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  • Crafts Punks
    Crafts Punks

    Our government wants and kept us buying Chinese horrible products,,, because that is what most Filipino can afford,,,#corrupt government since former president ferdinand marcos

  • Icie Flake
    Icie Flake

    what you get when you have some Swedish craft man ship ;)

  • peter mccabe
    peter mccabe

    Crap, like most things made in China!

  • ruediix

    Who puts the hinge facing so it can have it's hinge pin so easily removed?!

  • Old Geordie Geezer
    Old Geordie Geezer

    You give the impression of being a disgruntled Master Lock employee

  • ruediix

    That gap would be very easy to fix with a lip behind the plate. It would make it near impossible to pick.

  • I'm Me
    I'm Me

    From the look of it, the cylinder is made so that the trap pins could be in any position or none at all. So, so slot one , three, and six would work. To me the other issue is how does one get in if the trap pins are set? It can't be picked open. It is drill resistant. I suppose a core puller could be used, but how common were those 40 or 50 years ago? Unless one had access through another door so as to open this from the inside, it could be a big problem.

  • Kyle Marsh
    Kyle Marsh

    To be fair tho, you have that special tool you made for the job that I think most locksmiths don't even have..? I'm not trying to diminish your skills tho, you obviously are very knowledgeable and accomplished in lock picking.

  • Xyro Buck
    Xyro Buck

    the youtuber @Stuff Made Here made a custom lock he wants you to try to pick

  • Rafael Lozano
    Rafael Lozano

    why not see with a tubular pick? to see the comparasen?

  • Simon Hale
    Simon Hale

    Me when he puts the cable thru the trigger guard: ok the rest of this video is irrelevant because you could just open the trigger guard. Me by the end of the video: oh, ok lol

  • Downstream01

    Rofl.. even the key looks like a wave rake.

  • Anass .G
    Anass .G

    Why do you have guns whyyyy???

  • Archie Chen
    Archie Chen

    Good for Viro to pay attention. However, they should have done more internal testings before selling them to unsuspecting consumers. This is something they could have done during product design phase and not needing a UZloadr to figure out for them.

  • Fin Arfin
    Fin Arfin

    Pretty sure LPL spent more time scrambling the dial than picking the lock.

  • HNCS2006

    OMG, I remember that padlock from my childhood, saw it everywhere, mainly on bikes and sheds.

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi

    Forget about the lock...I want that lighter.

  • Hebogin

    Publication: Assa can't be decoded without destroying it. LPL: And I took that personally.

  • camera on film
    camera on film

    wholesome content

  • 。毛习圝-小儇之梓僮县的独酷,

    Thanks to this man i sucessfully rob a store lol

  • Andy red volvo
    Andy red volvo

    I can't wait for mine to come

  • Bham Bass
    Bham Bass

    That lock looks so Soviet-era. Very cool!

  • Ryan Schaffer
    Ryan Schaffer

    The way he carries himself and the way he approaches problems I'd wager he's very good at most of the things he does.

  • Saraneth the Binder
    Saraneth the Binder

    Ugh, I can smell the plastic smoke.

  • Ohla mypeeps
    Ohla mypeeps

    See this just proves to me that size doesn't always matter

  • YgzCapTain

    "it would be hard to do worse" one of my favourite insulting lines from now on

  • Dan Duncker
    Dan Duncker

    Yea it's good you find and show flaws so they can correct them

  • Phillip Aubin
    Phillip Aubin

    If they really wanted it to be a PITA, have the design be reversed so when the lever is applied, it slips out

  • Daniel Edge
    Daniel Edge

    Can anyone explain how this works? i can't see how he is manipulating the lock other than jiggling a little??

  • #NotmyBattlefield

    trump said china

  • Acht- Acht
    Acht- Acht


  • Alexander Dahms
    Alexander Dahms

    Thanks for this cool video - and really professionally taped and edited. I really like the sound, may I ask how you record and edit your voice?

  • JulianJolts

    Jeez solving a puzzle with legos sounds exactly like something I would’ve done as a kid this is dangerous.


    China usually sells this type of padlock to countries where people have not invented fire yet, that's why it's plastic and cheap.

  • Leo unknown
    Leo unknown

    I believe lockpickinglawer can just pick locks with his mind but hes just being humble & not showing off

  • Nathan Paske
    Nathan Paske

    The man of multiple income sources. Videos, selling products to thieves, amd representing his customers in court.

  • zhichao xu
    zhichao xu

    i can open you with a fire

  • Finnish Fatman
    Finnish Fatman

    I'm pretty sure, given a bit more time, he could pick that lock too...

  • CarstenB Blomqvist
    CarstenB Blomqvist

    It's the yellow color that can be cancerinducing if you grind or even if it is worn. Carsten Sweden

  • Siddharth

    Thief : came to theft the house Also thief : waits whole night to react gallium with aluminium lock.

  • Wisnu Al - Rasyid
    Wisnu Al - Rasyid

    try use a paper clip

  • Oleg Petroff
    Oleg Petroff

    You need more attention to your package opening skills. It took ridiculously long to cut that tape.

  • Perinne

    How come people can send you post to your PO box without your name? Where I live, when someone sent something to my PO box and it does not fit the BO box or it requires a delivery confirmation, I have to go to the post office clerk and receive it only after identifying myself with the same name which is on the package. But people send you items without your name so how can you pick it up when there is no name?

  • hugeshows

    Comrade, your factory must now make combination locks! But Komissar, we are tooled to produce lug nuts!

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown

    Please try to pick this lock, PLEASE! I want to see a lock beat you finally...

  • Dervadveir Zundluni
    Dervadveir Zundluni

    Lpl could make a hard to open lock made, for probably pretty cheap, for those that need super privacy on their stuff

    • Dervadveir Zundluni
      Dervadveir Zundluni

      I mean, still would cost a ton, but would probably be worth it, by all this i mean, make it unrealistic to be able to open without a key or knowledge on the bitting on its key or whatever

  • OwenFIFAman

    Looked easy ngl

  • Your FBI Agent
    Your FBI Agent

    Dude pick a lock blowing on it

  • Asahi Aura
    Asahi Aura

    Stuff Made Here

  • Russell

    This lock looks like something for gumball machines, kids would love it.

  • Hans Von Mannschaft
    Hans Von Mannschaft

    Things are getting too easy these days for our dear LPL, without the scrambling, this video would've been shorter than the ad I was forced to see at the beginning.

  • Cmace

    Now do a tea cup

  • Jayyy Zeee
    Jayyy Zeee

    China, why would you think this is okay? Nobody takes you guys seriously because of stuff like this.

  • Doug Scholl
    Doug Scholl

    they should extend the skirting around the bottom and rivet in a blocking ring that stops reaching round the bottom plate.

  • Chris 211
    Chris 211

    And that’s how I made 2 grand in under 5 mins at my neighbors house. Thanks lockpickinglawer!

  • Robert Amerson
    Robert Amerson

    Why did LPL and Mrs. LPL say their vows three times at their wedding...? "3 is binding" I'll show myself out.

  • Eezy Kay
    Eezy Kay

    Thanks for the muffled farts ringtone...

  • snip3r416

    At 3 million subscribers u should reveal how many tools you have or discuss how u find them or buy them just crazy how many tools u have lol 😂

  • C YY
    C YY

    please explain how it works?

  • nick king
    nick king

    Lpl just providing everyone wrong just because he can 🤣

  • Metal Jacket
    Metal Jacket

    If that works , pretty sure that one solid hit with a hammer on top of the body of the lock will achieve the same results..

  • A Guy That Comments E On Every Video He Finds
    A Guy That Comments E On Every Video He Finds


  • John Zukowski
    John Zukowski

    I wonder if it's a psychological move by Masterlock. You have a lock that's built like a tank, so the last thing any low tech crook would do is fight with the lock when chances are good what the lock is secured to is easier to cut or circumvent than dorking* around with the actual lock (* remember I said "low tech crook"). Like why bother messing with a door lock(s) when the hinge pins are not "pinned" and facing outward, remove pins, swing out door, make entry... ( did that once on a "site assessment" at a purportedly "high security facility", accessed the site lock box inside the room and had a field day inside the building, good times...lol ).

  • 12A23Vishnu S
    12A23Vishnu S

    Do a video on the lock made by @stuffmadehere

  • Almost Dead
    Almost Dead

    I wouldn’t be surprised surprised BigLock (like big BigPharma) has put hit on LPL.

  • Jef Pearlman
    Jef Pearlman

    You're not fooling anyone. We've all seen what you can do. You felt the shape of the numbers on the dials while you were "scrambling" it, right? ;)

  • John Bull
    John Bull

    LPL has made a career of making companies look stupid !

  • Jarod Snyder
    Jarod Snyder

    don't forget about the keyhole screw attachment points that you could just pick the box off of the wall and smash it on the floor and it would probably open

  • MrDoboz

    You know you should find a new job when your lock design opens faster with a pick than the original key

  • Ant

    Couldn't they just hire you before mass production? 😂🤣

  • Wayne

    for 350 bucks it better be strong

  • Ank55o7 plays
    Ank55o7 plays

    It’s pronounced “Mel-bin”

  • Russell

    Also, could the drop also be accomplished by just a regular ol mallet tap?

  • Vixtor Velasxo
    Vixtor Velasxo

    That was easy asf wtf 😂

  • Russell

    0:40 : you already know i can do this blindfolded literally, so let move on to the other muck ups made by this company .