[1115] This Illegal Gun Case Was Saved By A Design Flaw!
SnapSafe’s TrekLite TSA Gun Lockbox

  • Melissa Solano
    Melissa Solano

    I forget that the lockpckng lawyer doesn't just do lockpicking

  • Ezekiel Wright
    Ezekiel Wright

    Do a screwdriver and pliers count as a key to this thing? They seem like the easiest way to open it.

  • TheKueiJin

    I have a question, you keep referring to a "design phase" in all, if not most, of your videos, but have you ever considered that there is actually no design phase in most?

  • Funnybombninja

    I just have a quick question. So if the box was unlocked for whatever reason and a TSA guy didnt know the combo, could the key simply lock the box?

  • Bence Bálint
    Bence Bálint

    Americans are so funny, cant go on vacation without their guns

  • Antonio Ramirez
    Antonio Ramirez

    This can be pried open with just a flat screw driver

  • 154Kilroy

    "TSA approved" literally shows how good they are at their job...

  • zeranzeran

    What a horrible design with those hinges. Wtf?

  • Random808

    Snapsafe should have banned themselff

  • Alan Taylor
    Alan Taylor

    All a gun case does is make it not look like a gun while the thief is exiting the airport. Once it is home they can take all the time needed to cut into any safe

  • zamp6969

    Just think someone designed and then someone approved that piece of junk, Well done!

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson

    Thought you’d be going for the hinge. It’s something that often gets overlooked.

  • Sharcc

    "Oh hey this video's pretty long. Must be a weird but good lock" *picking lasts about 8 seconds, acheiveable by almost any tool * oh.

  • Terrence Harris
    Terrence Harris

    I live in Washington and with the gun dumb 1639 law that was passed saying a firearm needs to be what a "reasonable person would consider secured" I use this just to meet that requirement if I get pulled over with my gun in the car or I go into a place I can't carry I put it in here just to CYA. Laws are stupid, let grown ass people govern themselves...

  • Adam Huddy
    Adam Huddy

    I love how he just casually has the TSA master key.

  • Nitro Engine Hoarder
    Nitro Engine Hoarder

    I think they used an existing TSA/codelock unit and made the TSA portion inoperable intentionally. And also it was never meant to be secure. It was meant to check the boxes in terms of legality.

  • William Cox
    William Cox

    💪Fight the power.... Best design flaw I've ever seen 👍😂

  • Carlos Leany
    Carlos Leany

    He sounds genuinely angry at how bad this lock is

  • Gary Miller
    Gary Miller

    On my way to Amazon to get 2 of em

  • Fuzz Ball
    Fuzz Ball

    We sell these at my work, guess I know why they don't sell!

  • magic_cow

    this man just deleted this gun lock

  • Cee Jay De Guzman
    Cee Jay De Guzman

    Task failed successfully

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen

    Wait, you're allowed to take a gun on a plane, if it's in a box?

    • Deep Web Cowboy
      Deep Web Cowboy

      thats what i was thinking lol. I didn't know you could fly with one at all. And ONLY the passenger gets the key. lol wtf

  • Singularity

    Hol' up. You can literally take GUNS on PLANES? What the fuck?

  • Adrien LeDuc
    Adrien LeDuc


  • Wayan-TV

    I have an idea but it's very crazy, maybe don't take guns on a airplane?

    • Deep Web Cowboy
      Deep Web Cowboy

      I have an idea, but it's very crazy, maybe I am moving and have a gun what the fuck else I am I meant to do? mail it? lol you dumb


    plastic gun safe lol

  • Gmod Locus
    Gmod Locus

    what the fuck where they smoking

  • Ashton Dagenais
    Ashton Dagenais

    0:13 oh shit my bad bro, i let the sink in

  • Jonathan V.
    Jonathan V.

    you guys think lpl ever slips up in court? like "this is the lockpicking lawye... the lawyer... YOUR your lawyer i mean. I am your lawyer and"... just me?

  • Envyous

    3:55 "In any case..." i see what you did there

  • DocIncredible

    TSA: This design doesn't work. SnapSafe: You mean you could open it? TSA: No, we mean that the TSA key couldn't open it. SnapSafe: Then it worked as intended, you dirty fucking fed.

  • Felix Merz
    Felix Merz

    That's not an error, that's giving the finger to anti-gun regulation and I honestly kinda enjoy it.

  • Mark Dornon
    Mark Dornon

    Oh I feel safer after this. What a joke.

  • Lesi TheDogg
    Lesi TheDogg

    They probably put the lock wrong way in, It's meant to be put from inside out so that when you pull out the hinge you unlock it from inside so that you dont break the locking mechanism :)

  • Mayeline Santana
    Mayeline Santana

    I swear, my man sometimes be sounding like he's Baumgartner.

  • Julian Parsons
    Julian Parsons

    So, wait... it's legal, but it's _NOT_ illegal? ...at the same time? Paradox.

    • Deep Web Cowboy
      Deep Web Cowboy

      umm... you said the same thing twice but differently. Legal = not illegal. No paradox.

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee

    what a poorly designed product. i sure hope snapsafe is watching your video because this video just helped them fix those flaws... they should pay you for your research

  • Josh King
    Josh King

    Sure it's useless, but is it *more useless* than the TSA?

  • Scott

    Locks only keep honest people out anyways

  • Maj. Dude
    Maj. Dude

    Someone misunderstood the purpose of the TSA key. It’s to lock the box for you if you forget. Not to open it up. They just pull the hinge pins. :)

  • Playa from the Himalayas
    Playa from the Himalayas

    For some reason I hear sophisticated squidward talking

  • Veganpotter Thevegan
    Veganpotter Thevegan

    Gun people have never been terribly intelligent.

  • jmm1233

    that moment a lock case opens by the sheer volume of lawyering at it

  • Gadget Man
    Gadget Man


  • Marek Truper
    Marek Truper

    "Boss, we have been featured on youtube!"

  • Dave Poxson
    Dave Poxson

    Some super glue would secure the hinge pins. Still a POS, but a POS without quite the stink.

  • Eric Wes
    Eric Wes

    Where do you get those magnetic pliers?

  • vdzrussell

    TSA lives up to their name of Security Theater.

  • Pierce Thirlen
    Pierce Thirlen

    I need frequently to carry a firearm on my bicycle. Saving weight with a polycarbonate case would be wonderful. The hinges can be reinforced by solvent gluing more polycarbonate around the hinges to prevent the hinge pins from being removed or the hinges easily broken. Obviously you can also cut the end off of the case with a mere hacksaw. But I could glue in hardened steel rods to make it more difficult to cut through. The best that you can do is to slow the would be thief down to a point that it's impractical to steal. But are there ANY cam locks made that are even remotely secure? So far every cam lock that you have shown is only capable of keeping honest people honest.

  • Iamarobotbanana4

    This is a toy.

  • stefano 6891
    stefano 6891

    Wait... so it is legal to carry a gun on a plane? What the fuck?!

  • n3rd4live

    Woah i just realized i have the same screwdriver set used to push out the hinge pins :D at least it looks like the same...the MI x Wiha Set..

  • iShreked JoeMama
    iShreked JoeMama

    The engineer behind this design deserves a bitch slap

  • Silent Hunger
    Silent Hunger

    A lock is only as good as the door it is on.

  • Drew S
    Drew S

    Those aren't "layers of ineptitude." That's all by design. Purposeful. No one with an IQ high enough to start a business and mass-produce a product thinks that box is secure. That manufacturer is just selling a low-cost item (about $30) that allows cheapskates to comply with federal and state laws. The design intent of that box is not safety or security. It's low-cost compliance. I'm starting to wonder from where the "ineptitude" is actually coming.

  • XxTurd_Burglar

    Tsa: lock it up for us, and make sure we can use our master key. Also make sure you are the only one who can access it. Me: am I a joke to you? I’m a walking oxymoron idiot

  • SoloPilot6

    I can sum it up: LANDFILL

  • Oigle Oystereater
    Oigle Oystereater

    Typical American quality! None...

  • S. Munro
    S. Munro

    *The future of locks* Quantum-locked gel: A paste that can be applied to an object and then quantum locked into a solid crystal using a quantum encryption key.

  • Road Hog
    Road Hog

    You are going to get some one killed

  • TheDark Dragon
    TheDark Dragon

    roasted harder than masterlocks

  • Destroy TheHuman
    Destroy TheHuman

    ‘If all it’s used for is compliance with TSA rules and not ACTUAL security’ ouch.

  • Darrien Scott
    Darrien Scott

    I feel like they did it on purpose.

  • Sacha David
    Sacha David

    It looks like the peice of plastic was intentionnaly on the side to void the TSA key option. It never was a bug, it is an intentional feature.

  • William Reymond
    William Reymond

    Is there any sort of requirement that the case material be x-ray transparent?

  • smladenoff

    Sorry LPL, if you've already answered this in another video; I don't read all the comments. Have you ever been contacted to serve as an advisor for any lock or safe- producing company? If you were, would you be allowed to say so? Love the content: you actually do what a hacker (in the truest meaning; tbr "white hat") does. Simply love it!

  • Michael Futch
    Michael Futch

    I would not be surprised if the TSA key flaw is intentional. All locked luggage must have a TSA master lock but firearm luggage must not be accessible to TSA agents. Nothing about the TSA master lock being able to open the luggage.

  • smeds pets
    smeds pets

    Couldn't you just spike it on the floor?

  • Peach Daisy
    Peach Daisy

    As per this video. Yes... he is a lawyer

  • Schievel

    I honestly never thought about people having the problem to bring their gun onto a plane in their luggage. I mean, it just never crossed my mind that there really are Americans that have that problem.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker

    wow! thanks LPL, another interesting vid

  • abrothman

    "Illegal" is silly clickbait. "Non-compliant" would be accurate. You know the difference, counselor.

    • 89qwyg9yqa34t

      By that token, meth is a non-compliant substance, as outside of the borders of the United States, it's perfectly legal.

  • sursurrus

    Just had epiphany (seriously) Insecure by Design! From corporate/disgruntled engineer POV customer is the problem. They forget combinations, lose keys etc. If the lock has to be cut, maybe the random public tends to switch locks or ask for a refund! Biggest evidence of insecurity by design: methods for defeating the security are such they don't damage the lock/case and designed to be completely reversible to preserve the illusion of security even after security failure. To actually prevent the biggest problem as they understand it. The User. Just let that fucked up logic sink in... this actually explains why good companies make good locks. They've decided to sidestep the Faustian bargain of a lock that can be reversibly defeated if the owner loses the key and just make a lock that's as secure as they can possibly make it.

  • MatchstalkMan

    When you realise the company are mocking themselves… oh, Snap!

  • YouTube Censors Peace
    YouTube Censors Peace

    I have always been more of a fan of safes that do not look like safes. This channel just embraces that.

  • Andrew Horsch
    Andrew Horsch

    I wonder if the “TSA lock” is just a decoy type deal...

  • Tomek Kruk
    Tomek Kruk

    What is even the point in keeping the gun in a safe while on the airplane? I assume it's not in your hand luggage. If it's in the cargo hold you don't have access to it anyway...

  • Lestat3721

    As soon as you flipped it over, and I saw the hinge, I actually groaned out loud.

  • OneMadGypsy

    "Egregious design flaw" is subjective to designer and intent. If your intent is to compile a list of addresses for everyone that bought one - then you really just need something that resembles a safe. That being said: that looks an awful lot like my heavy duty "storage clipboard" (for writing supplies) with the clip removed, as-well-as having dark grey trim and a lock smacked on it. It's totally the exact same box.

  • Semystic

    Turns out it is illegal after all; I have a key for it in my pocket, a pair of pliers

  • BX B
    BX B

    Chinese import?

  • Joe K
    Joe K

    Works perfectly! Tsa can't get in. It allows you to fly with a gun. It'd have to weigh too much to actually be secure.

  • ptschafer

    That box is a POS, might as well zip-tie your gun to your luggage.

  • Human Person
    Human Person

    At lease he doesn’t only need a magnet

  • Mooneri

    This is a joke, right? Yuo're trying to fool us. Right?

  • Liberty Patriot
    Liberty Patriot

    Who cares? As long as it sells and someone makes money with it. Made In China or Mexico?

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission

    Never check your firearm

  • conor4522

    They did call it snap safe. You can snap the safe. No faulty marketing.

  • Andrew Dobbin
    Andrew Dobbin

    looks like a government project to me.

  • kwyjibo

    i mean, like, wow.

  • ComicFitz

    This is governed by title 41 section 1540.1.21 gigawatts

  • Chaz Brammer
    Chaz Brammer

    Lack of QC testing maybe

  • Zach Bateman
    Zach Bateman


  • Hades Obsidian
    Hades Obsidian

    Plot twist, they did it piss off the TSA.

  • californigirl


  • DissatisfiedEevee

    You should’ve put an air soft pistol in there.

  • DanF

    Made in China?

  • aura la
    aura la


  • aura la
    aura la

    Ip loji a immunity lo ji a