[1163] A Stunning Trailer Lock Design Flaw (Equipment Lock Company)

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B

    I guess if you weld it then it would be alright

  • Notmah Cuppatea
    Notmah Cuppatea

    So I guess, mig weld over the screws and it's not too bad?

  • My alt account that I will barely ever use
    My alt account that I will barely ever use

    Red do be lookin kinda sus tho.

  • That Goth Guy
    That Goth Guy

    They could have fixed that so easily by using long head screws and sanding the tops off.

  • Marvin De Bot
    Marvin De Bot

    For some things there are no excuses . . .

  • BF3 and 4 HighLights
    BF3 and 4 HighLights

    I am going to buy this lock, hopefully on sale now that the major flaw has been identified, remove the 2 screws and slap a little red loctite on them and then reinstall. Good luck getting them out ever again for any reason. I use red and blue (blue everyday) and red is for lack of a better description, chemical welding, It is only removable once cured by heating up parts to 500°F (260°C). An apprentice at work put together brakes using red. What a ___________ nightmare to correct. No more flaw.

  • DonziGT230

    Install the screws with locktite and fill the heads with epoxy, problem solved. It's totally retarded that the manufacturer did nothing to prevent removal of the screws.

  • Bert Blankenstein
    Bert Blankenstein

    Surprising how there usually is a security shortcoming.

  • Fishheadmandible

    You could fill the heads of the screws with epoxy or something else that hardens.

  • Luis Mi S.
    Luis Mi S.

    If u weld that part, problem solved. But i wouldn´t buy it

  • Jeremiah Kane
    Jeremiah Kane

    Best way I could see to improve this would be to cut the top half so that it hugs the coupler and closes further down on top of the infalliably foolish screws.

  • Ryan Waltos
    Ryan Waltos

    Break out the welder and weld over the screws and weld the lock body seam. Re- paint and make a flawed lock better.

  • Kyfer Ez
    Kyfer Ez

    Why did they not weld the casing together? Lol!

  • mattikaki

    It’s easy to glue the cover and use locking compound on the screws and then drill the hex part of them round.

  • mick76

    lock company's should pay the LPL to check out locks before they go into production

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller

    Lock companies must hate these videos

  • Rohan Grant-Dawes
    Rohan Grant-Dawes


  • Sara Llewellyn
    Sara Llewellyn

    LPL - I have a request. How about picking one of the most expensive locks on Amazon? Such as a padlock used by the US Military: tinyurl.com/Link4LPL

  • fenderstratguy

    Damn political commercials

  • snoopietravis

    Something like this makes me like ooo what they got in there must be worth looking lol jk I ant a creeper just waz making a joke

  • CrazyWaffle5150

    You could just weld the 2 screws into place.

  • Steve Greer
    Steve Greer

    This is...at best...usable for lock out/tag out

  • baz carter
    baz carter

    Having stumbled across you channel during lock down it has kept me entertained. And am amazed how easy it is to open some locks! You only need the tool and the knowledge to dismantle it - no picking requied!

  • Solenoid Null
    Solenoid Null

    I wonder if any of the lesser lock companies have tried to attack LPL because of his efforts showing how trash their locks are? I could totally see a crappier lock company making empty threats

  • jeremyb251


  • MrSchuetzendorf

    Hahahaha! Great piece of engineering.

  • ilikeyello

    i feel like he should come out with his own line of locks

  • Jedadiah Simino
    Jedadiah Simino

    what trailer lock would you recommend?

  • GunGryphon

    Could take a welder and seal the core housing.

  • Hellsong89

    At least this is pretty easy to fix by end users minus shimming the locking lip and core issue. Just weld the plate on and put some touch up paint, or drill the ends round, touch usually you can open them with chisel and hammer. 99 Derbi Senda use special shear off bolt with round head that is tightened until intended spot gives out and you officially cannot open it.... buuut it only took less than 5 minutes with chisel and hammer to remove whole handle bar lock and ignition switch assembly (last owner had lost keys so i had to replace all the locks to bike and i know the owner so it was not stolen) Then again if i were to steal that bike, just use force to sheer the lock lip off and by pass one wire to get it running.... New lock kit will hide any chances that occurred and you only have only have title/serial number to worry about...

  • Mike andersen
    Mike andersen

    That is an amazingly poor design, to the point that the people involved in its development should be fired.

  • Joel L
    Joel L

    Epoxy the damn screw holes at the top and it should be fine for practical uses i think

  • J Bas
    J Bas

    Trailer hitch locks are a joke anyway. If someone wants to steal your trailer, they can just chain it to the back of their hitch and drive away with it.

  • DOF 2965
    DOF 2965

    I love this guy he makes all lock production companies look like Primary School technology classes have made their locks

  • Dr. Icky Does Stuff
    Dr. Icky Does Stuff

    Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like a good kick at the right angle would knock that lock off since there's nothing really grabbing at the top.

  • Yannis Gouras
    Yannis Gouras

    5 mins with a welder would fix that

  • Jeff Blazes
    Jeff Blazes

    Some red loctite and a 1/4 inch drill bit would fix that problem.

  • wasabi chips
    wasabi chips

    reds looking kinda sus

  • Kimmeh Kajjeh
    Kimmeh Kajjeh

    I thought when LPL was saying "unfortunately, the companies made a few regrettable decisions," he was gonna say "unfortunately, the companies made a few regrettable decisions by sending this to me"

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick

    Thats just embarrassing... 🙄😒

  • Jason Fritcher
    Jason Fritcher

    The least they could have done was put red loctite on those screws. That would have made it a *little* more interesting, but not much. :)

  • Manuel Hofrichter
    Manuel Hofrichter

    I would maybe buy it (apart from the high price) but bore out the hexagon out of the 2 screws... Would make it a bit safer... Or use one way screws to fasten the plate.... But for that price i would expect they would have thought more about those screws 🤣

  • DroneFragger

    If a lock has visible bolts on the outside of it... you know t's gonna be complete dogshit.


    Your wife is a safe and u r the key and if u open the lock u will get your child

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    If the LPL is this good at lock picking, I'll bet he is even better as a lawyer! My hat is off to him! 👍

  • Charles Smith
    Charles Smith

    But...uh,...well...uh...well, your not supposed to be carrying one of those tools that you can buy at Home Depot! 😂😂😂😂😂😎

  • Mat May
    Mat May

    But who has a ratched like this? I have never seen one like this

    • Mark C
      Mark C

      Everyone who works on small mechanical devices has one. I've had one for 30+ years. Very handy doing exactly what LPL did, getting at screws that have little head room.

  • Ben Urland
    Ben Urland

    this Lock is scrowed

  • Steven Amos
    Steven Amos

    Sent them an email. Greetings, The Equipment Lock Company would like to thank you for submitting the information on the potential “flaw” with ball and ring hitch lock. We are now aware of the issue of how our lock could be defeated. Fortunately, to date we have not yet had a reported case of the lock being broken into. However, due to the customer concern, we are currently in the process of redesigning the lock with a more secure solution. We greatly appreciate the feedback and improvement suggestions provided by our customers! We value our customer’s opinions! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you, Amanda Butts The Equipment Lock Company

    • Franz Ferdinand VIII
      Franz Ferdinand VIII

      perhaps they all have their heads up their *Butts?*

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    I had to pause the video at 1:26 after hearing about the two screws I just sat there with an expression like a guppy at feeding time. Mouth agape, dead stare

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp

    A 115 $ piece of shit! A hammer and a center punch are enough to loosen the screws even if one comes buy and haven't a ratchet with the appropriate bit at hand.

  • sikkepossu

    Locks are for honest people.

  • Emerald Block Boat
    Emerald Block Boat

    Imagine a bank vault owner invited him to a reveal of a new vault, he says this is unopenable without the key, he turns around for five seconds and he’d already in

  • Grimshaw Grummage
    Grimshaw Grummage

    wowwwwwwwww, they could have just made the block taller so it goes all the way to the ceiling.

  • Gh0st620

    Ah yes, those tamper proof screws where can get a whole set for cheap at Harbor Freight

  • redryderaus

    That is crazy!! Who in that company thought this was a good design?

  • Rusty Dale
    Rusty Dale

    The screws just need a little "Loctite".

  • Jack

    I'm speachless

  • Auto Roller
    Auto Roller

    absolute garbage. Somebody email that company a link to this video.

  • Jim Nutt
    Jim Nutt

    It occurs to me that some red loctite would do wonders for this lock.

  • UrSoMeanBoss

    I'm pretty sure that body's height was designed to be just about the size of the gap but then someone came along and said "why is there so much extra material here?" and knocked it down to save a buck

  • Philosophy Of Élivágar
    Philosophy Of Élivágar

    LPL: "A Stunning Trailer Lock..." Me: :O LPL: "..Design Flaw" Me: There we go

  • Calvin at DrifterStudio
    Calvin at DrifterStudio

    It's still a great lock, you just need to fill the screw heads on with epoxy.



  • George Washington
    George Washington

    It would have been good to do a complete review. The screw issue can be resolved relatively easily by epoxy on the threads, and bending the center pin of the hex hole. I agree - one should not need to address serious design flaw before using a product.

  • ObsidianParis

    What's stuns me the most is that even after 1163 episodes, we still can get surprised when discovering such a product… :-)

  • Tim the Enchanter
    Tim the Enchanter

    I'd probably spot weld the seams having seen this.

  • Summit 1234
    Summit 1234

    My church recently had an enclosed trailer stolen, it had a lock on the tongue and a boot on one wheel, the thief busted the lock then pulled the trailer down the street till the boot came off after a couple a hundred feet. Haven’t seen the trailer since.

  • Steven Schwartz
    Steven Schwartz

    Thanks! What would you recommend for a trailer locking mechanism?

  • colin p
    colin p

    they are better off using standard hex bolts, and hammering a ball bearing into them to prevent removal

  • downeyd88

    "Twist out of one, Twist out of two, thats all for today"

  • Techalyzer

    Jesus Christ, is everything going to hell in our days? IT stuff is just ridiculous at this point, cars are made of plastic and chinese parts, locks are being held in place by screws, what's next, cardboard satellites? Paper buildings (already being done in US)? Sugar medicines? Glass aeroplanes? What next? :(

  • Dan W
    Dan W

    Why would they even think this was a good idea?! Even if they spot-welded that cover on after they put the lock cylinder in, you could probably still run a thin stainless shim up the square tubing and get it open, since it's spring-loaded.🙄 *EDIT:* If someone wanted to be really mean they could run a padlock through the ball-hitch release and weld it to the edge of the 'trailer lock' and throw the key away, just to piss the real owner off a bit.😈🤣

  • American Man TV
    American Man TV

    Must be watching enough LPL. Immediately noticed the fasteners lol.

  • Kriegie

    Well, If I owned one of these I would intentionally strip the screws so that way noone could unscrew it

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo

    Why not just glue the screws down?

  • 706d

    Worst lock ever

  • seth rosenberg
    seth rosenberg

    Can you please suggest a good trailer lock?

  • Moe Row
    Moe Row

    Some designer just got slapped twice: One was a open hand and the other a pink slip. 😂

  • lost cause
    lost cause

    Pissing off lock companies 1 lock at a time! I love it! Well done sir well done.

  • Mr. Fister
    Mr. Fister

    A $115.00 visual deterrent?

  • Falcon EC
    Falcon EC

    What's with the computer voice? so stupid of a channel.

  • Calluna

    So, buy it and weld it?

  • V 4 Vendetta
    V 4 Vendetta

    Wow that's shameful

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson

    green loctite seems it would be a quick easy fix

  • J L
    J L

    They made a bright red target.

  • Aitch

    What kind of idiot puts this into production?

  • Maciej Załucki
    Maciej Załucki

    I have the same Neiko ratchet. Great, handy tool. Squeezes where regular 1/4" does not fit.

  • jonh bishop
    jonh bishop

    That's not a flaw, it's a feature 😂 In all fairness I think the idea was to lock thinner things and the screws would be hidden/protected when the lock was closed. I think this video was s bit forced for the lock to fail

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson

    Such a simple fault that would have taken 3 seconds to rectify with a couple of weld tacks at the factory when it was assembled

  • Tony P
    Tony P

    I park my trailer with a basic lock I've been researching but can not seem to decide on one, what lock would in your opinion would be the best locks to use? both on my truck hitch and the trailer tongue and doors

  • Kate Samson
    Kate Samson

    Man my favorite locks to see here are by FAR the ones where they just leave the screws exposed... to the outside... 😂

  • TheHobbyShopFilms

    Put some red lock tight on the screws and reassemble. That would make it more difficult to remove in the limited space.

  • pcfxr4u

    I hope they keep the design, I like free trailers.

  • king james488
    king james488

    a few well placed blows with a hammer would probably shear those little screws right off...

  • Tank To Chest
    Tank To Chest

    Anything can be beat by an angle grinder...

  • John Cochran
    John Cochran

    Looks like you can fix that issue by taking the screws out. Applying a drop of Loctite Red, and then putting the screws back.

  • hill billy
    hill billy

    just pull the screws and jb weld them back in, then drill out the top of the screws

  • Tony Virelli
    Tony Virelli

    Face Palm!

  • Verlisify

    "You think they can unscrew that?" "Nah, no one makes screwdrivers that small"

    • Dracon Livestreams
      Dracon Livestreams

      Verlisify dude what are you doing here?