[1210] Police Car DVR Data Vault Picked

  • LockPickingLawyer

    Since I posted this, a law enforcement IT specialist informed me that the “tamper switch” does not, in fact, create an audit event, but does interrupt the recording. It might be intended as a function to avoid corrupting the files stored on the flash media (so you can’t remove the media while it’s recording). I was also told that from the locked menu button, a user can format the media, and other than missing recordings, there would be no indication/audit that the format event even happened. ☹️

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    • biohazardlnf

      In reality is should be a water tight metal box bolted into the trunk. Without a keyhole. Bolts should be voted with pieces of metal soldered to the trunk. Only way to get to it is cut out out.

    • biohazardlnf

      Even if they didn't have a key. It still would somehow " go missing" like every other form of video

    • vanak

      @hk78901 I highly doubt most cops are lockpocking this shit in their cars to alter evidence. You’re just looking for reasons to get uppity about

    • Aehnkantos

      Thanks for the update and YIKES.

  • Sonny Brouesse
    Sonny Brouesse

    These types of locks are used in public transport cam systems as well. Had to install one a few years ago and to activate the recording the key had to be in the locked position but I didn't have a key. Used the tapered end off of a big pen to do a inprint attack and worked beautifully. Kept that pen for over a year and used it at least a dozen times to open and close those recorders. Just made my own key

  • AnthropoPhagus

    I recently got into lockpicking because I wanted to be able to open my game console kiosk models that I don't have keys for, it's been mostly successful, but I'm having big issues with miniature tubular locks, especially the kind that tension on the outside ring with the push in cores that relock them. I have a few that use these kinds of small locks that would have like 5.5mm ID keys, and without a tension cutout on the inner core, I find it impossible to tension and rotate these locks as I pick them beyond one position. I've seen that sparrows tension tool that works on the bigger tubular locks that tension the outside circle, but nothing of the sort for the miniature ones, is there a solution for this?

  • Mrcool100

    Any normal person can be locked out of their house and LPL walks up takes out his wallet, opens the door and then gives them a new key which he “happened” to have in his back pocket.

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    Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey

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    I didn’t know lock picking was so awesome this is seriously cool

  • PorkinsHoldIt

    Fuck I love this

  • Sun S
    Sun S

    cant wait to see him lock picking police cruiser or bank vault..

  • Thomas Holden
    Thomas Holden

    I thought all the special gear was removed before selling a retired police car. The CVPI my friend bought had nothing but holes everywhere and lots of dangling wires.

  • Northern Corruption Monitor 907
    Northern Corruption Monitor 907

    why would they keep that recording from the officer can anyone tell me that ??

  • Jurn Wubben
    Jurn Wubben

    I don't know how to pick locks but this is awesome

  • Jasper Ferini
    Jasper Ferini

    Imagine you're outside of the cruiser and hear the suspect going "nothing on one. Little click out of two..."

  • BlockListed

    They should probably simply encrypt the data and transmit over 5g in the future to make tampering near impossible.

  • Donatas Simkus
    Donatas Simkus

    Bad security but still more secure than election machines

  • mrKerij

    "an officer would likely be in a world of trouble if-" yeeeeUUUUUUP yeup yeup yeup yeup

  • NobleNobbler

    A lawyer should know that no officer would ever be in trouble for "losing the flash memory" of his recording device(s).

  • Greenlight

    Of course he wonders how easy it is to open it, not how difficult.

  • joe maider
    joe maider

    Stuff made here called you out!!

  • TurboFreak

    Wow that’s illegal. I hope you get arrest and throw in prison for not teach us which lock are unpickable and can’t get it open. Unbelievable you taught million of people how to break in & stealing.

  • Mike Hermes
    Mike Hermes

    33 seconds while explaining everything..........

  • Headline ASMR
    Headline ASMR

    What beginner tools should I get to learn how to pick a lock? Have a blessed day all of my Christian brethren!

  • Boat Axe
    Boat Axe

    I don’t think that pick is broken, it’s just been repurposed.

  • Demi-Katt

    Dear LPL, my partner is a local locksmith in the area we live. His name is jake, and you are his favorite channel and he loves watching your videos, his birthday is today (12/13) and I think it would be amazing if you could shout him out on one of your videos! We love watching your videos and even if you don’t do a shout out we will still be subscribers lol have an awesome day

  • Thomas Love
    Thomas Love

    Why are they only using one compact flash drive. They could easily fit 2 SD card slots in the same space. One as a protection against card failure. Most high end photography cameras have dual card slot to prevent such occurrence.

  • David Miscaviage
    David Miscaviage

    Wondering if its magnetically shielded


      It uses flash media so not really a concern. If they used magnetic storage or tape then it would be shielded.

  • Zeke Ludlow
    Zeke Ludlow

    Ever heard of the stuff lock? I’ll stop now.


    This will be good if this appear in “un poco de todo” channel

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke!

  • RedDragonBreath

    Lpl is just building up to a heist

  • SirMize

    This dudes taught us how to break into the bank, rob the vault, steal the police guns, and the footage. I’d say I’m ready to go lol

  • Sr. R
    Sr. R

    How to star in lockpicking??

  • Desmond's Corner
    Desmond's Corner

    considering how often body cam footage of officers blatantly breaking the law mysteriously "corrupts", i somehow doubt they'd actually get in trouble if they opened that up and tampered with the recordings

  • Skiller S
    Skiller S

    next episode: how to pick a vault door with a toothpick ;)

  • Damion Guinn
    Damion Guinn

    Petition to get the LPL to create a tamper proof DVR. It shouldn't be this easy to cover up murder.

  • Games for win
    Games for win

    I now picked 30 locks exactly like you did. I now have 30 people which sued me. Can you be my Lawyer?

  • soundspark

    Doubt that server is all that secure...

  • ASFALT21

    This is the LockPickingLaw-...in any case, that's all I have for you today

  • bansheemania

    Yeah . now I know where that evidence went...

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    Dr.Mikizzle Therapist

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  • Jeremy Ng
    Jeremy Ng

    And liberals want to defund the police and make every subject political.

  • Charles J Gartner
    Charles J Gartner

    surprised there's not more comments along the lines of: "are you seriously teaching cops to fuck with the recording mechanism so they can keep doing shady shit without it being recorded". I definitely wouldn't have posted this one. Even if there's many other checks and balances to keep the cops from getting away with something, I don't think they need to know how easy it is to pick this. That's just me.

  • evi1wombat

    Do you have any photos of the inside of the main body? Is there a second CF card there? Can I peek at the contents? Any interesting chip markings? The really interesting thing here is software security. Could we convince it to hop into a rogue access point and start dumping data? I wouldn't be surprised if there's an old x86 inside, or like, a DEC StrongARM running Linux or BSD.

  • Reuben Stevens
    Reuben Stevens

    He said words that me no brain no understand

  • Grant Gordinier
    Grant Gordinier

    2030: This is the LockPickingLawyer and today we're in Fort Knox..

  • NEO Digital
    NEO Digital

    I would have given you a key, I have a drawer full.

  • Infrasound

    0:43 um nope, they kill people in video and get away with it, it wouldn't matter if the footage was gone

  • Kevin Lauzon
    Kevin Lauzon

    Why wouldn't the DANIU 3 Pcs Tubular 7 Pins Locksmith Tool Lock Pick Set work on this?

  • stefan x
    stefan x

    Lockpicking lawyer on his normal job: Defending a shoplifter, fingerprints found, no other proof, arrested in the parking lot for acting suspicious: The judge: you may defend your client. LPL: this case makes no sense, this is a amateuristical attempt at a lawsuit. (I bought a new masterlock of very low quality security wise.) Judge: continue LPL: my client was indeed in the store but was there to buy something. Judge: i acknowledge this is possible(good click on one) Lpl: he was arrested in the parking lot, but had nothing on him. Judge: this doesnt disprove it. (Good click on 2, false set on 3) Lpl: the stolen merchandise was unfindable anywhere, it is far more likely someone else stole it! (Resetting pin 3) Judge: i see now, i have no choice but to release your client. (Good click on 3 and the cylinder is turning)

  • DC Uplink
    DC Uplink

    Interesting that its a CF disk and not a SSD or other removable drive bay type config.

    • Mika Lindqvist
      Mika Lindqvist

      @DC Uplink And there is also more modern iterations of SSD trying to match the performance of CF, basically adding full-duplex communication and multiple data lanes, essentially hybrid of serial and parallel bus.

    • DC Uplink
      DC Uplink

      @Mika Lindqvist right, but compact flash isn't used much these days by most manufacturers. I say that and a quick check shows they still use CF but cameras now use a "CFexpress" as well as SD, weird.

    • Mika Lindqvist
      Mika Lindqvist

      SSD has shitty write speed and bigger form factor... It would lag when recording longer video... I would assume those devices have minimal buffering...

  • britney J
    britney J

    Hello Lockpickinglawyer.....Can i please have your permission to use the bit where you say.....This is the lock picking lawyer.....As my Alarm ring tone.....?....You have a great voice!....Be Safe!...👍

  • Kurtis Rhein
    Kurtis Rhein

    "Your honor, the police cruiser data can not be recovered. The keys have been missing." "Objection! Hi, I'm the Lockpicking Lawyer, and today I'm going to show you how to unlock a police cruiser recording box to recover some evidence."

  • joe abrams
    joe abrams

    Any updates on new stock for covert instruments?

  • burrowsgod

    i was actually hoping he would get out the tool that him and Bosnian Bill designed.

  • imark7777777

    How easy is it for an officer to open, go to superiors desk open drawer get key. While you’re at it look under the keyboard and get all passwords.

  • M

    L3 makes EOTech yeah?

  • CaptainDangeax

    Years ago, I was working in a truck garage. An english driver was arrested by the highway police and was fined 2250 €, plus 950 € for repairing the faulty speed recorder. His crime ? The very fragile plastic cap covering the setup plug was damaged on his truck's recorder...

  • Tom Squires
    Tom Squires

    "Police would be in a world of trouble if they returned with the flash memory missing" Yeah right... 😂

  • Mahindra Daimary
    Mahindra Daimary

    If somebody was doing a heist he will selected for opening everything.

  • Lucifina Laurel
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  • BuxaTa

    It probably has encryption on the hard drive. Even if you grab the hard drive it's highly unlikely that you will be able to access the information.

  • Brutal Override
    Brutal Override

    I have a key for locks like this.

  • Rhys Rigley
    Rhys Rigley

    WTF lol

  • Logan Cressler
    Logan Cressler

    This is the Lock Picking Lawyer and I am here at Ft Knox today for a little unscheduled audit. Lets see what we can do.

  • SpartiuS94

    2030: This is the LockPickingLawyer and today we're in Fort Knox..

  • ThePrufessa

    I doubt that switch has anything to do with the tamper evident button. If that button becomes displaced while an officer is on duty they'll have a lot of questions to answer when they get back to the station.

  • Terminarch

    At the moment where I skipped the intro to a LPL vid I realized I had a problem...

  • Joe Hamelin
    Joe Hamelin

    With the door closed can you get a shim or wire in to operate the red Auto switch?

  • Darlock Ahe
    Darlock Ahe

    If I designed such thing, I'd place this insecure storage as honeypot and then add another one, that can't be removed.

  • welshpete12

    I admire your skill , but I do not think you should show on the Internet how to open !

  • chris jones
    chris jones

    Can you do a how to unlock handcuffs behind your back tutorial?... Asking for a friend

  • mlfonvi

    I appreciate the fact you videos aren't littered with ads. I understand the whole idea behind ads. But when every 5 mins there's and ad that really messes up the whole user experience. I'm no lock smith or really have had an interest in locks. But your enthusiasm and interest in locks makes me interest in your craft. Great job at hitting the nail on the head! And I very seriously doubt I'm your target demographic!

  • Apyrpenn

    Imagine him having a birthday surprise where someone calls him up to test an "impossible" door lock only to find a surprise waiting in the other side

  • Shut-in Gaming
    Shut-in Gaming

    When LPL gets arrested, they don't cuff him cause it'd take them longer to put the cuffs on him than it'd take him to pick it open. B-)

    • Mika Lindqvist
      Mika Lindqvist

      It's easier to give him box full of locks to pick while driving him to jail to keep him occupied...

  • pubbie hive
    pubbie hive

    you could probably pick that crap with a pen cap

  • H.N. Vangarde
    H.N. Vangarde

    Of course you have great content, but unless this were an outdated model, who are you benefitting more than criminals? I enjoy watching, but do you not see the benefit your content has for criminal behavior?

  • Graham Nichols
    Graham Nichols

    Who else was expecting a chorus of squad car sirens the moment the door was opened?

  • Daniel Consuegra
    Daniel Consuegra

    That auto/off switch.... something tells me it could be toggled without opening the door?

  • Mitrajit Chandra Chandra 80
    Mitrajit Chandra Chandra 80

    You r a pro real pro

  • American Viking
    American Viking

    Do you represent the people that get caught picking locks that break in to places

  • Manny Rogue
    Manny Rogue

    @LockPickingLawyer - Do you have a rifle biometric rifle safe that you would trust on Amazon? I have been looking at your videos for a while and now I don't thrust any safes out there. I would really appreciate your help in recommending one that you would pick for your own use.

  • Gmmmy Tmmmy
    Gmmmy Tmmmy

    Hi my name is Graham I found you whilst looking for someone who can give an insight into picking a 1930’s key safe, I find you very easy listening and your explanation into the tools required are great. Have you yourself ever picked a key safe from the early half of the century. If so do you have any past videos. So far I’ve found on the internet only how to find the combination safes to crack. I look forward to possibly hearing from you. My email is tametiger00@yahoo.com thank you.

  • Simon Thomasen
    Simon Thomasen

    hm, ONE flash card?? As everyone know, they have a limited lifespan and will stop being readable at any moment. I would put at least 2 storage thingies in anything involving lives....damn! Shocking.

  • Zain Aman
    Zain Aman

    Police arrests LPLand locks him up. LPL (picking the cell door): "click on one" Police: "Gosh Darn it!"

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    lr 21

    Cool man 😆

  • Unbeknownst

    Are you a lawyer?

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    HACKER 3000

    Maybe send this off prepicked to EEVBlog

  • Caleb McCarthy
    Caleb McCarthy

    there's this channel that made an unpickable lock his channel is called stuff made here at the end of the video he said he might wanna send it to you uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • thomasthemtman

    I bought the covert companion, and you should make a video using each of the 20 pics in the set. And explain what locks each pick works with

  • Stephen G
    Stephen G

    CV-19 - Crime's against humanity uzload.info/fun/pWmHppTfs6WT2H0/video


    When you're so good at lock picking that you run out of things to pic. *Next Video: Lock picking a Banana*

  • MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle
    MonoDiTriSub GameTrailersThaiSubtitle

    4-pins tubular lock... clever #sarcastically

  • The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse
    The all powerfull Tyler Newhouse

    This is crazy that's police equipment is this vulnerable especially since you can buy a key off Amazon to unlock and start the crown vics

  • Daljit Singh
    Daljit Singh

    is there any lock u cannot pick

  • MGT Productions
    MGT Productions

    This is the lockpicking lawyer and today I am standing outside Al Capone's Vault

  • S8N.

    i wish they have a lockcon ( like hackercon where everyone built their own unhackable website and people try to break into it but for locks ) where they build their own locks and challenge other locksmith to open it... and they would build a lock that doesn't need to withstand a fucking nuclear blast... it just need to withstand a locksmith.... it would be so cool... and maybe lock companies would sponsor the whole thing and just copy their design for money....and name the lock base on the smith's name

  • A weird person on the internet
    A weird person on the internet

    This is probably like the 1000th comment asking g about this but I feel like a collaboration between you and stuff made here is is due. He claims he has made an unpickable lock we all know this is an exaggeration but I and many others probably will want to see how long it will take for a skilled picker like you.

  • JustAnAverageAsian

    Wonder when he’s going to do the “STUFF” brand lock

  • M

    I am genuinely interested in which locks give LPL the hardest time

  • Brandon Baysinger
    Brandon Baysinger

    You really just going to do that, yeah it only takes 3 seconds.

  • skwozies

    I can't wait to see the video where you pick the lock for StuffMadeHere. That sounds like it will be amazing.