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  • Gaming Random
    Gaming Random

    Just checked the Amazon listing, They actually changed the description to "wall mount & display" instead of "gun lock". They also admitted to not realize the trigger guard can be open when designing the "lock".

  • bruv nomemto
    bruv nomemto


  • Peter Itatiro
    Peter Itatiro

    This was about as secure as my wallet when my ex was with me.

  • Paul Passarelli
    Paul Passarelli

    Really wish there was a way to share this video to Google Reviews on the locksmith's business page!

  • wwickeddogg

    If I saw this in the wild I would be tempted to open it to change the combination and leave the owner puzzled, like just change one of the numbers by 1 digit.

  • uluwatu77

    How do they assemble such a lock in the factory??? By hand?

  • Quantum Baboons
    Quantum Baboons

    Can you not just brute force pull the cylinder out of the lock? - Breaking the clip on the back.

  • Souligna Savann
    Souligna Savann

    It must be a fluke. Can u do it again?

  • Achilles Monk
    Achilles Monk

    Careful, the lock might cause cancer

  • Alek Mlynek
    Alek Mlynek

    1:50 ~ Yep, this is going to be murder.

  • SpicyFPV

    Kind of unrelated, but do you find "cheap" locks to be harder to pick than more professional ones? I am just getting into lockpicking, and have notice higher quality locks are surprisingly easier to pick that cheapo ones. (I mean the cheapo ones I would just give it my boot heel if I really wanted to get it off, but that defeats the purpose, lol)

  • Clifton Photographer
    Clifton Photographer

    Anyone else think that someday we'll be shopping and noticing new brand law called LPL brand.

  • p47rr

    You for got to mention that with a simple hand held grinder you can cut into a so called real safe as well. So all commercial safes are simply a deterrent.

  • Mario Galvao
    Mario Galvao


  • Nikon Bradford
    Nikon Bradford

    that was the funniest thing

  • Bryan Kualualsky
    Bryan Kualualsky

    the cutting bottom open Madde me too pissed for no reason im fucking fuming

  • AAAyyyGGG

    The best bit of that lock is the triangular metal insert in the packing/card - that must have cost more than the lock to make!

  • Laszlo Peter Urmenyi
    Laszlo Peter Urmenyi

    I have the answer. Master fired the old employees. Just those who understood what they where doing. The dummies got those jobs.

  • Freerider

    I was expecting Jamie Hyneman inside that.

  • Martin Matovic
    Martin Matovic

    This is a public service to show how absurdly flawed the design is. It should never be acceptable to open a safe this easily that is supposed to keep something as dangerous as a fire arm from children or other unwanted users. For shame homak security.

  • Kodojow 22
    Kodojow 22


  • TateNoYuusha

    I just saw an interesting lock in an elevator

  • interwebtubes

    Very interesting, I remember coming across some keys that resembled those keys for some type of Master lock brand, I’m thinking that that particular padlock was a dual shackle design and it wasn’t that old of a model??; They were some really different key design

  • Michael Tuckerman
    Michael Tuckerman

    I just watched an urban Hawk Chinese mechanical lock video this 16 year old kid showed some pretty amazing Chinese locks one of them had 48 Sliders in it. Sure would like to see you pick some of these what look to be pick proof locks. Some of them the core spins unless you put the key in it so you can't tension it. I hope you read this message have a great day

  • Tao

    For you EVERY application is a low security application!

  • Alexander Bukh
    Alexander Bukh

    Clit model?

  • Avrai

    Why not just add LEDs when correct number is set... this is so bad...

  • StackedJack

    527 dislikes .. I kind of want to know how many people work for the company that manufactured this now.

  • Tech To Tunes
    Tech To Tunes

    Back in the day, I used my MX-6 key on my mate's 323, opened the door, started the car, moved it to a different part of the car park, and then waited for him to realise his car was missing. That was a fun evening.

  • Darren Wall
    Darren Wall

    I have one of these and position it so that you have to move it significantly before you can unlock it, this means you wouldn't have time to pic it before the alarm goes off. Even practiced I sometimes am not quick enough with the key.

  • Bob Sum
    Bob Sum

    I'd rather cut rope with scissors , drink half of bottle, than start thinking how to solve that puzzle.

  • Senor Moody
    Senor Moody

    Dear Locksmith, Not only did LockPickingLawyer manage to pick that lock, but he did it in just 28seconds, while simultaneously filming for his youtube channel, while Mastering the Violin 🎻... Oh, and he sold more Paper!

  • DDG TV
    DDG TV

    Now that's what real companies do.

  • A Cast
    A Cast

    When “lock picking tests ban the use of lock picks” is the code for safety, you know you’re living in the wrong state. 🤦‍♂️

  • TheHuffameg

    Are you really able to change the combination on this while the lock is locked? So someone can have locked their bike and when they come back there's a new combination on it. I'm guessing someone using this lock wouldn't know how to open it when they don't know the combination .

  • Alden Johnson
    Alden Johnson

    I feel like it would be a good thing to use to attach a helmet to your bike, usually if they can't just pick it up and go they'll just leave

  • Zeke770

    I think this would work for a kid locking his bike at school. Or at least the rural schools around me. Something to look as if it’s not something that can just be walked away with anyways.

  • Maverick Moto
    Maverick Moto

    When LpL says that if you’ve been here long enough to remember his “pick-proofing” video. I feel like I’m part of the club now.

  • Franz Ferdinand VIII
    Franz Ferdinand VIII

    i just got a 980 deadbolt for myself, and the outside trim just falls apart. 22.Oct.2020

  • MrJcrida1

    Angle grinder is the master key to any lock lol

  • Dave Andrews
    Dave Andrews

    Hello we have this new lock.. Lockpicking lawyer, 20 seconds later, it's open, here's your flaws, do better.

  • Tyler Fortner
    Tyler Fortner

    Video unavailable. This video is private. Lielok.

  • DangerZone

    Wow that's so simple design, and often that's a good thing.

  • Jakelol1980

    Is that you Ron?

  • Superform

    i used to sell these, sold many 1000's of them to police stations around australia

  • S Dew
    S Dew

    what a PR nightmare for this company.

  • JDH

    This is still pretty perfect for a gym lock though, where the biggest obstacle to actually locking your stuff up is carrying a lock around, and it's a pretty high reward for having literally anything locking your stuff up when so many people just have open lockers to pick from.

  • Byvägen

    Clamped up like that, You wasted alot of heat into your vise jaws. Also wasted alot into that shackle pin. Had you torched just the top and clamped only the bottom, would have melted away faster.

  • Pha Que
    Pha Que

    No self respecting security person would put the hinges on the opening face and not use a riveted hinge

  • Bobby Bates
    Bobby Bates

    Where can i pick up these sorts of prybars? I really like the profile.

  • Scott Wallace
    Scott Wallace

    I for one welcome the coming rule of our Gallium overlords.

  • Useless POS
    Useless POS

    I will not buy this, if and only if, you send me a $20 gift card.

  • Robert Cowling
    Robert Cowling

    Funny! I ran into a lock that I could pick that way. Someone came to me wondering if I had a way to open a cheap combo lock. I looked at it, and noticed that if I pushed the shackle in, it increased the tension on the discs. I was able to open the lock in seconds. The owner was shocked, and threw the lock out. I've wondered how many of the cheap luggage locks have the same flaw. Locks are only as good as the person using it, and the person able to remove it.

  • John Perry
    John Perry

    How did I get addicted to this site? I made a set of picks using a hacksaw blade and I've conquered all our doors and I can open Cessna, Beechcraft and Piper airplane doors pretty fast now. This site is a masterpiece.

  • Blessed ByGod
    Blessed ByGod


  • Adam Tennant
    Adam Tennant

    Uh, how about just using round door handles? LOL.

  • god dam
    god dam

    Next how to open a safe with a carrot !

  • Rencol666

    Hail from Czech Republic. We have this kind of lock on a car gate at our cottage-summer house. It has been there for 40 years. The gate handle the lock goes through actualy rusted and fell off a year ago. The lock is still perfectly fine tho.

  • Timothy Hall
    Timothy Hall

    Hence the name "tap" lock

  • Bernd Felsche
    Bernd Felsche

    It might stop the bicycle accidentally rolling away. 😎

  • Geometricsolitude

    He makes me want hydraulic bolt cutters those are dope

  • Haseeb 2
    Haseeb 2

    I recently had my rear wheel stolen to my ebike. My frame was locked with a heavy duty Abus security chain and Kryptonite Evolution Series 4, but not the rear wheel. I was thinking that no one would go through the trouble to removing my rear wheel as it would be of no value to anyone. My rear wheel contained a hub motor which is wired to only work on one make and model of ebike. After having my rear wheel stolen while my frame was locked, I could not help but ask myself why didn't I use my old Keeper U-Lock and cable as an extra measure? I understand that cables and Kryptonite Keeper U-Locks are low level security, but often times meth heads who are looking to quickly steal things for money may not even have a pair of wire cutters. Even if he did have a pair of cable cutters, he would need a pair of bolt cutters to snap my Kryptonite Keeper.

  • Cody Wallace
    Cody Wallace

    Could a high power magnet and a light electric current allow the lock to unseize

  • Chew On Bread Tube
    Chew On Bread Tube

    rated T for Trash that might protect against a Toddlet without a bolTcuTTer

  • Eric Allan
    Eric Allan

    The other guy must have loosened it up for you! Lol

  • Scottexpat

    Man!! im in stitches!!!!!

  • William Penn jr.
    William Penn jr.

    Please review the Gravity line wheel locks from Kryptonite.

  • MrBlonde294

    i heard about problems from PKA about chastity devices, maybe you could do something that help people with those things 😃

  • Stinky Rat
    Stinky Rat


  • Kurt Theis
    Kurt Theis

    The ads run longer than it takes to open this thing.

  • Stinky Rat
    Stinky Rat

    Hello everyone this is the lockpickinglawyer and as you can see my wife has put me in chastity and ran away with the key but little did she know my raging boner can break open locks.

  • Vordt

    Wait so, you’re a lawyer but you bring these with you every day? Why..? Like I can understand leaving them at home, or if you were a locksmith, but why is this your daily carry.

  • TheTyisAwesome

    Wow now that was a good lock

  • Mik Jms
    Mik Jms

    You bent the insert into a flag tool... without Bosnian Bill? 😥

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    40 seconds average impressive

  • Robert Lemaster
    Robert Lemaster

    Mr LP Lawyer, is there anyway that you can please include links to the tools-n-stuff that you are using in each video? You could probably make a fortune on Ebay or Amazon with your custom tools.

  • Jay Champagne
    Jay Champagne

    Wait, does this lock come with a tension wrench?

  • Rith T
    Rith T

    Ah an australian lock worthy of the lockpicking lawyers house... finally

  • Kelly Tracy
    Kelly Tracy

    Random thought: what would LPL's fantasy rogue title be? My bet's on "Human Skeleton Key" but I feel like there's a more succinct version of that to be had...