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  • Ben Brockert
    Ben Brockert

    Does having the same tiny spool in every spot add any weaknesses? Easier to bump? In theory you could decode it by measuring the spring force on each pin, since it would be proportional only to the length of the key pin.

  • DownTo

    Fear the migth of the Lawyer. See in the next video how he will open a lock with his pure mind

  • Adam Nash
    Adam Nash

    Stop! Stop! It's already dead!

  • mikmop

    To be slash resistant it would have to avoid being made with nylon or plastic. I'm thinking maybe Kevlar and carbon fibre could conceivably create a slash resistant product. And the clasp could be made of metal. Some body vests are made to be stab (edged blade) and/or spike resistant, so using those sort of materials would be your starting point.

  • Howler

    A fork could piece that, or maybe even a spoon

  • Scott W.
    Scott W.

    3:30 LPL: And we've got this open. Bosnian Bill: 😳😱 6:07 LPL: "Maybe this was not a challenge" Bosnian Bill: 🤬🤬🤬 Bosnian Bill remembering that LPL is his business partner: 😁😀😇🤓🥳

  • Zappa Wench
    Zappa Wench

    I remember the locks that went on dial telephones! Yes, I am very old.

  • Garry Carlson
    Garry Carlson

    What type of Lock would you or do you recommend that even you would have great difficulty with

  • Vikotnick

    So how much does Bill want for those? A million? Two millions??

  • Huge Bartlett
    Huge Bartlett

    Like breaking any code,the critical part is the time it takes to break it,before the security guard finds you.

  • J ateabug
    J ateabug

    LPL has 2.98 Million Subscribers... soon we won't have to lock our doors because everyone will be able to pick them open.

  • Nick Joyce
    Nick Joyce

    It's never just a fluke

  • Tai Theguy
    Tai Theguy

    Awesome! You could decode your lost key & get a copy without taking the hardware apart. Don't have to re-key all the locks. Should be advertising it to locksmiths as a quick pin decoder

  • Doug Murphy
    Doug Murphy

    Thanks for this one a very interesting lock. Much appreciate your sharing it, as always.

  • Joel Robert Justiawan
    Joel Robert Justiawan


  • Christian Lindharth
    Christian Lindharth

    Hot damn, if this doesn't make Amazon stop suggesting it I don't know what will.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach

    I thought those were razor blades

  • esRodrigo XD
    esRodrigo XD

    Judge: case closed Lock picking lawyer: im about to end this man's entire carrer

  • BO5517

    You should add a recommended locks page to your website. If not to guide buyers into purchasing a worthwhile lock for their use, it can also serve as a hall of fame for locks

  • Brian Hermino
    Brian Hermino

    I was expecting a mohs scale of resistance test. Scratches at level 2 with deeper grooves at level 3.

  • Daniel Acosta
    Daniel Acosta

    “Here we have the instructions” lmaooo

  • Jenny Barasona
    Jenny Barasona

    The ice cream will melt before you knew it.


    Payday 2 drill

  • T M
    T M

    Honestly it gets really annoying when it says I have a reply to my actual comment that I have a question on and then it's just a bunch of people where is my actual comments on my comment LOL

  • Chris Hadden
    Chris Hadden

    Why would anyone need to have a gun in their carry on luggage?

  • Mister Big
    Mister Big

    I remember I used to have that to stop my domestic worker from making expensive international calls when we are not at home.

    • andrew daley
      andrew daley

      Give them a good thrashing they will never disobey you again. Andy England 🇬🇧👍

  • NightFyreTV

    This is a really neat tool that you've made.

  • killerkonnat

    You don't even need to pick the lock or have any knowledge. You just need a screwdriver. Unscrew the socket from the wall and connect the 2 wires with something. Lock is bypassed. You could even just unattach the wires from the lock and twist the ends together.

  • Ladosligese

    should NOT be legal to sell these hahaha

  • Long Dong McStrong
    Long Dong McStrong

    uzload.info/news/PLhBP6QueEwYFGvcEhencKFcovvymgjD80.html A playlist for all the videos he mentions in this video. Credit to @Kevin Fegan (See pinned comment) for finding the videos.

  • MasterArrow

    "To get into this lock we'll use the women's rights movement that Bosnian Bill and I made"

  • BLM

    Meant fo UK where only spoons allowed

  • fish

    Pragmatic romantism indeed

  • Folkert Veenstra
    Folkert Veenstra

    In those days you had to pay the phone by the minute and it could get quite expensive and when your phone line was in use with data, you were not able to make phone calls, not until ISDN came in.

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen

    How likely will these tools work in Europe?

  • David Willanski
    David Willanski

    "It's slash resistant" "No it isn't" "It's slash absorbent"

  • Paul

    It's like labelling cotton products "water proof"

  • MO A
    MO A


  • Aphony66

    Why when a battery operated cutt-off wheel 4 inch grinder would have that off in a tick.... No dangerous exploding blades either...

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi

    People after this video : 1 is binding… Nothing on 2… Nice click out of 3… And the neighbours PS5 is now mine.

  • Curtis Millar
    Curtis Millar

    Or you could just unscrew the wallplate and bridge the wires

  • Benjamin Fraser
    Benjamin Fraser

    picked in 8 secons it was actually 5 and a half

  • Peasant

    California is such a joke 😂😂

  • Dylan Schmitt
    Dylan Schmitt

    in fairness not many people have that tool and will prob move to the next guy thats got a hairpin clip

  • SaltyBrains

    by this logic - EVERYTHING is 'slash resistant'... including human skin.... i mean, it does take a NON-ZERO amount of force, so therefor it is 'somewhat resistant' even if that resistance is... futile! ... resistance is futile!

  • Tb

    nowdays parental controls are built into your router

  • Dvs.Hawkeye Pierce
    Dvs.Hawkeye Pierce

    great thanks LPL now i'm on a watchlist...

  • Serouzo Lee
    Serouzo Lee

    When the wiper insert slipped out of his hand, that was the most I've ever seen LPL panic. Which is not to say that he panicked very much but still

  • Heartwing Arts
    Heartwing Arts

    What’s a good mix of lishis to own?

  • Scale Enlie
    Scale Enlie

    How is not straight up false advertising? I've seen cardboard that is more "slash resistant" than this.

  • Paul Logan
    Paul Logan

    Damn, sold out already

  • Sora & Shiro
    Sora & Shiro

    The lock company squire's lock testing phase is determined by how fast Lockpicking lawyer can unlock it.

  • K B
    K B

    Hey Lockpickinglawyer it would be cool to see you open up locks with ambient background noise, cars driving by, busy streets or construction work as examples. Try this, would love to see a video.

  • Dhi 2667
    Dhi 2667

    I would like to see if you could open a bank vault.

  • Stonley15

    Wonder if they could be used in europe aswell?

  • bibabeatmann

    I would bet this design was intended to disable the masterkey for legal reasoning.

  • dreem walka
    dreem walka

    Lpl.....take my money!!!!

  • Aphantiasia’s dump
    Aphantiasia’s dump

    Imagine putting this on you’re school locker, everyone has one of those normal spinny combo locks while you have a freacking metal slab as a lock-

  • Z

    Is this the firewall and virus protection they always talk about?

  • fab

    Nah, that's a salewa

  • Rai Mou
    Rai Mou

    Shame that it seemed so easy to pick. Pretty sure if this lock was as much hassle to pick, as it is to open in a destructive way, most would-be thieves would move on to an easier target instead.

  • LAB Studio
    LAB Studio

    amazon does recommend good value for money products

  • sealand000

    I would have given LPL only 30 seconds.

  • Jeremy Kothe
    Jeremy Kothe

    Or... google the key number shown and buy a key.

  • Justice Furee
    Justice Furee

    Ain't no picking bullets out ya ass

  • Daniel Wijaya
    Daniel Wijaya

    My expectations are low, but this is underground.

  • Michael Fett
    Michael Fett

    I have a friend that picked up an old pay phone at a garage sale a while back. How could that be picked? Can we send it to you?

  • AaronHIS

    Locked will be obsolete in 10 years time

  • Peter Croft
    Peter Croft

    Which one's would be best for the UK market please

  • mako ado
    mako ado

    this should be illegal.

  • Malicious_Ghost

    Did the people who make this try to cut it with a spoon??

  • Comfortable Fetus
    Comfortable Fetus

    is that a new record for pick time?

  • AndroidRandom

    If a Master Lock could become a bag...

  • Ginés de Pasamonte
    Ginés de Pasamonte

    The more pretentious the name, the worst the lock.

  • min25


  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo

    "SLASH RESISTANT!" Proceeds to not slow a single cut at all. "See?" Tries to keep a straight face

  • Olszymanski

    Lockpickinglawyer: gets arrested and goes to jail Also lockpickinglawyer: I am recording from jail and I found a major mistake in jail cell locks

  • Imaginary-Unit

    Continues to cut toward already bandaged thumb.

  • DeusEversor

    are steel wheels good to ride? ;D