[1100] Yale Assure Electronic Deadbolt Picked (Model YRD-216)

  • Kevin Ozoria
    Kevin Ozoria

    Can you show us how you would pick a yale keypad deadbolt lock that only has the keypad and not keyhole? Considering buying one but want to see if it's more secure than one with a keyhole...

  • 1tdillon

    Curious, do any of these companies reach out to you for input/advice or perhaps consulting? Seems odd that you would highlight significant flaws in a high end Yale lock and they wouldn't be concerned. I would think ANY company concerned with reputation would want you consulting. And I off the mark?

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun

    man...locks are a joke! what are we supposed to do...

  • Wudy

    What smart lock do you recommend. Obviously something without a physical keyhole?

  • Rx

    Made in china.. Assembled in the USA

  • Eric Blackburn
    Eric Blackburn

    So this actually answers a weird problem I had! I found an old Hong Kong made lock in my garage the old owners left behind, but I was super confused because I legit only needed to touch a single pin to pick it open, and the other pins never seemed to set properly if I bothered touching them. So I guess this is a common problem!

  • Drew G
    Drew G

    I was at my local Walgreens. Noticed their electronic padlock has ONLY the number 1 worn. Presumably you can just press the 1 and enter the pharmacy.

  • drthik1

    Could you change out or modify the pins so that it would be more secure?

  • Souligna Savann
    Souligna Savann

    The joke about 'Red Bull can', where does it come from? Any link or reference?

  • SSS

    Anyone who paid 190$ for it can legitimately get very upset.


    You did it 1100 padlocks in a row good job dude keep up the great work

  • Shannon McStormy
    Shannon McStormy

    It appears to my untrained eye that the cylinder could be replaced, or is that wrong? In any event, if so, what cores would fit in there that would offer better security? .

  • High Luxlord
    High Luxlord

    I watch these videos all the time, yet I still dont know what he means by alot of what he says. Does he have some sort of QandA section where he goes through all the slang of picking a lock? I'd watch that

  • Jake Nuno
    Jake Nuno

    How about the Google Nest X Yale?

  • liteand fluffy
    liteand fluffy

    Yale: making locks for a 150yrs & this sloppy? UNACCEPTABLE!

  • Aaron Sandoval
    Aaron Sandoval

    Great video! Any suggestions on the best (most secure) smart lock?

  • EmeraldPleiades16

    Just yesterday I saw some of these electronic locks at the hardware store and wondered how secure they could really be. As usual, LPL is way ahead.

  • PureSilverFox

    If I worked for a company with the same name as a probably-world-famous high-education university (whether that was intentional or not), I would be disappointed if the quality of a product was on a lower priority than efficiency in manufacturing. That was a lot of big words, so I have no idea if I said that correctly

  • D.A. J.
    D.A. J.

    Wow! Any videos coming on the Lockly Secure Plus? I'd like to see how easy that one is, the fingerprint and coding looks great, but I have doubts about the key lock.

  • Taurmin

    I have the Yale Doorman which i believe is essentially the same as this, but entirely electronic. I got it so that i could issue temporary key codes to cleaners, carpenters or cat sitting neighbours, but have been dreading the thought that it might have some easily explotable weakness like a lot of the electronic locks you look at. It does make me feel a little better that you didnt find any easy exploits on the asssure.

  • T. Bezak
    T. Bezak

    Hi, I like your educational videos. What about "smart lock core cylinder" by xiaomi or youpin, China sellers. Have you had a chance to open one of them? Thanks

  • RustyNuts

    My 1st pick kit arrived yesterday and I did my 1st single pick. Got it open once but can't repeat it, not really sure ehat I'm feeling for. Still no way goving up. I can zip it open, snake it open, I could not city rake it but I don't like those casu I'm not learning much

  • Jan Critchfield
    Jan Critchfield

    Those spools look the same as ones I've pulled out of super cheap Guard padlocks. Complete garbage.

  • gonehaywire

    Just get the version without the key. Then it cannot be picked. Would make for a boring video but a lot more secure.

  • Seibastian Mustermann
    Seibastian Mustermann

    this will be my new bike lock

  • 123abc

    The Yale lock for nest features no key. Can you show how to defeat it?

  • Thomas B. Mawn
    Thomas B. Mawn

    It's even more disappointing when they have a 6 pin high security core and only use 5 crappy pins and then have the nerve to sell it for $200.00 ! It seems to me that all residential locks are garbage nowadays!! Nothing like how they use to be in the 1950s and before for residential locks!!! Hopefully Yale and all the big time old timer lock companies see these videos and comments!

  • Nebroc Moss
    Nebroc Moss

    So they are scammers?

  • 237photo

    Why not throw a nice yale paracentric keyway In there with proper pins... then this would be solid. Or remove the keyway entirely.

  • MinusPi

    With an electronic lock like this, how difficult would it be to add a pressure sensor in the core that would disable the keyway if there's pressure applied for too long without it actually being unlocked, i.e. during a picking attack? I have no knowledge in this field whatsoever, but it seems like that should be a fairly easy thing to do, and would prevent most (all?) picking attacks.

  • Mr NoName
    Mr NoName

    This shit is amazing.

  • Tom O'Connor
    Tom O'Connor

    The "pins on the shear line" thing is really common in Yale locks. I found exactly the same in a Euro-profile Yale cylinder recently.

  • Raulxz

    This video proves size does matter

  • The first Gamer
    The first Gamer

    who knew with a few tools you can desamate an entire company.

  • David Hoffmann
    David Hoffmann

    This is why I put JP Weld in the lockway. I am using the electronics only.

  • NIKOvbn

    Yes, they definitely learned... how to reduce the cost.

  • Achilleas Valioulis
    Achilleas Valioulis

    This question comes from someone with no idea how lock manufacturing works, but are the pins really that hard to manufacture, at least compared to the rest of the core? why have 3 effective pins, and 5 overall, in a core that fits 6?

  • Brian Friend
    Brian Friend

    Is it possible to replace or otherwise improve the keyway? I know I saw another video from you that showed alternative driver pins that improved security. Any way to do something like that with the Yale?

  • Daniel Arnold
    Daniel Arnold

    That's what we should expect from a 150 yr old company, looks at Master

  • Honest Comments
    Honest Comments

    I want to know how you look like

  • Hilda Roney
    Hilda Roney

    01:15 02:14 02:44

  • KP5

    This guy hacked real life to give himself “lock picking skill: MAX”

  • John Cox
    John Cox

    What I want to know is, what locks does he have installed on his residence?

  • awfulguitarplucker

    "in any keys.."

  • Danny Cobham
    Danny Cobham

    Great picking LPL bit of a crappy lock keep up the great work/vids. :)

  • Steven B
    Steven B

    I'd love to know what screwdriver he uses in this video! Looks good for electronics work.

  • ovaltine jenkins
    ovaltine jenkins

    Glad to see the tear downs back!

  • CassanovaX

    *A shield to prevent bypasses that's always nice to see* 0_0 Final words before your house is broken into

  • Giorno von
    Giorno von

    This LPL guy makes Yale look like DeVry, impressive.

  • TheAzynder

    That's why I kinda like Yale Doorman, no mechanical key, it's also why I would never install it on all doors providing access to the area.

  • Vib0ng!

    Wait a minute, this is my lock...

  • Paolo G
    Paolo G

    It's more a Yale AssYouAre lock than a Yale Assure lock.

  • mdx

    "yale assured" now i understand why degrees from there means jack.

  • McKay Sleight
    McKay Sleight

    Is there a smart lock that is actually a decent purchase?

  • Warren McCrory
    Warren McCrory

    Not surprising. I've installed a handful of their lever handle versions & they suck. Programming them, you have to pay close attention to the instructions as the flow of diagram is not intuitive.

  • Steven Moormann
    Steven Moormann

    You ever going to attack that boley?

  • Ken Nixon
    Ken Nixon

    Core pins look even worse than in a "Crapset"

  • Ex Member
    Ex Member

    Typical Ivy League lock

  • Eyenet2u

    These videos just makes want to be a good thief so bad :-)

  • John Kraemer
    John Kraemer

    If someone is going to spend almost 200$ for a lock like that. They should have spent extra time beefing up some the stuff. Wow.

  • Comrade Doge
    Comrade Doge

    I can just smell the metal through my screen

  • Tyiriel

    Employee: "Hey, let's make a lock with a keypad/cardswipe/fingerprint/Iris/...." CEO: "Okay, sure. Just remember that you need to put a really bad manual bypass lock in case your keypad doesn't work."

  • Jackson Y
    Jackson Y

    Can you unlock Samsung digital lock?

  • Joe M
    Joe M

    Checking to see if this comment gets deleted if I type wumao the chinese communist propaganda

  • Christian

    Send it along to Deviant to assess the wireless.

  • AdvanceRatio

    Looks to me like the driver pins aren't machined at all. Can still see the seam from the mold used to cast them. Which explains the poor dimensional control.

  • SAM XU
    SAM XU

    I rekeyed one, try it. It will shock you that how bad the specs of the key pin is. Try to put kwikset pin in , I used Lab pin , should be the same

  • SamLosco

    If it's that sloppy with the pins, the electronics likely aren't much better.

  • RWBHere

    Expensive trash then. Thanks LPL.

  • nobody important
    nobody important

    The 51 dislikes on this video are the engineers that designed this lock from blueprint.

  • Nate Hansen
    Nate Hansen

    Man just busted through those pins like a master lock

  • Do RC
    Do RC

    Pretty disappointing. This is the lock I have on my house and I was hoping for more.

  • Kaad Home
    Kaad Home

    Do you have any suggestions for a cylinder/keyway to replace the stock one with? I have the assure lever lock version which I believe uses the same keyway.

  • Front Line
    Front Line

    Have you tried to pick these kinds of electric locks? The can probably be broken but can they be picked non destructively? www.iloq.com/en/

  • Dan L
    Dan L

    Yale are supposed to be a good brand with high quality products. For a lock at this price, ok might be for the electronics side of it but I'd expect significantly better security than this!

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero


  • Lewis Photography
    Lewis Photography

    I live in the Phoenix area as well

  • Supersum Creations
    Supersum Creations

    Hey, I have a word lock that I rearranged so much that I ended up forgetting the password to it back in 9th grade. I'll be sure to send it to you so you can pick it and send it back to me...though I might not want it after seeing how. XD (It's a Master lock, and those seem to be notorious.)

  • danny daghavarian
    danny daghavarian

    After watching this video I felt I had gained enough information to start picking!!! But all I could find is my nose...

  • Alorand

    Is the lock made by Yale university students? Because that would explain a lot.

  • bluephreakr

    Oooh - Yale, Yale, _Yale._ My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. What a pathetic showing of pin and tumbler design.

  • TheRealFumigator

    It's disappointing there isn't a good quality control department that can find and put a stop to this kind of simple flaw.

  • Tristen Forbes
    Tristen Forbes

    How do you put the lock back together after you take it apart?

  • Gammin Truths
    Gammin Truths

    I would love to hear about attempts made on locks and never been successful

  • East Island Locksmiths
    East Island Locksmiths

    Have you ever found a place to buy that clip remover without getting the kit?

  • Philip Anderson
    Philip Anderson

    looks like a new keyway would be in order

  • Official Subway
    Official Subway

    The lock heard his voice and just decided to open

  • The_Original_Ryu

    why the tt in your name?

  • Richard Samuelson
    Richard Samuelson

    "Yale", eh? Any connection to "Yale" University?

  • thepeff

    The disassembly took less time than picking it

  • Laurent Hugot
    Laurent Hugot

    i deam of having a such screwdriver for my electronic hobby, where did you get that? :°

  • Akuma

    If you were to pick this lock when it's actually activated and on the door will the alarm go off?

  • Paul L
    Paul L

    150 years of making s**tty equpiment, and they're still is buisness... damn

  • Hottest tomato
    Hottest tomato

    Mmmmmmmmmm hands located

  • 237photo

    Should of used one of the nastier Yale y1 keyways

  • Jagzilla

    ID10T error at Yale...

  • danandrei96

    so if the mechanical design and electronics are secure, could you repin the lock or change the cylinder and make probably the most reliable smart lock? all the other ones shown so far had gaping vulnerabilities

  • Gigaheart

    What a pos. If I was a client and I paid for that, I'd be mighty upset.

  • Ben Davenport
    Ben Davenport

    sweet thank you so much!!

  • Hunter

    All their money must have gone into fancy tech the key wasn't the main focus here might have been just to tap into the electronic lock market. Wouldn't pay more then $20 for that