[1164] An Unpickable Lock From Germany!

  • this_is_ryz

    Just wanted to do the 6000th commentary

  • Zedfragg

    I could swear I heard "Does not compute" when saying "It's a fecking sticker" lol Class idea!

  • Mark Watters
    Mark Watters

    Excellent. German engineering proves it’s worth yet again. Well played.

  • MetalandMayhem06

    “You fool! German science is the best in the world!” -Rudol Von Stroheim

  • Cowboy Curtis
    Cowboy Curtis


  • Lynn Mistress
    Lynn Mistress

    Love it! It's very convincing.

  • Michael

    Funnily enough the packaging says "Einbruchschutz-Prävention" which literally means "burglary protection prevention". It's kind of correct though since it actually prevents some real burglary protection. :-D

  • Scripture Examined
    Scripture Examined

    Just put it on a wall and watch how many idiots try to break into a wall. XD

  • AJ Constantine
    AJ Constantine

    Ulrich ROOLZ!! 😂😂😂🤘

  • Jean-Luc Dupont
    Jean-Luc Dupont

    I just realized we live in the same city!

  • champagnechiico

    An die Haustür. Fertig. Sicher.

  • Aanthanur DC
    Aanthanur DC

    Finally, he could not pick it. amazing lol

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey

    Good humor but I was really hoping to see u try to pick a lock and fail lol.....if I was ur neighbor I wouldn't even bother locking my doors lol

  • Ujjwal Gupta
    Ujjwal Gupta

    This is literally "When you apply the wrong formula and get the right answer."

  • Vlad

    Connect to wifi add sensor inside, when someone sticks something in alarm goes off.

  • Alex Awm
    Alex Awm

    You foooolllllsss Germany’s science is the world’s finest

  • Juliette Irene
    Juliette Irene

    Aryan Master Race Confirmed

  • Denamic

    For the first time since I started watching your videos years ago, I have to say, I'm honestly disappointed in you. You didn't even try to pick it.

  • Andy Burianek
    Andy Burianek

    Should have got out your 3D sticker pick and gave it a try.....👍

  • Konrad Yearwood
    Konrad Yearwood

    And people say the Germans do not have a sense of humour!!!

  • Eric Nau
    Eric Nau

    Now that’s funny!

  • Brad Tyson
    Brad Tyson

    Surprised it made it to you with that horrific handwriting🤣

  • Dr. Shadox φ
    Dr. Shadox φ

    LPL * Open package * * Boss music start * LPL : "Hum , something wrong..."

  • joe226825

    Can the LPL Pick a Bowley Lock. I say No. Let him prove me wrong.

  • Danny R C
    Danny R C

    Thank You , Best Lock NO one will get in.

  • Aiden Snew
    Aiden Snew

    you own guns, pick locks, smoke cigars, and are a lawyer!?!?! are you a super villan? the video: Maryland P.O Box oooooooooooooooooooohhhh.... now it's makes sense!!!

  • Mick Newman
    Mick Newman

    Wir DEUTSCHEN sind schon ein komisches Volk ;-) greetings from good old germany - the moment when you are picking a wall or the wood of a door - priceless

  • Jeffrey / Waxus
    Jeffrey / Waxus

    Put a real one and this one on your door and it will most likely be intimidating enough to scare most thiefs away

  • Liso Campos
    Liso Campos

    ID put that on my car window

  • Peli Mies
    Peli Mies

    Well, actually you have a unpickable sticker; not a lock..

    • Peli Mies
      Peli Mies

      But.. I still won’t punish you with dislike :)

  • John Crafton
    John Crafton

    Can you really call this a lock though?

  • Berenice Antinori
    Berenice Antinori

    Coming from bethesda, It just works...

  • michael jordan
    michael jordan

    You have an unpickable sticker.

  • Kevin Ferreira
    Kevin Ferreira

    Ez 2.2M views Baited all of them, respect

  • GGALLIN1776

    I might but about ten on my door just to piss off my landlord😂 they send out a locksmith if you change or add a lock. They foot you with the bill BUT the original will stay in place, sticking them with the bill.

  • Tyler Weddel
    Tyler Weddel

    I'm want to order one for or basement beer fridge!!!!!!!

  • theimperfektman

    Letting that Screen Door comment sink in..

  • Michael Santiago
    Michael Santiago

    Hi LPL! Can you provide the brand name or website of this 3D lock? Thanks!

  • Tim

    If only quibi had taken off, LPL videos were the perfect length for that platform.

  • jamesdagmond

    40+ Euro for a piece of machined aluminum. Theres a sucker born every minute for sure.

  • emmett stone
    emmett stone

    This choice is also an unlockable pick

  • RJ Guisspino
    RJ Guisspino

    Had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  • Wojo71

    Just found you. Love your channel. Since I was a child I been always interested in beating locks.

  • Tom Macdonald
    Tom Macdonald

    LPL: "That's because my skills, tools and techniques are constantly evolving and improving." Locks all around the world: *nervously sweat*

  • Leslie Viljoen
    Leslie Viljoen

    Ha ha ha, a tar pit.

  • TheBod76

    Unpickable? -yes Lock? -no

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke

    Show us I did a things unpickable lock! Please! lmao

  • Karen Mkrtchyan
    Karen Mkrtchyan

    50$ for a fake lock? just buy a real one and break the hinges and let them have fun

  • ARC Electric
    ARC Electric

    I am disappointed....I was hoping you would be able to pick the lock.....Go Maryland!....

  • Mark Freedman
    Mark Freedman

    All you need is a panic button from the old days

  • tazmon122

    that's not an "unpickable" lock....i guess i gotta be the one to say it...because it's not a lock. it's a representation of a lock, but a lock itself it is not. what? am i the only one in LPL's fanbase that was actually awake during history of art class when they went over the surrealists?

  • [gelöschter Benutzer]
    [gelöschter Benutzer]

    😄 okay, wer von Euch hat ihm das geschickt?

  • Shiny Shiny
    Shiny Shiny

    Might be unpickable but it's not a lock lol. So your original point still stands.

  • Jesse Cohen
    Jesse Cohen

    oh your also from bethesda?

  • Rich Broz
    Rich Broz

    I bought one in Hong Kong for $15.00..

  • Basem Almoudares
    Basem Almoudares

    Please tell us what are those locks that you can't pick yet, so we could be safe at least for a while!!!

  • You can call me al
    You can call me al

    If it does not lock is it a real lock

  • ultramaximus

    That's hilarious

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers

    A close look would tell you that the lock "cylinder" is just part of the face plate and would not turn, and you couldn't insert anything into it. But from a distance it might fool someone.

  • Degdeg

    This sticker is better than most the bad locks. Hey Germans, can't you be less serious sometimes. Hahaha

  • se7enhaender

    Well played, Ulrich, well played... was für ein Schlitzohr! XD

  • Bible & Conspiracies
    Bible & Conspiracies

    Thats funny that you live in a city called "Bethesda", just maybe out of interest for you what "Bethesda" means/is (Joh 5:2) Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches. (thats the pool where Jesus healed a sick man)

  • psychospin1

    Everyone: "Oh, it's just a sticker" LPL: "3 is binding..."

    • The Legion
      The Legion

      In his words "There is nothing I can't pick"

    • avihsnis

      i legit LOL'd

    • Jonathan Gutierrez
      Jonathan Gutierrez

      Underrated comment

  • ms Lindsey
    ms Lindsey

    we keep a fake garage remote in our apartment complex mounted on the wall. In case a thief gets in he'll waste time pushing buttons on it trying to get out. This is assuming he's broken through a stairwell door to get into the garage (which has happened in the past). This is to more or less waste his time trying to get out and (maybe) catch him red handed.

  • Bob Littlefield
    Bob Littlefield


  • Rick Rodriguez
    Rick Rodriguez

    You were right. This is hilarious.

  • ChristophGangrel

    LPL: "In this enwelope i have lock i cannot pick" Me: Waaaaaait waaaaaaaaat !?!?!?!?! How its even posible? LPL: "Its sticker pretending to be lock" Me: Ooooohhhhh.......

  • Jonathan L
    Jonathan L

    This fake lock would make an nice 'button' to trigger a trapdoor to open a mantrap to catch the next guy who's got a Ramset gun :)

  • Ann Forrester
    Ann Forrester

    I love this one so much.

  • Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez

    Is there a good lock brand we should know of? One that could potentially take some time to be picked?

  • Danielle Riley
    Danielle Riley

    That’s awesome! Your right though it’s so well made that at a glance as some scum criminal is casing the street for the easiest target they would just go to the next house. So the sticker lock protects you through the laziness of the criminals.

  • noname delete
    noname delete

    You can not say you have an unpickable lock only because it's not a lock!

  • Ryotsuke Hibiki
    Ryotsuke Hibiki

    Should be placed where internal hidden wifi/nfc lock is installed, so it makes nicer illusion when door is open

  • Ronnie Alacre
    Ronnie Alacre

    This is the LPL and what we have today is a lock that I can't pick. Therefore this is NOT a lock.

  • Steppi B.
    Steppi B.

    One big safe, one real lock and 241 fake locks 😄😄😅 Stick them on random locations, just to make people curious and confused 😄😄😅

  • lettien

    Vallah der Burger hat nicht geschmeckt

  • Wall-E

    German engineering 😁

  • Rhema Jumbo-Nze
    Rhema Jumbo-Nze

    He has been defeated by German engineering

  • Crispy Bacon
    Crispy Bacon

    If there is truly a lock that the lockpickinglawyer cannot pick, I venture to say there is no house I can't drive a truck through to get inside.

  • hewo


  • Ken Fullman
    Ken Fullman

    Aww. You should have at least tried :)

  • Ed Zachary
    Ed Zachary

    That would be fun to stick it on a wall in a hallway or something, maybe in a public place and watch people try to find the door

  • SierraWolf 1337
    SierraWolf 1337

    Du wurdest soeben geschabernackt. Dieser Kommentar wurde erstellt von den deutschen Hausis

  • zeroibis

    The lock is a lie!

  • tinkmarshino

    oh damn! I love it.. I need to make me a few of these.. I never thought of doing something like this..

  • Will it or won’t it destroy
    Will it or won’t it destroy

    Be great to put on the glass of a glass door

  • Shane Rhed Magbanua
    Shane Rhed Magbanua

    Saying something boastful in a humble way

  • Asterisk

    LPL at 0:07 : "a lock I can't pick." Me: *NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!*

  • ParanaHue

    When I saw Bethesda in the mail, I knew that it would be full of bugs

  • dori

    Germans in the comments: Erlauben Sie uns, uns vorzustellen

  • Realchill Dude
    Realchill Dude

    haha great stuff

  • Realchill Dude
    Realchill Dude

    Anyone else see "BEthesda" on the envelope and imediately imagine the LPL being behind the lockpicking somehow in bethesda games X) hahahaha

  • JewsOwn TheMedia
    JewsOwn TheMedia

    Its German. Of course its better.

  • CatheteriZedEYE

    $40 for a piece of aluminum.... jesus christ i wonder what the markup is on that thing

  • Cookie

    *The power of German engineering*

  • Xeuz AK
    Xeuz AK

    Holy crap, when he said there was a lock that he could not pick, I almost had to change my undies. That actually scared me a bit.

  • OneMadGypsy

    You could pick it off of whatever it is stuck to. So, technically, it is a lock that everyone can "pick".

    • Joeseph Smith
      Joeseph Smith

      Is held with bolts from the rear.

  • Yoyoe 23
    Yoyoe 23

    LPL you are local to me can you pick my house lock for a video lol

  • saus age
    saus age

    Germam humour

  • Dâniel Remensperger
    Dâniel Remensperger

    mal wieder ez win für die deutschen