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  • ItsToasty

    this is genius for kids

  • xr500t

    After these last 4 years..... The American Consumer.......well, you can draw your own conclusion.

  • Yuri Boyka
    Yuri Boyka

    Ty, now my kid knows how to unlock my glock

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    Yes. Consumers of security. That’s what I am

  • jwstolk

    At 0:00 I already noticed that the green wire on the exit button runs to the (presumably outside) keypad instead of the control box, which makes it possible to "press" that button from outside. In addition, the yellow wire to the lock comes from the keypad, not from the control box, so you could also directly operate the lock from outside. Replacing the two screws in the keypad with something less common would help Enforcing some security.

  • Jens B.
    Jens B.

    Why am I watching and enjoying dozens of these lockpicking videos even though I do not care about lockpicking?

  • A guy
    A guy

    Could you make a longer video recommending locks for different purposes? I think that would be a cool video, and stay safe!

  • AmbachtAle

    Looking at the sheet metal latch, couldn't the screwdriver have pried that open? I guess you didn't want to damage it so you could resell it, but if I found one . . .

  • EyesOnBreen

    The comment about his 'relaxing voice' reminded me of an episode of Black Books. If you saw it, you know why.

  • kevlarbandit

    So why hasn't Malcom. M not responded on this channel yet????

  • word 2
    word 2

    So are hardwired security systems better in some aspects?

  • Peter Clarke
    Peter Clarke

    So... You could get in her backdoor without any problems, but she's telling you her new boyfriend can't, and when he tries, she's afraid something will break? Erm... Sounds like she's bragging. "oh, yeah, you could get in there just fine, in fact, I usually barely noticed..."

  • Petru Petru
    Petru Petru


  • Kyle Rox
    Kyle Rox

    666k likes? cursed... oh ye dis funny

  • Kevin Holtkamp
    Kevin Holtkamp

    Lock: *is massive* LPL: I would like to see a higher security option....

  • felipercalvo

    Mate, i think you might need to see a doctor, that is not blue, that is orange!

  • Petru Petru
    Petru Petru

    Thank you very much for make me decide to throw my safe i the garbage. Shame on you Centry Safe.

  • HenkeEdge

    Locks is just for keeping honest people, honest. As that old saying.

  • Steve’s Slide And Jazz
    Steve’s Slide And Jazz

    Bravo! Bravo!

  • Kevin Holtkamp
    Kevin Holtkamp

    He should pay for a new lock too and not just for the grinding job

  • MegaSaintAugustine

    That's what happens when you come up with the idea of locking your screen door.

  • Breeze K
    Breeze K

    This dudes voice is calmer than technoblades 😂

  • MrDmadness

    Not going to reveal the weakness but let's say that chemically treated brass can be shattered after exposure to a common liquid agent. Its not something one could do secretly though as the gas released looks like smoke..

  • planetAshTube

    You know when you're watching too many LPL vids when you're putting keys into locks and saying "nothing on 1..." to yourself.

  • Kim L
    Kim L

    Please let us know what lock's/combination we can use that are somewhat safe for home doors!

  • Steve Broadsmith
    Steve Broadsmith

    thank goodness both keys have to be turned at the same time

  • Squall Loire
    Squall Loire

    I'm amazed that some people resort to "burning them off" when you can literally witness staff using magnets to remove these tags any time you go into a relevant store.

  • Plinkity

    Id rips the container apart to get to that ice cream. Don't think I'll be civil when there is ice cream at stake.

  • Tedacules

    love your video's keep them coming.

  • MrLmm001

    Do a master lock # 19 or a abus 83/80 rock on your contraption

  • Terry Hallick
    Terry Hallick

    Awesome job!

  • Michael Snater
    Michael Snater

    For those criticizing the lock. You have to understand that the lock isnt to keep out someone who wants in. Its not meant to deter a criminal. Its meant to deter someone from becoming a criminal.

  • PlasmaZMB

    That was one of the quickest picks that you have delt with

  • Darth Maul with legs
    Darth Maul with legs

    0:17 i think the American patriots are getting ready to invade Vietnam again because they might think a certain man who lead Germany 1933-1945 might be in Vietnam or something but those accusations might be true or false

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    He sounds like, and reminds me of a dentist working.

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    I wonder if he can pick a jail lock And then, while inside the cell, reaching out and pick it too lol

  • Aaron Flores
    Aaron Flores

    Still waiting for the stuff made here lock

  • King JamesIX
    King JamesIX

    "Today I'm going to pick a safe open without picking the lock."

  • FelineArcher3

    Lol i already knew the wife’s train of thought. Just bc it was guarded at the top, doesnt it was also guarded at the bottom. Works well in video games too😁

  • LivingMy BestLife
    LivingMy BestLife

    Is this a double entendre 😳

  • Omie

    This one looks like a decent unit, oh wait un hardened bracket. Harbor freight battery powered grinder, harbor freight 4 1/2 cut off wheel take care of that then. Otherwise if picking and drilling are it's only weakness vs shimmy then upgrade the anchor bracket.

  • lemonemmi

    They just count the levers. 1, 2 levers in this lock. Their 4 levered, 1234 lever lock causes a lot less confusion amongst some people. More among others.

  • GBatT

    I'm willing to bet, this is the Orange Eagle Motorcycle Lock.. No? I'll show myself out.

  • onespeed

    'All you need are hemostats and a walkman', Matthew Broderick 'Wargames'.

  • ejonesss

    they could make it more pick resistant by having dimples in all contours of the keyway and maybe even some interactive elements . the bracket could be hardend and made thicker but while it will stop roll or drive away thefts it wont stop a couple good men from picking it up and putting it on a trailer or truck .

  • Manrique Mata
    Manrique Mata

    So disappointed that he had to use a Magnet. I was expecting the lock to just open and say "Good Morning Mr. LPL Go right in Sir! No arguments from me."

  • Comfortable Fetus
    Comfortable Fetus

    "Every .380 i own" LPL is Matt Carriker confirmed Don't tell Mere

  • VIII Prince XF HELL
    VIII Prince XF HELL

    Been here since [315]

  • Blackbird

    Amazon; Super magnets. Thanks.

  • davin2002

    Should you not lock the bullets?

  • Hades Obsidian
    Hades Obsidian

    Masterlock: Hey a plastic lock. Lets give it the best core we got What about the actual metal ones? Masterlock: Nah fuck it. They're metal. They got enough security. Seems legit.

  • camerica7400

    Too cool

  • Ujjwal Gupta
    Ujjwal Gupta

    This is literally "When you apply the wrong formula and get the right answer."

  • mckutzy

    An integrally suppressed Ramset gun... Cool..

  • Eng. V
    Eng. V

    what is the tool name ? I searched for " multipick flag " ,, but nothing like your tool appeared

  • Reno Hubert
    Reno Hubert

    Lol i actually have that lock but a new one

  • analog albacore
    analog albacore

    Kabooooooom. This man is a lock picking god.

  • Eric The Viewer
    Eric The Viewer

    Well, it's not exactly an anti theft device, its just there to prevent accidental or negligent operation of a machine, so difficulty to defeat is not the main goal.

  • America First
    America First

    Wow...I bet its made In China

  • newhuskytwenty

    Epic video, one in a class.

  • Ernie Gonzalez
    Ernie Gonzalez

    Most thugs are smart enough to do that. It's smash and dash.

  • Nao Kimaji
    Nao Kimaji

    huh wow. took youtube 4 years to verify that this is safe to recommend people <.<

  • Caleb West
    Caleb West

    LOTO locks need to be easily able to be cut off in case the key is lost, without damaging the machinery.

  • Epic Cowboy Memes
    Epic Cowboy Memes

    LPL flexing with his commando.

  • Epic Cowboy Memes
    Epic Cowboy Memes

    Remember when those two rioters reached into those burned police cars and grabbed rifles out if them?

  • newhuskytwenty

    It's good to know ramsets are typical American since it's almost impossible to find them in Europe as well as blank cartridges. My motorbike could only be stolen using a battery angle grinder and that's noisy, not very commonly used by thieves.

  • Darthlegoman

    Soviet soldiers in room protecting locked garage. Lockpickinglawyer: Nothing on 1. Click on 2.

  • Wendy Lynn Pierce
    Wendy Lynn Pierce

    Omg lol you already have a Band-Aid on your thumb and your cutting right toward that thumb with the razor blade.

  • LeoLionxyzed

    So wait, does Jackson not get to have a good day :(

  • VFK_Skip

    Where can I buy the lock tool. ?

  • Masterman 222
    Masterman 222

    its supposed to be this way so the chinese government spys can easily access your personal things to evaluate them

  • Nicholas Kaelber
    Nicholas Kaelber

    Almost a minute and a half to pick open...goddamn, that's impressive! Especially once you factor in the fact that in it's proper place, you'd have to be on your back under the tow hitch to pick it, probably with sub-par lighting...for a normal lockpicker, this would probably take at least ten minutes! Assuming they didn't just give up.

  • Mike Minter
    Mike Minter

    Such a difference between this tool and the "one that Bosnian Bill and I made". Really brings it home how necessary that build was.


    Impressive 👍

  • Andrew Lofthouse
    Andrew Lofthouse

    That was so quick

  • Irritated Eyeball
    Irritated Eyeball

    Love this guy

  • Bad Llama
    Bad Llama

    HOW MUCH!?! How do people/Manufacturers get away with this kind of thing? I'm in the wrong business..... now wheres that 5 yr old ball of string gone....?

  • Don Webb
    Don Webb

    Great now McDonald's around the world gonna need to put lock boxs on they locks. As locksporters began "collecting" lol

  • Nicholas Kaelber
    Nicholas Kaelber

    This was the first video I ever watched of LPL's and I have a better appreciation of how good this lock is to last 28 seconds against him, considering I've seen him pick a whole bunch of locks in 5 seconds or less.

  • curlyvideos

    Suggestion: Show, don't tell, through demos of drilling, attacking un-hardened brackets, etc. The picking itself is wonderful; don't change a thing. But maybe film the additional stuff you say?