[1119] “Safe Skies” TSA Locks - ONLY For The Airport
[795] TSA Master Keys - Why You Should NEVER Use Travel Locks (Except on Luggage) uzload.info/fun/fJt7hoSz2J-T2Z8/video

  • Tyler Webb
    Tyler Webb

    What I heard was "about as secure as a zipper"

  • Nathan stenzel
    Nathan stenzel

    "Used for making sure your bags don't accidentally fall open" killed me

  • justin dunlap
    justin dunlap

    Tea locks the only locks with the security of a caribiner

  • Brian West
    Brian West

    I thought that the green/red indicator was cool until I say the paper clip come out. :(

  • Rubdul Bah
    Rubdul Bah

    Great, now I have to throw out my paper clips before boarding a Plane.(sigh)

  • Dog Bro
    Dog Bro

    Also, don’t use these TSA locks, all TSA laccies have master keys. So they are basically useless.

  • Enderger

    Master Lock should make a Magnum TSA lock for the memes

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Given the number of TSA locks we've had not make it thru a single flight I would argue they are not even acceptable against preventing your bags from falling open...I have found a plain cheap keychain carabiner seems more secure.

  • Jagielski Gaming
    Jagielski Gaming

    Why would you use a lock with an engineered backdoor even when you travel?

  • Marco Christian Magno
    Marco Christian Magno

    What kind of company would make a seatbelt like that?

  • Rod MacPherson
    Rod MacPherson

    I had some fun with one of these that was given out at a security conference. :) uzload.info/fun/aWxtaGi81pukqZ8/video

  • jim h
    jim h

    So, these locks are about as useful as the TSA themselves? Basically, "Security Theater"??

  • Chris Epler
    Chris Epler

    And this is the reason that encryption must be secure and not have backdoors that "only" the government has.

  • Noah Schwartz
    Noah Schwartz

    Any idea of what locks would be secure for bags that only have room for a zipper lock?

  • BBB H
    BBB H

    Three wheel, ten digit locks are worthless, btw- a lesson I learned first hand. I was watching my buddy's kid once when I was much younger/ less savvy, and, when I went to the kitchen to cook a pizza, for like TEN MINUTES, when I got back he had a cheap cash box that I had left on my coffee table open, and was counting my petty cash! He said he had just started at 000 and tried all of the combos until he got it! The kid was probably around seven years old at the time. SEVEN! (He was precocious and patient, obviously, but still- a CHILD got that box open in just a few minutes by brute force testing combos! Such a lock, at one combo tested per second - easy to to do- should yield in about 9 minutes, on average, and far less with a couple of simple tricks! I know better now, of course, partly thanks to channels like this!) CHeers!

  • BBB H
    BBB H

    Like many other insecure or flawed security devices/concepts, some of these locks remind me of a very important security principle- that is: Unless one is concerned about being personally targeted, thieves will always go after the low hanging fruit first. The purpose (or, more accurately, the benifit) of a lock like this is that it makes one's own secured item (luggage in this case) appear to be harder or riskier to attack than another's- just like a thief will skip a house with a sign on their house or lawn that says 'Secured by ADT, monitored 24 hours/day', for the neighbor that doesn't have that sign (Weather or not there is a security system at all!), a non-savvy thief may, very likely, skip a bag secured by an expensive LOOKING lock, weather or not such provides any REAL security. So, it's far better than nothing, and superior to cheap looking locks, and, probably, in the majority of cases, definitely good enough to provide adequate security based on that principle alone, depending on what one is trying to secure, naturally! (Of course, there is no substitute for REAL security.)

  • ru666cci

    HAHAHAHAHA paper clip was priceless!!!

  • Ryan Ruan
    Ryan Ruan

    TSA Lock is just a foolproof device to remind you that your checked luggage will be opened by lot of random people (and thief), so you will not put anything important or valuable(in the luggage).

  • Stazza

    Locks are only there to keep the honest people out.... Something my dad always said to me, while I love your videos and have always watched them, I also hate them for the simple fact that is not general knowledge and you're effectively teaching people and quite possibly thieves easier and more efficient ways to gain access to things they shouldn't be touching.

  • DaBoomPlayz

    By using a high tech device known as the paper clip. *NOW THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE*

  • VectraQS

    My mother has given up on "TSA-compliant" locks. The TSA will just cut the lock off anyway.

  • Rose Todaro
    Rose Todaro

    This just in. Safe skies lock company has went out of business after the LPL exploits paper clip flaw.

  • Myconix

    Whenever I want to explain the concept of a "security theater", the TSA lock always seems like a good place to start.

  • RWBHere

    As said on this channel, long ago, TSA locks are designed for easy access, not to prevent theft.

  • Preston Miles
    Preston Miles

    Yeah the TSA cut off my lock off and the handle of the zipper the lock was not engaged

  • Brendon Wolik
    Brendon Wolik

    I feel like you oughta just use a zip tie if your concern is knowing if TSA opened your luggage

  • Twobarpsi

    Amazon link for the high tech paper clip???

  • Alexandru Bogdan
    Alexandru Bogdan

    Puzzle padlocks you cant pick them use those,you need hours to open them

  • ミィルク・チ[MiilkT]

    Master kay

  • Satrio Arif
    Satrio Arif

    No dude, its better if your locks is bad and TSA can open it. Cuz they cant unlock it they gonna rip you luggage with a knife...

  • Bill Killernic
    Bill Killernic

    I wonder if you could make a series with the safest locks (not TSA locks, I mean make a video for safety locks) I am new to your channel but already watched a high double digit number of videos if not more than 100 and as far as I can tell you just show locks that you can easily bypass or lockpick in seconds.... arent there any locks that need hours of time to pick or heavy and/or highly sophisticated equipment to brake/bypass ?

  • Olga I. Menendez
    Olga I. Menendez

    Hey, I have a high tech paper clip !! Wow now I can take over TSA locks!! 😬🤪

  • Nithin Danday
    Nithin Danday

    Honestly the TSA will probably cut the lock anyway

  • Mel The Bard
    Mel The Bard

    I’m gonna design a lock that will make you proud

  • Reciomane

    the paper clip I and bosnianbill made

  • Rich

    These locks are symbolic, in that they are locks, making it a crime to break them without consent. A paperclip or zip tie offers similar security, but without the legal backing.

  • Silver Sisask
    Silver Sisask

    There is a saying in Estonia "Locks are for animals", meaning useless against humans. Is there a lock so bad that even an animal could open it? Maybe a bird?

  • Jazz Mc
    Jazz Mc

    I'd love you to do a video on what locks you can't get into! O need to keep things safe!

  • Spul qh
    Spul qh

    "High-tech device known as a paper clip" Nice one😂

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden

    How do "master keys" even work?

  • Randomly Entertaining
    Randomly Entertaining

    I still can't understand why anyone would bother with locks like these.

  • D Hawthorne
    D Hawthorne

    As always, make sure valuables are in your carry on bags or lock them with a more secure lock inside of your check bag in a way that they cannot be removed through non-destructive means.

  • Nite 0wl
    Nite 0wl

    I am curious where you got that metal Safe Skies master key since I am tired of making them by hand the way I did when I originally reverse engineered it and released the specifications 4 years ago.

  • Shrankai

    Nice video!

  • Muhamad Wafiq - Panel
    Muhamad Wafiq - Panel

    I thought that was kamen rider belt😂

  • David Kinkade
    David Kinkade

    1:34 or a bent sim tool

  • Jackson Lee
    Jackson Lee

    basically just use a belt

  • Random4098

    Where can I get myself this paper clip you speak of?

  • torin3

    Going to be flying with a checked firearm for the first time. Obviously not going to use a TSA lock. Any suggestions for a good model of lock to use? I plan on getting 4 in case they get cut off by the TSA.

  • SnowballTheTactiHusky

    Nope I only use padlocks theydon't have a master key to when I transport my airsoft equipment. I'd rather open it in front of them and lock it back up I don't trust them.

  • Patrick Maters
    Patrick Maters

    Pretty nifty for these companies to add a logo so the thieves can easily pick out the stealable luggage 😊👍🏻

  • K r
    K r

    I trust the TSA locks to keep random people from sniffing my dirty underwear.

  • Richard Boesch
    Richard Boesch

    I use 2 different coloured zip ties to secure my luggage. I also use super cheap nylon bags when I travel. In a life of frequent travel I have never had a single problem.

  • duncathan_salt

    Where actual security matters, these locks are poor choices - but as an escape room designer, I absolutely love these things! Master keys for all my combination locks are an absolute dream to have.

  • Aarya Joshi
    Aarya Joshi

    Bruh tsa locks are pretty shitty, i mean i am no lock picking expert, heck the only lock ive picked ever was a tsa lock that to with a bobby pin, so you know the level

  • feel toofree
    feel toofree

    Need to get me some high tech paper clips for you never know

  • Chris Tooley
    Chris Tooley

    RIght now the USA government is attempting to pass laws against using encryption without Law Enforcement access. I think these locks are great examples of why that will fail for security.

  • h i
    h i

    If fbi sees that paperclip you're dead

  • The Idol of Exuberance
    The Idol of Exuberance

    These locks look (and work) like toys for schoolkids that the children would be harshly punished for having if a teacher failed to open any of them. Just like our buttholes are safe from becoming big black Bubba's new girlfriend only until the rulers get on our asses for the felonies we unknowingly commit daily. We will never be allowed to grow up in this world without a fight. “Anytime you beg another man to set you free, you’ll never be free! ... The price of freedom is death." -Malcolm X

  • freshgino


  • metroids224

    I was wondering what happened to you, and found that you're still uploading videos, but they aren't showing up in my subscriptions

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor

    oh this is best channel on youtube by far. its brilliant the ice cold dry humer is perfect.

  • Matthew Asnaya Wu
    Matthew Asnaya Wu

    Is there a lock that can’t be defeated by this guy?

  • Graham Rushin
    Graham Rushin

    Have you reviewed the Oxford beast and 22mm beast chain?

  • raynebc

    At least your luggage won't fall open. A glowing endorsement.

  • Assaf Cohen
    Assaf Cohen

    I have been mortified by pretty much ALL of your videos as how easily locks can be picked. here are my two questions: 1. Is there a video of you actually complimenting a lock? something that's hard to pick? 2. Why aren't you releasing your own brand if everyone else's is just SO bad? I'm serious.

  • Seth Burgin
    Seth Burgin

    How about we keep the police and defund the TSA? Obviosly the thugs that want to defund the police have only seen a plane fly overhead, and never once had to jump through the hoops board one.

  • Barry Fowler
    Barry Fowler

    A heavy duty key ring is one of the best ways, it's not a lock so totally legal, just really hard and a pain to get it off and put it back on.

  • Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts

    I just don't understand what TSA locks are for. You could have significantly higher security with a 10 cent zip tie - I've had ticket agents ask me if they want me to put a zip tie on my bag for free! If TSA wants to remove it they can, and they will replace it with another. You can also see if it's different than the one you put on. I fly regularly with a gun - which is locked up per TSA requirements with a pair of nice Abus locks. I'm under no illusion that the entire bag may not just disappear, those locks do nothing, and they're on a plastic box! The bottom line is it's insured, if it gets lost or stolen you should be reimbursed for your loss. Don't carry anything irreplaceable.

  • Aetius of Astora
    Aetius of Astora

    Want to protect your luggage? Lock it with a 10 pound squire padlock

  • Frank Dyke
    Frank Dyke

    Time to end the Totally Stupid Agency.

  • nobiggeridiot

    That logo looks more like a fox tail butt plug than a 'torch logo'. I guess everyone is trying to cash in on the furries :|

  • Zaee Shah
    Zaee Shah

    "Really only for making sure your bags don't accidentally fall open" Absolutely savage

  • macthelost

    Hey LPL, my girlfriend recently got new doors and went with a lock called Crimsafe because they told her they were not pickable. I don’t have one to send but was wondering if you had thoughts. Thanks. P.s. got my first lockpick kit today and have been having a blast picking every lock I own, thanks for your vids my dude!!!

  • 2010GT500

    I thought it was illegal for anyone to have to key to your lock including the TSA

  • David Henderson
    David Henderson

    Zip ties are cheaper. TSA in most cases will replace zip ties. You should use colored zip ties because in most cases the TSA only has black or white zip ties so if you use a colored one you will at least know some one has been in it.

  • Sky Shaymin
    Sky Shaymin

    Safe Skies more like Safe Sikes

  • Mike K
    Mike K

    Hey LPL, I think you should also show people how simple it is to open luggage with just a pen that splits the teeth. Can quickly cover it up by sliding the zipper with lock over it. It has definitely helped me save some money on luggage locks.

  • surazal 93
    surazal 93

    Subs: "LPL, what's that you have in your pick-set?" LPL: "A KNIFE!" Subs: "YES."

  • Overwatch

    You would be more 'secure' in every case (that I can think of) if you just zip-tied the zippers closed. A 'lock' like this is going to give you a mental impression that your things are much more secure than they really are. So they probably lead to behaviors that make you less secure than you should be.

  • ParaPick Tog
    ParaPick Tog

    Knife? In an airport? Maybe the jagged edge of a rebull can torn in half.

  • Tang MengTit
    Tang MengTit

    Lock picking lawyer: posts a video* Robber : write that down! Write that down!

  • Quoodle1

    Luggage nowadays close with a plastic zipper, can be defeated and resealed whether or not there’s a lock in place.

  • Daniel Erdélyi-Larsson
    Daniel Erdélyi-Larsson

    I don't have enough "oof" for this.

  • Hammy Hamster
    Hammy Hamster

    Hey I need a safe for college, have any recommendations?

  • Phish Guy
    Phish Guy

    Wait so are you a lawyer or a locksmith?

  • poke454

    At some point these are gonna fit the term "latch" better than lock

  • Lackooo

    Trash "locks".

  • berg01berg01

    "Only for making sure your bags don't accidentally fall open" ...

  • Daniel Wachsmann
    Daniel Wachsmann

    I Just sae this Vid from Smarter Every Day... I think There is a nice Topic for you: uzload.info/fun/pK1_fqit1mxssYE/video

  • Peripuns Clods
    Peripuns Clods

    uzload.info/fun/q4RteJbAqqt5vZM/video yet another example of a poorly made lock system

  • zac

    Lets see you break into an ATM

  • groverdill

    Have you ever been defeated by a lock that you just couldn’t open? I browsed through many of your videos and didn’t see one. I saw a few that you had difficulty with but nothing that stumped you. Is there such a thing?

  • Sakis c
    Sakis c

    No wonder LPL can open any lock, he has the unconditional help of the Office Assistant.

  • andrew h
    andrew h

    This guy is awesome

  • another user
    another user

    Unless the suitcase has build-in zipper tab locks, zippers of luggage can be pierced open and then moving the zipper tabs will lock the teeth of the zipper so there is no trace of a breach. What travel locks?

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    You can cut a suitcase with a knife so it's only logical to have a lock with cloth material. In that case robber don't damage your suitcase at least.

  • grrinc

    I'll take my chances with duck tape

  • Milk Xan
    Milk Xan

    He should comment on the lockpicking unus annus video

  • Hugh Brackett
    Hugh Brackett

    Was that paper clip 60 thousandth's? It's hard to tell from the video.