[1164] An Unpickable Lock From Germany!

  • Rex Geek
    Rex Geek

    My first thought was "Ulrich is going to eat his words". My last thought was "Well played, Ulrich, well played!" (Thought with an upper class British accent)

  • Dray Gerard
    Dray Gerard

    aww i was so excited

  • Paul e
    Paul e

    Well... the statement that this is an unpickable lock is simply false since it's not a lock. It's like saying I have found dry water by wrapping around your hands photos of a lake expecting to clean your hands... :D Having said that... It's a pretty cool product and I do understand humor and was smiling :)

  • Javier Rivera 7470
    Javier Rivera 7470

    The unpickable sticker 🤣

  • dirk wäger
    dirk wäger

    For all who can´t read german, here is my translation of the product: On the door, done, secure! 3D SAFETY-STICKER The new dimension in break-in prevention - made of solid aluminum. - Perfect 3D lock imitation - complete made of Aluminum - Instantly scares away thieves - Feels like an actual deadbolt - On the door, done, secure! - Glue once, forever secure! Burglars only need seconds to decide which door they can open easily. The 3D Safety-Sticker deters burglars immediately - with durable realistic looking 3D design and made of solid aluminum. Easy 3 step application: 1. Before attaching clean selected area on door thoroughly 2. Remove peel off backing and place 3D Safety-Sticker at chosen location on door 3. Press evenly and firmly for 10 seconds. Done! Sticks to all major door surfaces. For more informations please visit: www.sicher-sticker.de

  • ZachIsA Winner
    ZachIsA Winner

    Damn. I was really hoping for something out of this world. Delivered.

  • Chanakya Rajan
    Chanakya Rajan

    Modern problem requires modern solutions.

  • Ivo Trausch
    Ivo Trausch

    still safer than a Master Lock

  • TechnoZombie

    If LPL was in the Matrix, he wouldn't have needed to arrest Morpheus to get the codes to Zion. «Click out of 1... 2 is binding....»

  • Ninja Bommber
    Ninja Bommber

    One month and he'll have found a way to pick this

  • dirk wäger
    dirk wäger

    Für alle deutschen Interessenten mal die deutsche Website: sicher-sticker.de/

  • The Official Unofficial Guide
    The Official Unofficial Guide

    You are honestly one of the cooolest people ever lol.

  • Uranus Hertz
    Uranus Hertz

    Have you been able to pick the Abloy 362 ???

  • will trapp
    will trapp

    MasterLock: "Why didn't we think of that"

  • hastur m123
    hastur m123

    Houston we have a problem... Where is the lock to pick!!

  • Nicmadis

    ...Weld bead?

  • jfly609


  • David Kirk-Hahler
    David Kirk-Hahler

    😝 😆 lol

  • Mauro Meneghin
    Mauro Meneghin

    A product of German humor :-)

  • 11Kralle

    Next step: paint a picture of a door (Rembrandt-style) on a wall and put this sticker and a door-knob at the right place.

  • Mr. O
    Mr. O

    Thats strange, and he is a fucking weirdo. Its not a good idea, to publish all these thousand videos. Its utilized for criminal things. Maybe he gets shot like FPSRussia...?

  • Lu Godifeto
    Lu Godifeto

    Peak German humor

  • Nikolozka

    Deutsche Logic: you can't pick it if it's not a lock. Well played Germany, well played

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      And it works. I got one: sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • Maybe

    Any idea where I can find this online?

    • Maybe

      @dirk wäger thanks but I can't read German. Any link in English?

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      Yep! Here: sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • DeafMusician

    Who doesn't check the door first?

  • CapAnson12345

    But by making this video you have in fact picked it after all.

  • Seth Bettwizilch
    Seth Bettwizilch

    There are two forms of stealth: - normal stealth: wherein you avoid detection by staying out of sight or by using elaborate disguises. - Russian stealth: wherein nobody can detect you if there is no one alive _to_ detect you. Similarly there are two forms of lock: - normal lock: wherein it is impossible to pick because it would require advanced technology and precision skill. - German lock: wherein it is impossible to pick because there is no lock _to_ pick.

  • Delanez Delanez
    Delanez Delanez

    To fully harden your entry you need to add a stick up german security camera to complete the set.

  • zaqsdk

    Actually I can see a real application for that thing. Stick it on the outside of a small hinged door, with the real lock lined up perfect behind it. Now anyone unfamiliar with your lock will try to apply keyway tension to the false cover and not your actual core. ... although that will only work until they've seen you enter once. OH one other thing: Now you HAVE to do another collaboration with bosnian bill, where he tries to pick the false lock on your door in the intro :-P

  • Kiyoone

    LOL you got me on this one... i was ready to write down the producer or brand name

  • stijndeklerk

    That is very clever. lol

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      It is. And it works. sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • iisgray

    LPL: No lock can defeat me! Sticker: I AM no lock!

  • John Savage
    John Savage

    Its not a lock!

  • Andy West
    Andy West

    One day, LockPickingLawyer, one day...

  • Jerome Hansen
    Jerome Hansen

    My morning smile. Thanks

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      You smile and the burglars have nothing to laugh about: sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • meliten

    If someone says he can pick this germans will say "So, genug Schabernack"

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      Aber Schabernack der hervorragend funktioniert: sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • Hocka Gaming
    Hocka Gaming

    Imna be honest he scared me for a sec there.

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V

    He picked it, how did he pick a sticker lock

  • Lyle K
    Lyle K

    I have a coded front door lock, but for the life of me, I could not get my code to work. Turned out that the door was already unlocked and jammed (plunger frictioned between door and side) enough to where I could input the code without opening the door. lololol Once I leaned on the door, it opened. :)

  • dev’s reality
    dev’s reality

    After having my stereo system stolen from my truck, I had an idea along that line. Have a removable face radio that has wires that hang out when taken off. That way when the thief’s look they will think they already stole it.

  • Tony A
    Tony A


  • Nathan

    *D E U T S C H E Q U A L I T Ä T*

    • dirk wäger
      dirk wäger

      Is echt super gearbeitet. Hab so ein Teil. Täuschend echt. sicher-sticker.de/shop/

  • Greg Pohl
    Greg Pohl

    Lol! 😂😂😂

  • Adam Reber
    Adam Reber

    that's so cool I hope to meet you someday

  • Adam Reber
    Adam Reber

    oh my God I live in Bethesda Maryland to man

  • g2145cal


  • Micah Chase
    Micah Chase

    If it isn't even a lock does it count as unpickable? Most things that are not locks can't be picked either.

  • Sagres d'Amor
    Sagres d'Amor

    One and a half million views... Lol.

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson

    Had no idea you’re in Bethesda.

  • Solyndros

    It's unpickable because it's not a lock.

  • Achilleus Coronel
    Achilleus Coronel

    You didn't even try.

  • Neal D
    Neal D


  • studivan

    Doesn’t count, that thing is a novelty and doesn’t qualify as a lock.

  • NPC 5667364256
    NPC 5667364256

    LPL fails to pick German lock, Im off to tell all my friends.

  • USS Long Island [CVE-1]
    USS Long Island [CVE-1]

    Give him enough time, he can open it i bet.

  • Martin Decamerone
    Martin Decamerone

    Thats Genius, make a Little slit behind and everybody thinks u have 2 locks, and he won’t waste the time picking both, even if he tries make sure the fake one is the first;)

  • Joe *
    Joe *

    Does anyone have the link to this product?

  • Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
    Spicy Flavor Tide Pods

    I believe the germans have a word for this. Schadenfreude. 😆

  • Buz_X2

    Pick it

  • mlekod

    I'm sure you could use tool sticker to open it...

  • Shaun Moore
    Shaun Moore

    I was thinking oh shit... 👀 Our Lock Picking Guru is in trouble! 🤘 🖤

  • murderdogg

    That's brilliant. It will keep honest people honest.

  • FPR

    I fail to understand how would this work. Wouldn´t the thief just pick the lock on the door knob and attempt to open it hoping that you didn't "locked" the fake lock? Or just turn the knob first if there isn't any?

  • comic cat
    comic cat

    The only truly unpickable lock for him is pre-picked and not lockable

  • L4stman

    I got baited and I'm not even mad. 😝

  • Tohu Wa Bohu
    Tohu Wa Bohu

    But is it a lock if it doesn't lock anything?

  • Kevin Boulanger
    Kevin Boulanger

    They had us in the first half bot gonna lie

  • manmadeartists

    Ok Germany. Where is my 3D bike lock sticker?

  • J L
    J L

    Oh man ratings must be down, LPL is click-bating!

  • Fi fo
    Fi fo

    Hahhahaha this was awesome

  • _TideHunter _
    _TideHunter _

    The year is 20LP. Everyone knows every single lock on the market inside and out. Widespread, physical security is an idea of the past. The home-made lock metagame has evolved to ridiculous levels due to it being the only remaining factor that protects your house. Humanity has reached its pinnacle. The pickless peasants are living in poverty. It seems nothing can stop the great leader of 20LP, Lock “Picking” Lawyer, and his army, the pick monks who live in great monasteries where they levitate while picking locks with one hand, and forging new locks with the other. The lock metagame has gotten to this point where everything is played out to theoretical perfection, so lock-pickers and lock-forgers play Rock Paper Scissors, and that’s the lock.

  • FDK

    It might be unpickable but it's not a lock


    But can you unlock a VW diesel chip that steals the emissions?

  • Mitch Addams
    Mitch Addams

    I really hope you try the Zore x gun lock it’s really expensive but is it worth it ?

  • Ice Rink Diaries
    Ice Rink Diaries

    Too funny LPL. The unpickable lock.

  • OmaBike

    Fine craftsmanship from Germany. :thumbsup:

  • George Bishop
    George Bishop

    I'm clearly in the minority but I didn't find this impressive at all. Novel yes but that's it. And no it really wasnt all the well made or "beautiful" either. Someone millled some Aluminium so what and it would take a thief all of a few seconds to realise there was no mechanism behind the lock before looking for the actual lock so it's pointless.

  • Hill Larry
    Hill Larry

    Won't be too long till China gets ahold of this late breaking piece of technology...LOL

  • Golden Pun
    Golden Pun

    Thanks for the novelty and for the laughs. He says in deadpan seriousness.

  • Drexlex

    Bethesda :O

  • Robert Bass
    Robert Bass

    Looks like a fridge magnet...put it on your fridge door and fool your friends. ;-)

  • Dennis Tienesen
    Dennis Tienesen

    It's unpickable, but it's not a lock.

  • Das Küie
    Das Küie

    You utter fool, german locks are the best in the world! >:^D

  • Pandora TheClay
    Pandora TheClay

    LPL:I can’t pick this lock,but this would usually be because I don’t know the techniques to pick them. Viewers:so why can’t you pick this one? LPL:because this has no lock,it’s a sticker

  • nerp27

    Where can I get one?

  • Keisukek Bakahashi
    Keisukek Bakahashi

    vid is less than 2 minutes. i call sarcasm or joke

  • Keith Mahnke
    Keith Mahnke

    That’s awesome

  • BambiRival

    Most Boring video @LockPickingLawyer, dont do this crap anymore, couse i have more of a feeling you are advertising this product… and making poeple pay 45 dollars for a freaking little piece of metal that just looks like a door lock..... that aint even great manufactured, you can instantly see on the circle by the keyhole that there is NO cylinder in it... for sure Thiefs dont get fooled by this… but in the meanwhile you spend 45dollars on a piece of metal that is just there for show and it aint looking real, these you have for a few dollars to, probably same looking. but hey, EU is pricy as fck anyway, and lots of people here are retarded enough to buy this crap over and over...

  • Republikpropaganda

    "Made in Germany" a true sign of quality and great ideas

  • Mr C
    Mr C

    there ain't no lock he cant pick

  • Fire Truck
    Fire Truck


  • jack_da_niels

    Germany engineering :-P

  • dozzer1813

    Very cool!

  • David M
    David M

    The long-repressed delinquent in me who used to glue googly eyes on random things in public is telling me to get the credit card..

  • archie

    FINALLY! i found one he cannot pick!

  • ademisc

    Unpickable non-Lock. It is just a keyhole.

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez

    Germany also makes my favrite bong, a roor

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up

    In reality, the lock saw the address on the package, and killed itself in transit to avoid being shamed.

  • Lock Picking Fox
    Lock Picking Fox

    There is finally a lock made that 100% unpickable... but is it unpeelable??

  • Eagle Warrior
    Eagle Warrior

    10 out of 10