[1086] The Lock That Must Be Picked 15 TIMES! (Infinite Rule Security)

  • James Weidner
    James Weidner

    Counting with LPL!

  • Damariobros

    Now make a lock like this, but instead of a screw, make the key a dial to a combination lock!

  • Srujan Guraam
    Srujan Guraam

    Imagine that with 6 pin high security core

  • ryan24287

    He raped that lock.

  • Generic NPC
    Generic NPC

    This needs a Bowley cylinder in it^^

  • Bill Petersen
    Bill Petersen

    But to keep the cylinder in a nice upright position, you have to rotate the trailer 15 times?

  • omgitzsteg

    Wafer jiggler...

  • Mental Unicorn
    Mental Unicorn

    you are bonkers

  • Gary Mckissick
    Gary Mckissick

    Dig a lock out of the naughty bucket and use a core out of it in this.

  • P Jplumber
    P Jplumber

    So the average thief carries the the picking tool? The thieves that are after my trailer? That seems difficult for the average person. Now imagine a thief. They ain’t too smart to begin with. I see most walking away even if they get it to turn 3-4 times. I see a good lock. I also see an honest man that had time to figure this out and practice. Chances are while the thief is picking and turning. I walk up and shove my gerber 3” pocket knife into the back of their neck to instantly sever the spinal cord. After a few of those get posted on news. You’ll weed out the thief’s that don’t want their back turned focusing on picking a lock 15 times while it’s up under my bumper attached to hitch. My hitch pin fits so tightly against chain anchors. I don’t see a common thief cracking this. Thanks for the review. Headed to order a couple.

  • Biden Been Hiding
    Biden Been Hiding

    You should have your own comic book where you are a superhero that pick locks

  • Mattias W.
    Mattias W.

    This was how old time hand cuff locks worked.

  • Jack Daniel
    Jack Daniel

    This has serious potential. Needs a 9 pin or something that's gravity-affected. Imagine if you could pick it until the cylinder flipped upside down and then it was unpickable until it turned another half turn. I think you could do that with really heavy weights behind the springs so that the weight (when upside down) forced the pins back down into place.. damn I should patent that... Lol

  • Racecar the Destroyer
    Racecar the Destroyer

    You'd think when he said that this has to be picked 15 times, the video would be at least 10 minutes long

  • Scorn

    Would definitely love to see someone sell one of these locks with a better core

  • Poop

    What if padlocks and house deadbolts had a similar self- resetting core, that took multiple turns to move the pawl/shank. Like 3 to 5 turns? Sounds like a easy way to increase time needed for a pick-attack.

  • Walter Kennedy
    Walter Kennedy

    Imagine an abloy core on this thing.

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m

    What do you lock with this?

  • Kipariss

    if there was a game about lock picker this would be boss

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Moral of the story: wafer locks SUUUUUUUCK!

  • DaEpicMonke

    This trailer hitch isn’t gonna stand a chance now that I know these secrets

  • Aussie Raven23
    Aussie Raven23

    Why is Every time I see a really good designed lock it always has to be a crappy core that ruins the whole big new design

  • N64211319

    Bet I could pick this open in 1 go with a sledgehammer

    • Kip does Stuff
      Kip does Stuff

      Make the video

  • shotbot_over8000

    Honestly I'm willing to bet most people encountering this on the field without prior knowledge of how it works will end up giving up after about 8 quarter turns and assume there must be some other hold up

  • Dkyguy1995

    I guess the idea is to make a picker noticeable for at least a minute or two. That thing looked easy as pie to bump but it took a considerable amount of time still and used what I would consider a suspicious motion to make when near a lock. I guess theres tradeoffs here

  • Ruffy

    when you think about it LPL is kinda a bully for lock makers LoL

  • tinncan

    If it's like the one we have on our winch, it will get a little rusty after a month and nearly impossible to open with the key much less pick 15 times...

  • Lil Phoenix
    Lil Phoenix

    Can you pick the lock to my emotions?

  • Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat
    Zombathin Lost Leg Hacker Cat


  • Konseq

    In all fairness tho in a real life scenario you couldn't access and move the lock so freely, so you would have to pick at weird angles. Doing that 15 times while also turning your picking tool each the time to another maybe uncomfortable, weird angle is not impossible but probably a lot more annoying.

  • Cody Avila
    Cody Avila

    This is the start to a brilliant lock! if it needs to be picked 15 times before it opens then they just need to make a lock like this that needs to be picked 150,000 times and it will be near impenetrable. it would simply take so long to pick that no matter how easy it is, no one would ever bother picking it!

  • SyDaBomb

    Hello and welcome to the first episode of counting with LPL!

  • Cleo King
    Cleo King

    Okay, but can we talk about the simple genius who said "okay whats harder than picking a lock? Picking TWO locks" And the person who desides to put a simple fuckin core that could be jiggled open

    • Cleo King
      Cleo King

      Also, if a bowley lock could be made like this, jesus

  • Darkwing Dork
    Darkwing Dork

    Trailer owner: “I have an infinite security lock. You aren’t getting in” Criminal: “I have a knife. Give me your keys.” Edit: LPL: “I already picked that lock while you two were talking”

  • jaafar kassim
    jaafar kassim

    Imagine an engineer who can design a Lock that even LPL can't pick

    • Kip does Stuff
      Kip does Stuff

      Thousands of people can easily do that with minimal thought. Bean counters take those ideas and turn them into shit.

  • J.M. Music
    J.M. Music

    whats the one tool that spins the lock so it goes around again before the pins can reset? could that be used here?

  • Flyingturret208: The Cannon
    Flyingturret208: The Cannon

    I wanna see a lock like this with the lock from... I think episode 838? The one with the weird key. Edit: 636 bowley.

  • Teddi755 OG
    Teddi755 OG

    What kinda lock is that

  • Banzai.Drifto

    It’s not a waste to put on the bottom of your truck when it’s holding a 80,000$ worth of car and trailer

    • Soviet Comrade
      Soviet Comrade

      This shit can be picked and even cut very easily

  • Caleborg


  • Ha Thim
    Ha Thim

    is there any lock that you cant pick? make a viedeo

  • AMVaddictionist

    Isn't this still effective in that it will take a lot of time for the thief to realize that you have to pick it several times? (if he didn't already know about it) Might be confused and give up after the 10th attempt.

  • bbacon445 ,
    bbacon445 ,

    Imagine this but with disc core

  • Yung Bollin
    Yung Bollin

    If someone besides lpl picks my trailer lock 15 times, I’ll be there to give him a water when he’s done

  • DTwo

    Is this lock hard to pick? LPL: Yes, but actually no.

  • David Birch
    David Birch

    how easy is it to replace the core on this thing?

  • DK videos
    DK videos

    With key 🔑 i can not open 15 times. So hats off to you

  • Gideon Andrus
    Gideon Andrus

    I feel like this is the best video to mention this. all your videos are insanely short. usually within the 2-3 minute range, and you usually bypass said locks in your video in 2 minutes or less. for most anti-thief purposes, yes, it would be best to have a lock that they simply cant bypass, but given how easily accessible tools to bypass locks are these days, how long it takes to bypass a lock is also important. the longer it takes a thief to pick a lock, the more likely they are to be caught or to give up so they dont get caught. most lockpicking thieves give up after 5 minutes I believe.

  • Gus

    just slap a new core in there and you're gonna give some guy who values your stuff more than their own life a brain aneurysm

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis

    Most people would give up after 5 or 6 and think it's worthless to pick.

  • the air accumulator
    the air accumulator

    Normal lock: long This lock: ulong

  • Death Mark
    Death Mark

    An almost perfect lock 🤣

  • Wicked Fast
    Wicked Fast

    Manager to design team: is it pickproof? Design team: well yes but actually no

  • Joe W
    Joe W

    Reminds me of IT security when someone who knows nothing about IT security tries to write a security app and their encryption can be defeated with XOR.

    • Joe W
      Joe W

      @Kip does Stuff I broke an RSA encrypted protocol once, though not many people know the details since it was never published. The implementation was deeply flawed and just required a bit of reverse engineering.

    • Kip does Stuff
      Kip does Stuff

      Was challenged to crack an encrypted drive without being caught on site. I stole the server and took it home. It took all night but I had it back in place before 1st shift started. They still have no idea how it was done.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    They don’t make a 1/2” shaft. That angers me beyond believe. Shit company so it makes sense they would use a shit core

  • Kevin Barriger
    Kevin Barriger

    Your knowledge about locks amazes me every time I can't get enough of your channel.

  • Roger Bos
    Roger Bos

    LPL is like Sitama from One Punch Man, nothings a challenge for him anymore. I'm now convinced LPL can pick any lock.

    • Gabriel Andrade Ferraz
      Gabriel Andrade Ferraz

      he just doesn't show the ones he cant pick, the only two one I know are from Bosnian Bill's naughty bucket

  • mineshaft mineshaft
    mineshaft mineshaft

    this lock would have been the go-to for anyone except for the weak ass wafer core. smh

  • mineshaft mineshaft
    mineshaft mineshaft

    of course its a fucken wafer

  • Maxxy The Computer Guy
    Maxxy The Computer Guy

    What if this had an Eva 3ks in there

  • Sven Steenis
    Sven Steenis

    “Me at gf house”

  • Laura Treacy
    Laura Treacy


  • Daniel Brunk
    Daniel Brunk

    "To open the lock... I'll have to turn the key" - LPL Good video again :) Love ur content 💪

  • Gavin Czernik
    Gavin Czernik

    I have one of these on my truck that is similar. Thanks for brining some light onto this

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu

    Could this core be replaced?

  • D3M3NT3Dstrang3r

    Just about all trailer pin locks are this crappy. We sale them at work and even i can pick them in a few seconds.

  • King Rod
    King Rod

    Would love to see a challenge lock like this. Possibly with alternating false gates (idk I just like this content)

  • Xomsabre

    When you use a key as a flat-head screw driver....

  • FennecTECH

    It was almost a beautiful lock :(

  • brian

    i wonder if there are locks being made like car locks, where it listens to frequencies and opens when that specific frequency is played and the lock is always listening

  • Kodojow 22
    Kodojow 22

    Wait that’s illegal your pick shoulda broke...or are you one of those noobs that put all your skills into lock picking? Eh it’s all good I put all my skills into eating and being good and nothing so your still better than me :)

  • Chris Schoenthaler
    Chris Schoenthaler

    “If the core were even a little bit challenging, it would take a really long time.” That about sums up the video.

  • Degdeg

    It is the end. The End.

  • dini oktavia
    dini oktavia

    halfway thru the videos and he havent even start picking me : ouuuu what--

  • steven Hoff
    steven Hoff

    I really don't get why i love to wstch this so much..

  • ꫝitꪶꫀr

    So what would u use that lock fir

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger

    At least it's got a little bit of misdirection to it for a novice. You pick the lock, it turns, and then it stops again. Huh, weird. Try again. Same thing happens. Maybe it goes the other way? You'd have to know that you're unscrewing a mechanism to jump to the conclusion that you just need to repeat the same action over and over. Some people might think there's some other more complicated trick to it.

  • De Gallery
    De Gallery

    it came 15 times

  • Matt Styner
    Matt Styner

    Do you think it is so nicely machined because it's meant for being under a truck? I mean, wouldn't it get banged up and dirty under there?

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F

    I know nothing about lock design or how to pick them but is there a reason it has to be picked 15 times within 30 seconds? Or was that just to show how fast it could be picked?

  • Requ13m

    Oh no..

  • Baer Ververgaert
    Baer Ververgaert

    Wouldn't the lock be stuck in some contraption? It looks like a pin so what does it secure and against what? Is there enough jiggle space for the amount of jiggling you did?


    Imagine this with a dimple core

  • CollectPanda33

    That’s a very very interesting concept for a lock

  • Kama Krazi
    Kama Krazi

    Is it any harder to pick if its actually installed and you can't shake both ends? I get that it may not be that much harder, but would it add any extra time to the pick?

  • gaijininja

    Nicely machined paperweight for sure.

  • 57thorns

    I believe "for this price range" was a dead giveaway. Anything cheap has to cut corners somewhere, and good lock cores are never cheap, not visible to the consumer, so of course they are the ones that has to give. Also: This is one of those "security by inconvenience" systems. It offes slightly more protection than a bolt (more people can unscrewn a bolt than have the jigglers for this lock type) but is is just as inconvenient to use. You have to turn several times both to lock and to unlock the bolt, as it is essentially a bolt with a custom bolthead.

  • elofos0815

    there is one big issu by picking this, Please do it again, but this time fixing this with an anvil so u can't shake it to much. when u install this lock, this is holding ure trailer hook... so there is not so much movement

  • qrpnxz

    oh man, hate to see an almost god lock perform so poorly

  • Damitsall

    I'm the LPL and I'm going to pick everything because I can.

  • wayd weaver
    wayd weaver

    Would it be possible to replace the core with something less jiggly?

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao

    The shounen anime protagonist of locks

  • ReaGame

    Imagine a better core, and if you don't twist/pick it fast enough it resets completely.

  • J.C. Kohle
    J.C. Kohle

    tighten the screw until the sixteenth position ? So it's tight on the thread for the first pick ..

  • Fluffy O'Bannon
    Fluffy O'Bannon

    First easily picked lock I want to buy

  • Free vbucks
    Free vbucks

    This guy's going to lockpick into my phone

  • weismeister121

    I wonder if this idea of the core spinning and threading a bar/screw could be implemented for padlocks or bike locks...i mean, what if when you thread the core into a screw and the core lifts slighty upward, two bars on the sides of the core lift ball bearings into the locked position?...what do you guys think (off the top of my head)

  • 2018 Honda Civic Si
    2018 Honda Civic Si

    If it wasn’t so easy to pick it’d be a really great lock

  • Sir CoCoNUT
    Sir CoCoNUT

    It's ALWAYS like this, isn't it? Great ideas burnt to the ground by shitty execution.

  • Ironic Bobcat
    Ironic Bobcat

    Netflix: Are you still watching? Someones daughter: 1:39

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