[1163] A Stunning Trailer Lock Design Flaw (Equipment Lock Company)

  • Desaint

    wow unbelivable

  • Mike Messer
    Mike Messer

    What really gets me is that so many of his videos are so .... short. I often spend more time laughing than it takes to watch the videos.

  • Mark Watters
    Mark Watters

    Oh bugger!

  • Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee


  • mathew mcintosh
    mathew mcintosh

    It takes about thirty seconds to mar the socket on those screws. So let's see it shimmed

  • Adam Tennant
    Adam Tennant

    Seriously, who the fuck thinks that holding a lock body together with screws is a good idea? Just... wow. 🙄

  • Chris Lackey
    Chris Lackey

    Spanner screws with Red/permanent thread-locker would have been a better choice, assuming screws were mandatory. Otherwise a couple spot weld ground flush would have been better as would a dead locking latch, something like the second lock on hand cuffs, which would still allow an easy to use universal fit. Frankly at the pro ice point I would expect better security.

  • Channel Zero One
    Channel Zero One

    If you strip the screw heads, now how good is it?

  • billy Minihan
    billy Minihan

    Now that is absolutely scandless... if you own one of these ... fix screws with locktight and drill away screws heads to give yourself half a chance.... can always get them out with an easyout afterwards if need be.

  • fredio54

    LOL, that's a joke!

  • kupaN9

    They didn't even have the courtesy to use loctite on those screws.... They will loosen themselves over time too.

  • Karl Jay
    Karl Jay

    Wow, I just can't get over how these companies produce things like this. I hope people do their homework before they buy things things.

  • Robert Hannaman
    Robert Hannaman

    LOL $115 lock and it can be opened with a standard size 1$ Allen wrench with a little dip in center that you could make yourself or have done at home depot. The company should just quit the business.

  • ASI Design Studios
    ASI Design Studios

    just install with red loctite and drill out driver hole so it's rounded out before it leaves the factory. Fixed!.... Except for all the other weaknesses he mentioned 😂

  • Maxim S. Bagaev
    Maxim S. Bagaev

    O, I've found a lock that is pickeble with my skill and tools.

  • jedidethfreak

    The best part about this is, even if they changed literally nothing about the lock itself, this breach becomes impossible with two drops of red loc-tite.

  • deeez00

    I was installing a security door and it has a solenoid that is powered to keep the door locked. I thought that was a mistake when I saw the wiring diagram so I called the dealership to make sure and it was indeed true. The purpose of this is that in case of a fire or loss of power the doors won't keep people in harms way. However, all you really need to do is cut one wire to unlock the door so it's mostly just a visual deterrent. SMH

  • JeredtheShy

    Lock makers sure are incompetent, huh.

  • artyoms wolf
    artyoms wolf

    that's it if i ever get a trailer ill just weld some plates to keep it locked

  • McNoodles

    Just red locktite them lol

  • word dog
    word dog

    couldn't you just weld the screws

  • Charles Murphy
    Charles Murphy

    Why on earth would they put screws there?

  • Scooter George
    Scooter George

    Seems like a simple allen wrench with a hole drilled into the tip would defeat the "security" screws.

  • Tyan i7505
    Tyan i7505

    Wonder how embarrassed these companies are after watching these videos.

  • BangDroid

    Just bonkers

  • Scott

    A few seconds with a welder.... fixed.

  • HappyFlygon

    What are your thoughts on something designed with this flaw as a "fake flaw", E.G. the plate being screwed down only holds a normally closed switch open, and taking the plate off, instead of providing access, sets off a LOUD alarm?

  • gibtradwife

    they literally could have made that taller and you wouldnt be able to fit tools under it.

  • smokesmypaparazi

    bit of loctite on the screws will prevent srew removal

  • Chris Baker
    Chris Baker

    that is what ya call a design flaw

  • raidmagic

    How about a tack weld in the screw holes or JB weld?

  • james

    Tack weld the edge of the screw and tack the center of the screw to stop a tool from being even an option.

  • Richard dillen
    Richard dillen

    So the solution is red loctite

  • Lappmogel

    Well you can improve that anti tamper screw with a piece steel and a hammer. Seriously though, how is the rest of the product? Because fixing that weakness wouldn't be very hard at all but would it be a decent product if you did or are there other weaknesses?

  • Azog Defiler
    Azog Defiler

    Those screws should be some booby trap. Once unscrewed, it would blow your head or hands off. Booby traps = problem with thieves solved. lol

  • Dan Summers
    Dan Summers

    That looks like a ring-hitch lock that marketing decided to extend to ball hitches without warning the engineering team, to me. Ring-hitches are thinner in the vertical dimension, so on a ring-hitch, the upper plate would be pressed against those screwheads when closed, wouldn't it?

  • GerardAtTube

    If you weld the screw, it should be okay ;)

  • robotmad

    Jeez, you might as well leave the keys in the lock.

  • brandon woodford
    brandon woodford

    Weld the top plate on, throw the "tamper Proofs" in the trash. still not perfect by anymeans.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    So just weld the screw to be permanent.

  • Wesleystewart78

    So basically weld those screws in and you have a great lock lol

  • John Salvador
    John Salvador

    Good video, however, the several thousand pounds that are generally attached to the hitch may, on it's own, serve as a deterrent. Thief picks the lock, now thief has to figure out a way to lift the hitch off the ball and drag the hitch away.

  • Freddy rosenberg
    Freddy rosenberg

    $.05 worth of thread locker on those two screws would have made a world of difference.

  • Richard Desjardin
    Richard Desjardin

    Between this and the fact that most marine diesels are keyed alike I stand by my previous assessment that boats are basically free.

  • Zahid Shabir
    Zahid Shabir

    That is supposed to have anti tamper screws. If they were screws with screw heads designed and made in house and designed in a way that no common type of screw driver bit head could be used on it even if it didn't snugly fit then it would be far superior. Watching LPL videos has made me realise that 99% of locks in the wild have bad flaws or are easy to pick and i could EASILY carry almost every tool required for defeating almost all of these locks in a really small fannypack/bumbag (what they are known as in the UK)

  • Deon Hamilton
    Deon Hamilton

    its as stupid as aluminium windows with glass only held in by rubber and a easy to remove external aluminium glazing bead, with in only seconds you can have that glass out without making hardly a sound.

  • John Hlaj
    John Hlaj


  • marcoNLD

    insert DOUBLEFACEPALM gif here

  • Evil Fluff
    Evil Fluff

    Okay I think a welder can fix the problem. But I can’t imagine how they over looked that issue.

  • constantinos schinas
    constantinos schinas

    and all they needed was to weld some metal to cover the screws when locked... pretty easy to diy it still.

  • Antanis

    Any lock that can be disassembled while locked is immediately disqualified from any serious use, and I can't believe lock manufacturers get away with it.

  • Iron Horn Forge
    Iron Horn Forge

    I'm flawed

  • ScottyDM aka: Scott Miller
    ScottyDM aka: Scott Miller

    I suspect the color is supposed to be the deterrent. Red is scary.

  • Horny Step Mom - Videos
    Horny Step Mom - Videos

    "You think they can unscrew that?" "Nah, no one makes screwdrivers that small"

  • Zz Tony
    Zz Tony

    😂 did the developers dont‘t test their own products???

  • GermanDrivesCanada

    One single guy taking apart a multi billion dollar industry 🤣

  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman

    I find "anti tamper" screws laughable. They always have to make tools to remove them because there will be genuine reasons to remove them. So if the tools are freely available they're no longer "anti tamper". It just means our toolkits get bigger.

  • pimpciak

    These days when an engineering degree doesn't mean much :)

  • Scott Chilson
    Scott Chilson

    Just put it back together with red Loctite on the threads.

  • OwenbenJEWman sucks vox off
    OwenbenJEWman sucks vox off

    Thanks for the laugh!

  • jammi

    Couldn't it be fixed by drilling away the security screw head pattern?

  • RipleySawzen

    You can also usually either just use a sharp, flathead bit to turn them if they aren't very tight, or knock out those security pins in the middle of the screw head then use a hex/torx

  • DotDotDashDot

    Dudes got skills like Sam and Dean Winchester

  • Colonel Panic
    Colonel Panic

    Well at least they did paint it nice and red.

  • David Eldridge
    David Eldridge

    It seems all they had to do was extend the top cover so that the screws were taller and add a hollow square tube to the top piece that slides down over the cover and screws leaving the key way open of course.

  • hoedenbesteller

    This is a f*&ing joke, right?

  • Jon Harris
    Jon Harris

    That's like putting a double key dead bolt on door with the screws on the outside.

  • Bob Cranberries
    Bob Cranberries

    I’ve got those screw bits in my tool bag.

  • Billie Huntley
    Billie Huntley

    a little JBWeld will fix that right up.

  • Ser Saint Q of House Whocares
    Ser Saint Q of House Whocares

    "A few regrettable decisions." Yeah, like deciding to make it !

  • curtis brown
    curtis brown

    not only steal the trailer, but get a free core for the deal! great!

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith

    I can't believe how hard he roasted this lock

  • jalbert222

    More American ingenuity. LOL.

  • Jaroslav Jaroslavsson
    Jaroslav Jaroslavsson

    Anyone can always weld it together. And then it´s turn for shimming :)

  • FatMan Camping
    FatMan Camping

    Wow that's terrible

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    A few dabs of JB weld and red locktite should take care of that issue.

  • N Baua
    N Baua

    Why all container locks maker are so dumb.😂 The buyers must be frustrated after seeing this video.

  • matt marchand
    matt marchand

    Why not simply rivet the cover on?

  • Brad Pugh
    Brad Pugh

    This lock should come with a pack of permanent loctite and a small welder to weld a bead on the screw heads to stop the insertion of the screwdriver. Wait scratch that it should start a company that offers that service.

  • Ophir Memories & Illusions
    Ophir Memories & Illusions

    This is extremely funny. This is not a design flaw this is a lack of design

  • Dee Luna
    Dee Luna

    Easy solutiosn to the flaw pointed out in the video: 1: make the screws less obvious they are there. A simple snap over cover or padded sticker on that section of the lock, with say a branding badge, would make if far less obvious that the flaw is there. Thus deterring the casual Trailer thieves. 2: Weld the sucker together and hope you never need to remove the locking lug for any reason in the future. 3: Thicker top half to meet closer to the top half of the lock so that Ratchets can't reach. That way it can still be serviced as opposed to suggestion 2.

  • Juraj Kováč
    Juraj Kováč

    so simply weld it shut, thats only way

  • Erik

    If you buy this lock, you would need to weld a piece of metal over the screws.

  • Paul Santi
    Paul Santi

    and on this lock will it be harder if you weld the sides so you cant just pop it off.

  • Paul Santi
    Paul Santi

    why dont you make a design a lock and manufacture it or be a consultant for lock company's?

  • ve5vv

    the strange part is they already had a welder going on the line , but to do this they also now need to tap screw holes and buy screws

  • TheZoonder

    One way bolts or filling the hex heads with hard solder would fix this issue well enough imho.

  • this guy
    this guy

    just weld the suckers in

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown

    It's just so regrettable. Literally they would have been better off with for aluminum pop rivets then with two easy find security screws.

  • Jeramie T
    Jeramie T

    Just cover the screws with some body filler and paint lol

  • SebastjanD

    after this i would weld two peaces together (if i would own one)

  • vespadano1979

    It’ll keep meth heads away.

  • Garry Streeter - NOAA Federal
    Garry Streeter - NOAA Federal

    So if you already have one, put super glue on the screw heads to make it harder?

  • Nick Penney
    Nick Penney

    So dumb!

  • Brian M
    Brian M

    For you SpongeBob fans out there (let's see if you get the reference) (Engineer in Plankton voice) - "Easily-accessible screw protected lock... not one of my better ideas"



  • txgunguy

    I would be interested in what locks LPL uses and/or recommends.

  • froggiman1

    Aren't all locks just 'visual deterrents'?

  • Chad Bremer
    Chad Bremer

    I guess you could always weld the screws in place.

  • Lauri Ekman
    Lauri Ekman

    Not even loctite in the threads!