[1132] LIES From A “Wine Cellar” Lever Lock

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera

    Fo sho

  • RedEssence Gaming
    RedEssence Gaming

    When you said the 8 levers was a lie i let out a very audible "bruh"

  • Spiv Gennedy
    Spiv Gennedy

    Get a Forgotten Weapons "Chinese mystery pistol" vibe from this were they're covered in rando numbers and "brevit" all over.

  • May Sparkle
    May Sparkle

    So basically Aligarh is the lockmaking equivalent of the Khyber Pass.

  • Kalle Klæp
    Kalle Klæp

    The 42 is the time in seconds it takes a novice lockpicker to open it.

  • George Gonzalez-Rivas
    George Gonzalez-Rivas

    When are you going to show us some good locks? I've learned 50 locks to avoid... none to get!

  • Jonathan Campbell
    Jonathan Campbell

    Me halfway through lpl dissing the lock, "stop, stop hes already dead!"

  • drthik1

    Thanks a lot, I've lost all faith in all locks lmao

  • DoctorX17

    When LPL knows the lock is such a joke he doesn't even bother with the right tools Also, I do want one, that is a cool looking lock. I can imagine it going on a cell door in a Western

  • avinotion

    It's like text on a t-shirt.

  • Liam Brunotte
    Liam Brunotte

    That moment when LPL has more trouble saying the name of the lock's origin than actually picking the lock

  • mattikaki

    I just bought Larping hadcuffs from Germany. They were made looking very old and had a small padlock with them. The lock looks exactly like this one but is black and has no keyhole guard.

  • Steven Contreras
    Steven Contreras

    I love these videos with his soothing voice. Makes me feel like everything is going to be just fine.

  • Sathish Neelakandan
    Sathish Neelakandan

    This is a fake lock. The real one is Dindigul lock made in Tamil Nadu, India.

  • John Christopher
    John Christopher

    For keeping honest guests out of your ritzy wince cellar. "Oooohhhh. A lock... Must be good wine... and chrome-plated..." "Oh yes, I keep the key on me at all times. Look at the fancy, old-timey looking key I have!"

  • Ayush P.
    Ayush P.

    sir, thank you for the video! but can you please try out some Godrej door locks too??? because my neighbours' got blowtorched and sadly they had a robbery...

  • Ann Lane
    Ann Lane

    nice video

  • Reimond EchelonCrusher
    Reimond EchelonCrusher


  • hayden law
    hayden law

    I think the idea is that they want you to still be able to open the lock even if you drank every in the wine cellar

  • Greg Moore
    Greg Moore

    8 levers in 2 groups of four each fused together for added rigidity.

  • David Beecher
    David Beecher

    It’s in honor of Jackie Robinson

  • bob often
    bob often

    0:59 Tension On Lock 1:21 Opened Lock

  • Warlight

    so Aligarh is like the Khyber Pass of locks?

  • BrandEver

    I bought a lock like this at Ross for a few dollars but mine is plain, no writing. It's just kinda fun to fidget with

  • Albert Lebel
    Albert Lebel

    It's a master lock in disguise

  • King Addyy
    King Addyy

    The video lengths are now getting embarrassing

  • Angus4001

    My house has a really old timey door handle I wanna see If u can show me how to pick it so I stop getting locked out every Tuesday

  • Premium Blue
    Premium Blue

    The good looks make up for the lack of security...i lock up my bag of pop corn with this one

  • chat bat
    chat bat

    This dude can probably steal a bank with relative ease

  • Martin Guerrero
    Martin Guerrero


  • Litzi

    It's a great lock if you don't want the wind open the kid's playhouse door. Looks fun and even if a kid closes himself in, it can be easily opened. Maybe the issue is on the marketing side.

  • me3333

    The 42 is on there to remind you that the lock doesn't have a prayer of keeping LPL out or anyone else for that matter

  • Cargo_Vroom

    LPL: "If there's one thing you need to know about hand made locks from Aligarh..." Me, watching videos at 2 am: "Some day this knowledge will be indispensable."

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Ha!! Interesting being able to reach past the shackle to tension the bolt. I wonder how many older security locks have this flaw?

  • Daniel Brooker
    Daniel Brooker

    I would like to see ...... A lock you can't open! 🤣

  • Forsaken Blood
    Forsaken Blood

    Best UZloadr

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez

    I wonder if you have to buy it with Target gift cards!

  • Heiko Weber
    Heiko Weber

    But he had to touch it to open it, so it is not that bad!

  • Hannes Hietsalo
    Hannes Hietsalo

    But if your a crack head you cant even open this or anything with a flat head screw driver.

  • RWBHere

    Indian reasoning: 1902 means 'It takes 19 seconds to pick open the 2 levers'. There are 8 levers in every four pack of those locks. They are made in a converted wine cellar. 42 is merely The Answer. The Answer to life, the Universe, and everything. No lies there then. Sold to the highest bidder!

  • Mariano Martino
    Mariano Martino

    42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. It's nice to have in your wine cellar lock so you don't forget.

  • kickinbackinOC

    Only a fan of locks, locksmithing wpuld have a clue about this. Very arcane.

  • Terry Lawrence
    Terry Lawrence

    Awesome, You can still open it until you reach your wine limit!

  • Reza Rahman
    Reza Rahman

    When it's so stupid LPL doesn't use the right tool to open it

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Hm.... time to get some wine.....

  • The Idol of Exuberance
    The Idol of Exuberance

    The point of this lock is to be easily pickable both when suffering from withdrawal delirium AND when already drunk and in search of more brain-rot, obviously. v2.0 will have a shaky hand detector and will pop open when shaken or licked.

  • Ross Serpant
    Ross Serpant

    So this lock is basically the equivalent of a gun from the khyber pass.

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie

    *LPL gets done picking Lever 2000 soap bar* "Also a lie, has no levers inside."

  • Michael Heider
    Michael Heider

    I think it's supposed to be pretty and stop a 5 year old.

  • Frank Biz
    Frank Biz

    Ok, I'll never own one, I promise. 😉

  • Michiel Berndsen
    Michiel Berndsen

    Ramset? 😎 Or shooting range with Bill again 😁

  • MazdaBass971

    Typical shit from a country of scammers. 😂

  • bradbury9

    You may fin this funny. Look ma'! No tension! uzload.info/fun/eJl9enq3xKym13U/video

  • Charles

    I work at a home improvement store .. I now stop and look at the locks to fiddle with. I discovered 2 different locks from same company brand .. had the exact key / core. LMAO

  • syndicator

    Your ads are crap

  • methanbreather

    next: 'I will try opening the lock by sternly looking at it.' Lock opens after 10s.

  • Dennis Fairman
    Dennis Fairman

    you should open that liar with the Ramset...

  • thatjokerperson

    I feel like ive seen masterlocks give up quicker

  • thatjokerperson

    Imagine needing a lawyer and youre waiting for him and next thing you hear is: "small click out of 3"

  • Dream world
    Dream world

    Challenge: That lock is just fake one from aligarh. REAL ONE belong to Dindigul Tamil Nadu. uzload.info/fun/epSojWjK1ox8rXU/video. If your interested just pick that one which is hand made and it's original version.

  • Underagesmoker

    I Feel Like Every Lock In Yer Videos Are "Just Fer Show"

    • Ambulocetus

      My grandpa used to say "locks are to keep honest people out"

  • YamiOni

    LPL: ::Picks a lever lock with pin-tumbler tools:: Right, that's it. You're a wizard. No question.

  • Pete Moss
    Pete Moss

    your the best

  • PaperToast123

    *insert lockpicking joke here*

  • Jason Zhang
    Jason Zhang

    This video was so fast

  • R.P. Rosen
    R.P. Rosen

    So in other words, it has its uses, and should be treated as if it was a ... MASTER LOCK.

  • MO A
    MO A


  • Rucker

    Oh India, fake college degrees and fake locks.

  • Darcy Moloney
    Darcy Moloney

    It IS for security, just only after 20 years in the elements when it's covered in rust

  • The Simple FツX
    The Simple FツX

    42 is the meaning of life

  • Umbrae Legios
    Umbrae Legios

    You know it's junk when the intro takes longer to say,than picking the lock.

  • Hugo Fuguselv
    Hugo Fuguselv

    Odd novelty. Thank you. Off topic question. What causes counter rotation? Backing out of the big groove on spool shaped safety pins to find the proper set for that pin?

  • Aidan Berger
    Aidan Berger

    This is a little off topic from the video at hand, but have you ever worked with the zore-x 9mm handgun lock?

  • Vinayak Agarwal
    Vinayak Agarwal

    Can you pick this lock - Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock. It is a fingerprint scanner lock made in India by Godrej, It has RFID and keypad support and is a beefy lock.

  • Lmggmr

    Feel like this is a discount “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.”

  • Mike S
    Mike S

    Please list the tools you use and recommend.

  • ZoomJuice

    This channel got me interested in picking.... I ordered a cheap set off wish and tried my deadbolt on my front door.... After getting the lock open in 56 seconds on my first try.... I chamged my locks

  • s h
    s h

    All locks from Alighar are liars. I am a lock from Alighar. Where am I from?

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Well it does look cool, if you want an antique looking lock for some purpose.

  • Saberus Terras
    Saberus Terras

    It's an 8 Levers brand. As in they've only used 8 sizes of levers across every lock.

  • Ken Nixon
    Ken Nixon

    Fantasy Locks -- Don't get "ripped off"

  • Paranormal Breakdown
    Paranormal Breakdown

    Lies! Lies everywhere! uzload.info/fun/jZiDfZCukq6o0ZM/video

  • dragade101

    The bullshit bin between you and Bill's work is growing

  • RomanoProductions

    That's a cosmetic lock, more accurate for a UZload make-up video 🧐🧐🧐

  • RomanoProductions

    Sainthood for LPL today ❤️

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    Wait...I can't trust what cheaply produced indian products say on them?! What is this world coming to! Next thing you know I won't be able to trust all the ratings on my stuff from china. I'll stick with my master locks, they say they're "pro" grade...

    • Jimmy Yu
      Jimmy Yu

      LOL. Love it!!

  • Ynot! Ds
    Ynot! Ds

    Lockpicklawyer loses a case. Tell his client “don’t worry I will teach you how to get out”

  • Xyav Dast
    Xyav Dast

    1902 does not mean its manufacturing year but the time it needs to pick it: 19.02 seconds. This is also about the time LPL needed to pick it from when he placed his tool to tension the lock at around 0:58 till he opened it at 1:17. XD

  • panda4247

    42 was a hint marking for the manufacturing process. It was meant as instruction to install 4×2 levers, unfortunately the worker only installed 4-2

  • Blandge

    I love your channel bud, but these are low effort videos. I don't even remember the last one you put any real effort into.

  • Glenna Howell
    Glenna Howell

    'well, we lied so much that when we told the truth, nobody believed us.'

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo Doe

    Courtesy lock to tell honest people to stay out of the wine cellar, with friendly markings to help them ask for the proper key. Just like you can by hammers and yardsticks marked with the top 40 common first names to save you the trouble of marking your personal tools at work.

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess

    1902 = The number of suckers who bought one

  • Roy Sammons
    Roy Sammons

    8 levers Haaaaaaaa

  • SUPERTELL random videos.
    SUPERTELL random videos.

    I'm still upset about the alarm, or lack of alarm, from your video a few days ago.

  • T C
    T C

    this is the only person that could pick his way into Ft Knox!

  • Alexander Breeyear
    Alexander Breeyear

    Hey, you got me into locksport and I’m really thankful for that as it’s now a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy

  • Rob • Pope of Thighentology
    Rob • Pope of Thighentology

    Levers gonna leve. 🤷‍

  • Wes Denham
    Wes Denham


  • El Cheapo
    El Cheapo

    42 is how many milliseconds they expected it to take LPL to pick it.