[1171] Better Than Most, But Still Problematic: Squire Stronghold Keysafe
The referenced Master Lock video: [966] Decoded Without Tools: Master Lock “Safe Space” Key Box uzload.info/fun/eqx8oqGd2LJ1z5M/video

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    Who does LPL know that was born Feb 15 1997?

  • guid33

    Sometimes i don’t feel like the locks are the problem, but just this guy is cracked

  • Dr. Shadox φ
    Dr. Shadox φ

    LPL : I don't even need the key(s) but i'll open that keysafe anyways...

  • Dr. Shadox φ
    Dr. Shadox φ

    RIP Squire 1780-2020

  • Andrew Sweebe
    Andrew Sweebe

    February 15th 1997?

  • Looking In With Victor B
    Looking In With Victor B

    Guess the special significance of February 15th, 1997 will remain a mystery

  • Mstitelful

    Hi. I have question. You confirm in your videos that all locks are bad. And you can make some kind of rating of good (least bad) castles, but so that it was not like advertising or something like that.

  • Jessica Hartmus
    Jessica Hartmus

    For those of you wondering: February 15, 1997 was in fact a Saturday.... the anniversary idea is probable

  • TheHatShallDie

    You know you’ve been watching too much LPL when you can tell by how he moves his hands whether it’s a false gate or not

  • Liwiathan

    When in need, give it to wify.

  • Hatim Salim
    Hatim Salim

    And as always have a safe lock… ⬅️ this is what you should say instead

  • Skywayz Zarthic
    Skywayz Zarthic

    LPL, is your or your wife's birthday February 15, 1997?

  • Jason Lim
    Jason Lim

    do u even have any lock that's very hard or even you cant do it?

  • Xx Xx
    Xx Xx

    21 5 97...anniversary????

  • KAJ

    Why am I watching these... I don't' care about locks..

  • Egon Toao
    Egon Toao

    Never trust a lawyer that says, "your going to have to take my word on that"

  • Master Beethoven
    Master Beethoven

    The Squire is the one we got for my gran. Had no idea it was that easy to break though! I think one of the most important things is where you put it, if you can't see it, you can't attempt to get in it.

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez

    Is May 21st 1997 a date with any meaning? :)

  • Christian Wunderlich
    Christian Wunderlich

    Bit depressing. Never picked a lock before. Saw this video, got my old briefcase and opened the lock (3 digits) after a minute. I never should have bothered with locking this lock. Thanks for your videos. I'm temped to buy a set of lock picks and test it myself.

  • xHUSKYx117

    why i get the feeling that number is a date?

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco

    Great guitars though

  • Casey Darrah
    Casey Darrah

    Mrs LPL: "The code is our anniversary" LPL: *sweats*

  • Goose

    If LPL ever broke into your house, and you had this lock, all you would hear is, “That’s a false gate, there’s the real gate.”

  • enyakicat

    Interesting that "better than most" is a high acolade in LPL land, anywhere else it would be a serious put down

  • Yakoza09

    Man you are like Colombo. You talk about your wife but nobody seen her :D

  • Pen Fold
    Pen Fold

    Better than most? It's still very flawed tho. At least it has false gates. I have a 5wheel shutter padlock also made by squire that's even easier to pick, using the same technique, because you can feel a deeper clunk on the plunger when you've got the true gate. I personally find the stronghold combo padlocks with the push button underneath a lot more tricky. Still pickable, but more time consuming, for me anyway.

  • Tristan Philpot
    Tristan Philpot

    Is that a Klein four-in-one precision screw driver shaft? I have the same one. Lol

  • TheUnnamedGent

    Someone could change your combo without opening it. surely that's a problem.

  • mike smith
    mike smith

    Bosnian bill found an Abloy combo lock that doesn't have that weakness

  • Kitteh Cat
    Kitteh Cat

    02 15 1997 were the day Mrs LPL were born right?

  • david garlisch
    david garlisch

    21597 21 May 97 or Feb 15, 97 Important date? Enjoy your videos. Was inspired to buy a cheapo lock pick set. Limited success. But success nonetheless.

  • DudeistPriest

    If I've learned anything from LPL, it's that the majority of combination locks are a bad joke.

  • TheLuckyman7726

    Make it look so easy 🔥

  • Rajen Mistry
    Rajen Mistry

    Do you think you can pick the bunker safe in Nova Scotia?

  • Miley Morkie
    Miley Morkie

    I think she set the code to refer to a date 2/15/97, but it’s possible that it means nothing.

  • roboman2444

    2/15/1997... i wonder what that date is.

  • Anono Miss
    Anono Miss

    Stupid Jr. Garlic Bacon Burger ad. I want to see the video. It's a bleh commercial, anyway >:(

  • Utoobia

    This just in. Because it took LPL a full 3 minutes to open this, Squire is going public, the CEO put in a deposit on a 2nd yacht, and everyone at the company is getting huge bonuses this year.

    • Utoobia

      @Shay Boual I did not really read anyone else's comments, but ok sure.

    • Shay Boual
      Shay Boual

      U just slapped together other people's comments

  • Davtwan

    So even if the gap is covered, the gates can still be felt? I think this might be a problem with rotating number locks in general. This might be a problem that could be too difficult or costly to solve compared to just using another method of locking.

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis

    Now I'm curious what the significance of 2/15/97 is to Mrs. LPL?

  • Greg the Mad
    Greg the Mad

    I wonder if something happened on the 21.5.97 (2.15.97 if your American) that Mrs. LPL wanted Mr. LPL to notice...

  • Santiago Golding
    Santiago Golding

    Feb 15, 97’

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar

    I'm not even into locks😂 but I see all your videos

  • Blue Chan
    Blue Chan

    I find this hilarious because I learned how to do this as a child of a mere 8 years old. I could always open any lock of this nature regardless what materials they were made from. I was a curious child. I learned how a lock works, keys and about tumblers at 11 and picked my own front door using a hairpin and paperclip.

  • Mar Par
    Mar Par

    what about the supra t box? can it be opened without key or blue tooth combination?

  • Christopher Schroeder
    Christopher Schroeder

    2-15-97? your Anniversary?

  • Cedric Xhemajlaj
    Cedric Xhemajlaj

    Love him he's such a wholesome guy and I can binch his videos no problem

  • SuicidelG

    Is there any lock actually worth getting?

  • First & Last
    First & Last

    So who does Mrs LPL know that was born 15th Feb 1997? Edit: Feb 15th 1997

  • alfie sole
    alfie sole

    I'd say in a built up area it wouldn't be too bad. Most people would be slower than this so you'd likely get caught

  • Saavik256

    When I moved into my rental while living in Japan, the agent gave me a key that was keyed to the mailbox AND the lock safe that was stored inside the mailbox. That was rather odd.

  • Amateur Shooter
    Amateur Shooter

    Thanks LPL

  • anythingorz


  • Oswald Riera
    Oswald Riera

    “But as you saw, this locking mechanism would definitely need some help” Yea no kidding. Isn’t that all the locks in your videos? 😆

    • Arik Wolf
      Arik Wolf

      I saw two he couldn't pick. Watch his naughty lock chronicles series.

  • Chip Anderson
    Chip Anderson

    So what happened on 21 May 1997?

  • Matthew Bridges
    Matthew Bridges

    Saying “we will just have to take you word for it”. I will have to say. In my eyes, you are most likely the most trust worthy person on UZload. (Creator wise). You even point out every different way that you could be “cheating”. Then show/say how you can’t be cheating. It even takes you extra un needed time, but you still go that far. Idk about anyone else, but I definitely appreciate it.

  • Myraid Myst
    Myraid Myst

    Definitely Mr. & Mrs. LPL must have had a thing or two similar jobs similar to the Italian job.

  • ISOxWaterIvy

    Is there a lock you cant pick?

  • kordta

    Same as always...

  • Retirement Fund
    Retirement Fund

    I love the videos but they’re all so short! Lol I know it’s because you’re so good but dang I want longer videos!😂😒😂

  • heavyduty187

    This guy makes me feel like anything I have with a lock is vulnerable lol.

  • James Barisitz
    James Barisitz

    Could you please Ramset it for entertainment value? Green or yellow would be fine. 😆

  • rydplrs

    Does anyone question the integrity of lpl? You might as well bet you could find Paul Harrell saying a hi-point is a good choice for everyone. He won’t even say that about quality items.

  • Austin Hodges
    Austin Hodges

    What happened February 15th in '97?

  • Philosophy Of Élivágar
    Philosophy Of Élivágar

    I love that LPL has disproved so many lock manufacturer's claims of security and guaranteed protection, that now they can only write "Lockmakers since 1780." lmao

  • Carlos Sismeiro
    Carlos Sismeiro

    These videos are always so amazingly short. I never feel I got "my moneys worth" when watching these, but I guess it is the manufacturers and designers fault.

  • δτ

    >Better than most Combination locks, right? Then, are there any good ones?

  • run 187
    run 187

    Don't forget that code your wife set. It's an important date that you need to remember 😀..

  • Mark Zaikov
    Mark Zaikov

    Aah the Ice Cream Picker, Mrs. LPL

  • Oldbatwit

    It's just about big enough to put a small lock inside, to keep that lock safe.

  • Ndoki Hasaki
    Ndoki Hasaki

    I remember when I was in grade 1 I used to show my friends I could undo bike chains with the combination dial on them. I used the same technique on them that you did here except they didn't have false gates. Still sad to see there's almost just as weak now as they were back then though.

  • Raynedog00

    21597? Feb 15 1997? Anniversary date maybe?

    • Austin Hodges
      Austin Hodges

      That's what I was wondering 😂

  • Good Stuff
    Good Stuff

    I would recommend showing some locks that can't be broken or picked, if they exist. Otherwise, the videos might make everyone worry that their current security isn't secure enough without knowing what to replace it with.

  • G Salazar
    G Salazar

    What lock do you recommend for an electric bike?

  • lkchild

    Could you do some more on the materials used? I had decently rated 6 pin squire lock as a better option than the average, but the local scumbags went right through it with bolt cutters in one go, which shocked me for what I thought was a better brand and more robust lock. It would be interesting to know which locks were the better mid range options, if there are any, rather than all mouth and no trousers. For all the pick resistance in the world, if it can’t survive local hardware store bolt croppers it’s a complete waste of money for most purposes.

  • Abdul Elkhatib
    Abdul Elkhatib

    Honestly companies should run their locks by lpl before releasing them

  • nrellis666

    How does it attach to the wall?

  • Nicolas Tittel
    Nicolas Tittel


  • Crooked Timber
    Crooked Timber

    So, Mrs LPL attaches some importance to something that happened on Feb 15th in 1997?

  • Samuel Bartek
    Samuel Bartek

    I would not want to be this mans child.

  • stephen orourke
    stephen orourke

    Mrs lockpicklawyer, there must have been times she thought about keeping her maiden name, because it must have been difficult mastering that name with a neat signature 😂

  • Alexander Wick
    Alexander Wick

    I would never want to be on this guy's bad side😂

  • Jakk Aka Sunset
    Jakk Aka Sunset

    This guy can roast and stay perfectly calm and be informative all at the same time

  • Not Dave
    Not Dave

    Is it actually possible to create a code wheel combination lock that can't be defeated quickly/easily?

  • Silver_Knee

    21.5.97 or 2/15/97 sound like wedding days or maybe the birthday of the first child or something...

  • Xentios

    Combination is 21/05/1997. Lock picking lawyer is in trouble for not remembering it.

    • Austin Hodges
      Austin Hodges

      He's american, so most likely February 15th

  • hesterd2

    interested to know what you think of the supra key boxes.. they were always my choice to sell to customers over these roller style ones...

  • rmino08

    Ms. Lockpickinglawyer has no tasks to do? At electrical?

  • Genshin Sial Indonesia
    Genshin Sial Indonesia

    squire chairman morning speech : BOYS, WE DID IT...

  • AmbientSpectrum

    2-15-97, was that a test from Mrs. LPL?

  • Nick Chowdhury
    Nick Chowdhury

    It seems like this is still worth getting, as most people would not be able to do this without being into the hobby. And at that point they might as well just pick the door lock

  • Charlie Ewing
    Charlie Ewing

    Out of curiosity, did she set the combo to your wedding anniversary? 2/15/97

  • Opitose

    Him:The Master Lock is made of a zinc-alloy casting and weighs just under one pound. Me *Who has picked approximately zero locks in my entire life*: Tsk tsk... typical master lock.

  • Reytunez Bz
    Reytunez Bz

    He died braver than most.

  • Panda pruitt
    Panda pruitt

    You need to know a key to get your key to then use your key

  • Red Ram
    Red Ram

    Who wants to bet Valentine’s Day 1997 was Mrs and Mr Lock Picking Lawyer’s first date?

  • Ash

    Hey can you pick a atm lock model number #8d559 totally not a criminal.....

  • Jared

    What happened on February 15th 1997?

  • Billy Fagan
    Billy Fagan

    LPL: “Better than most” Squire CEO: Orders that new yacht.

  • Scott Murrell
    Scott Murrell

    Is there a birthday or anniversary on February 15th, 1997, perchance?

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