[1115] This Illegal Gun Case Was Saved By A Design Flaw!
SnapSafe’s TrekLite TSA Gun Lockbox

  • John Dennis
    John Dennis

    I'm never buying another lock, they all suck!

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle
    Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    LOL Legal because of bad design.

  • Daniell & Christina Keeney
    Daniell & Christina Keeney

    I hope that it only costs $1.00 because that is what it's almost worth, and they do need to make a little profit. It wouldn't work for my handgun anyway the gun has a 10.5-inch barrel & the box dimensions: are 10” x 7” x 2”

  • Hypno Kitten
    Hypno Kitten

    I re-binged all of your gun-safe videos for what would be safe to have around children and just about cried, couldn't see any safe way to keep a handgun or anything in the house when we have a kid.. Then someone said that you and Bosnian Bill had said the SwiftVault 2.0 were not as bad as the others? I found his video on it but cannot find yours, is that one somewhat ok? If not then is there anything at all you'd recommend? You seem to have a great collection, and a kid, so I'm very curious as to what you do and how you do it (aside from the handmade lock you showed, I don't have the skills or tools to recreate that yet)

  • Extreme Encounter
    Extreme Encounter

    Reading reviews of this one, people say that when you lock it, items inside can shift and change the combo from within, forever locking the box. Pretty abysmal.

  • Hill Larry
    Hill Larry

    Made in “Where”? 😳

  • Windmill

    1:48 I almost forgot that you're a lawyer...

  • StackedJack

    527 dislikes .. I kind of want to know how many people work for the company that manufactured this now.

  • Lee Witte
    Lee Witte

    I wish I had researched before picking one up. Total garbage. Can't change the combination because the (a,b) switch will not move. Trying to see if there is a fix on-line I see these review videos and see there are other issues as well.

  • SickPrid3

    my cookie storage is more secure

  • vvARLoRd 187
    vvARLoRd 187

    That's the safest safe

  • Muscles Mouse
    Muscles Mouse

    Did you ever review the $10 Large SnapSafe from Academy?

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones

    I just put a pad lock on my gun case put it in the suit case put a tsa lock on the suit case good to go. TSA inspects it before you leave for the gate.

  • Gino McEvoy
    Gino McEvoy

    "Hey this is more secure because the master key doesn't work!" Designer: "it doesn't? Oh I mean yeah it doesn't... of course... Yeah."

  • Gary Hart
    Gary Hart

    What a P O S !


    did you by this safe from wish?

  • Alexandra Delliou
    Alexandra Delliou

    2020: 5139

  • CaioSilvano

    he seems truly disappointed

  • gunman33

    *let that sink in* oh alright man didnt mean to keep him waiting.

  • zippyzee

    he doesn't say "key" he says "kay" ....

  • adoudy

    This "safe" made LPL angry. Soo angry...

  • Bill Patterson
    Bill Patterson

    what retard designed this

  • Kitty Bruno
    Kitty Bruno

    Its so sexy when he uses those legal terms

  • rithm747

    This product is probably only designed to comply with the minimum requirements of carrying a gun on board. Not to actually be a good product. Sort of, let's say, "window dressing".

  • Nimbly

    When you fly with a gun, it is put unloaded, pseudo-locked, but inaccessible under the plane.

  • Dave The Barber
    Dave The Barber

    Now over 1.8 million people are aware that you can just open that lunchbox of a gun safe by simply removing the hinges with a screwdriver and pliers.

  • Jon G
    Jon G

    This video strikes home an old saying "A false sense of security can often be worse than no security at all."

  • Mister Sir
    Mister Sir

    How did he get a TSA key?

  • Broocks Regan
    Broocks Regan

    I have one unusual thought about the TSA lock. Most of the time you have to unlock the box and walk away and you don't want to leave the combination exposed. They are supposed to relock the box. If you can scramble the code with the lock disengaged and then they use the TSA key to relock it and that might be the only purpose for it.

  • Zachrey Helmberger
    Zachrey Helmberger

    O. M. G.

  • D S
    D S

    I kinda want one just to fuck with the tsa and be like haha ur key doesnt work

  • jermico007

    I absolutely love this channel and highly respect you for your abilities and honesty. Could you possibly craft a list of locks you highly recommend and for each particular category? I would like to have my items secure but I usually just buy “packaging” since I don’t know any different. I am not a lock expert by any stretch but would really like my items secure. Home Safes, firearm safes, travel locks, bike locks, standard all purpose locks (like master locks), motorcycle disc locks etc...

  • ooltimu

    Maybe it was intentional and it's actually genius!

  • Cap Verde
    Cap Verde


  • dartek14

    The convention of unconventional thinking.

  • L McC
    L McC

    How did it get through design? “Diversity is our strength.”

    • John Panicker
      John Panicker


  • Andy P
    Andy P

    just one question, can it be shot opened? bang bang?

  • GiorgiC

    MasterLock designers kicking themselves for not making this product themselves.

  • Deutsches Volk
    Deutsches Volk

    that looks very chinese

  • Michael Snake
    Michael Snake

    Wait, why do you have the TSA key?????

  • SJ

    Maybe they did this by design. If matters not if the TSA shouldn't have a key. Folks will be prevented from flying by uninformed airline personnel. If there is a TSA facade, they are placated and the box works as intended.

  • Mr MACC
    Mr MACC

    That was disgusting, how are they allowed to sell these?

  • AnAngryGiant20

    They probably put the tsa thing there so the people just get confused

  • xXxGodseyxXx

    You can tell LPL really doesn't like the phrase "I've been talking too long"

  • N. J.
    N. J.

    Love the legal side note! F*ck the useless TSA.

  • barry musgrove
    barry musgrove


  • 123GoBrits

    ha ha , wrapping the firearm in duct tape would produce higher resistance to theft than that

  • PracticalTech

    You have a very nice way of saying "This is a worthless piece of junk!"

  • rahjahz1

    What do you suggest as a good portable handgun safe?

  • chico11mbit

    You misinterpret this. the master key is the wrench.

  • Name Change 94
    Name Change 94

    Hinge pins lololol enough said

  • yiddersshinderbins

    I thought you were going to say it was SUPPOSED to be made of compressed cardboard ha ha Like most things its build to keep honest people out...

  • Kiyoone

    Wow, he is really a lawyer. the way he talks about the subject...

  • R Speckles
    R Speckles

    New from Snap Safe: 100% unpickable lock. The second you attach it to whatever you’re locking up, the mechanism breaks and the lock gets permanently jammed shut. You can’t pick it open if it can’t even open in the first place

    • Marvin De Bot
      Marvin De Bot

      It can't be jammed if its liquid . . .

    • Mike Ockburns
      Mike Ockburns

      You know what they say. If it cant be picked, it can be opened with a blowtorch

  • Володимир Ніколайчук
    Володимир Ніколайчук

    Bug in autogen subtitles 0:22: voice - probably legal, text - probably illegal.

  • Edward Gilmour
    Edward Gilmour

    Brilliant ; you have made my day~!. As a former Australian Soldier who in 1979 was ordered to carry a 9mm pistol + full mag to an Australian passenger air-line in Melbourne and be able to hand it over when I got off in Sydney; I could have used a workable box. My obvious solution was to declare to the pilot I had it & let him carry 2/3 of that (full mag + pistol body) I held onto the breach+ bolt. And wait for that at Sydney. Given that stupid box the same process would be necessary; in two separate boxes. It would keep out only the honest. Yes I complained about it when I got back to my Regiment, in Brisbane. Because of the rare nature of the task I never heard if they actually cancelled or corrected the obvious safety flaws in the process.

  • ProfessorM.

    why cant he say key properly?

  • leroy420b

    Ever think they did it on purpose? That design could be used for other purposes by just changing the bottom. Aka one mold for the lid and then make 2 different bottoms.

  • Honest Tech Reviews
    Honest Tech Reviews

    I've brought guns on planes and the TSA required a TSA lock. They don't really care about the law 🤷‍♂️

  • archie

    It’s a CASE not a SAFE 😂😂😂😂

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott

    I've seen locks on diaries more secure than this piece of shit.

  • Gaunjaguy420

    It’s plastic.... step on it.

  • Rafa Reis
    Rafa Reis

    OMG, this looks like a school project.

  • G

    made in china?

  • Max Dandry
    Max Dandry

    I just saw a UZload add for another pistol box. It’s called the Stopbox. Weird fingering entry. Check it out and embarrass them 👍🏻

  • Francis Chabot
    Francis Chabot

    SnapSafe. The snap is for how fast it can be teared down apart.

  • AudieHolland

    That's a neat looking kid's lunch box!

  • Владимир Петрович
    Владимир Петрович


  • Mint


  • Bennet Huber
    Bennet Huber

    Forget the hinge, it looks like putting it on the ground and jumping on it a few times would work pretty well!

  • KillingMachine2323

    Can you get into a vaultek lifepod?

  • JK

    ha ha ha

  • antwerppi

    Haha :D What about all these 500 dislikers? What is moving in your head? Are you all unswerving supporters of these types of locks, or where does such antipathy come from? That's ridiculous. Accept your loss!

  • Elias Goudkuil
    Elias Goudkuil

    To be clear i no nothing about lock making but is it possible that the locking mechanism is what this company had on hand from a previously failed product and made the tsa portion on purposely inoperable in order to comply with flight regulations.

  • Shaderox

    Key doesn't work, made of plastic, exposed hinge.... So pretty much the only thing that makes this a functional safety case is the combination lock? Or there's some trick for that too?

  • jeepien

    Wait. Does a combination lock satisfy the requirement that the passenger has a key?

  • jeepien

    Well, at least it's "hard sided". But as a practical matter, you put the gun in a hard sided suitcase, and lock the suitcase with a good quality padlock, to which the TSA has no key. DeviantOllam does this explicitly to keep the TSA out of his luggage. If you don't have a gun and want to keep the TSA out of your luggage, just get a cheap flare pistol, put it in your hard-sided luggage, and declare it when you check in.

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen

    Perhaps this TSA lock "failure" was just a genious way to pass it through the testing. Perhaps the official testing "verifies" the lock working with the TSA key by having the door open and seeing that the lock key moves with the TSA key? If that's true, some better container manufacturer could create a "TSA compatible" lockable box that cannot be opened with TSA key. Of course, such a box wouldn't have plastic body with pushable hinge pins.

  • Tanush Bhansali
    Tanush Bhansali

    Masterlock: "Finally, a worthy opponent.... Our battle will be *Legendary* "

  • Kenzer 161
    Kenzer 161

    Knowing the gun community, I'm leaning towards malicious compliance more than any design flaw. This is probably for someone who wants to satisfy any legal compliance and not giving a damn about actual usefulness.

  • Dave Walters
    Dave Walters

    Feelin' safe!

  • mclaine33

    "I have no idea how something like this got through the design and testing process." It was never tested to begin with LOL.

    • Blatherskite

      Made in China

  • 57thorns

    This is hilarious. The whole tsa mess means a majority of luggage these days is unlockable. As a plastic "locked container" inside your unlocked (aka tsa compliant) suit case, this makes perfect sense.

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams

    In America, "Gun Safety" is an oxymoron.

  • guitartec

    Gee, not sure I can have "a nice day" now that I know this thing exists. I may have to kill myself out of embarrassment for all mankind.

  • Sasataf

    Note that there is absolutely no requirement to have a TSA approved lock on any luggage. You can use any lock you want. So adding the TSA lock on the gun safe is not only illegal, but totally unnecessary.

  • Frank Finley
    Frank Finley

    I don’t want to be that guy, but the tsa key is used to change the combination on the lock while the case is open, not to open the case. The exposed hinge pin is clearly unforgivable, of course.

  • iamsatanjr

    When the safe design is so bad that you don't even have to pick a lock to open the safe.

  • Henry

    Holy Sh** that was amazing

  • Chris

    Might the key lock be intended for locking after inspection without knowing the combination?

  • W. C. Orielly
    W. C. Orielly

    The TSA key turn was probably done on purpose.. but the hinge pins are just baffelingly, ridiculously stupid.

  • Dimitar Petkanski
    Dimitar Petkanski


  • Lazy Bunny
    Lazy Bunny

    It keeps the gun safe.. safely in the hands of literally anyone with half a brain.

  • Cornflake0750

    Holy shoot, this is ridiculously stupid !

  • ert


  • Leon

    stop saying key like that

  • Guido Haverkort
    Guido Haverkort

    What if they ment to do that

  • Rhys Williams
    Rhys Williams

    the only way to stop Lpl is to just weld it shut

  • xpusostomos

    Need to rename this channel the "lawyering lockpicker".

  • Hisoka

    The disappointment in his voice is second only to my parents’.