[1110] Raking Open The Rocky Mounts “Hendrix” Bike Lock

  • Henri Hänninen
    Henri Hänninen

    I don't bike locks will do anything to stop theft. Neighbouring apartment building had all the bikes and the bike stand they were on stolen one night, and no one noticed.

  • Onapa

    50 Videos in! Journey from 1160 to 1 (if possible)

  • Taylor flame
    Taylor flame

    Oh dude... I almost bought this ... glad I saw this.

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson


  • FullMentalComplex

    ok folks

  • Ian Kuser
    Ian Kuser

    Found a level 2 security masterlock at a gas station. It was a really small unhardened warded lock.

  • C4H

    Hey guys i just opened a bike business and was hoping any of you would like to buy them. They are all second hand and cheap.

  • Foop

    This is hilarious

  • LarrLarr831

    Does raking or otherwise picking a lock damage the lock at all?

  • Dale Fry
    Dale Fry

    This is a 'Level 7' security device. Obviously their scale starts at 7.

  • sighandfly

    Pleas try the Skunklock! If cut the thief will be sprayed with a deterrent. But if it has other flaws then cutting wouldn't be necessary !

  • Scaol

    This guy is basically the master of the thieves guild, but a whistleblower at the same time

  • SnowballTheTactiHusky

    sigh..... I'll be over in the corner hugging my Onguard Brute/Mastiff locks.

  • DOGE!

    Anyone else notice that the security level of the lock on the packaging is the same amount of pins in the lock?

  • EternalPhoenix 325
    EternalPhoenix 325

    About how secure are locks on school lockers compared to regular locks? I’m just curious

  • Leo Tha Last
    Leo Tha Last

    Lockpicking Lawyer, are there any reliable bike locks u recommend? A bike lock that can withstand as much as possible being cut and difficult for lockpickers?

  • space man
    space man

    lets be real, whos gonna know to rake in two directions without knowing the lock or seeing the key.

  • Michael Wagner-Diggs
    Michael Wagner-Diggs

    Takes more time to set the lock than it takes to pick it open... 🔓

  • Salt Master Roblox
    Salt Master Roblox

    Bro when real people who lock pick stuff watch his channel

  • El_Bartto

    I got the notification for this video two hours ago... wtf?

  • Shrankai

    Nice video!

  • The like button is always blue
    The like button is always blue

    Live in japan. No bike locks needed

  • Declan Goodwin
    Declan Goodwin

    Fuck it, I want him to design a lock that’s unpickable and unbreakable (to an extent)

  • Dry Rain
    Dry Rain

    please try the motorcycle litelok??

  • Gwaeron86

    when the hell did I get unsubscribed? Does UZload unsubscribe after a certain time?

  • Michael SanAngelo
    Michael SanAngelo

    when locks are so bad that a rusted bolt provides better security... lol

  • ACOURY111

    Question, what is a good bike lock to buy? I don't need Ft. Knox, but a good middle of the road lock would do

  • hayden law
    hayden law

    Called the hendrix because it doesn't last long and gets picked in 2.7 seconds

  • Jimbo Vitikan
    Jimbo Vitikan

    Why are your videos so entertaining

  • Sebastian Hurley Miller
    Sebastian Hurley Miller

    This bike lock is still more secure then how locked my bike up one day to a bike rack. Locked one side of the chain to the rack without thinking of locking the other side with the lock to and left it for 8 hours.

  • Redpandaracoon

    This guy can steal our bike and break into our house

  • Dubz

    Well.... at least it wasn't a magnet this time.

  • N. M.
    N. M.

    Can lock manufacturers be sued for something akin to fraud? I mean every single lock appears to be easily opened without a key.

  • Péter Dávid Takács
    Péter Dávid Takács

    These videos made me look at the padlock I put on my my middle school locker. The results: - 4 wheels, 10 digits each, freely configurable -> 10,000 combinations (over 3/4 an hour on average to brute force at 2 combinations per second) - not shimmable (wheels don't spin when open -> no spring-detent necessary) - not bypassable (wheels are a tight fit) - not decodable with magnets AFAIK (despite steel parts) Its only weekness is that wheels stick when spun right to left with shackle tensioned upwards, so you can decode bottom up. So it's only vulnerable in literally the most obvious way. Locks are so much worse than one would imagine.

  • J4000x

    Thank you for exposing these junk locks.

  • Tia Peach
    Tia Peach

    Could you do the masterlock directional lock?

  • CC Shade
    CC Shade

    this is the rogue who took expertise in thieves' tools

  • Notarobot

    DESTRUCTIVE TEST!!!!!! Muhhahahah! ,

  • Bigg Bot
    Bigg Bot

    You should show us the locks you use on your guns so we know what to get

  • baby satire
    baby satire

    What does he do with the locks in the video, does he throw them in the garbage or does give him to someone. Like where do they go?

  • eelcogg

    Still took longer to open than the Ottolock.

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli

    Again the mysterious 7 out of 10 security rating. And again the question what a 1 out of 10 lock from that brand would be like...

  • Orca Tsunami
    Orca Tsunami

    You're literally the anthony fantano of locks.

  • Odium

    shockingly bääd core

  • John Juanda
    John Juanda

    where are your lock recomendations?

  • Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
    Your Sleep Paralysis Demon

    Plot twist: he’s not good at lockpicking, it’s just that all locks are bad

  • Landrew0

    In university I left my bike unlocked for 15 seconds as a test. In that time someone already had their hands on it when I scared them away.

  • Nárciso

    Seems like the robbers started making locks to make their life easier and get some extra cash on the side.

  • TurboFreak

    So why you refused to show us that you cannot open any locks? You are a sicko criminal

    • FBI

      @TurboFreak also, this is perfectly legal, dumbarse, how old are you, 6?

    • FBI

      @TurboFreak im hunting down all your comments to get into an argument, if you can open a lock at all, it can be picked, no lock is 100% pick proof

    • TurboFreak

      He even show everyone how to steal police’s rifle in the vehicle. He’s a sicko Btw I already reported FBI.

    • TurboFreak

      You guys should report FBI on him as I did. It’s all because he refused to show us which locks are safe for us so he’s a thieve tips.fbi.gov/contact

  • Paul E
    Paul E

    Interesting business model.. Make the lock so bad that LPL buys it to show just how bad it is.. At least that's one guaranteed sale

  • Brandon Lupo
    Brandon Lupo

    Given the seemingly endless waves of pure crap out there, is there a video or series you can do on locks you'd reccomend for various situations? I.e. bike, padlock, residential, safe, ect locks. I definitely appreciate all the work you put into telling us what not to buy, however lol.

  • Vitor Castro
    Vitor Castro

    @LockPickingLawyer I only subscribe to a dozen youtube channels and yours in one of them, great content. It would be really interesting to see your take on the new Abus 770a smartx Bike lock.

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    Ah, the old bobby pin pick

  • Tommy Petraglia
    Tommy Petraglia

    Let me show you how easy this is to open. I'm going to use a strip of packing cardboard it came in.

  • Hayamura

    "This is the LPL and today I'm on the infamous Epstein Island and we are gonna see how tough the lock to the Pit of Despair is."

  • ca-ke

    I wish LPL would have a series explaining the terminology used. I dont actually know anything about locks, so I dont know what binding and all the terms used means.

  • Dean Calaway
    Dean Calaway

    7/10? Is 1/10 using your shoe laces?

  • johno

    You keep saying "novice" and "low skill". It would be really interesting if you could find a low skilled novice and set them on one of these locks.

  • Darklore

    Replace the core with makos covid 19 core that looks rough

  • Ambush Gaming
    Ambush Gaming

    When you see a video that comprises of 1 minute you know this is going to take just a second to open

  • Neil Guise
    Neil Guise

    Is there a ‘secure’ 7-pin dimple lock? Is this particular core just poorly made or is this an inherent flaw with all 7pin dimple lock cores?

  • Jatogjeweettog

    Can you hammer the links out with something pointy

  • jeff grove
    jeff grove

    A record for brevity: Hendrix, if you hate your bicycle!

  • Slurp

    Which bike locks do you recommend?

  • Tim Reichen
    Tim Reichen

    There should be a unit measuring lock security called lpl-seconds

  • Nigel Thornberry
    Nigel Thornberry

    The security level refers to the ability to cut or break the part that wraps around the bike. They don’t rate these based on the lock picking ability of the core cuz 99% of people don’t know how to pick locks or even have the little lever or special rakes or picks to do so. But anyone can run up with a hammer or cutters, so they rate these decently high against those attacks. It does look fairly sturdy.

  • Josiah Morgan
    Josiah Morgan

    What is a lock that you recommend?

  • Jairad Emmery
    Jairad Emmery


  • Acorn_hub

    Anyone else waiting for a picking video that last over 20 min

  • pinhead3030

    I bet you have no idea how many thieves you've helped get bikes while trying to show what bike locks not to buy

  • Sparatist

    Everyone gangsta till a guy with picklock and a locking product come

  • capt Onlocation
    capt Onlocation

    Seven is not the level but the number of pieces about "Hendrix"

  • You must enter a name
    You must enter a name

    Hey you should review the minterbox

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith

    Before I even read the title I knew it was going to be bad as it's A) a bike lock, B) less than two minutes long and C) looks like a dimple core.

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry

    It's amazing how many crappy locks there are out there since I started picking a year ago. What are the standards the manufacturers have to abide by? Obviously standards of lock security vary from country to country but in the end you get what you pay for.

  • Brendan Carlson
    Brendan Carlson

    When did the tension wrench become a turning tool?

  • RustyNuts

    The 29 down voters have just bought one before seeing this

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    Why are a majority of bike locks so awful....

  • Leiðulfr Link
    Leiðulfr Link

    So, like, are there any good locks or safes out there? Your whole channel is just videos of ones to avoid. If I want to secure something, what do I get???

  • Felipe Ramirez
    Felipe Ramirez

    Who’s here be of pewds? 🤣😂🤣

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous

    I'm curious, has the LPL ever picked elevator locks?

  • Liquidated

    The low amount of dimples obviously did this excuse of a level 7 lock no justice.

  • Luca Bezerra
    Luca Bezerra

    I try to watch these videos without checking the duration first, so I don't get a spoiler about how bad the lock is, haha.

  • RetroShark360

    I'm really hoping you test this new product the Portable door lock it looks simple i want one but i feel like its not safe

  • charlieinsingapore

    Level 7 Security! Opened in 10 seconds while providing explanations. Hate to see a level 5 or below.

  • Shameer Mohammad
    Shameer Mohammad

    Makos convid 19 lock? Anyone wants to see that?

  • Christopher Hendrix
    Christopher Hendrix

    Embarrassing use of my name lol.

  • M Faishal Rijal
    M Faishal Rijal

    I really would like to see the day where he says "the lock is shit" instead of "something to avoid"

  • Owen Vandrey
    Owen Vandrey

    This channel is perfection. I'm going to be binging all your videos during the quarantine. Keep it up!

  • K H
    K H

    I bet there was more difficulty in removing this bloody abortion from its packaging......

  • K H
    K H

    Jeeeezuz. I think it’d have been better to stick a handwritten note that says “please don’t steal me” to the bike. With some dental floss Reeved through it.

  • bob

    Why does Amazon put poor products on their "recommended" list? Does Amazon not validate?

  • El Hopper
    El Hopper

    You can tell he enjoys this and that’s one of my favorite parts about the channel

  • Mr Fourseven
    Mr Fourseven

    I'm getting sick of you bud......i want to see a lock you can't open....LOL

  • Tony LaRose
    Tony LaRose

    I've been noticing a trend with dimple locks. Are all dimple cores this bad or are there any good dimple locks?

  • Marty

    Security level 10 requires a Red Bull can to open the lock.

  • Jimmy Yu
    Jimmy Yu

    Dang, it's so bad, LPL didn't even do it two more times just to show it wasn't a fluke. That's bad...

  • aszi88

    Wait, you forgot to do it again to make sure it wasn't a fluke! How dare you?

  • aszi88

    Another product to avoid...

  • The Term
    The Term

    Should go to Walmart and buy every lock there and expose them all.