[1190] 6-Key Kirk Interlock Panel Picked

  • Exploding zombie
    Exploding zombie

    Imagine loosing just one key.

  • JT Fowkes
    JT Fowkes

    I'd be interested in seeing this lock picked in reverse (i.e. picked to remove the master key). I assume that it would require tensioning and picking the five keyways at the same time. Granted, the chain or belt that's locking the cores together seems to have a bit of slop which should help quite a bit in the process.

  • thexxmaster

    this dude would make a great dentist

  • Ole Nilsen
    Ole Nilsen

    I don´t get it. Don´t you need all the locks to open it? In which case you should pick all of them to open it..

  • OrganistJohn

    -Okay this is the nuclear button and requires dual retina scan, two key turns at the same time, a full hand scan and a voice recognition to unlock... - This is the lockpicking lawyer...

  • Markus Strangl
    Markus Strangl

    aww.. and there I thought LPL managed to pick all six locks in the 3:38 of this video..

  • David Beaujean
    David Beaujean

    You channel is so educative and interesting, thank you !

  • Joshua Gano
    Joshua Gano

    Evil thought... Each of those 5 Keys opens a Safe containing the Kiddos's Allowance & the Kiddos have to get their damn Chores done or the Parent never uses their Master Key kept around their Neck at all times to unlock the 'Allowance Keys'... >:)

  • doni hardono
    doni hardono

    ICBM nuclear lauch key..

  • Zodun Productions
    Zodun Productions

    "Darwin award candidate." -LPL

  • CURTIS Stapleton
    CURTIS Stapleton

    I like this lock ..and can actually use it for what it's intended for

  • ThePhxRises

    dang, I came here to see him pick all the locks together in sync.

  • Jeff Moss
    Jeff Moss


  • Bullet25

    Pick it in reverse.

  • hill billy
    hill billy

    It looks like a great gift for that mother-in-law you hate

  • Oüber fox
    Oüber fox

    I thought this would be for something like activating a nuclear weapon requiring all people to be there for it to work

  • Kyle Richter
    Kyle Richter

    Kirk Key Interlock System on Substation.......go to 5:45 uzload.info/fun/f39naXKozrFnu4k/video&feature=share

  • fingus Fingus
    fingus Fingus

    Thank you, I know a house that has this lock..... so ima break in.

  • nossody

    Darwin award candidate lmfao

  • dave brock
    dave brock

    Used to use these in the power house for 'keying out' the precips for workers to go into them.

  • Pan Am 001: Aviation And More
    Pan Am 001: Aviation And More

    I think Oggy have one in his front door.

  • Kealan Riding-Smith
    Kealan Riding-Smith

    What if you had the left key in but none of the other keys? Could you do anything to get that key out?

  • Julian P
    Julian P

    how ingenious, I cannot say what I want but still No. 1 key is master yes?

  • JohnnySwitch360

    I thought you had to unlock all of the locks to get in

  • DP2G

    Next we will have a 12 key door lock

  • Andrei Mot
    Andrei Mot

    My fat arse thought it was a desert

  • Pedro Woolson
    Pedro Woolson

    I think the Death Star used one of those bad boys to prevent the accidental destruction of Alderaan before Princess Leia could be suitably intimidated

  • Thresher

    One more feather in the hat. Getting closer to those nuclear missile silo locks.

  • 3idjn7

    My mans wife got no problems with wrong holes at all.

  • Youtube Cult Destroyer
    Youtube Cult Destroyer

    This is great for asecurity. Remove all the other, keys, thats a lot of picking....

  • Jonas A
    Jonas A

    Plot twist. Half of the locks where already unlocked so when picked they got locked.

  • Hayoon Jang
    Hayoon Jang

    Bet this thing looks amazing when opened up.

  • Nikki Razelli
    Nikki Razelli

    to be honest, you'd never find this mechanism with 5 of the 6 keys inserted,

  • Rick The Geek
    Rick The Geek

    That is exactly what this system is used for. Also, these locks have to be hard wearing, since for example, the facility I worked in had one of these to control access to dangerous work areas, they were operated multiple times per day to perform daily tasks in these areas since the 90s. These systems are supposed to have one and only one set of keys, and if you drop one down a storm drain (guilty!), the boss gets reeeeealy mad 😈😀😜😷

  • Marc Waters
    Marc Waters

    If someone wanted to get involved with this hobby, where would one go?

  • Conrad Bonorchis
    Conrad Bonorchis

    Wait! We have been looking for decent locks in the wrong place.....seems locks for 'Safety' are more pick resistant than locks for 'Security' 🤷‍♂️

  • Thomas Piet
    Thomas Piet

    Say, could you make a short video on why you decide for top or bottom of the keyway tension depending on the lock? I think it might have to do with the accessability of the pins on the one hand vs being closer to the center of the lock for easier tensioning. But that`s just a guess, care to enlighten me? Take care!

  • Parker Price
    Parker Price

    I always figured they were to insure cooperation. You and 4 mates decide to lock away some shared item of value and you want to make sure that no one yoinks it, so you put it behind a lock whose key is the last key in the interlock system. Then you all take your keys your own separate ways

  • captaingup

    But theoretically, could they all be picked one by one? And then open the locked whatever? Maybe with combined constant tension? Id like to see that.

  • Bridden

    A lot of people in this comment section don't seem to get the point of a system like this. You may want to look up 'lock-out tag-out' systems. They are intended to prevent accidental electrocutions/shocks that are fairly common. Example: Maintenance is working on replacing an electrical outlet in room 12. He cuts off the breaker to that room/circuit. A lock-out/tag-out system will prevent someone from simply coming by and turning that breaker back on while he is working with that system. IF someone does, there is a good chance that the maintenance worker gets a good shock as he is working.

  • Kai-Oliver Haase
    Kai-Oliver Haase

    He Sounds exactly like my Dentist xD

  • Cooper Harlan
    Cooper Harlan

    anyone else think of a dentist when he says the numbers and moves his pick around?

  • Good Believer
    Good Believer

    Security only provides seconds of determent... reminds me of national security and everything we've ever spent money on...

  • MrArtVendelay

    The lock savant.

  • Poor Coyote
    Poor Coyote

    Watched too many of your videos to trust pretty much anything. I think this is the hardest one so far so I wouldn't mind locking something valuable behind it.

  • World Famous Langlois
    World Famous Langlois

    I keep trying to Darwin award myself but I'm still alive.. help me LockPickingLawyer!

  • Memerath

    you would be an incredible burglar

  • Anthony Gallaher
    Anthony Gallaher

    "Some darwin award candidate" damn lpl out here telling people what's up lol

  • AMACturbo69

    I work for an automation company. We distribute fortress and idem interlocks. Would they be something you are interested in having a look at?

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar

    You know he has picked these locks just by seeing the end of the video is less than 5 mins on average and about 1 min is spent on describing the lock.

  • Merlin Murphy
    Merlin Murphy

    I agree with Peter H. a peek under the petty coat would interesting. I maintain and repair CNC machines and have seen some pretty bad and good lockout systems, nothing ever like this though. Most not so good, I was kind of surprised to see that it took you less than your normal 15 seconds to bypass it! If you follow proper lockout tag out protocol the pick resistance of the lock is not really an issue. All it has to do is prevent a breaker or switch from being thrown by someone that is not aware there are folks working on a system , possibly on the other side of the facility. This looks like an interlock that would have been on something far more deadly like a weapon system, not just the stationary closet. Enjoyed it none the less, Thank you.

  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet

    I almost died cus box was left hot with no lock out in place

  • Richard Poulson
    Richard Poulson

    Should you really be showing the world this .hahahaha

  • NK Cubed
    NK Cubed

    I thought he was going to pick all six of the other locks

  • Kojo0tti z
    Kojo0tti z

    "Let's say some darwin award candidate really wants to electrocute themselves"... that made me laughing my ass off 😂😂

  • bartmelnicki

    You could see similar system in action here: uzload.info/fun/aq2Me2ewtaOFsHk/video Demonstration briefly covers procedure of engaging and disengaging rail power to Polish electric locomotive manufactured by PESA S.A. Well-thought interlocking system ensures proper sequence of operations which otherwise could damage whole vehicle. It's secondary function is to allow maintenance access to various parts of high-voltage circuitry only when safety conditions are met.

  • Brett

    Do you have any other videos where go into more detail on b The features of a lock that won't show the key to release? If you gut a lock that does that?

  • balynevil

    This would be great for an escape room

  • Truth is God
    Truth is God

    Make video on best locks to buys. And provide affiliate link so that you will earn and also help us.

  • Tori Sharba
    Tori Sharba

    He sounds like my chiropractor when hes talking about the pins

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly

    build it into front door, security by confusion.

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Loads of Darwin’s this past election.

  • Elthon s
    Elthon s

    You're cheating man! You need to take all the keys out them picket all the locks open! Be waiting

  • goldug

    The Darwin Awards thing killed me X-D

  • Hey_You_Orangey_Guy

    I was thinking nuclear war head locker but ig electrical box is good too

  • twisted dome
    twisted dome

    I was expecting you to pick all 6 of em at one time 😂

  • Martin RC
    Martin RC

    They should call it a world lock. I’ll let myself out.

  • petras petrauskas
    petras petrauskas

    Am I the only one who finds the way he says key weird?

  • Liberty

    cool beans

  • Diego Hurtado Pimentel
    Diego Hurtado Pimentel

    Everyone commenting about his (definitely outstanding) skills. But isn't the way he says "please subscribe" the soothing thing that has been said?

  • Oneofdazzz

    not an effective lock out tag out system if meant for safety, what happens if you remove all the keys and try to turn the left most key I imagine it would not turn. I see this more as a multi person approval system to access something. what does the back of the mechanism look like?

  • Svinn Thefallen
    Svinn Thefallen

    That is a pemanat dead man bank. Or thats what my teacher called them. In the main electrical room a small steel cable is attached to each key and shortens to prevent people from mistaking the disconnect (s) Your working on the reason why you would need to lock. All of them off is so when you are working on the main feed. You lessen you chance of an ark flash caused by a back feed. An alternative method is to run cable thru all the disconnect s while they are off and applying one lock. But those are manliy a visual cue. And can be bypassed by your acreage 200 lb gorilla.

  • Jacob Craig Music
    Jacob Craig Music

    "Let's say some Darwin award candidate wants to electrocute themselves" absolute savage!!

  • Portaller

    You can't fool me, this is an adventure game puzzle.

  • zorbara4u

    I've started to see your videos a week ago and let me tell you that It's a strange pleasure to see you picking locks. You've a calm voice that goes vety well with your videos. Keep up with the good work!

  • Johan

    9 'pounds'? Lol. Are you aware that this ancient unit of measurement is only used in 1.5% of countries in the world? If you upload a video to a global platform, use standard units of measurement!

  • Alexander Cornyn
    Alexander Cornyn

    Can you pick the other 5 locks at the same time?

  • kenneth johnson
    kenneth johnson

    Can you pick any of the locks for it to work or does it have to be the number one lock?

  • Km Morris
    Km Morris

    What does the inside look like

  • Timothy Bertrand
    Timothy Bertrand

    I feel like I’m at a eye doctor appointment 1 or 2

  • Robert Litman
    Robert Litman

    Interesting note: I'm pretty sure that that entire key block and all of its keys were a replacement for something before it. Kirk's specialty is not in security, but in safety, and for that, they guarantee uniqueness to your custom interlock. If you ever lose or damage a key, they require a signed (and at least the last time I dealt with this, notarized) form to purchase a replacement, with the signature signing away your rights to sue them in case the duplicate key is used to bypass the engineered interlock. When you receive your replacement parts, the replacement keys will have a tag riveted to them that attests to the fact that they are duplicates (with all the dire warnings of what that means), and the serial numbers will have an "R" prefix (as seen in this video).

  • Charles Wagener
    Charles Wagener

    Can you pick it the other way, ie with the first key in and several of the other keys missing?

  • 纪文

    Alternate title: Practice before I hack into the system that releases nukes

  • Lannytabby The derpy guy
    Lannytabby The derpy guy

    lego makes locks now?

  • zantanzuken

    imagine using this key interlock system as an actual security system by placing it on a wall somewhere clearly visible... but with all 5 of the necessary keys removed and hidden throughout your house... having the last key out allows you to remove the interlocking system which is where your safe is... a safe with a combination lock or biometrics. imagine watching a burglar on security cameras run around your house like an easter egg hunt looking for hidden keys just to get to a safe he couldnt open anyway

  • Mr. O
    Mr. O

    Is this actually your real voice....or do you modulate it with a programm? :))

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers

    I wouldn't mind a lighter one as a paper weight.

  • Aditya

    LPL (always): Thank you and have a nice day. Also LPL: here I tell you that you’ll never be safe because your locks can be picked in minutes

  • Jose Dianas
    Jose Dianas

    Nuclear keys?

  • IJubgement

    If that type of lock lasts more than 30 second, it’s too good.

  • hackenbush23

    Hi LPL, not so much to do with this video but this morning my life imitated your art. I found myself on the outside my house with the house & car keys on the inside with the door locked (don’t ask). The key I hid 20 years ago wasn’t where I thought I’d hidden it so what to do? Luckily being a motor mechanic I have saved a supply of wiper inserts, they are so handy for so many things, a thousand and one uses in fact. As it happened I had some in a box of junk in my carport so I fashioned a tension bar out of one half and a very crude pick with the other half. I also found myself laughing, almost out loud, as I said “click out of 1, nothing on 2, 3 is binding, bit of movement on 4 etc etc. Took me about 5 minutes but I got back in and wasn’t too late for work. So thanks for the education ... and have a nice day 👍

  • Logan Ricer
    Logan Ricer

    I spent the whole video laughing about the “Darwin award candidate” comment I had to watch it all over again.

  • Anarchitect

    Resident Evil puzzle becomes real

  • 5BliNK8

    I have this at home. Safe as houses. Can I borrow a sleeping bag please...

  • G. Brent Wilson
    G. Brent Wilson

    Six! Six times the fun!

  • yotta km
    yotta km

    I came from the dentist and felt LPL moves in my mouth

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    @LockPickingLawyer You know... you are always cutting, grinding, stretching, pulling, twisting, prying, torching, melting, chemical dissolving, shooting shit with every caliber, from a RamSet to a 50, and generally beating the living shit out of every sort of lock imaginable - some unique and some quite ordinary, but with this unicorn you didn't even turn it fkn over and I'm pissed. So what gives? Meanwhile some of your regulars are telling me it's an ordinary interlock and I should Google it if I don't know what it is Well I did, over the course of several days and came up with nothing. Bupkis. Nada. Squat. I have no idea how something like this works, how it's wired and as I said how the back and sides look. Now are you gonna make good on your "stay legal teaching channel" rep and at least give us some close up views and g_d cocktail napkin diagram? Or am I going to have to take this up with Bosnian Bill and pay him to pay you a visit to smooth your lapels... I'll be waiting with notification On

  • William Bones
    William Bones

    Show the inside

  • Travis Ladegast
    Travis Ladegast

    Now pick it backwards...

  • Philip Highe
    Philip Highe

    In the nuclear industry we used Castell key interlocks to control reactor start up. They are very very difficult to pick.