[1213] Yale’s “Maximum Security” Chain Lock Picked

  • zedddddful

    Your average bike thief can barely manage to breathe without concentrating let alone get these kind of complex picking skills down.


    It took him over a minute to pick it. I'd say it's earned its 10 security rating.

  • newhuskytwenty

    Picking is not my concern, only if a thief can cut the lock.

  • DCL electric
    DCL electric

    After this video it will be picked on the street

  • Miguel Contreras
    Miguel Contreras

    This guy toggled God mode in Skyrim for lockpicks

  • Glenn Lockey
    Glenn Lockey

    Yale Maximum Security Padlock LPL video length 3:06 Tells me all I need to know about this padlock and he doesn't touch it till 1 minute into the video! Excellent work.....

  • Ahad

    Pick your own house door lock.

  • Love Rule
    Love Rule

    Lock picking lawyer if somebody breaks into something by using your techniques can people sue you?

  • Bart

    Just wondering.. what do you lock up with these things? These locks cost more than most stuff I have that needs locked up. I had a motorcycle (before kids) but just used the handle bar lock on it. I guess if was a bad place I would want a lock like this but how much of your bike will be left when you return, the frame?

  • Felix Nyareki
    Felix Nyareki

    pick resistant. LPL picks in less than two minutes

  • glen paul
    glen paul

    Amazing skill

  • Joel Hernandez
    Joel Hernandez

    Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a light noise. You silently walk to the front door, and just hear the words muttered “Nothing on one, Nice click out of three, small click out of three, four is biding...”

  • blue_planet

    Did you find the lock that you can't pick?

  • I’mSuperSpicy

    I’m surprised the cancel culture folks haven’t cancelled Yale locks.

    • Gareth H
      Gareth H

      Maybe Trump's crowd can make a satanic conspiracy theory about them.


    Not going to be picked on the street, unless you are the LPL

  • HumanAbstract

    you should try to record those padlock the first time you got them, obviously its easy to see that you already try it before recording the video well at least for the whole last year. Give us the challenge you got for some padlock, i mean i know you got it fast for easy cheap one but not for all !!

  • ExtremeTM

    this guy can be an escape artist someday.

  • AudieHolland

    Dude locks his bike with this lock. He returns five minutes later to find his bike is still there. Only someone stole the lock.

  • Ethan Murphy
    Ethan Murphy

    Most praise I’ve ever seen him give a lock

  • Noah Haseloff
    Noah Haseloff

    Lock: makes huge crack sound LPL: “little click out of 3”

  • Lynry Barkly
    Lynry Barkly

    I'm impressed, this one was able to hold up for a solid minute.

  • JS1


  • PorkinsHoldIt

    I am here because of demo ranch and demand a collaboration video!!!

  • Ethan Young
    Ethan Young

    Why does he sound like a dentist digging in your teeth

  • çağdaş taş
    çağdaş taş

    What about that chain? Is it onguards natgeo documanted chain?

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    This guy when you upgrade you lockpicking skill too 100 in skyrim

  • Kate Momentsova
    Kate Momentsova

    yale agent - ok Guys this is the must secure lock we ever did ..it unbreakable 30 sec late LPL --- Number one is binding

  • you tubed
    you tubed

    They should only say pick proof once you have had a go at it. In that case they would struggle to get 1 on the market.

  • Seraglio Borneo
    Seraglio Borneo

    :) The tiny hole accepting a tiny key in a huge beefy lock reminded me that a dinosaur weighing 5 tons had a brain weighing 3 oz :) Maybe Yale should have called this lock a "dino" ? And paid H-B to allow their cute Flintstone baby dino printed on the box and lock

  • David Moylan
    David Moylan

    “Probably not going to be picked on the street” - until LPL starts an OnlyFans :-)

  • Anonymous faggot
    Anonymous faggot

    I would classify this as a 10 as well, it took you more than a minute to open, which is already a large archivement.


    All bike locks do is buy me shopping time, literally. I've a 13mm 3x hardened chain and the Ingersoll 10 lever. Good enough to shop for me

  • Local Man
    Local Man

    So this wasn’t made by try hards and legacy kids

  • Meesoe Dontask
    Meesoe Dontask

    Wait... What you are telling me is Yale's "pick resistant" definition is, False advertisement law suit in the making... Because clearly you just picked it without any resistance at all... The only way to make ANY LOCK pick resistant is to booby trap the lock, and to have an armed guard, and maybe a hungry trained wolverine, standing near that booby trapped lock at all times. Then the lock is truly pick resistant.

  • Cameron4306

    Imagine if he used his powers for evil

  • Josh Bacuetes
    Josh Bacuetes

    I wonder if Apple made a lock... It might not include a key and a keyhole.

  • RWBHere

    Total picking time: 80 seconds. The lock is not too shabby then. Thanks LPL.

  • Crispr Talk
    Crispr Talk

    10 out of 10. That's ballsy!

  • nine.osiris

    i would still definitely call it pick resistant

  • Luke Shepherd
    Luke Shepherd

    Serious question; super glue in keyway of beefy lock, impossible to open?

  • Retail Investor
    Retail Investor

    So, I guess the lock industry is one big scam?

  • ItzHegs

    If LPL became a criminal, his neighbors would be screwed. But, since he's as good of a picker as he is, he's probably on some type of list somewhere

  • UKCougar

    I don't know if it's just the microphone configuration, but it always makes me giggle when LPL calmly goes "little click out of 1..." right after the lock has just given an almighty *CRACK* and the tension wrench moved around like a foot.

  • Christopher Staples
    Christopher Staples

    longest I have seen a lock being picked for quite some time

  • coladict

    If it takes this much effort for the competitive lockpicking champion to pick it in ideal conditions with having practised on that specific lock, you bet your ass it's safe from real world lockpicking!

  • funtime matryoshka
    funtime matryoshka

    hey LPL i was wondering if you had any picks break on you while picking any locks?

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner

    The only person I know who finds clicking to be a nice sound. Everyone else is annoyed by clicking.

  • Артем Измайлов
    Артем Измайлов

    1:20 Gust imagine to hear it during the check - up at the dentist

  • Tentacles45

    You sound and kinda mimic a dentist

  • m2mdohkun

    LPL silent praise: "It's not going to be picked on the street." Oh okay I can buy this - street use only.

  • Lachie W
    Lachie W

    Yale guard middle of the night hears whispering. LPL- nice click on 1, 2 is binding..

  • Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey
    Eleanor Barry Jhon Dersey

    The lovely sturgeon transmurally cycle because withdrawal histologically carry after a tame verdict. festive, luxuriant son

  • ilikeyello

    hey id say that 3 minutes is pretty good for a lock


    Well it says pick resistant,not pickproof so they didn't really lie....

  • ScareCro

    Me finding the key, LPL - done.

  • Lu

    "It does require some skill" *FOUND THE PERFECT LOCK*

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson

    Great job and video like always

  • ElFlorete TM
    ElFlorete TM

    I don't get it,you spent almost your entire life picking locks so you are more then qualified to pick anything ...how can you be imparcial then with brands?? With your videos you only train thiefs to be better anytime you review a new lock and it's a fact.... It's a bit stupid to review locks that day by day are improved, only to be taken apart by some hobby lock picking "lawyer" .... So yeah, great training for thiefs worldwide and free 🤣🤣🤣...I guess that is not your concern, you just "let us know how unsecure locks are actually..."

  • Antonín Práza
    Antonín Práza

    Is there anything LPL cant pick? If this topic has alredy been covered, could anyone send me on my way to watch it? Thanks

  • I Tee
    I Tee

    I’m beginning to think a lock of this type with two simultaneous keys that need to be turned may be unpickable. At least by just one person.

  • Marvin Martian
    Marvin Martian

    You need to lotion your hands and put on some gloves when you go to bed, to get rid of those hangnails. Also, there is a Revlon cuticle trimmer that is a close cutter. Cut those, don't "pick" at them. Thanks for another great video.

  • mick muller
    mick muller

    I leave this under every video I watched, it helps the algorithm

  • Bastian Jünemann
    Bastian Jünemann

    Good day Sir! Do you have any Impressions of the quality of the Chain it comes with? Thanks a lot!

  • Adler Gilbertson
    Adler Gilbertson

    Is there a lock you haven’t been able to pick?

  • Russell Stirling
    Russell Stirling

    I am so excited to see him take on "Stuff Made Here"s unpickable lock

  • Mike Sokolow
    Mike Sokolow

    He has the key to his wifes heart. Well , really doesn't need it.

  • Neil Heuer
    Neil Heuer

    27 seconds in and Im like this is some competition - then I realize its a 3 minute video SMH

  • PJT

    What do you do with all the locks once you picked/cut them open?

  • Master Vidz
    Master Vidz

    Soon you will see packaging and adverts saying recommended by LockPickingLawyer - "As Seen On UZload"...

  • The Comment Dude
    The Comment Dude

    The new LPL security rating system: 1-5 seconds to bind: Super weak 6-10 seconds to bind: Weak 11-20 seconds to bind: Average 21-40 seconds to bind: Okay 41-60 seconds to bind: Good 61+ seconds to bind: *impossible*

  • Rinnzu Rosendale
    Rinnzu Rosendale

    You don't gut much anymore.

  • gamebuster800

    This looks like you had somewhat of a challenge with this one so I’d buy it. This lock is hard enough that a thief would just steal the next bike.

  • SCOTTYD634

    Stop showing criminals how to steal our stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ladosligese

    Yale prob just sat there watching profits dwindle now :D ..

  • ThexBorg

    3 minute video picking a maximum security lock.

  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash

    What about the chain links? I’d like to see a test vs bolt cutters and angle grinder


    A zip wheel on my cordless grinder works every time no skills required just dress up like I belong there and do the thing and walk away with complete confidence never fails

  • Lukas Brodérus
    Lukas Brodérus

    Locks fucking suck ngl

  • XplosivCookie

    If you say it's probably not picked on the street, then that thing seems absolutely legit and worth the money.

  • Michael Slinger
    Michael Slinger

    I reckon there's a Harry Potter spell called advocatus reserare

  • BeeFuzzy

    At this point, I get excited when a lock needs to be picked to open. So many are Rakes, Bumps, Taps, Magnets, Bypasses, Pressure, Pokes, Jigglers, Wrenches, Paper Clips, Hair Pins Or loud noises.

  • Stefan Morris
    Stefan Morris

    Ok i get it now... if you want to make your lock pick proof just pour quick set epoxy in the keyway after you have it locked up, that should do the trick

  • Randy Taylor 69
    Randy Taylor 69

    So, when are lock companies going to start banning you from buying locks ?

  • Dean

    Has the LPL ever come across a lock he couldn’t pick?

  • Tim

    Now I'm keen to see how it stands up to drills and bolt cutters.

  • Hachi Riko
    Hachi Riko

    I know what to expect by now but im always suprised by how effortlessly you do this

  • Laughing Man
    Laughing Man

    Be interested in seeing LPL do this in let's say freezing conditions......

  • Lee Hart
    Lee Hart

    you're awesome

  • Dany Siegh
    Dany Siegh

    it is a good lock when LPL takes more than a minute.

  • Jim F
    Jim F

    You always have to look at what something is marketed for. For a bike lock, I don't see and smash and grab types getting through that.

  • Dylan Stefiuk
    Dylan Stefiuk

    Pick resistant is not pick proof.

  • Nikolay Dimitrov
    Nikolay Dimitrov

    Dude, stop showing to the world how to crack locks. Not cool... We have no secure because of you, everybody can watch your channel and learn how to crack locks, and than we get f*** up...

  • Abdul Rashid
    Abdul Rashid

    no disassembly?


    ive watched a lot of your videos and every lock that claims cant be picked you pick pretty easy is there any lock that you have come across out there that you couldent pick surely there has to be one that you would struggle with @LockPickingLawyer

  • F1willi1988 F
    F1willi1988 F

    The dislikes are from the Yale team who invented this

  • Someone's Youtube Username
    Someone's Youtube Username

    Eh, took LPL longer than most locks. Good enough.

  • MattDall _
    MattDall _

    Luckily you are a youtuber and not a thief otherwise, many people would have something missing every night

  • Jeff Flanagan
    Jeff Flanagan

    Took that thing back to community college...

  • Hunter T.
    Hunter T.

    do you sell t-shirts with? : click on one, two is binding, nothing on three, click out of four, ....

  • Dariune

    its probably good enough, if it takes LPL 2 minutes to open, then for everyone else its gonna be at least twice as long, and since your bike is probably locked in a public space outside a cafe or something that's enough time to raise bystanders awareness and make the picker have an anxiety attack