[1219] Unusual Indian Lock With FOUR Keys!

  • Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks
    Leporello the Goldfinch – Birdtaming Tips & Tricks

    0:58 ist the most sublime unlocking sound I've ever heard.

  • Martin Meise
    Martin Meise

    Isn't any look a mechanical obstacle? Especially for you?

  • Schievel

    This lock is used to secure the initiation of the starting sequence of the Indian nuclear missiles

  • Pedro Leal
    Pedro Leal

    I think this might actually be a puzzle/toy.

  • Ben Vasquez
    Ben Vasquez

    Its like the more keys the company use,the easier it is to open.

  • Darren Falconer
    Darren Falconer

    Are keys 1 and 2 not identical?

  • SleepingGiant406

    Have you designed any locks?

  • HypeSetter

    Imagine when picking a lock and saying this is so much fun. 30sec later...that was so much fun 🤣

  • Chris WY
    Chris WY

    I saw this being advertised as a puzzle lock (toy).

  • Potatokoke

    Still better than a master lock. At least the burglar has to bring with him a damn tool box to get this thing open.

  • SamanthaVimes

    That would be useful in a highly visible place, because if you don't have the keys, pulling out the tools will attract attention.

  • EGS Poison
    EGS Poison

    Imagine trying to get into your house if you locked it with this

  • Atem YaminoGame
    Atem YaminoGame

    Subject: Indian Lock Time to open: 50 sec Veredict: PUZZE

  • mojutubakaunt

    tomb raider lock for sure !

  • Ҩᴜᴇᴇɴ

    I want one! #NutDriver

  • Bruno Tavares Siqueira
    Bruno Tavares Siqueira

    Still took you longer than most of the challenges I've watched so far. And needs tools you probably wouldn't have at hand or know you need until you see it! :P

  • Gustavo Mota
    Gustavo Mota

    It takes way more time and tools to open than a Master Lock anyway

  • Purik

    Deamon:Ive been loked in this old Lock thats unlockable without the keys Strange voice: 2 is binding...

  • Storytime626

    By the time you open it the zombies will get you. Lol

  • AegisHyperon

    Who is crazy enough to think putting a nut on an otherwise extremely simple lock makes it secure

  • yee boy
    yee boy

    Pretty good lock. I don’t expect anyone to be carrying all those tools and know exactly how to use them

  • Johanna Rivers
    Johanna Rivers

    Where can one get this lock/keys set?!

  • Kaden Tudor
    Kaden Tudor

    So, this is a security device?

  • Cheerio Box
    Cheerio Box

    I seen this on Reddit and instantly knew he would be picking this anytime soon.

  • Omar Eltabie
    Omar Eltabie

    Oh and i thought it's a long video for a reason

  • intel386DX

    very cool thing :)

  • TheWanderer

    Ain't nobody got time for THAT

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    This looks like it was machined with a crowbar.

  • Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis

    If locks are rated by how long it takes an expert to pick them this one may be in the top few %

  • Holden McGroin
    Holden McGroin

    I saw this on Mr.Puzzle

  • Arcana Octonus
    Arcana Octonus

    This one should be for the nuclear codes. One key a person, 4 people that must agree and not one deranged nutball.

  • barrie Williams
    barrie Williams

    Ideal for the door of your house😁

  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav

    still takes longer than most "pick proof" locks! 😂

  • asian rice
    asian rice

    Everything is fine until you get chased by a cereal killer and you can’t open your bike lock

  • Trev K
    Trev K

    Saw this lock on Mr. Puzzle's channel.

  • Cumunist

    The way it keeps things secure is through pure intimidation

  • ArigatoDBD

    1:34 asmr XD

  • cyberborgman2000

    Put the nut driver in the hole

  • The Sethioz Project
    The Sethioz Project

    that's not exactly a lock, it's a puzzle.

  • Balli thakur
    Balli thakur

    This kind of locks were used in old times when machined tools were not readily available. And people were more simple. Consider it like in villages in 18th century.

  • Hayden Truman
    Hayden Truman

    why are there 4 keys if two are the same key


    Still takes longer than a lot of many locks to open 👻

  • iannickCZ

    If I imagine there are different 4 persons with 4 keys, it protects something valuable.

  • Dimitri Edwards
    Dimitri Edwards

    Too much fun, I have to get out of here or I will binge watch his entire channel when I should be working.

  • Misha

    Are you trying to quit drinking? Lock your whiskey behind this lock. Make reaching for the bottle too annoying to be worth it.

  • FFD D
    FFD D

    More like one bent peace of metal and three square nut drivers

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones

    honestly preferable to a master lock

  • noxious89123

    Well it did still take longer for LPL to get this open than the average Masterlock...

  • Kyle Bowles
    Kyle Bowles

    Love how you don't cut the video; I'll watch you screw in a bolt lol

  • CrazyJayBe

    I want one for Christmas....whoops missed it

  • brookhaven86

    The real trouble is fighting your way through a mansion full of zombies and narrowly avoiding becoming a Jill sandwich to find all the keys needed to open it.

  • TheCorship

    Just make a lock where you need to screw 5 min to open it. Better security than most locks

  • Nate Morton
    Nate Morton

    i kinda want to get this just because it looks cool to mess around with

  • tredI9100

    those keys literally look like the wonder keys from pokemon rumble.

  • Hortus

    You know when the showcasing of the lock is more than 2/3 of the length of the video, it's a bad one.

  • Diablo Blanco
    Diablo Blanco


  • fhhsvnggbh

    The whole point of the lock is to take time. So for example its used on a prison gate, theres a better chance of someone noticing you faffing about with the lock if it takes 2 mins to unlock. I call this lock better than most of the other high security locks this guy picks in under a minute. And he needed 4 tools to open this lock compared to the normal 2

  • Jeremy Ashford
    Jeremy Ashford

    Don’t mean to be “picky” but you used your wrench backwards.

  • Havok Vladimirovich Stalinov
    Havok Vladimirovich Stalinov

    When I was stationed in the Mide East the local souvenir shop had these everywhere for like $5. fun to mess around with, but they serve no actual purpose

  • Kasavan Govender
    Kasavan Govender

    Such a cool lock

  • DFN

    "Extreme security" with an indian accent.

  • nzdobbs

    Impressed. Took longer to open without the keys than 90% of the locks LPL picks

  • ExtremeTM

    so his merch is not useful in this situation, noice.

  • Downtown Redneck
    Downtown Redneck

    I was really hoping you would do this "lock" at some point. So glad you did, I've had a very similar one for about 8 years and still love it.

  • MrKruger88

    Since the screwdriver type key that expands the device also has a square opening in the handle part, wouldn't you only need 3 keys?

  • Juan Oakes
    Juan Oakes


  • sammeo

    Lmao I was genuinely impressed by the lock until it was picked with a pair of pliers.

  • John Vender
    John Vender

    I found it amusing that the lock had 38 stamped on it just above where you removed that screw-in plug for step one using a 3/8" wrench

  • Jeff Gehman
    Jeff Gehman

    This channel makes me not want to own anything valuable, ever.

    • William Hendrix
      William Hendrix

      @GabakUSA Free computer training Pretty clever really

    • GabakUSA Free computer training
      GabakUSA Free computer training

      Do not store up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. Matthew 6:19

    • Eric Walker
      Eric Walker

      You can berry your valuables in your back yard somewhere. 😂

  • Lijan Hossain Nirob
    Lijan Hossain Nirob

    Abe sale

  • droxina

    “The truth is, this lock is just annoying.”

  • Michael Estwik
    Michael Estwik

    When picking the lock actually is faster than using the keys.

  • 19derrick77

    2:50 that’s what she said. I’m sorry I’m 12 LOL

  • Matthew Simpson
    Matthew Simpson

    Thats a puzzle lock t

  • mystery box
    mystery box

    This lock is used on their daughters chastity belt

  • Xarestrill

    Even if it's not really a lock, it still takes much longer to open than anything masterlock produces.

  • RDJim

    Pretty tacky looking lock.

  • Andrew Micallef
    Andrew Micallef

    imagine trying to get onto your property running from a Bengal tiger and than having to undo this lock..

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades

    Hehe, he said "Nut Driver"

  • Lfomod

    That's the classic "Security by obscurity" method hahaha :D

  • S S
    S S

    Try our dindigul lock 🔐🔐🔐

  • OzzyBargainHunter

    I will say, Indians have a very inventive thought process!!

  • ZMAPP Chan
    ZMAPP Chan


  • Cakeadventure

    If a thief had never seen a lock like this before, I think that it would deter them considering how no keyways are clearly visible

  • Ren

    At some point it's gonna be cheaper and just as secure to wrap everything with a ton of duck tape.

  • Qlipphoth

    It's like the Lament Configuration in Lock form. I bet Pinhead uses this kind of Lock for his house in hell. Awesome.

  • SpiceyWolf

    security? entertainment.

  • FunkyBuddha

    This mechanical obstacle course took you longer to open than a lot of locks you showd in your videos.

  • n30a

    Is it for 4 children? Everyone gets a key, when last parent dies they can open the chest with inheritance

  • boom 350
    boom 350

    In the era when tools are expensive this is a better lock

  • Shiro bon
    Shiro bon

    Lock or not, it still takes more time to open this than any Masterlock.

  • Arx 999
    Arx 999

    If no theif knew how to open it


    That's a puzzle...It is not meant to be security lock

  • I'm irwinthedj
    I'm irwinthedj

    What an ugly piece of metall!

  • Vistouf

    Can you tell us in what context the lock is used and sold?

  • Jonathan Almgren
    Jonathan Almgren

    Where can I buy one like this?

  • Brooks Moses
    Brooks Moses

    I love that LPL considers a 8-pointed socket for 9mm square nuts to be a "common hand tool".

  • MindlessAero

    Imagine running from a crowd and you come across this lock at the exit Unless your the lock picking lawyer

  • Colossal Moose Gaming
    Colossal Moose Gaming

    I want to make some cool ass treasure chest with a lock like this LOL

  • Parker Zeigler
    Parker Zeigler

    The thing is that if you put this on your tool shed and some one tried to break in they wouldn’t know where to start picking the lock because they probably haven’t seen one before

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