bicycle locks: any thoughts on Pitlock «secure» bolts?

  • Jean Du Preez
    Jean Du Preez

    I think before any company has the audacity to bring out a new lock and promise "security"...send it to LPL first for testing. But then they might as well close their doors and not be a lock company anymore. Ha-burn

  • Marqan

    Is it even a disappointment if you expected disappointment though? Wouldn't you have been disappointed if it didn't disappoint as you expected? 🤔

  • Krenzi Plays
    Krenzi Plays

    Even a flaccid pp could unlock that

  • PoV_ WaVy
    PoV_ WaVy

    Thanks you some girl stole my bike and she had it chained up with 1 of these

  • Liquid Water
    Liquid Water

    Not me having this style of bike lock.....

  • Jan Tomić
    Jan Tomić

    Make a video with X Fact locks, they literally have the same key for all their locks :D

  • Andy Owens
    Andy Owens

    That should be reported to Amazon as false product information. Amazon used to actually sell products, but now its just a market place with minimal control - can't trust anything on there any more.

  • Andrew Sapp
    Andrew Sapp

    I bought this and just saw the video. Rip me

  • Borex Ros
    Borex Ros

    Love your vid honestly, now i know what to look for when buying one. As a kid i used to be worried if someone will rob my cycle by breaking the lock XD

  • Dawson L
    Dawson L

    I have been using a similar lock for years and never knew it was this worthless 😅

  • Adrian Benningfield
    Adrian Benningfield

    I am wondering do you ever return any of these items you don't deconstruct?

  • R Speckles
    R Speckles

    LPL, I love ya, but why the white background jpeg of an emoji?

  • Putte MacGuff
    Putte MacGuff

    What bike lock are you recommending to your friends? Are there any good ones that you can't pick super fast?

  • ytwdh

    LPL, you are the reason manufacturer's R&D departments should take a serious second look at their designs and claims. (Are there any locks out there that you could stamp "LPL Approved"? I'd buy one of those.)

  • Amalvipls

    wait, if you expect the chain to be shitty and didn't have any expectations, does it still count as a disappointment?

  • Hissey1987

    lock company: lets take the next six month to develop a great new lock which will expand the companies brand so that we can survive Covid19 LPL just casually browsing through amazon: I will buy this and make a quick 2 minute video to roast the shit out of it. lock company: *surprised pikachu*

  • Zin TM
    Zin TM

    they really put the "faux" in FoboZone

  • David Senette
    David Senette

    it does have bozo right there in the name

  • Jeo Marku Requiron
    Jeo Marku Requiron

    I saw you made an advertising. Very effective.

  • Check It Out
    Check It Out

    I mean they dis call it "for bozos" chain lock

  • Dan Mahoney
    Dan Mahoney

    More like Bobozone, am I right?

  • Pinfeldorf

    So then isn't this a fraudulent product, and the company could be sued for such?

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    I have been watching your channel for years (3+) and have never been into lock picking or anything like that. I always watch for entertainment and to see which locks are most secure. But today I decided to go get a beginner's lock picking set and start picking locks. Idk why, but here I am. And it's really fun.

  • Fenriz Wulf
    Fenriz Wulf

    I'd like to see you pick those with a Bic pen. Just because a Bic pen is so cheap and readily available and your tool is no so cheap and easy obtained.

  • Jack Bushong
    Jack Bushong

    There is someone on TikTok under the name lockpickinglawyer0 that is stealing your UZload content and uploading it there for views.

  • Matt D
    Matt D

    Watched this at 2x speed so that the lock would only waste half the time.

  • Big Jimmy
    Big Jimmy

    just your average guy browsing for bike locks in his free time

  • woopimagpie

    Woohoo, the 2 minute savagery is back! Outstanding!

  • Mr Anderson
    Mr Anderson

    As soon as I heard the word "disc" I got so excited for the toolthatbosnianbillandImade. Needless to say, I'm just as disappointed as LPL was with this lock.

  • Umbra Lumis
    Umbra Lumis

    1:03 For some reason, I always hear it in quotation marks when he says "lock this back up" Like the locks barely even qualify at being locked.

  • Joanne Spanner
    Joanne Spanner

    So uh, that's fraud. That's literally fraud.

  • Alasdair Allan
    Alasdair Allan

    TBH the key to bike security is just to have a decent New for Old Insurance policy and any lock that conforms to the minimum policy standard. A determined attack will always succeed regardless of how good the lock. My bike insurance, with New for Old costs less than £35 a year and requires a Sold Secure Silver rated lock.

  • One man band
    One man band

    Amazon hates you.

  • SenselessUsername

    Wait if you fully expected to be disappointed, and the lock didn't disappoint by immediately disappointing, were you disappointed or not? I think not.

  • MrZorg

    LOL like I know where to buy that tool you used.

    • Jonathan8146

      You can get it on Amazon

  • The Gloves Made
    The Gloves Made

    Greetings from Finland!

  • Lee Pinnguin
    Lee Pinnguin

    Amazon Choice & LockPickingLawyer approved or I won't buy it! HEY Amazon, pay the man to help us buy the best!!! You can afford to do that.

  • ktlewis02

    Amazon is a complete joke

  • Damián "el Salsuero"
    Damián "el Salsuero"

    When the name of your lock reads "bozo" in the middle, who does that describe more -- the seller or the buyer?

  • Benjamin Shropshire
    Benjamin Shropshire

    I'd find it really interesting to see a description/demo of how to function and how better designs avoid it. I've found some source for how to use that tool, but none that I've found explain why it work in the first place.

  • 2006 Cadillac SRX
    2006 Cadillac SRX

    Fobozone? More like Hobozone. 😆

  • Lock pickings Gal
    Lock pickings Gal

    Awesome video!! Does amazon give you a refund when you catch them in their marketing claims?

  • RzRshRp 709
    RzRshRp 709

    I'm more than likely going to purchase this lock, as it's way better than my current lock. My current lock is a piece of thin chain with two dollar store padlocks on the ends. So this would be a way better option, seeing as the people who steal bikes in my area have 0 skill or even tools.

  • Preinstallable on Roblox
    Preinstallable on Roblox

    Fobozone? More like FIBozone

  • Tine Tannies
    Tine Tannies

    If you put random Amazon products through something like ReviewMeta or FakeSpot, you'll discover that a remarkably high number of products are chock full of fake reviews. Following all those fake reviews are fraudulent products on Amazon.

  • gower1973

    What is that tool you picked it with?

  • phorzer32

    Wait Wait Wait This is zo fast 4 me

  • Mykl Langridge
    Mykl Langridge

    If you buy something expecting to be disapointed, but it _excedes_ your expectations, are you disapointed? And if you expect to be disapointed and are, are you happy?

  • NoicePlayer

    Whats so disappointing about this one is that the ad proves that they actually understand what makes a good lock, they just werent willing to manufacture it

  • jonathan Wieringa
    jonathan Wieringa

    Quick reminder that not all trash bike locks are Chinese. This one is from the UK I believe

  • LuckySlevin7

    So you are recommending it because it doesn’t fail to disappoint?

  • Ant Soprano
    Ant Soprano

    Who are the idiots that dislike your videos and why??!! I know that people are entitled to like what they want but come on, this is Public Service!!! A bit of gratitude would be nice 👍 I think.... All the best!!!

  • Impreziv 02
    Impreziv 02

    Isn't the difference between 9mm and 7.8mm (1.2mm) only about 13% smaller than promised? Why 30%? I'm probably forgetting some basic 6th grade math skills for calculating volume on this one. 😅 I just know 1.2 isn't 30% of 9.

  • rickpaulos

    Wait! How long is it?

  • Korean Accord 한국 평화
    Korean Accord 한국 평화

    What do you do with that junk? You couldn't give it away in good conscience.... well, one wouldn't think so. Something tells me it's made in China too.

  • VolatileBullfrog

    Ah, but it didn't disappoint in disappointing!

  • Ben Foley
    Ben Foley

    Just curious if the rest of the links are the same as the first one you showed or in fact the larger links they advertised, makes no difference what you said about the quality of this product.

  • deeez00

    Whenever I want a few minutes of entertainment LPL never disappoints!

  • Ben Cushwa
    Ben Cushwa


  • Russell

    If you're going to say it's susceptible to bolt cutters then you should show it.

  • RWBHere

    Fob off Zone.

  • superczech69

    I love it when you bitch slap them when they deserve it. It's like you are doing it for all of us. Very satisfying.

  • CKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu
    CKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu

    I wonder what he was doing before UZload was a thing.

  • CKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu
    CKS Chetanya Kumar Sahu

    I wonder what he was doing before UZload was a thing.

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    If it takes less time to pick the lock than it takes to play flight of the bumblebee it is not a good lock.

  • Henry Hrdlicka
    Henry Hrdlicka

    "About 30% less massive then promised" is the best double innuendo that I have heard in a while.

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    You always know the truth about the lock being presented is not favorable if the LPL video is only 2:06 long.

  • Unkown Unknown
    Unkown Unknown

    so uh, any chance your going to do a more destructive approach with a file?

  • fuiehf jfcnsl
    fuiehf jfcnsl

    Ein Kommentar

  • Matthew Talbot-Paine
    Matthew Talbot-Paine

    Did they use the tmi method to measure the thickness?

  • Leif Neland
    Leif Neland

    If you expect to be disappointed, and you are not disappointed, are you then disappointed?

  • Adrian Malacoda
    Adrian Malacoda

    Get in the zone Fobo zone

  • Rob Meyers
    Rob Meyers

    If you ever thumbs down an LPL video...your just bad at life..

  • juan_ee

    You should have been an engineer 😊 , not a lawyer.

  • Christian Mitchell
    Christian Mitchell

    Thinking of changing the lock to my house to a Gerda lock,m any advice on the defence of those? Someone picked out lock and ransacked our house and insurance won’t cover it because our lock “wasn’t not secure enough”.

  • iExist -
    iExist -

    Is it just me, or does this guy seem way to similar to Daily Dose of Internet?


    You should make a lock

  • Devin Edwards
    Devin Edwards

    I’d love to see his Amazon recommended list.

  • I Eat Trees. K?
    I Eat Trees. K?

    should provide the link so there is no question as to which one we shouldn't buy

  • Martin Fairweather
    Martin Fairweather

    The 54 dislikes are Fobozone employees.

  • John Galt Line
    John Galt Line

    While obviously bot what it claims to be, I'm curious how the quality of this lock compares to others in the $20 range.