[1214] What Was Old Is New Again: TiGr Blue Bike Lock
The referenced video: [670] The Lock That Made Kryptonite Famous (K2) uzload.info/fun/fY2GiHvX2KiJuGQ/video

  • Odysseus Mavrigata
    Odysseus Mavrigata

    In order to 'pick' it on the street you need a Phillips insert bit ground down to a key shape and a wrench. The insert is harder then steel and much harder then whatever the disks are made of, so you can break them one by one using this simple technique.

  • J-F AkA - TrikyT
    J-F AkA - TrikyT

    Better to use it as mirror replacement haha

  • Kayleigh Danielle
    Kayleigh Danielle

    I wonder how many criminals watch your videos 😂

  • joseph crosby mecham
    joseph crosby mecham

    That lock just slipped out of my gloved hands into the snow hiding the storm drain and I'm left with a piece of metal that I could gleefully wrap around the neck of the designer that dreamed up this lock and the marketing knuckleheads that approved its production.

  • Jinx161

    Well if you don’t have your special made pick can it still be picked?

  • Blackfyr

    I seem to remember that the Kryptonite-style U-locks were abandoned wh0en it was discovered they could be jacked apart with a small car jack in just a few seconds.

  • Zachary Schroeder
    Zachary Schroeder

    Awdinary disk retainer lock

  • TheCCPfearsANZ

    I hear "Pick that Bosnian bill and i made" and i know it is a really good lock.

  • R P
    R P

    LPL chews his nails. Ewe.

  • Lingonberries of Wrath
    Lingonberries of Wrath

    Imagine huddling in your panic room during the zombie apocalypse and suddenly you hear a muffled cheerful voice on the other side of the blast hatch saying "click on number one". Someone should put that in a movie.

  • PorkinsHoldIt

    God bless you sir!

  • paidapps

    Saved me a few bucks and possibly a bike. Great vid!

  • Rave Homard
    Rave Homard

    Ok yeah, we’ve pretty much established that if lpl needs a “special tool” you’re pretty much safe.

  • Travis Bieber
    Travis Bieber

    If it's so easy to cut than do it. You won't.

  • SMGJohn

    I still think a simple lock with explosives in the chain that detonates if you try to saw through it by any means and you loose your hands in the process. Is far safer than this expensive stuff.

  • Satyam Patel
    Satyam Patel

    The reason why most lock manufacturers abandoned the flat design is because it is much more expensive to manufacture than a cylindrical tube at a large scale. TiGr is actually a family owned company, and they hand build the locks, so it's not much of an issue for them More info here: tigrlock.com/pages/meet-our-team

  • Willie Nelson Gonzalez
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    I don’t know if “Bosnian Bill” produces the specialised tool, but it would be a runaway success!

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner

    Keys, we don't need no stinkin' keys!

  • Joe white
    Joe white

    Idk why but I was hoping you tried to cut it with a hack saw after picking it open 🤦‍♂️😭🤣

  • Meelek Edits
    Meelek Edits

    Did anyone count how often he actually used the "Pick that Bosnian bill and i made" in all of his videos?

  • Critical Cacturne
    Critical Cacturne

    "nuff talk" starts to chug a das boot of Master Lock brand soda

  • Violet Costello
    Violet Costello

    The titanium ones snapped in half with Any both cutters

  • aterack833

    That tool is wild, second time seeing you use it in two days, it’s so elegant, are you pushing them to locksmiths? Because they should consider them to be a necessity

  • Brandon Wells
    Brandon Wells

    As easy you made that one look( I watch all your vids, love them lol ) that one looked to be extremely difficult to do say in public on the sidewalk or outside on bike rack. I've never picked a lock but that one looks to be EXTREMELY difficult considering the tools and skills it would take to do this as easy as you did. I would imagine if someone was trying to steal this bike by picking they'd insane to try

  • R P Poker
    R P Poker

    Does your bike have to be worth 2k + to afford a lock like that ?

  • Serhiy 123
    Serhiy 123

    Interesting if one can hammer off lock from housing..

  • rezyc

    Ever since I found your channel I won't go out on my bike no more if I have to lock it up. Lol

  • Norman Renk
    Norman Renk

    Where can I learn something like this?!

  • Ron Weisly
    Ron Weisly

    I have asked once before, I haven't been able to see if you replyed. Will you make a unlockable lock I would love to buy?

  • Autodidactic Artisan
    Autodidactic Artisan

    Every time he says "the pick that Bosnian bill and I made" I come a little bit

  • Cheekymonkey

    L.P.L We know you are the master of picking locks, but could you please do a side by side comparison on the TI version and the new high Carbon one with its durability. I want to see you using tools for destructively getting through it? That would be cool to see. Much apriciated if you would ablidge :)

  • Martin Hong
    Martin Hong

    Expensive and vulnerable, you can use bolt cutter on this one, despite it being made of "titanium": uzload.info/fun/bGuVooDXtX96qHU/video

  • sab0nes

    A technical question about locks and lockpicking in general. So I think I understand the mechanics. With a key inserted the pins, which match the keys hills and valleys line up with something so that the lock can turn. When you pick a lock you're manually raising the pins. So 2 questions. If you're raising the pins up, and I'm guessing when LPL says they "click", how does he make sure that all of then are lined up correctly? Shouldn't each valley or hill have a different height? And secondly, what keeps the pins from falling back down?

  • Las Pil
    Las Pil

    Give us an rating from you 'only need an twig' to 'LpL proof'

  • WeXaztor

    What would it be like if you didn't have the special tool you actually made yourself?

  • TheJagdog

    Something tells me this man has a harder time getting into the theft resistant plastic packaging most of these locks come in than the lock itself.

  • Beau Dean
    Beau Dean

    I bought some simple lock picks and tried to pick a padlock but am having no success. Is it because I need more practice or because my lock picks are inferior?

  • Plywoodcar Johnson
    Plywoodcar Johnson

    Altor SAF bikelock #suggestion

  • Caspian Bell
    Caspian Bell

    So..... you ever gonna pick a disc detainer lock with normal tools?

  • Brian Myers
    Brian Myers

    I have to say, I was a little dissapointed by this one. You mentioned the new materials' cut resistance, explained how unlikely it was to be picked in the street but then you didn't defeat that element of it. I thought you were leading up to it.

  • TheJooomes

    You forgot the most important part. Would you use this lock if it was given to you as a gift?

  • Llisterr

    Don't think it counts if you use a very specialised tool..

  • check out my soundcloud
    check out my soundcloud

    day 1214 , trust issues are growing with the security in my life.

  • Jamral

    How would you pick one of those disc locks without this custom tool?

  • Ray Wolfwinski
    Ray Wolfwinski

    My friends and I bought the lock pick Bosnian Bill and LPL made, Great quality. But I have to ask what tool or modified tool are you using to turn all the disk's with? I have searched and can not find what it is or if its ever been said.

  • Disruptedable

    I'm as much in awe over your skillset as the next viewer. Also for the consistant and professional content you create, so thank you for all of it. I do however have question. Whenever you pick these disc detainer locks, you use a highly specialized tool, invented and manufactured by you and Bill. It of course makes the job alot easier, but it is still a very specialized tool and as such, not easily available to everyone. Could you do a video, where you pick one of these lock types without using this tool? To showcase the proces and technique? I'm sorry if you have already done this earlier, but with more than 1200 videos, it is quite the task finding that one video ;-) Thank you and happy holidays to you and your family!

  • Twig

    *suspense builds, "he's gonna say it, he's gonna say it...." "...I'm going to get the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made..." HE SAID IT!!!! What a good day.

  • Sypher474

    Destructive testing please!

  • Zacks Random Projects
    Zacks Random Projects

    That lock looks like one of those things you put on a griddle and crack your egg inside of it to keep your egg a certain shape.

  • Drobe of War
    Drobe of War

    Weird that they went from titanium to standard carbon steel, titanium is so much harder to cut. Must have been some dodgy grade because the titanium I work with can't be cut with a hacksaw

  • John Call
    John Call

    I haven't handled one, but it seems that the connection between the strap and the lugs that go unto the lock body would be a weak point. I'd love to see you get a pry bar under there, or a drill and see if the bolt there is hardened. From pics on there site, I bet you could use a stripped bolt remover type drill bit to unscrew them from the outside.

  • Fuddleton

    Circular bar stock locks are more popular because they feel more rigid, so the customer assumes they're more secure without actual logic behind that. Shackles made of sheet steel will have some bend to them, and so they feel less secure, regardless of how cut resistant they are.

  • Olivia Lambert
    Olivia Lambert

    One would assume the flat style of strap has an inherent weakness the round design does not. By being flat all attacks will only need to breech a very small amount of material at a time, and it doesn't have the 3 dimensional support a regular round design takes. That means not only cutting is far easier, but even things like hacksaws, grinders, and other methods of attack. Ultimately the flap strap is inferior, as the material only has support to the left and right rather than all around. One can imagine it is incredibly easy to tear aluminium foil. However taking the same mass of aluminium into a round design will be significantly more difficult to attack. Or tearing paper vs pulling at it and trying to snap it all at once (surprisingly very difficult). We have entirely the same concept here, albeit to a less extreme situation. It seems in attempting to be hipster and different the makers of this lock have ignored the obvious lessons all other designers have learnt from.

  • Jesse Mahussier
    Jesse Mahussier

    If I wanted a really difficult door to open I would have both mechanical and electrical in one. I.e. all the pins have to be in contact with the key at the same time and they all have different voltages going into them at the same time.

  • lola a
    lola a

    you know what we all want to see right ? The destructive test !!!!

  • Charles Ferrari
    Charles Ferrari

    I would like to see how destructive attacks fare against that lock's strap or even the core.

  • hooplaw1

    How does that lock pick work?

  • Drunken Sailor31
    Drunken Sailor31

    I’d love to see this undergo some destructive testing, it would be interesting to see how the flat design compares to the more “modern” round design.

  • Matthew Spry
    Matthew Spry

    Who came for the money shot at the end, come on now click and it open urrrghh sploosh

  • Ajax Racing
    Ajax Racing

    Would be cool to see some more destruction testing

  • MumboJumbo21

    LPL Lock Museum is a must see!

  • alebidogas

    The tool! Yes! The TOOL!

  • James Holt
    James Holt

    An oxy/acetylene cutting torch can go through any lock!!

  • Darby Fabre
    Darby Fabre

    LPL when he picks any lock ever: its actually really simple. You just need this pick that Bosnian Bill and I made

  • klozzx11

    IMPRESSIVE (quake 3 sound playing)

  • ThatWolffe

    Would love to see how resistant this lock is to other forms of attack.

  • Alexander Odder
    Alexander Odder

    is there any lock that u havent managed to pick?

  • Imurashi

    So if this company brought this design back, LPL do you have an idea what a flat band like this has advantage wise, over a standard round shackle? Seems like something so thin could almost have metal shears used on it even.

  • James Rochon
    James Rochon

    Could have been a fluke!

  • KartoffelWilli Peter
    KartoffelWilli Peter

    "Unlikely ro be picked on the streets" Meanwhile real thieves: Yeah I'm just gonna take that one, since it isn't locked.

  • Vojtěch Nekvapil
    Vojtěch Nekvapil

    That castings on the end does not look very strong. I wonder how would it survive if I support strap with brick any then hit lock with hammer.

  • Andy Plater
    Andy Plater

    I guess the biggest question is how hard is that peg/rivot/bolt to drill out where it attaches to the shackle?

  • opino72

    Try to cut it with bolt cutters

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    Just put a pipe on the core, rock it back and forth a few times and there you go - the lock is openned, no special skill required

  • JeredtheShy

    Seems like a pain to wrangle on and off a bike and is bound to scratch paint. Probably why the design went out of style

  • Simon

    Is that a rivet holding the locking mechanism on? If so, it probably can be drilled out easily with a small portable tool?

  • Lake88

    Why use titanium??

  • Demistic

    1970's tech is new again?! Oh crap, please don't let disco and polyester suits be next!


    I smile every time I see a disc detainer core. :)

  • The Hero Of Time
    The Hero Of Time

    When LPL said "Tool Bosmi Bill and I made" (Sorry if I killed the name) That's when the lock felt true fear.

  • rinzler

    I now judge locks by the length of video. 5+ 'shoot, must be a good lock!'

  • ThatGuyWhoComments

    Lets goooo

  • Funk Boii
    Funk Boii

    i like this channel because it’s a CONSTANT reminder that i’m *never* safe..

  • oH well,lord!
    oH well,lord!

    Does "the pick that Bosnian Bill and I made" work with locks that have gated spinners? I'd guess not.

  • Mr. Mediocre
    Mr. Mediocre

    I want one of those tools to tinker with and see what locks around my house i could get into. Probably zero but itd still make for a few hours of fun

  • Jager Gerg
    Jager Gerg


  • Britton M
    Britton M

    Anybody else notice the big toe thumbs? Lol

  • Joseph Liao
    Joseph Liao

    Don't even know why I'm watching I know how it starts and I know how it ends...

  • diehardfreak1

    One has to question though, that pick you made with Bosnian Bill is eventually gonna hit the market making disc detainers infinitely easier... they will almost be as secure as a master lock... at least that’s how they appear in front of that pick. So what will be the next thing to replace those on the street? And is it possible to “ward” off from the tool you made?

  • Andrew Logan
    Andrew Logan

    I'd be interested how long it takes to get through with an angle grinder

  • Ian McPherson
    Ian McPherson

    What the hell did he just do!?

  • spukhafte Fernwirkung
    spukhafte Fernwirkung

    Damn!! Yo, LPL going back to 1 because he "feels it". Then, the victorious spin of the pick "BBAIM" seems like a spike of the ball in the defender's face.

  • JJ Melville
    JJ Melville

    whats a bosnian billion eye?

  • pasqualz

    @LPL - Everyone knew that you were going to successfully pick the lock. Show us what it takes to cut both of those straps because that’s the way the rest of us would try to defeat them!

  • Josh Wheeler643
    Josh Wheeler643

    And I could reuse the lock the next day

  • Josh Wheeler643
    Josh Wheeler643

    I can open that lock in about 4 seconds without your lock pick without a cutter with just a chisel

  • XDSDDLord

    LPL you should make a video testing the durability of the design against brute force attacks

  • Ebsan Uddin
    Ebsan Uddin

    Why do we even lock things anymore?

  • ViridianBlue

    "Enough talk" For a moment I thought he was going to drink the lock.

  • Hugmuun

    As you can see this lock isn't very hard to pick if you have specialized tools and pick locks for a hobby