[1124] The Thickest Cable Lock I’ve Ever Tested: Kryptonite Hardwire

  • Nothing To See
    Nothing To See

    I just judge the lock by your video times. Under 5 minutes, junk. 6-10, ok, anything over 10, could be good unless it has packaging or you disassemble it.

  • Jason Witherspoon
    Jason Witherspoon

    Battery powered porta-band will cut through that cable I’m like 2 seconds.

  • Chris King
    Chris King

    DRILL a few holes through the cable... and then pass bolt cutter claws through the defects and start snipping. I cut through this cable lock doing as described in under 5 minutes.

  • Sanu Santhosh
    Sanu Santhosh

    Show the best lock also for a change

  • Ice Rink Diaries
    Ice Rink Diaries

    Someone says it once I will say it again. Lock companies must love you.

  • Sitting Still
    Sitting Still

    The UZload algorithm is odd. I watched a ton of Bosnian Bill videos before ever watching anything LPL. Yet, I only get suggested LPL videos now after watching a single one of his videos. Honestly, LPL seems to have higher skill but Bosnian Bill has way better commentary, explanations and richer perspective.

  • pho3nixmatt

    So what exactly would you recommend for, let's say, a bike?

  • K W
    K W

    Lockpick lawyer: it will require special tools and skills Lockpick lawyer after 2 seconds: here we go, the lock is open.

  • Todaywefly

    You have to think about who would be walking around looking for something protected by that cable/lock with that specialised tool in their pocket. If you are that person, you’re welcome to my insured Harley....no I,don’t have a Harley....I was...making a ...point, ok. I do have a Kawasaki.

  • Douglas Williams
    Douglas Williams

    That thing is big enough to be a formidable weapon without having the appearance of a weapon. Might be hard to explain to the jury why you have a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but this is just a bicycle lock. :-)

  • thejumperkin

    This looks *exactly* the same (The lock, cable design, spring-loaded lock cover, the casing around the lock, weight, even the medium-large nub on the end of the cable and the actual key design all look *exactly* the same) as the lock I bought, for about £12, in my local Sports Direct shop (here in the UK) about 6 months ago!

  • Jon Axford
    Jon Axford

    I wonder if this would be susceptible to a pipecutter, one of those simple ones you just spin around the pipe a bunch. The cable would dull the pipecutter pretty quick, but it might still make it through far enough to matter

  • Dana Carter
    Dana Carter

    I had a theory years ago that all bicycles weigh the same. If you have a bike that weighs 50 pounds, you need a lock that weighs zero pounds to protect it from theft, but, if you have a bike that weighs 10 pounds, you need 40 pounds of locks.

  • Optimus1337

    "Not particularly hard to open" ...all I had to do was custom make a complex tool to open it.

  • NWA

    A good lock just needs to stop the average crackhead, not some high tech lawyer

  • kakkakaka kakakakak
    kakkakaka kakakakak

    Normal size wire cuting tool will go through this in under a minute, with hard hands and proper tactic. I cut 2cm cran rope with them for a bet and earn 50 euros.

  • Cheese Rolls
    Cheese Rolls

    LPL: "I will now bestow upon you the my highest honor: *Not particularly hard to pick*"

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young

    Wouldn't a hydraulic cable cutter make short work of this? They are very quiet.

  • mrjustinrubin

    How common is the pick you used?

  • indian bg
    indian bg


  • king james488
    king james488

    > walks up to fort nox and stares at gate "I'm going to need a specialized tool... just let me get that pick that Bosnian Bill and I made."

  • king james488
    king james488

    my lock is so beefy I just put wheels on it and ride it around...

  • aditsu

    LPL: there aren't many tools that can even reach around this thick cable Cable lock: (flexes smugly) LPL: I'm going to get the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made Cable lock: what? oh no, no no that can't be!! halp! somebody save me!!! nooooooo.....

  • Glo Gang
    Glo Gang

    Its never a fluke

  • juergen bertram
    juergen bertram

    Bosnian Bill and you are a danger to any lock !!

  • schwadaddy81

    LockPicking is obviously the better half of this lawyer lol.... lawyers are too plentiful that over half should be replaced with lockPickers.

  • Adam Holt
    Adam Holt

    I almost wonder if kryponite is tired of being bullied by LPL, so they started making bigger locks lol.

  • Chasmodius

    I think it's a LITTLE disingenuous to say that it's "not particularly hard to open" when you have to use a custom, self-built tool (and significant, championship-winning picking skills). And while a chain might be nearly as good, it won't hold onto the lock automatically, it's more open in many ways to the elements (rain and ice being very annoying on non-waterproofed chains and locks), and it doesn't have any sort of corporate guarantees (does Kryptonite still do that? It's been a while since I bought a bike lock), for whatever that is worth. I'm not a Kryptonite fanboy, I just don't think it's nearly as bad as you're making it sound, considering its cons AND pros.

  • Alex Nas
    Alex Nas

    can you do a top 3 bike locks episode and let us know what are your top 3 and why and what to look for in a future lock?

  • Durzio

    Not particularly hard to open, just takes the special tool me and a friend created, lots of practice and skill aquired over a long career, and knowledge of how the inner mechanisms of this security device work.

  • DoubleOG

    Two words, Portable Bandsaw. Whats with all these Angle Grinders????

  • Allout Gamerz
    Allout Gamerz

    I am just asking not to seem rude or anything what’s is the best pick resistent lock just asking for advice

  • Random user #74652819
    Random user #74652819

    I want to see just how hard this lock is to cut through, because this looks like a very unusual thing: a cable lock that's actually worth using.

  • john sellers
    john sellers

    where do i get one of those picks

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    Gotta find me one of THOSE piqs!

  • Blaž Bohinc
    Blaž Bohinc

    "specialised tools" - literally tools that nobody has because they have to be custom made.

    • fastmongrel


  • punker4Real

    I bought a Kryptonite U lock the people just leave it alone as soon as they see the Kryptonite name on it .. it would cost me 250$ to replace the bike as used bike prices have skyrocketed. since there is no new ones at the store

  • Ucmh

    That thing needs a name. A billock? A billyer?

  • jcfw

    No many people know this but he first started out on bra-straps

  • T38 Talon
    T38 Talon

    I'm sure this is in one of your vids but... Why isn't it 'back to the beginning'' is number 2. Why isn't it number 1?

  • Revan

    So what I’m taking away from this video is if your using this bike lock and someone steal your bike they probably deserve to have that bike

  • xd preachrboy
    xd preachrboy

    I wonder if he returned it lol

  • Peter King
    Peter King

    Use Thermite

  • sk8punk318

    No basically if you know how to pick locks it doesn’t matter what chain it’s connected to

  • Katrina Loreto
    Katrina Loreto

    I have no idea why i keep watching your videos. I am not a lockpicker nor do I want to be nor do I understand what you feel during picking. I just watch you and i dont know why

  • Maxwell McKee
    Maxwell McKee

    I swear to god he is just teaching people how to pick locks for extra money

  • bung0o

    this dude makes me not wanna buy a lock for anything now

  • Alexandria Otimex-Cortez
    Alexandria Otimex-Cortez

    Who else started laughing when his hand came into view?

  • Bill Kuker
    Bill Kuker

    Does anyone do a cable full of kevlar or aramid or whatever threads that'll tangle up an angle grinder like chainsaw chaps?

  • dumwaldo

    please do another video trying to exploit the cable. we need to see how it handles a hand cutter and a power grinder with a cutting wheel. those are the tools that NYC thieves are using to steal bikes. its highly doubtful a bike thief will have your level of skill and your custom tools. if they did they would be making enough money as locksmiths that they wouldnt need to steal bikes. it would be really cool to see this cable compared to some heavy chains too. from what i have heard, the rubber coating and stranded cable are supposed to gum up and jam the wheel of a cutter so i would be interested to see what happens.

  • slakr2386


  • Bob Kaster
    Bob Kaster

    Meanwhile the guys at Kryptonite are like "Dangit, not that blasted pick again! How do we defeat this thing!"

  • Netocian

    It's really T I C C.

  • Soccerboss792

    When you were picking the lock with the tool it made me think of my dentist. Just your tone and how you were talking. Pretty funny to me lmao

  • Tracy Griffin
    Tracy Griffin

    Undoubtedly you are a genius lock picker. But if the average thief were to attempt to defeat this lock and cable, would it be safe to say that it is above his, or her, level of expertise?

  • Juan Jiménez
    Juan Jiménez

    Chains are easier to pop than cables. All you need to do is get the blade of the cutter at the right spot to exert maximum force at the smallest point.

  • Alan D1
    Alan D1

    Any lock can be picked given the right tools and Chains are easier to cut than a cable. Also, weight is not an issue for me since it's a motorized vehicle and not a bicycle. I have a similar thick cable for my scooter but mine has steel cups around the cable making it about 1 1/4 inch thick. The lock has a slightly different key configuration and has the spring loaded keyway cover. The brand name is called Onguard. So far nobody has tried to mess with it.

  • sageosaka

    Hope to see you try to brute force this with a hack saw or something!

  • Christian Pedersen
    Christian Pedersen

    Cheap battery powered angle grinder from HomeDepot and this lock is gone in... a minute or two?

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant

    Instead of cutting the cable, wouldn't it be easier to cut the pin end where it goes into the lock covere?! That pin is less than half an inch thick and a cordless side grinder would go through that like any lock.

  • yourtv

    A man bought himself a lock so great that it was stolen from his Ducati.

  • adriaansmit81

    He kept the packaging on so he can still return it

  • Kevin

    The trouble is not everyone in your local area has a custom made picker like 'lockpickinglawer' you should of done it with your pick and tension way 👍

  • Mark Nope
    Mark Nope

    I've never met someone from Bosnia that is trustworthy

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob

    There is an easy way to cut all this sort of "cable", without power tools or hacksaws..., just requires a modified tool.....

  • ThirdAct Warrior
    ThirdAct Warrior

    I can't believe I have a suggestion for the great LPL, but I know something that will cut that cable quicker than side cutters, cable shears or a hacksaw. A locksmith turned me on to it. I once had to go through a 1/2" plastic coated braided bike lock cable with a Dremel, using a cutoff wheel designed for cutting metal. It only took me about 3 min. I'm sure that this 1" cable would perhaps take twice as long to cut, but it could still be done. A good cordless Dremel-type tool can be had for about $50 - $100 and could be easily concealed and disposed of. It might be worth it for a hypothetical bike thief to steal a multi-thousand dollar bike. So beware out there!

  • 848 EVO
    848 EVO

    Kryptonite defeats Superman, LockPickingLawyer hold my beer as I defeat kryptonite

  • NXG

    Is there a video anywhere where he shows his lock collection/storage. I imagine by this point he has half his garage just filled with boxes of locks

  • M K
    M K

    Witch lock safe for bike plzzzzzz tell me

  • Shakeel Lal
    Shakeel Lal

    Can u pls give me the link from where i can buy that tool to open lock plsssssss. I lost my cycle lock key twice and suffered a lot to open it.

  • Artoriosis

    I still have no idea what's happening but I still watch it help

  • Vittorio Cascone
    Vittorio Cascone

    Say the line Bart: "The pick that BosnianBill and I made" *Crowd becomes joyful*

    • phorzer32

      Oh OK?

    • Vittorio Cascone
      Vittorio Cascone

      @phorzer32 it is " I (lockpickinglawer) made "

    • phorzer32

      Don't get it... I know BosnianBill.. but... hä?

  • Wired Weird
    Wired Weird

    Simple solution to stop pickers: make a biometric lock that only opens with a specific fingerprint. Of course it’ll probably cost more than what it’s intended to protect 🤔

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson

    I can imagine these new super powerful and durable battery powered angle grinders are a nightmare for security..

  • Roy R
    Roy R

    Just remembering when a neighbour got a car alarm installed and someone broke into their car and stole it...

  • Mo Kurd
    Mo Kurd

    nothing is hard for you to open

  • UsefulMuffinCat

    seeing this makes me think: what kind of locking cylinder design is the most secure or at least hardest to pick? I always thought those rotating disc locks are quite secure...

  • southshoregraphics

    It would be helpful if you could show us the locks you can't crack.

  • World Famous Langlois
    World Famous Langlois

    I don't lock my front door .. if I'm not home they can just cut my door with a chainsaw if they want.. but on the street if it makes a little more trouble for a common thief it's worth it.. maybe they move on to someone else. but sheesh lpl .. ever do an escape room?

  • 2815Juan

    Cheap ryobi cordless angle grinder would slice through extremely fast

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield

    I'm guessing he didn't remove it from the packaging so it can go back to the hardware store for a refund

  • Martin Lyhagen
    Martin Lyhagen


  • Ruben Braekman
    Ruben Braekman

    Just buy some chain lol

  • BuddyBonButt

    All I've learned from this channel is I'm fucked if I ever need to use a lock for something.

  • alejandro castaño
    alejandro castaño

    Damn that boy thicc

  • Harley Explores
    Harley Explores

    you can take how long it takes him to pick a lock and multiply it by several times to get an approximate time of how long a regular person would take to pick a lock

  • jonathanNYC1

    who else tuned in expecting him to break out the bolt cutters :P Nice work LPL!

  • The Niwo
    The Niwo

    I love how they made pictures of the lock on the carton, for a lock that is openly visible

  • Julian Reverse
    Julian Reverse

    27 seconds with a hacksaw, 90 seconds with a side cutter

  • BerriBlu

    I just come here to hear him talk. It's very nice and calming. He could break into my house and I'd be fine with it.

  • TMT

    Bolt cutters will go straight through that

    • Sara Levine
      Sara Levine

      Shhh. This is Kryptonite advertising.

  • Atl Bike
    Atl Bike

    You can cut through it with a dremel with a decent cut off wheel in about the same amount of time. Or a large set of sharp bolt cutters in a second.

  • Karis AsaNi
    Karis AsaNi

    This is pretty much what youll use if you HAVE to use a cable lock

  • JimboTCB

    "not particularly hard to open" using specialised tools and my magical wizard powers

  • ZoruaZorroark

    you have made a good lock when it not only takes LPL 5 minutes or more to defeat, he also resorts to a custom made tool that he and/or someone had to design and make without compromising the locks structure

  • Jason Dolan
    Jason Dolan

    Not very hard to open: "I just used a custom made pick against a lock that 99% of locksmiths cant pick." LPL & BB are at the pinnacle of their profession. Id use a 10 pound maul placing the cable against a concrete surface. Hit hard...repeat.

  • fernarias

    The best thing you can do is buy a cheap bike at walmart and it doesn't matter if it's stolen.

  • THE BUDDHA 420
    THE BUDDHA 420

    Somebody just needs to design a brand new locking system that has no known method of being picked

  • Timothy Lane
    Timothy Lane

    Any time I see the Bosnian Bill/LPL pick, I know I can trust that lock. Not a whole lot of those picks out there.

  • Michael Heider
    Michael Heider

    So you just payed an extra $1Ik for the 5lb. Lighter bike and now you need this lock because it's an extra$1k - very funny