[1090] As Bad As You’d Think: AmazonBasics Bike Lock Picked FAST!

  • peakay2002

    Is this how bike thieves steal bikes though? Sorry if this is a dumb question -- I always perceived that they broke or sawed the locks. Are their thieves walking around with lock picking tools? Sorry if this is naive, just trying to understand.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    im happy to say that i am going to purchase one of these. for practice purposes only of course. any lock you say is pickable by a novice is something i intend to purchase to practice on.

  • August Rowse
    August Rowse

    Not to mention that the rest of the lock is made of (cheap looking) plastic, I could kick it and it would break.

  • JP N
    JP N

    La grosse daube

  • Michael Gauthier
    Michael Gauthier

    I wonder if the company even bothers to cut keys, or if they are all the same. I mean, if it isn’t working, just jiggle it a bit and it will probably open. They could save a lot of money by just having a random key.

  • Michael Gauthier
    Michael Gauthier

    To sum it up: I had low expectations that failed to be met.

  • Michaelcraft100

    I checked and they don’t sell this anymore, so that’s good

  • ZeldaTheSwordsman

    Amazon Basics & Amazon's Choice = Avoid

  • 1 Stooge
    1 Stooge

    Couldv just spit on it

  • Brandon Drews
    Brandon Drews

    I was really hoping he was going to break it where it bends.

  • SkySoft945 soft
    SkySoft945 soft

    Lol the lock cant even last 2 mins

  • Haberak

    At least the it actually locked (if you could call it that)

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    Smoooth bottom

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    My wife is Chinese doesn’t understand English humor. I am sending her to lpl comment section

  • Madcap Laughs
    Madcap Laughs

    It’s basic all right.

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    He was expecting the worst and was still disappointed. that’s how bad it was

  • Zabair Ghafoor
    Zabair Ghafoor

    Not even bothered to test it with the Ramset. LOL !!!

  • Kuraeshin

    Realistically, anytime we buy a lock, we just need to search the channel for it and watch the video. Because I don't expect there to be a lock LPL can't do but rather I need to know the skill level required for someone else to know if its even worth getting.

  • Nathan Shmook
    Nathan Shmook

    everybody gangsta till the pick start jiggling

  • Shannon Fletcher
    Shannon Fletcher

    Hi, I'm the lock picking l..., sorry I accidentally opened the lock, in any case that's all I have for you today.

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat

    i've actually been pretty happy with amazonbasics products. they weren't security products or safes though. im pretty sure they get other manufacturers to stamp the amazon name on the product. they have basically everything from underwear to vitamins to motor oil.

  • Julian Wozniak
    Julian Wozniak

    Less a lock more a inconvenience

  • Kevin Alg
    Kevin Alg

    LPL: our expectations were *low* but HOLY FUCK

  • Tu Phan
    Tu Phan

    when he brought out the jiggler, it's hard to not go "stop, stop, he's already dead"

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey

    These are basically the “very easy” locks in Fallout

  • mathis8210

    Why don't they just put on a button that you press to open the lock? Just as secure and you don't have to remember taking the key with you.

  • Ben Müller
    Ben Müller

    lol that was a very quick roast of amazon basics😂

  • RWBHere

    *MasterLock are taking notes.*

  • Adithya vinodkumar
    Adithya vinodkumar

    This was probly Jeff bezos' kids toy lock

  • CraftySmithKeith

    You could probably break it faster than you can use the key on it

  • Jessica T
    Jessica T

    There are some good Amazon Basics items...but that's why you read reviews to find out which ones are garbage, and which ones are worth money

  • Teuton

    had to slow down the video to see the lock being opened.

  • Joshua Cabjuan
    Joshua Cabjuan

    Any recommendations on good bike lock

  • UlyssesPrime

    LPL: This is the Lockpicking Lawyer and today we have a US Minuteman III nuclear silo with dual key ignition system...

  • Christopher Fassett
    Christopher Fassett

    I remember sticking a pick into a wafer lock comparable to this one and it popped open before I'd even gotten it all the way in. The shocked look on my friend's face was great. LPL, making that same expression appear on hundreds of thousands of faces daily

  • DoorisJ

    He didn’t even bother showing the design of the lock

  • Max The PI Guy
    Max The PI Guy

    I’m convinced, Locks are useless. Do you recommend any that are extremely difficult to pick? Or can they all be picked pretty easily?

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart

    For once i`d just like to see the faces of the people at Amazon that gave this the go ahead- just once. Please someone at Amazon show this to Amazon and record their surprise!

  • J G
    J G

    Dildo one open next please. Thank you.

  • Kongou Bongo
    Kongou Bongo

    Shitty core aside: I hope those arms are more than just pure plastic.

  • Saisudheep Namachivayam
    Saisudheep Namachivayam

    "we're gonna have some fun with it"

  • Rubbishcop

    What a load of rubbish.

  • Thomas Gabaldon
    Thomas Gabaldon

    I was subscribed for over a year but few months ago UZload decided to unsubscribe me for no reason.

  • lange darm
    lange darm

    🤣🤣🤣...that's pathetic

  • Nitrotetrazole

    no need for tools, just shake it like a soda and it'll open xD

  • nicknugget

    So basically the key to opening this lock is you tension it and then wiggle something that’s somewhat flat inside of it and it pops open

  • EmmatheGuppy

    Where do you get your tools? Do they come in a kit or do you buy them separately? :)

  • Gav

    I am not the first to pick the lock of watching this video

  • Jayde D'Agnolo
    Jayde D'Agnolo

    When he pulls out the rake you know it’s bad.

  • FonchCakes

    Shortest videos on youtube

  • Culper Woodhull
    Culper Woodhull

    Great video and heads up for those that may fall for this. I can't agree enough, stay away from those Amazon Basics. I bought one of their paper shredders...you know the rest. Till next time, LPL.

  • Bartimeus Dominic Wibisana
    Bartimeus Dominic Wibisana

    It's called basic for a reason.

  • Rylan Weldon
    Rylan Weldon

    My marriage lasted longer than this lock.

  • Will Reese
    Will Reese

    LPL should work with a lock company to design a lock, that'd be super popular.

  • Rich Booth
    Rich Booth

    He heh, he said “Wafer jiggler”

  • Oh G
    Oh G

    The bike lock isn’t made by amazon basics because it is a basic item but because how basic it it to pick.

  • Steamed

    This is the equivalent of reviewbrah reviewing that shrimp sandwich

  • tornadokat

    Putting this lock on your bike means you're adding about 30 bucks to the cost of the bike when it is stolen.

  • Max Garascia
    Max Garascia

    Thanks for the PSA ! I'm shopping for a scooter lock what do you recommend?

  • DeadAtrocity

    I've purchased some really good Amazon basics products

  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight

    when the whole video is less than 2 min with all the talking

  • imbw267

    Easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes

    :O Wait, what?! 0:

  • Onion

    Looks like a pornhub title

  • Mr. Paint
    Mr. Paint

    Jeff bezos isn’t going to like this

  • Oskar Balcerzak
    Oskar Balcerzak

    You should also destroy it on camera.

  • David

    Should Amazon be liable for selling this as a "lock"? lol

  • Julian Reverse
    Julian Reverse

    You should test the Hiplok locks! They are highly secure in terms of cutting / breaking open, and the lock itself seems to be pretty hard to pick.


    this is the lock version of jerryrigeverything

  • Milk Kyou
    Milk Kyou

    LPL: We are going to open it Me: Uh huh LPL: ......in a few different ways Me: Lol this lock is fucked

  • anothga

    LPL: "Let's do it the third time with a jiggler." me: "Stop! Stop, it's already dead!"

  • Mats Aabel
    Mats Aabel

    I see this as a product to avoid. Translation: Who the hell designed this piece of shit!?

  • Ketil Kristiansen
    Ketil Kristiansen

    Walking home because your bike was stolen - it doesn't get more basic than that.

  • V S
    V S

    Next we try it with a coffee stir straw, but by blowing the air through it and into the lock.

  • John H
    John H

    Amazon has put this note up where one rates the lock: "Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews." This isn't a joke; try making a review yourself.

  • Ad3m P3na
    Ad3m P3na

    Really I look away for like 5 seconds and he already opened it bruh

  • Kylo Bran
    Kylo Bran


  • Primo Gonzales
    Primo Gonzales


  • binary cat
    binary cat

    I was really hoping you'd pull the double tention wrench trick again.

  • ____________________

    I really appreciate channels like this. Absolutely unbiased and honest.

  • Gurt Bacharach
    Gurt Bacharach

    gave her mom the ol wafer jiggler

  • TheCarpenterUnion

    You were just endorsed by pewdiepie today. Expect an influx of subscribers soon ✌️

  • WOFL

    Where did he learn to lockpick

  • DeviantOllam

    Loving those small jiggler tools! Way easier to carry and conceal than the conventional gigantic ones made by so many other vendors. It's almost like these could be called "covert" jigglers or something. Whoever thought these up is definitely a smartypants. 😉

  • Tom Faulkner
    Tom Faulkner

    Who is here from pewdepie?

  • TurtleIsNotAngry

    Amazon BAsics are usually just rebranded chinaware

  • Gage Talbot
    Gage Talbot

    finna get me a new bike

  • jules

    Thanks some idiot had this protecting his bike and as you said very quick to get open on a different note anyone need a cheap bike?

  • Musicalmilk_Shake

    And there comes my trust issues again

  • willi

    This lock would even open if you kindly ask it to..

  • Joseph Laramie
    Joseph Laramie

    I don't understand why people dislike these videos. It's extremely short and the title describes excatly what you're getting. I understand not caring about locks or locking picking but then just don't watch the video.

  • j wasto
    j wasto

    Who else is watching because of PewDiePie

  • Redstoneninja 375
    Redstoneninja 375

    Anyone know where I can find what he uses?

  • Leo


  • MrErichonda30

    Jeff bozo dislikes this

  • Michael Ouzts
    Michael Ouzts

    When I saw him use the smooth side of the hook, I nearly spit out my drink.

  • Martin

    Amazon Baseshit

  • Garden Grove
    Garden Grove

    As soon as that lock opened 5 engineers at the lock company got canned.

  • Josh Markham
    Josh Markham

    This is entertaining

  • Conall

    Where does he get his tools i want some