[1127] Nu-Set Shutter Lock Elektro-Picked (And Elektro-Pick Giveaway!)
Link to Manufacturer’s Giveaway Page: gleam.io/423YJ/ziehfix-elektro-pick-iii-summer-sale-set

  • Katie Carey
    Katie Carey

    Can I drill through one of these locks have one that's rusted closed

  • Zuker Gill
    Zuker Gill

    Before I found this channel, I used to use a similar master lock for a trailer tongue lock. Thieves didn’t watch this channel either because they cut through the brass part. Bypassing would’ve been quicker and quieter. Well, at least I’ve learned something.

  • dark Shaman
    dark Shaman

    But some of these locks have an steel box casing welded around them if for say on a garage door and not easy to get access at key mechanism with tools

  • ashleelmb

    I had one of these locks as a security device on my bycicle but it had a steel chassis instead of brass.

  • Demistic

    "And of course I have a Mastercrap that pop open with a sneeze"

  • Ernie 1027
    Ernie 1027

    Is there a lock out there he can’t pick or at least struggle with ?

  • Justin Beaird
    Justin Beaird

    Is there picks like this that can be used in a batery powered dremel?

    • AWendtGmbH

      You would have to change the way the dremel works.

  • DoctorX17

    Darn, late for the giveaway

    • DoctorX17

      @AWendtGmbH maybe, hopefully

    • AWendtGmbH

      Maybe one day there will be another one?

  • bumman117

    Does that pick gun damage the lock though?

    • AWendtGmbH

      Here is a video of a lock used for a fair. We picked it 3 days roughly 8 hours a day. You can see that the pins are nearly flat, yet the key is still working. Normally you should never need to use the tool longer as a few minutes on one lock: uzload.info/fun/nouLaKqozJCFmWg/video

    • AWendtGmbH

      Just slightly. You will remove material from the lock for sure but you will need hours to break the lock (so the key will not work anymore). Depending the material even longer

  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams

    It an good gun. It works really well. Really found it so easy to use.👍😁

    • AWendtGmbH

      Great to hear that

  • Rigoberto Charo Jr.
    Rigoberto Charo Jr.

    did... I just see 3 locks picked in under 30 sec... Godly

  • Giuseppe DiSalvo
    Giuseppe DiSalvo

    It's a Philips Sonicare with a pick instead of a toothbrush head.

  • Joyless222gaming

    Like some kinding of dueling locksmith. He kills the locks in seconds.

  • CatParade

    Usually i hate when youtubers do giveaways but this is LPL

  • General Creepous
    General Creepous

    When will they announce the winner?

    • AWendtGmbH

      Yesterday the Winner (Harry from UK) was announced on Social Media. Also Yesterday the parcel arrived.

  • epSos.de

    Police use such lock openers.

    • Sabotabby

      Here they use a shotgun

  • OldFartUK

    You can make.one from a old electric toothbrush that works

  • Mike O'Dell
    Mike O'Dell

    The entry for contest doesn't work.

    • AWendtGmbH

      Strange. Please make sure to enter your birthday as day/month/year. If something else doesn't work, please let me know.

  • steve c
    steve c

    Another phony give away scam! It says 16 ways to enter but doesn't say how to do any of them! This is as bad as all the fraud on Facebook! Besides, it says summer sale, not summer giveaway!

    • AWendtGmbH

      As we haven't heard anything from you after sending the explanation on how to register for the giveaway, we assume everything is working.

    • AWendtGmbH

      Hey Steve I just received your email and answered on it. But since you also posted here, I will also share the information I gave to you: I'm very sorry for the experience you have with our giveaway. We use Gleam as system in order to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. All 4 UZloadrs that promote and do this giveaway have also tested the system beforehand to ensure it's working fine. We have a few thousand participants and the last entry is just 15 minutes ago. Anyway, I just made sure to just test the system again and everything seems to work fine. We have some people telling us that there are problems with their birthdates. This is because we want the date to be entered as DD/MM/YYYY so Day/month/Year, as this is the common way to write dates in Europe. So maybe try it this way should the date be the problem. Also please note that after login you have to click on the tasks to do these. most tasks are fairly simple like visiting a youtube channel etc. But in order for gleam to register that you have done the task you have to do the task via the gleam page. If you should still have problems entering, I can create a step by step youtube video for you tomorrow once I'm in the office. That it says summer sale is correct. As it's about winning a "ZIEH-FIX® Elektro Pick III - Summer Sale Set" this is a special set that got introduced because of our summer sale at the beginning of this month. Again I'm very sorry that you think this is a fraud and that we are nothing but crooks.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    Locks only keep out honest people. Guilty people lock pick. the lock pick paraphernalia on someone will determine if it’s self defense or not and make it easy for the homeowners lawyer to win the case in self defense.

  • General Creepous
    General Creepous

    What date did the contest start on?

    • AWendtGmbH

      The contest started on the 1st and will end on the 30th of Junly.

  • Assass1n450

    Cant wait to watch, love ya videos

  • Tim Areskog
    Tim Areskog

    Wow - that was a fast pick !

  • 蓮司

    Pretty loud tool probably hard to be sneaky with

  • Majoris239

    My girlfriend would love this electric pick!

  • ReiP95

    will you ewer be doing a video abaut a good lock? XD

  • Gibby

    What do you use for your own use?

  • Arun DJ
    Arun DJ

    It's an amazing giveaway bro.

  • david heath
    david heath

    Electronic pick, I would love this!

  • John Weber
    John Weber

    Electric pick giveaway? I haven’t even bought a normal pick yet, I’ll pass for now

  • Helicard

    A.K.A. The Texan Toothpick

  • Abstract

    At what point is this no longer a productive channel

  • Gumby

    Got a head start on this after LockNoobs review. Thx for the Video

  • Magnus Lund
    Magnus Lund

    3 locks in less than 2 seconds... lmao

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    This guy is a fucking god holy shit

  • mattikaki

    This has variable beating frequency so the picker can find the resonant frequency of the lock cylinder. Quite clever.

  • Wah A
    Wah A

    uzload.info/fun/lGWPlWHFt36IuHU/video Mr LockPickingLawyer, there is a new lock in town called 'Urban Alps Stealth Padlock', can you pick it? Mr Bosnianbill a youtuber had trouble picking it

  • k1mgy

    An electric knife, for locks! Cool.

  • Sukaro De'core
    Sukaro De'core

    3 locks in 12 seconds. That a pick rate of 1 lock every 4 seconds and I don't think he was even close to his full speed.

    • Sukaro De'core
      Sukaro De'core

      900 locks an hour.

    • Sukaro De'core
      Sukaro De'core

      15 locks a minute

  • Kos 291
    Kos 291

    Question: what is the best rust proof padlock? I had to replace my padlock every year because the padlock get waterlogged from rain and rust easily.

  • Nishikata's inner monologue
    Nishikata's inner monologue

    You don't know how many thieves watch you

  • Captain Buggernuts
    Captain Buggernuts

    If I had one of those I would definitely call it George.

  • aslomski

    Today its my birthday, wish me luck

  • M T
    M T

    of course it's german 😁

    • AWendtGmbH


  • Esko HC
    Esko HC

    99% audience are criminals

  • Daniel DC88
    Daniel DC88

    Was this sponsored? If not, would you declare if you ever did one?

  • Joshua 333
    Joshua 333

    I would have no use for this. Unless the people of CHAZ get uppity again

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Sounds like a dildo tho, so no stealth picking

  • fritzy lee
    fritzy lee

    master lock? more like weakass lock

  • who dis
    who dis


  • Ritik Kumar
    Ritik Kumar

    You feel like Jerry Rig everything of lock picking !!

  • Chingy

    do you teach one on one classes?

  • SAWgunnerM249

    Something you might find interesting and maybe want to do something with is the Vara safety Reach. It's a fingerprint holster lock thing that's a hot Ad on social media. Just saw it and thought of you.

  • The Man of Iron 78
    The Man of Iron 78

    If this guy ever gets to prison, the guard should give him the keys...it will take longer for him to break out because he will be tempted to use them.

  • Gerisk

    You should try to break in your own house

  • Whutthefok

    Next lock: uzload.info/fun/fXqHeWe3ua5h2ps/video ? really want to see you have a go at it

  • Tuyangtudai

    damn and i thought there was a chacne to win maybe a signed by LPL lockpick item (anything would be cool)

  • Stickman

    i'll tell ya one thing it i hear this dude outside my locked door im already goin insane

  • CedryK

    [522305] Lock picking the gates into Heaven (Angelic Grace Giveaway!)

  • Dudu Gaming
    Dudu Gaming

    This man just Made fun of a multi-million dollar company like nothing

  • 青いクローバー

    Imagine being a lock salesman and your client happens to be the LockPickingLawyer.

  • bruh man
    bruh man

    You talk like a dentist 😳

  • Duncan Scorgie
    Duncan Scorgie

    I had no idea my wife was into lock picking until I found one of these electropicks in the bottom of her underwear drawer.

  • Hikaru Okada
    Hikaru Okada

    Is he training us to become criminals??

  • Der Weltenbauer
    Der Weltenbauer

    "Ah, yeh, 'scuse me while I just open up this lock with a vibrating lightsaber handle."

  • Anity EX
    Anity EX

    if you don't win the giveaway just add a metal wire to the end of your toothbrush I guess

  • Kim Miller
    Kim Miller

    Four locks in two minutes, but can he eat 75 hot dogs in ten minutes?

  • Benadryl Curdlesnoot
    Benadryl Curdlesnoot

    Should make a video detailing your top picks for the most secure locks and safes that you've tested on

  • John Creed
    John Creed

    Grabs gf's vibrator, attaches a blade to end, electropic built, winning. 😂😂

  • Kenichero The Red
    Kenichero The Red

    There is always a Master Lock.

  • Rico La
    Rico La

    Why do you need to give DOB to enter? Are they trying to steal id's?

    • AWendtGmbH

      It's the easiest way to confirm the age. But of course we can't check if the wmtered date is correct

  • Sebastian Rocha
    Sebastian Rocha

    Why I love your channel . You keep it simple straight to the point , no filler stuff to make your videos longer with non-sense, why I want it to be longer .... for the majority of the time it takes you literally five seconds to open up a lock. Lol

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare

    Even the 1980s Mcgiver watch this channel. Amazing demonstration.

  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman

    Hey can you do a review on the Google Nest Yale Lock?

  • Notwhou Thinkiam
    Notwhou Thinkiam

    What the hell? Every day roughly 12 hours after I watch your latest vid, I get an alert promoting it lol the first few times I figured it was just a bug but do you have some sort of option to intentionally promote vids 12 hours after uploading them?

  • Mike Feddersen
    Mike Feddersen

    Picking locks, yes for some. Picking a contest entry method that doesn't suck, not so much. :/

  • Hamidreza khosroabadi
    Hamidreza khosroabadi

    Dildo jokes cuming at you hot.

  • Rico Swave
    Rico Swave

    My wife would like to know if that pick has attachments.

  • 《THUMPER 》 》Lock Picking《
    《THUMPER 》 》Lock Picking《

    It's what I think, hey let's give it to a friend of the community. I have only been watching this channel for 10 years + easy, never won anything from you Mr L.P.L. GUESS I GOT BAD ODDS WORKING AGAIN ME

  • Glenn J
    Glenn J

    Excellent quick as usual

  • Krzysztof Szyszka
    Krzysztof Szyszka

    I actually can't enter the giveaway. One of the conditions is "It needs to be legal for you to own Opening tools" :(

    • Lukas von Daheim
      Lukas von Daheim

      You are in UK?

  • Auger3504

    Based on the buzzing that thing made, it looks like it could serve a dual purpose.

  • Johnny Boi235
    Johnny Boi235

    So your supporting steeling and lock picking

  • Sleep Time
    Sleep Time

    with your skills you could rob a bank!


    Easy to enter no scam

  • Crazyboy The 1st
    Crazyboy The 1st

    Hey, bro. I know you don’t know me, but one day I was just strolling along the beach and some government-looking dudes pointed at me and said “THERE HE IS, GET HIM!!” and shot me with some tranquilizer. Next thing you know, I woke up in some sort of metallic cell with a very complicated looking lock, and I was wondering if you could pick it and let me out? I’m in some kind of building called the SCP foundation or something, that’s what I heard some scientist dude saying, anyways. Thank you!

  • nicosstav42

    uzload.info/fun/fXqHeWe3ua5h2ps/video Take a look at the urban alps stealth key lock

  • nicosstav42

    Urben Alps Stealth Key Locks are un-pickable see if you can try :)

  • xSkitZx

    Does he ever do lock recommendations? I mean is there even a point to using a lock after frequenting this channel? -_-

  • Amy-Beth Palladino
    Amy-Beth Palladino

    Does anyone else get dentist office vibes from his videos

  • Mo Kurd
    Mo Kurd

    i wonder how many bike thief's watch your videos to learn how to pick locks faster and which ones are easier to target

  • Grant Dexter
    Grant Dexter

    Looks like a lightsaber. :|

  • Mel The Bard
    Mel The Bard

    What wouldn’t be opened by that tool?

  • Hystine

    He is so efficient at picking lock that he had to pick more than one lock or the video will end under 5 sec lol

  • TheRapping Dog
    TheRapping Dog

    Imagine being a guard that puts LPL in jail and the moment you close the door you hear: "A click out of one, nothing on 2, 3 is set"

  • Lk M
    Lk M

    Would love to win the “auto pick” but I couldn’t access many of the supposedly clickable follow site,even though it says I’m following and doesn’t allow for verification. Win or lose ,I never lose watching your vids. Thanks for what you do.

  • Benjamin Laing
    Benjamin Laing

    I wonder how many robberies/thefts this guy has helped make

  • Budhi Mulyawan Rachmat
    Budhi Mulyawan Rachmat

    Have you picking Granit Detecto 8078 SmartX Abus ?

  • Laser Pointer
    Laser Pointer

    You should post a video about a locks you can't pick.

  • Carter Strain
    Carter Strain

    Your lightsaber is rather short but it gets the job done.

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UFC 257: Weigh-in
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