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  • greenspiraldragon

    Where do I get that timer padlock?

  • Jessica Hearts
    Jessica Hearts

    This is why whenever I fly and am using a non tsa approved lock I always put weird shit in my suitcase like several furbies and a Nicholas Cage throw pillow. If they’re gonna break my lock they may as well get weirded out lol

  • Randal The Vandal
    Randal The Vandal

    You could make a whole new naughty bucket starting with this for locks that absolutely refuse to come apart

  • The Gaming Noob
    The Gaming Noob

    I wonder did he get the money back

  • iGarageband Shorts
    iGarageband Shorts

    This took longer than usual 😂

  • Francisco J. Revoredo
    Francisco J. Revoredo


  • Robert Villarreal
    Robert Villarreal

    I wanted to turn the camera around and also show everyone his black eye!!

  • roblox player
    roblox player

    you know a lock is bad when its picked in seconds by a lego minifigure

  • Reverend Gaming
    Reverend Gaming

    Well... A $75 bet and UZload throw-down has got to be the worst way to invite a bad review on Google for your locksmith business.

  • xeroabyss

    Cue the Jane's Addiction...

  • Jordan Samuel
    Jordan Samuel

    Love that for her

  • Weerawatch Suriyo
    Weerawatch Suriyo

    Me: Gets chased by a murderer and runs back to the house Also Me: Changed my lock to the drunk man lock Guys help me I'm under a basement!!!!

  • robinjinxed

    Counting up in the calm voice reminds me of being at the dentist 😂

  • Mark MeppyMan
    Mark MeppyMan

    Paging @electroboom

  • _BIOTEX_

    Is that a real gun

  • Freerider

    Change that table with a smooth ice surface - Then we got a match.

  • Bukar Abdullahi
    Bukar Abdullahi

    The best way to secure your items is to not own one. This is embarrassingly too simple.

  • alexander gagliardi
    alexander gagliardi

    I love how he could use like an actual piece of plastic ot something meant for prying but no, he needs to use the most random crap.

  • MrKolaCraft

    its almost as if he wants us to think about things other than the actual door

  • Adam Nash
    Adam Nash

    I swear these are slowly getting more and more surreal. Love it.

  • Strahinja Micic
    Strahinja Micic

    You have a better chance shooting out the door than this lock.

  • audie allen
    audie allen

    killing it!

  • Billy

    The EMP generator sounds like a stun gun.

  • ItsSimon_

    You don’t stand a chance... oh Him: 28 seconds...

  • TorPedyellow - a Velomobile Channel
    TorPedyellow - a Velomobile Channel

    I am happy to see that I haven't wasted my money on the lock for my motorbike. Thanks for the review.

  • Sreehary Laiju
    Sreehary Laiju

    Burn 🔥

  • spacer567

    is there away to protect a filling cabinet lock

  • Rollie Bollie
    Rollie Bollie

    Plot twist: the actual puzzle was getting the duct tape off

  • soulaimane 837
    soulaimane 837

    I think if you have a lighter you just melt the plastic and your in

  • NeedsNurfing

    I am from the future, buy bitcoin and invest in hand sanitiser/toilet paper/mask companies!

  • Azur the Dragon
    Azur the Dragon

    This is it: he opened the lock without touching it directly.

  • Gábor Buresch
    Gábor Buresch

    That's so cooool!

  • lee morant
    lee morant

    I'd like to see you pick some of these in a position like it would be if it were installed. Not doubting your skill or anything, it's really cool watching these, but holding stuff all nice and comfortable in the hand must make it a lot easier. I thought that a few vids back with the decent motorcycle lock, that maybe be a diff story if its on a disc 6" off the ground. Just an idea for something a little different.

  • Chivo Gaming
    Chivo Gaming

    For some reason I could imagine her saying..."guess what's on lockdown for the foreseeable future....it rhymes with you ain't getting none"....lmaoooo....😂😂😂😂😂

  • DoctorX17

    I have an EMP cannon, but it probably would fry that thing instead of resetting it XD

  • Truck Taxi
    Truck Taxi

    ... only one hand; that added injury to the insult.

  • Tiara Reih Mequiota
    Tiara Reih Mequiota

    "Are you sure using that timer lock in geralds room will keep him there for an hour or two?" "Nah im sure itll be fine" *footsteps down the stairs* "Heh good thing i bought this emp thing"

  • Niks P
    Niks P

    guess the neighbors gonna have to live without his tv for a while

  • MillionaireNo1

    Next up: Pocket warhead triggers a country surrender extremely fast.

  • alvin Ip
    alvin Ip

    ahh yes the gadget everyone owns pocket emp

  • Luca Pecorari
    Luca Pecorari

    I remember reading a manual of a tractor or something and there was "oil causes cancer in california ONLY" written there.funniest manual ever

  • Aaron Scott
    Aaron Scott

    Mr lock picking lawyer, I use a kovix KAL6 alarm disc lock on my motorcycle, I have attempted to pick it and I find it to be UNPICKABLE and quite strong, would you be able to give me your opinion if you are able, Thankyou have a nice day as alway

  • olive games
    olive games

    If you can just disassemble it than why do you need a lock

  • Muscleduck

    That thing sounds an aweful lot like a modded tazer gun

  • Vic Green
    Vic Green

    Please show uw theinside of the Pocket EMP

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy

    Now I feel bad for that Locksmith. Got his pride and 25 years of experience shoved into his ass

  • Mittens FastPaw
    Mittens FastPaw

    I hate most electronic locks. They are just gimmicks.

  • Shahebaz Badi
    Shahebaz Badi

    We can make the lock strong by layring aluminium foil around it

  • Martijn van Dijk
    Martijn van Dijk

    I'd love to see more of the EMP generator!

  • FunBun2037 Chuck
    FunBun2037 Chuck

    Somebody just got fired at Abus. Seems to me they were Abus-ing their working privileges by sleeping on the job.🤣

  • Leslie Viljoen
    Leslie Viljoen

    Two for one. Half the returns!

  • P F
    P F

    Just stopped watching LPL videos... There is but not any single moment of suspens after the first seconds 🧐

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis

    The nazis swastica is on an angle when it's represented, the regular one is presented flat on its side.

  • René

    LPL: Let's use Pocket EMP Generator Manufacturer: the pocket WHAT?

  • kjhosadg gafhafdh
    kjhosadg gafhafdh

    Movie Logic: *guy picks open locks within 1 minute* Fans: "That doesn't make sense. It should take a lot longer." Lockpicking Lawyer:

  • Cale Messner
    Cale Messner

    I guess the 90 odd people that downvoted this are actual robots, I’d be scared too!

  • my profile picture is an orange
    my profile picture is an orange

    This guy would be such a good robber

  • Vikotnick

    Honestly, this could be the most dangerous dude on the interwebs.

  • Dwayne Noah
    Dwayne Noah

    As* gasoline

  • nf2m E
    nf2m E

    a taser for timer padlocks

  • Tom

    what is the intended oem use for those guns lol??

  • Stirling Entwisle
    Stirling Entwisle

    Too short make longer vids at least 2:59 at min

  • Damiano Del Pozzo
    Damiano Del Pozzo

    If i have to protect something i'll cover my lock with tons of duct tape LOL

  • Ady Scarrott
    Ady Scarrott

    Apologies LPL. Got your name

  • Hamun002

    This video has awakened something in me....

  • ClassyAss MothaFucka
    ClassyAss MothaFucka

    Uhm... is nobody gonna state the obvious? The LockPickingLawyer has stolen property in his possession!!!

  • jlsicard

    Does a pocket EMP generator have valid uses?

  • Ady Scarrott
    Ady Scarrott

    Yo lock lawyer can you open and keyless magnetic lock with a EMP?

  • Евгений

    Опять эти гребные цыганские фокусы.

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black

    Is there a Mr lockpickinglaywer Lol

  • Sylas Oce
    Sylas Oce

    "lets try that one more time" LMAO!!

  • Hamun002

    Just wanted to say I got my first picks and some of those acrylic trainers today, and I know it’s not the topic of this video, but I now have an appreciation for just how hard you go into your torsion technique. Torsioning suckkssaassssss

  • Sky Alba
    Sky Alba

    fun fact! in my heavily touristic city a lot of people put love locks onto the railings of the old bridge, so much that the city, that isn't as delicate with the symbol of your love as LPL, just routinely cuts them all open and throws them away to avoid damage to the railings due to the weight of the locks. :D

  • Randall MacDonald
    Randall MacDonald

    Excellent advertisement for Arbus! May I make a suggestion next time: dip the lock completely in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes, THEN hit it with the Ramset.

  • Alvin Kumar
    Alvin Kumar

    den of .....

  • Edwin Dude
    Edwin Dude

    Well that pissed on the guys bonfire !

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen

    I'd say that's an excellent lock if someone needs to make his own tool to pick this. Definitely good enough to protect a couple of dollars for newspapers.

  • Jeff H
    Jeff H

    Still fit for purpose to stop yourself getting in the cookie jar.

  • Davin Su
    Davin Su

    Yay part 699