[1179] Picked In A Second! OKLead Trailer Wheel Lock

  • Shawn Briest
    Shawn Briest

    "Can be opened in just a few seconds" Don't blink.

  • Gi Gi
    Gi Gi

    Why to I believe that LPL has a lock on his wheelbarrow...and...I bet it’s a doosey!!!

  • Bob Citizen
    Bob Citizen

    Should've said "I wouldn't even use this to secure a low-value item like another one of these locks"

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    This lock is not OK.

  • marc the furry
    marc the furry

    Fake; he rounded up

  • eyeonus

    I have a challenge for you: pick the lock to get out of an escape room using only the items found in the room. (As in instead of solving the puzzle the intended way.)

  • Good Citizen
    Good Citizen

    Holy shit you make it look so easy.

  • Éen Paard
    Éen Paard

    This guy murders lock company's

  • Justin M
    Justin M

    Wouldn’t even use it to secure a wheelbarrow damn bruh

  • Sibren Fetter
    Sibren Fetter

    It's faster to open the lock with the rake then with the actual key!

  • AretnaP 3
    AretnaP 3

    I'm Suprised How Many People Spelled "Wheel-Barrow" Correctly.

  • 237photo

    I was not aware wheelbarrow theft was such a concern these days....

  • the backmasker
    the backmasker

    If it’s cheap, wondering if it’s used more as a visual deterrent for the average joe

  • Wiggysan Wiggysan
    Wiggysan Wiggysan

    It takes longer using the key !

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    That's scrap iron somebody paid for. Just make a quality item and quit taking the public for a ride. Great Job.

  • Tom

    Have you ever tried to defeat a modern wheel locknut? Modern locknuts have a hardened steel rotating outer shell that make it impossible to use the removal kits. The only way I found to remove such nut when the pattern broke off is to weld a piece of metal on top of it. I wonder if LPL has a better way of removing modern wheel locknuts. When the locknut is still in good shape the quickest way is to try out all keys, but only a specialist or the dealer has all keys for a certain type of car.

  • enyakicat

    Don't you just love it when he says "not a fluke". As if we would think it was!

  • Blazed Gaming KR
    Blazed Gaming KR

    I don't know if I should be impressed by LPL or disappointed by the lock.

  • Alek Mlynek
    Alek Mlynek

    1:50 ~ Yep, this is going to be murder.

  • Nikon Bradford
    Nikon Bradford

    that was the funniest thing

  • pyrosrockthisworld

    who the hell steals a wheelbarrow?

  • Rome is Ruined
    Rome is Ruined

    Just wanna say that you got me into picking and now that’s all I do!

  • Allurade

    Man, it takes longer to explain why the lock is a piece of shit than it does to prove it.

  • Keith English Bloke
    Keith English Bloke

    Lol I concour it ain't fit to protect a wheel barrow

  • Clifton Photographer
    Clifton Photographer

    The problem with lock picking lawyer videos is they're so short, because he opens things so fast and he gets so little time to say anything that the comment section reads very REPETITIVE with jokes!

  • vishnu rajagopal
    vishnu rajagopal

    you can see the face in the ending of the video on the lock

  • Merrick

    Almost gave a face reveal with that lock...

  • thcottie

    "I wouldn't even use this to secure a low value item...like a wheelbarrow" XD

  • AudieHolland

    Anyone remember Houdini? He wasn't someone with magical powers. He just was very good at picking locks and the greatest part of the trick was how to smuggle in his pick or even the key when they locked him inside something. Of course, he would have his hands cuffed and a rope tied around his arms. But that was just to distract the crowd.

  • The SJV Workshop
    The SJV Workshop

    It's never a fluke.

  • MH LI
    MH LI

    I love his humor, when he sometimes tells us what he even wouldn't use a demonstrated lock for.

  • CrazyJayBe

    Don't worry, LPL, we know it's not fluke.

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Every other comment: Meme's on the wheelbarrow. Me: Notices how weak that metal is and just how easily and quickly I could cut through it with a hacksaw or say... A cordless angle grinder.

  • raynebc

    The scrap metal is worth more than the lock itself.

  • MegaTube1313

    Where the f#cks my wheel barrow gone 😳

  • Cru Jones
    Cru Jones

    OKay, now I know who stole my wheelbarrow.

  • Littlebitta Thisnthat
    Littlebitta Thisnthat

    When do we get a video of the locks you'd trust for various scenarios

  • Na Me
    Na Me

    Why do people even bother to make locks anymore

  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda

    Wow man, that was pretty damn good

  • YamiPizza

    Just an FYI: you can always tell how crappy the lock is by the length of the video lol.

  • totilsom

    WOW, that's crazy easy to open "Not even to protect a wheelbarrow" 😅😅

  • Ryan Nelson
    Ryan Nelson

    As secure as my confidence. 😔

  • Bob Sum
    Bob Sum

    LPL should see my wheelbarrow. Bassboom, blue leds around and low profile aluminium wheel. That's most valuable thing in my possession.

  • A Saga
    A Saga

    Okay, but who locks up a wheelbarrow with a wheel lock, it's something that a person could just pick up and carry off if they so wanted to...

  • Lumadous

    With all of these junk wheel locks in sure you could get a bunch of money at the scrap yard

  • Captainjvi

    Where would you find a good dimple lock pick kit?

  • Patrick Green
    Patrick Green

    Ahhhhhhahahahahahaha, not even a WHEELBARROW?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gagol753

    This lock is so bad that my hamster could open it.

  • florf619

    I always think he says "and it can be raped open in just a few seconds".

  • JonnesTT

    I would like to know, what are the locks you would use?

  • Khail Kupsky
    Khail Kupsky

    I had one on my wheel barrow. Had...

  • Patrick Kinder
    Patrick Kinder

    Try brute force. Most people can't pick locks, but I agree, I wouldn't use it either. :)

  • rob dom
    rob dom

    LockPickingLawyer: Looks at a lock from a distance. The Lock: Snaps open, falls to the floor and disintegrates, vanishing completely in a puff of smoke.

  • GryphonBrokewing

    Wheelbarrow thieves dump lock to decrease useless weight. Story at 10.

  • Matthieu Chirié
    Matthieu Chirié

    Guy try to make the video longer by picking it three time, still less than 2min vid. The legend say one day a lock will last long enought to make a 3min video.

  • puppiesforlunch

    That looks faster than finding the key on the keyring would be, pretty convenient if you ask me

  • Corvus

    When it takes longer to talk about a bad lock then it does to pick said bad lock. Yikes on trikes!

  • BISHOP298

    Personally I just take my tires with me.

  • Tim Meredith
    Tim Meredith

    How many wheelbarrow thieves have a simple rake?

  • bummers

    You can see the first "wheelbarrow" comments getting the most likes and the subsequent clones coming up garnering lesser and lesser market share. Ah, the wonders of youtube comments.

  • Robert Huffman
    Robert Huffman

    Food in one end, processed food out the other end, barks night and day but a German Shepard is better than this piece of processed food. Nice kids watch this channel so I went with the whole "processed food" bit.

  • Emeric Catudal
    Emeric Catudal

    nice review thx

  • Bob Dobbs
    Bob Dobbs

    I guess most thieves don't have dimple rakes.


    that lock was like some "SENPAI!!!"

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    bro you need to stop making these videos...no person on earth wants to buy any locks anymore... 1 2 3, is now slower then you opening these locks... anyway thx for the laughs..as usual.

  • Keith Alan
    Keith Alan


  • Billy Mettlen
    Billy Mettlen

    I'd like see him as a cartoon character on F is for Family.

  • The creative space
    The creative space

    Seems like a Zip tie would be more secure...

  • OctoCreeper

    The more I watch this guy, the more I wonder if buying a lock is actually worth it...

  • Skyler Ortega
    Skyler Ortega

    you think these company's actually watch these videos?

  • JoBroProducitons

    We need a LPL approved wheelbarrow lock. Give the people what they want!

  • Ural Damasis
    Ural Damasis

    "wouldn't use it to secure a wheelbarrow" uzload.info/fun/ipaQrZ22qad_yYU/video

  • Lemon Juice In The Eye
    Lemon Juice In The Eye

    A large zip tie would have provided better protection.

  • Aussie Mick
    Aussie Mick

    Doesnt seem to be any female lockpickers. I guess the art of probing random holes doesnt have the same appeal?

  • Steve Rand
    Steve Rand

    It should fit a car tyre if you lock it in a larger position. The holes in the square tubing is to adjust the locking width.

  • king james488
    king james488

    just buy another trailer and set it up with a master lock on it next to w.e you don't want stolen.

  • David

    Can you pick some guitar case locks that need a key?

  • s s
    s s

    Still not convinced it's "not a fluke" try a few more times 😜😅

  • Victor Rocha
    Victor Rocha

    Yeah, eff those wheelbarrows.

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining

    All trailer locks seem to be pointless. What's the point in securing a wheelbarrow? You could just lift it and carry it away lol

  • Brad Bozz
    Brad Bozz

    Amazon is glad LPL doesn't leave reviews

  • Andrew Huxley Miller
    Andrew Huxley Miller

    "... like a wheelbarrow." I actually laughed out loud.

  • S1l3nt A5sas5in
    S1l3nt A5sas5in

    A guide to LPL videos: 20+ minutes: In depth review 10-19 minutes: Review, multiple challenge locks, or a lock 100% worth getting 4-9 minutes: challenge lock or a particularly good lock 3 minutes: decent lock 1-2 minutes: he about to roast whoever made the lock

  • Steven Katz
    Steven Katz

    This guy is a savage

  • Adi -
    Adi -

    LPL picks poor quality locks of late, just so he gets away with quick, short videos!! :)

  • Mitchell

    Almost easier to pick than it is to use the key.

  • thilo therz
    thilo therz

    Destroyed in seconds.

  • Oof Yeet
    Oof Yeet

    I wOldlerkrbebrnr whatever wheel barrel wheel barrel and whekrkrjebrvevehrhennff

  • Oof Yeet
    Oof Yeet


  • David Boson
    David Boson

    right tool for the job = easy

  • SuicideKing777

    Sensei? Yes, my son. How comes when a man I has sex with a lot of women he is considered a stud but when a woman has sex with a lot of men she is considered a whore? Well my son its like this, if one key opens a lot of locks it is called a master key, but, if a lot of keys open a single lock it is called a shitty lock!

  • Aurora Noel Eckelberg
    Aurora Noel Eckelberg

    If this guy can't keep you out of prison in court, this guy can definitely break you out tho.

  • Swagger fox101
    Swagger fox101

    "I wouldnt even use it to protect a low-value item. i.e a wheel barrel." Oklead: 💀

  • weejohnbb

    But would you use it to secure an Irish tractor?

  • Finn Ekberg Christiansen
    Finn Ekberg Christiansen

    I think it was a fluke. At least the 'lock' was. :)

  • Sourav Biswas
    Sourav Biswas

    This guy should volunteer to clear all the locks on the bridges in Paris.

  • Pirelli

    Such a shit lock. That's almost an insult to LPL. 🤨😂

  • Eboni Mom
    Eboni Mom

    Oh crud.... I was really considering this lock to secure my precious wheel barrels.

  • Stoop Solo
    Stoop Solo

    A lock so poor he had to pick it three times just to provide enough filler for a not-even-2-minute video.

  • PartyGod

    LPL: “Let’s try it again a few more times” Stop! Stop already, it’s already dead! LPL: I would use it for a low value item like a wheelbarrow Out from the pan and into the oven it is then