[1186] INEXCUSABLE Design Flaw in Cisa 610/63 (Picked & Bypassed)

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    LPL the ONLY channel where the comments are even better than the videos

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    D_murda Torres

    @lockpickinglawyer hey man, im a self taught locksmith and i just wanna say i love your work man, not only are you a good lockpicker you make really good videos man

  • Thick75

    Is there a lock like there 2 that doesn’t have that bypass that you would recommend?

  • Cachicochip

    This lock opens itself faster when poked than my ex-gf 😆😬😩😭

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    Peter Bowman

    Haha! Wow...!

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    Chas W

    LPL at the pearly gates - "I'll let myself in"

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    Apparently the lock is very ticklish.

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    Yes you could use that shank to stab T-Bone in the neck.. or I could use it to set us all free.

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    Green MarineFive-O

    I knew I would eventually come across something to help me remove the same lock from the tongue on my motorcycle trailer. Great stuff right here!

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    JKcruz Gaming

    Is it just me or is all these videos very satisfying to watch

  • Michael Wallis
    Michael Wallis

    The design flaw is a good way to know when you patint gets infringed

  • Joel El Rican
    Joel El Rican

    When he says "X is binding" What does that mean, exactly? Im new to this channel :-)

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Blimey, that's really surprising. CISA make some high security locks that I would call Professional Grade. I don't think they have the same flaw as they're usually ballbearing with retained key style. Maybe they're trying to make a little extra revenue by selling on thier name to the General Hardware market. Its probable they're made very cheaply in some far off country who made a few extra pennies missing out the plate at the back. The lack of a fixed key retaining ball bearing mechanism is probably for ease of use to the general public. But if all locks were better designed, then everyone would be used to slightly awkward unlocking mechanisms by now.

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    but its pretty

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    Thanks for unsubscribing me yt

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    Darren Dodd

    What rv lock takes you the longest to steal?? Love your videos, fascinating use of criminal behavior from a lawyer (haha I kid i kid... u seem like a trustworthy guy)

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    Always enjoy the LPL showing us the hard way first!

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    I have broken into and stolen from 1000+ houses thanks to you and I haven’t been caught yet, I just wanted to say thank you for teaching all of us to pick lock and steal other’s possessions easily. Thank you

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    You still surprise me sometimes LPL.

  • John Dennis
    John Dennis

    Who would sell such a thing. There must be a huge inventory of these locks and they don't want to scrap them.

  • Nicholas Fury
    Nicholas Fury

    The ad associated with this video is for a home smart lock. All I could think about is how LPL could bypass it lol

  • Anthony Green
    Anthony Green

    Is it possible to get a shim down around the shackle? Just wondering because it looks like it's spring loaded

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    Tony Funfetti

    Love when LPL straight Sh*ts on these lock maker clowns

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    how did I get here?!

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    Austin J

    Have you done videos picking the locks on vehicle trunks? I’m interested to see if they’re pickable. I work in a U-Pull It yard and when we get cars with locked trunks that can’t be open in conventional ways (via a button or using the vehicle key) we usually just hammer the lock itself out of the way and then pull the hook that the lock connects to. However, this causes a massive hole in the trunk lid and makes it relatively unsellable. Being able to pick the lock would be better both in convenience and from a perseveration standpoint

  • Agapios Agapiou
    Agapios Agapiou

    Is shocking how fast you bypass it!!!!

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    Mr. LPL, you have the most excellent delivery voice. I could listen to you talking about needlepoint but lock-picking is actually interesting. What form of law do you perform, if I may ask?

  • UK Lockpickers
    UK Lockpickers

    We just received this lock in the post & we cannot bypass it 😟

  • sajmon154

    I would really like to see you pick cylinders in their respective correct orientation, which is 180° flipped from how American locks are mounted [wrong] (upside down) . Meaning "top of the keyway" is "bottom of the keyway" for us.

  • Brennan Purcell
    Brennan Purcell

    Imagine being the police officer that puts LPL in a jail cell and you’re walking away and hear “‘nothing on 1, nothing on 2, click out of 3...”

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    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke.

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    C W

    I bet LPL’S keychain dosnt have any keys attached to it

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    C W

    LPL is a Lock Makers worst nightmare

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    O O F

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    Never trust a lock with shiny keys.

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    Michael O

    Amazing... ly INCOMPETENT! 🤣

  • colin wishbone
    colin wishbone

    Does this mean the abus is the same?if so can I seeks a refund after your findings?

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    Mastino Latino

    It's just a quick unlock feature 😅

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    Jack Bushong

    There is someone on TikTok under the name lockpickinglawyer0 that is stealing your UZload content and uploading it there for views.

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    RisingSon 777

    Know your wife as well as LPL knows these locks and you'll have few if any issues through the years.

  • Samuel H
    Samuel H

    Hey LockPickingLawyer, I'm a long time fan. Can you review some shipping container locks (freight container)? They're are lots of different locks and options; I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  • Dave

    Does the ABUS have the same flaw?

  • Dalsiran

    So I saw the lock in the thumbnail and the title and my first thought was "Really? Another one?" I swear you're going to get content ID flagged by UZload because this is basically the same video you made as with the Abus lock.

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    Peter Billingham

    Hey. Any chance you could pick a lock with a couple of paper clips like they do in the movies?

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    épinards & caramel

    It's never a fluke.

  • bob often
    bob often

    0:45 Tensioned 0:47 Pick Inserted 1:26 Opened 2 Seconds To By Pass . 1:45 Insert 1:47 Opened 1:51 Insert 1:52 Opened 1:55 Insert 1:56 Opened

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    bob often


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    Andreas de Villiers

    Please design your own lock for us to buy. 😎

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    That's just inexcusable

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    Master Lock must be cloning this design by now.

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    Illidan Stormrage

    Lockpickinglawyer destroying all locks. Plot twist: He's gonna bring to the market his own brand latter on 😼

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    Cameron Prewitt

    Now I just need to see Cleetus comment on your video to make my day.

  • Cameron Prewitt
    Cameron Prewitt

    Now I just need to see Cleetus comment on your video to make my day.

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    Albert Lebel

    Thats always a shame to see on any lock that has so much going for it.

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    patrick ezuma

    It's because of this channel that I bought a lock picking set. I plan on breaking into my neighbors house, toasting all their bread, and then putting it back in the bag. It's the perfect crime.

  • Lasse H. Gundesen
    Lasse H. Gundesen

    To be fair most locks are not actually meant to stop people for long. Just to get someone to choose somewhere else.

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    This video is 2:22 long and he has 2.22 million subscribers. There is something fishy going on here, not sure what, but i can smell it.

  • Liftkit Crazy
    Liftkit Crazy

    Do you test electric bike locks? If so I have one I suggest you get so I can see if I spent good money.

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    One day LPL is going to post a video of a lock that is already opened from the beginning of the video with just the outro voice-over, and whoever made that lock is going to be very, very nervous.

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    Marketing Guy 1

    If I were a lock manufacturer I would feel bad that I disappointed him.

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    Bill Hooker

    Won't be buying that one either.

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    D r I p p

    These types of locks are shit

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    When you can open the lock faster then using the actual key and without needing to pick it...

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    I'm not going to question that sharp piece of metal, because you could break into my house with ease.

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    Robert a

    mate you really have a very professional tone as you shit all over someones horrid craftsmanship. it really gives the whole video a certain charm. haha. if you weren't doing this channel i dont think id enjoy watching lockpicking quite as much.

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    Not so much a lock as a momentary inconvenience.

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    Average modern lock: (breaths on lock) lock unlocks, then slowly falls apart

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    This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and today we’re gonna break out of a high security prison, an this solitary confinement lock has an INEXCUSABLE design flaw

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    Wonder how many sheds in backyards have been broken into because of this guy.

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    Drew Thomas

    Mr. LOCKPICK SIR. I really hope you see this comment and consider my thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy your videos of pointing out the flaws in modern security engineering. But I have one problem with your videos, its that I NEVER KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE. What I mean is, with your skill you make even a preferred lock look insecure. I know you give feedback on every piece you pick but it often leaves me underknowledgeable on which ones I should be chooseing. My point is this, I am a practical young man and am interested in knowing which locks are best for the everyday person. Which ballhitch trailer lock, which gun locks, which shed locks, which bike locks and any other locks should I choose. To get a better idea check out PROJECT FARM UZload. His content is always informative and education for anyone to be able to make a good choice on products. PLEASE if you would make a playlist or create a video in length to explain your favorites and why. I am sure many others would appreciate it and benefit from it.

  • InnSewerAnts

    Are Cisa door locks this flawed as well? The brand is very ubiquitous on doors over here lol oO.

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    James Contos

    It's never a fluke. Literally, never.

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    It appears you could open it with harsh language or a long stare

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    good citizen

    Seriously mate! are there any good padlocks on the market these days?

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  • Thordan Ssoa
    Thordan Ssoa

    I wonder if it's possible to cheaply modify locks like that to cover up that flaw. For cases like this where the rest of the lock is good, it might be worth doing if it's not too much trouble

  • Wm Grom
    Wm Grom

    too many boneheads....

  • happygardener28

    Looks to me like they need to have you test any new lock designs. The one as you said is similar to the other, I wonder if it's a china copy cat... trying to pass as a higher quality item.

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    Paul Reynolds

    When I grow up I want to be a lock picker.

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    Jacob Mayes

    So LPLs catchphrase has become useful. I have high BP and have been trying to alter it with diet before going on meds, averaging 150/110. I have started on strong beetroot supplements with the doctors knowledge as a last ditch attempt to bring it down. Today... 129/77. I had to say to everyone who is excited 'ill keep an eye on it for a few more days so you know it's NOT a fluke'. I hope it isn't! Maybe can save going on meds for a few more years!

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    B Simpson

    My mouth fell open!!

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    James Mac Murray

    Condos lock pick did you use at the end of this video ?? Where might I be able to find that particular backpack?

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    Here We Are Hiking

    At least you have to jiggle a mastercraft lock lol thank you LPL for showing people whats up.

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    For a Halloween special could you see if you could pick the locks in saw in the timeframe if you had your kit? Note some you may not be able to see(locks on the head). Could you do it?

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    Cameron Schenck

    I've never heard LPL say "Bonehead" before

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    Darrick Hills

    Are these design flaws left intentionally to save money?

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    It was a fluke.... the lock design was a fluke

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    One day, machine learning algorithms will use LPL video length and title to measure lock performances..

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    I'm new here. So why are you not picking those main door digital lock?

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    I love how concise this channel is :) great work and thank you

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    Mixer 61

    I have to admit I expect the worst when the video is less than 3 minutes. Like the super slick electronic security control box he activates with a magnet in 2 seconds. Why don't these lock/security companies use LPL for R&D? Geez.

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    Eitan Avayú

    Pick the Yerka bike

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    John Young

    I literally found myself watching the last 3 unlocks with my jaw hanging wide open. How could a LOCK company put out a lock like this? And if someone didn't see this channel, they would think it's a good lock!