[1181] A TRAP For Pickers! The Clever Hines Key System Picked
The referenced video: [527] Pickproof your Kwikset For Less Than $1 uzload.info/fun/bH2imnypt6qupmA/video

  • dnsbrules

    How to be a dick to anyone with this: just pick it normally lol

  • James Ivy
    James Ivy

    Brilliant but simple, I'd think if they randomly changed the wafer locations it would slow even a knowledgeable picker, they would have to get the feel first and probably reset and go back in

  • I'm Me
    I'm Me

    From the look of it, the cylinder is made so that the trap pins could be in any position or none at all. So, so slot one , three, and six would work. To me the other issue is how does one get in if the trap pins are set? It can't be picked open. It is drill resistant. I suppose a core puller could be used, but how common were those 40 or 50 years ago? Unless one had access through another door so as to open this from the inside, it could be a big problem.

  • Asahi Aura
    Asahi Aura

    Stuff Made Here

  • Anthony Batista
    Anthony Batista

    Bro I'm supposed to be studying Javascript. Why am I watching this whole video

  • fastz28usa

    It's a fluke!

  • Aventus

    So what if someone tries to pick the lock and sets the trap, how would the owner get in lmao

  • Jacob Dean
    Jacob Dean

    Why didn’t they just make the trap pins random...instead of 2,3,4 they do a different orientation for each lock? I feel like this is a good prevention but for someone like you, you know it’s always 234

  • kermit creditcardfraud
    kermit creditcardfraud

    love ur vids. do u bite ur nails?

  • Matt Logue
    Matt Logue

    spin my plug

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith

    Reading someone else's question gave me a thought. If, on some of 2-4, you switched the hollow and non-hollow pins around, you'd be potentially stuck. Some would trap on the first set, some would trap on the second set, and you wouldn't be able to tell until the lock was turning and trapped the hollow pin(s).

  • Donnie Robertson
    Donnie Robertson

    Great job and video like always

  • Rx7man

    Looks like the opposite of a master key... neat idea

  • tastychunks

    So how would one go about unseizing the lock when they come home to find that their key won't work?

    • Kona Golden
      Kona Golden

      By calling your divorce lawyer?

  • wind2dk

    A bit sad they had the brilliance to make such a neat system, but not the brilliance to assign it to random pins which would have made it a thousand times stronger. The primary reason LPL can pick this is that he knows the system is on exactly 2, 3 and 4

  • J R Deckard
    J R Deckard

    I don't have locks on my doors. I have German shepherds behind the doors.

    • Kona Golden
      Kona Golden

      I bring beef snacks, so no worries....

  • Karen

    *How hard is it to break into ballot containers?* #TRUMP will pay top dollar for a great locksmith

  • Quality Coke
    Quality Coke

    This is some good asmr tbh lol

  • Killerofcats


  • muziqaz

    What stops manufacturer randomising those trap pins? Instead of them being 2, 3, 4 why not swap them randomly? Is there some sort of limitations to that? Or would manufacturing be too expensive?

  • KAJlogic

    Is it just me or does him taking it apart not really make it any more clear... I feel like I need a 3D model or a drawing or something.. Maybe I'm just stupid..

  • Kitteh Cat
    Kitteh Cat

    imagine putting these locks all over the house and then a picker comes along and picks all locks, now not even the owner can get it xD

    • Kitteh Cat
      Kitteh Cat

      @Claw Dragons oof

    • Claw Dragons
      Claw Dragons

      Imagine putting these locks all over the house, and coming home to perfectly working locks and a broken window.

  • Snuffy Wuffykiss
    Snuffy Wuffykiss

    Good to know... If I see "Hines" on the lock I move straight to the sledge and crowbar method...

  • Nigel Nigel
    Nigel Nigel

    Why not engineer it with those grooved rings on each of the 6, and simply make a bunch of different runs with identical face plates but different combinations of the trap? That way theives dont know just 2,3,4 are traps, but it could be a variety of them?

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith

      My bet is because they build the lock in the 50's or 60's, so nobody would know how this lock worked unless they were a locksmith and took one apart. No Internet back then. First time you tried to pick it, you're stuck. Or in other words...this design was more than good enough for the time.

  • Naiiee Abiva
    Naiiee Abiva

    if we make the pins, in different diameters, would it help make a lock pick proof? my idea is that, it would be a challenge putting a tension on it. Is that right? I'm not sure

  • KraftyKellalizard Art
    KraftyKellalizard Art

    Wouldn’t an easy way to correct the effectiveness of this lock to be just to randomise which pins have the wafers and hollow pins?

    • Cody Hubert
      Cody Hubert

      If they are expecting it, I suppose they would just attempt to shear each pin on a second line, keep track of the ones which do, allow the whole thing to reset and go at it properly. If they aren't expecting, random or not wont make a big difference. I also know that some locks with master keys have two shear lines, so someone who doesn't know what they're doing may assume that is what this lock is, and think it doesn't matter which shear they set the pin on.

  • Andrew Snyder
    Andrew Snyder

    The engineering on that is it equal parts devious and genius.

  • Keith Patrick
    Keith Patrick

    "If I can't get into this lock, nobody can!". Imagine if a network admin could be locked out of his/her account by entering the wrong password 3 times...

  • TheGuest666

    If you happen to trigger the trap, are you still able to disassemble the lock?

  • ExTechOp

    I assume all the Hines locks have the same cuts on pins 2, 3 and 4? Otherwise just mistakenly inserting the wrong Hines key into the keyway could activate these trap pins and punish you by rendering the lock permanently inoperable (and also likely trapping the key into the keyway). This would limit the amount of available different Hines locks by quite a lot, as there are only three normally operating pins.

  • Allwin Edwin
    Allwin Edwin

    Mr.Lock Picking Lawyer do you feel your educational content can be misused or does the temporary risk of flawed locks being exposed outweighs the need for future more functional locks.

  • coon foon
    coon foon

    the babish of lock picking

  • Charlene Woods
    Charlene Woods

    Any lock LPL respects must be god tier.

  • Spainis

    hi! can you give a link to that sexy screwdriver?

  • AngelXdoom1

    Everyone who has this lock are now scrambling to replace this lock nao!

  • JackJester21

    Idk if id ever use ANY of this information but i still love these videos

  • Double Seven
    Double Seven

    Can you imagine if a lock company created a lock like this but they randomize the 3 pins that would trigger the trap and that the lock is literally the same in look and design but the only way to know which pins are the trap pins is by a serial number on the driver.

  • Lil Squishy
    Lil Squishy

    I took an ambien but I’m still awake binging ur videos

  • Irvan Qadri
    Irvan Qadri

    heinz key system: suffering from success

  • Calvin Rivaldy Saputra
    Calvin Rivaldy Saputra

    in the near future there might be ppl putting "LPL-proof LOCK" in their product feature

    • Skie Fyre
      Skie Fyre

      You know, when someone finally figures out how to do that.

  • Reek Z
    Reek Z

    Had these on my front door on my childhood house in Chicago. Our back back door had 2 by 4’s across it like some medieval castle entrance.

    • Tom Smith
      Tom Smith

      In Chicago, probably a good idea! (Substitute any big city here and it's also true, not picking on just Chicago.)

  • D r I p p
    D r I p p

    This guy, is lock jesus

  • Emre Sener
    Emre Sener

    Every lock in a LPL video that's over 3 minutes is worth every penny..

  • pau Fer
    pau Fer

    I keep wondering why I watch the whole thing every time

  • David Briggs
    David Briggs

    Did you see this lock uzload.info/fun/lGqsg3_J0JKLtmQ/video

  • Gronderful

    So what were you suppose to do if the trap was sprung?

  • Suraj Maurya
    Suraj Maurya

    Where do you get those awesome tools

  • Joe Nicotera
    Joe Nicotera

    I remember bumping into one of those when I was a little boy. (overall, a complete pain in the ass.) It really shouldn't be referred to as "pick resistant" because that really isn't what it was intended to do. ....and the downfall of it is due to that it has a few too many secrets. What that lock is good at is the #1 way of breaking and entering, somebody copying the key. In business it's a very real problem because your employees need to open the door in the morning but don't necessarily keep their copy in a safe while they are home. It also a common problem with rental property, one tenant making copies of the other tenant's keys. How the design prevents this is two fold, the key isn't even close to any of the commonly available key blanks...therefor resisting bump key as well as copying. The only key blank normally available would trip the trap. Now comes the problem....although the purchaser of the lock was told not to even try to have a copy made and we assume a locksmith would know better either the manager or the locksmith would try it anyways. Problem number two was a serious problem with the lock. If you were to try to turn the lock either without the key fully inserted or slide the key out while turning the trap would misfire. Defeating the lock was easy, just squirt some ketchup in it. Then wait a day or two to steal and return the manager's keys. It will be much easier now because you only need to "borrow" and copy the brand new one and it won't be a special order security lock.

  • 111 111
    111 111

    I think with this lock its main strength is also its main weakness. Can't a malicious attacker just attempt to pick the lock just to render it unusable, just to inconvenience its owner?


    I could have picked it faster bro, just kidding man. I probably couldn’t even pick that one. I’d give it hell though.

  • Codenamespace

    Your a locksmith right lockpicking is kinda interesting to me

  • Popeye

    Jesus, when did you get 2.4 mill subs? Crazy

  • Arafat Khan Tipu
    Arafat Khan Tipu

    I have a question though. How do you put those back all together!? I wish this video is longer.

  • Captain OverThinker
    Captain OverThinker

    Maybe you could design a really good lock. 🤔 Yeah?

  • Devin Davis
    Devin Davis

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  • DomisDope

    What camera are you using

  • thebegining100

    Would love to see you assemble the lock again.

  • Psycho 02
    Psycho 02

    Can you create a lock that you can't pick?

  • Nick Maille
    Nick Maille

    Wait so if the hollow pin sets in the slot, does that mean the lock is stuck, and rendered useless, even if you have the key?

  • Allen 216
    Allen 216

    Guy is awesome

  • Ed Shangreau
    Ed Shangreau

    That's so cool! When you said "trap pins" I was perplexed. However seein the innards I understand it now! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nawtik

    Idk how I got here but nice. 👍🏽

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith

    If the device was created with random locations for the lock pins and camouflaged then this lock would be the choice

  • Will

    This dude is like that key master guy in the matrix

  • SanityDragon

    jaw dropped on this one, the mechanical mechanism is soo cool!!

  • Redx army
    Redx army

    Can this be comed?

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis

    I don't see the point using a plug spinner at all if you know this is the trap why not just go ahead and go for the second shear line


    I'd love to see his collection

  • Bobby Dirtamiyer
    Bobby Dirtamiyer

    Do any of these companies ever sue you?

  • wethenation

    In the future locks will be impenetrable and the people locking picks will just have jaws of life and break their way open

  • Yabberdabberdoo

    i got 6mins and 20 seconds in before realising you could of just used a plug spinner to bypass the trap

  • Laura Vellegas
    Laura Vellegas

    Whoa 7 min????!!! might buy this one

  • saaah

    Question: are the trap pins are the same (2,3,and 4) on every single one of these? Or are they randomized?

  • madcap magician
    madcap magician

    so serious question here , can this system be implemented in any type of lock ? can the internals be bought and used say on a kwikset ? or no? the reason I ask this is if someone who knows picking looks at the lock and sees segal on it and knows the hines system they will know how to defeat it, but if they dont know its this system they cant get in.

  • Glacies.Yin

    This video is a prime example that being able to identify and know the background info on the lock makes things easier to pick

  • TheOrlandonian

    What if Hines randomized the pins with the hollow pins/wafers? If they could to this to 2/3/4 couldn't they do it to 2/4/5, or 3/4/6, etc? It would only take a small number of variable combinations to reduce the pickability to zero - the picker doesn't know which pins need to be set to the second click.

  • da quigley
    da quigley

    Well great now I'm paranoid

  • Atlas

    Wait so if someone tries to pick your door you're locked in your house?

  • kingdomrains

    So the take away from this is "make your lock look a generic as possible", if they don't know what brand it is they don't know what traps lay in wait

  • Felis Impurrator
    Felis Impurrator

    "jimmy-proof" Good thing this isn't Jimmy, this is LPL.

    • Rienk Kroese
      Rienk Kroese

      jimmy Savile proof.

    • Pyro

      This made me chuckle

  • Dylan Evans
    Dylan Evans

    why not make the trick pins in randomized locations?

  • eisener michael
    eisener michael

    This lock is on 2 of the dumbwaiter mechanical hatches i was working on today. I have no idea why they would opt to have such a sophisticated lock on it. It's only locked because the code calls for it to be locked. They better not loose the key

  • Henchy Hench
    Henchy Hench

    Can you order some Australian brand locks and pick them my brother is a lock smith and I've always been interested in picking locks its so cool

  • Krissy Baglin
    Krissy Baglin

    LPL was very literal in the sense that he can tell it's a Clever Hines from 10 feet away, he can smell their fear, and as such, can distiniguish the distinct smell of each type of lock

  • david manning
    david manning

    Sounds like a dentist.😜😜😜

  • BloodyTampwn

    I hope this guy doesn’t rob me

  • xchickinlegs

    If broken use oxy-acetylene*

  • Shilli O
    Shilli O

    Is there a lock this God couldn't pick?

  • HubsonPL

    Sir, with Your knowledge about lockpicking I would never be afraid that I could lost my keys when i go back from party :D

  • Stand Against Communism
    Stand Against Communism

    This is what it'd be like if bob ross was a locksmith lol

  • Bulletproof222

    Yo this vid just saved my ass! Some old bastard in the next neighborhood over had one of these, just looked up this video and bam I'm in! Easiest 30k in my life bro lmao!!!!

  • Oregon Patriot
    Oregon Patriot

    Question: What the hell is a shear line and how can you find it without seeing it? ....lol Obviously I'm not a locksmith or a burglar, and I have no idea why this ended up in my feed.

    • Oregon Patriot
      Oregon Patriot

      @Jay Blue Thanks!

    • Jay Blue
      Jay Blue

      Here's a visual example for you! i.pinimg.com/originals/22/4e/0d/224e0d6eafc6a0ea0c4c54b6804bc5ae.gif This gif made it super easy for me to understand. Basically, instead of one black box (pin) per red, there are two (but not on all of them). If a person only puts one of the two above the shear line (the top edge of the beige box), the pin will fall into a hole that prevents the mechanism from turning. Since most locks only have one pin and not two stacked on top of each other, this would be an easy mistake for a would-be burglar to make.

  • Duck Tape
    Duck Tape

    LPL Certified 📝


    "You may recall video 527" Bro I don't recall what I had for breakfast...

  • Ed Hodge
    Ed Hodge

    I never paid attention to locks in general. But your videos make me more aware about the technology. I appreciate your efforts to share this in detail with lock lovers but I learned from it myself and it will make me more lock conscious if I need new ones. Thanks

  • Bunna Tang
    Bunna Tang

    will it resist with high force flat screw driver?

  • Joseph Juan Aliaga Valenzuela
    Joseph Juan Aliaga Valenzuela

    So the only way to pick it successfully is either know the pattern or be lucky af. So the producer company can just resolve this issue by producing model with different patterns? 🤔

  • sean jenkins
    sean jenkins

    If someone is willing to hire a someone to break into your house that specializes in pick proof locks from the 50s then you might want to reevaluate your life choices

  • Erica Ferguson
    Erica Ferguson

    But essentially, you just gave criminals the “key” to identifying and the know how, how to properly pick these locks. Now anyone who buys these locks for their front doors, now does so at their own risk. Good job 👍

    • Sven

      It is a vintage lock, nobody is buying these for their homes now. On top of that 99.99% of criminals wouldn't have the first clue on how to pick locks let alone the practical skill and knowledge to identify and pick a vintage trap lock in the wild. Criminals almost exclusively enter using force or unsecured entrances.

  • Pears R Tasty
    Pears R Tasty

    I hum the mission impossible song while watching your videos....